Tuesday, May 3 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While darkness makes the planet succumb, I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness to give life and renewal to souls, to deter the hells of this world.

I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness so that souls may turn to God, so that the hearts that have not yet repented, may repent.

I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness to bring healing to wounded hearts, to give shelter to those who are exiled and to refugees, to calm the cry of the innocent, of all the children of war.

I come as the Great Solar Consciousness to awaken the sleeping hearts, to bring wisdom to the closed minds, to nourish spirits through My Solar Light.

I come today as the Great Solar Consciousness to bring hope to those who have lost it, to deliver My Love to those who do not have it, to give My Mercy to those who do not deserve it. Because I am the Great Solar Consciousness that comes from the heart of the universe, and that, crossing dimensions and planes of consciousness, comes today to Europe and the whole world to tell all: persist! because the triumph of My Heart is near, although it may not seem so at this moment.

For this reason, this is the time of the apostles, this is the time of those who will give their life for Me, not only by bearing witness of My Word and My Presence, but also by giving their life for Me where it may be necessary, in the place and at the moment when I need them, for there is much left to help in this humanity.

And while conflicts and wars are unleashed, many Angels of the Nations can no longer do anything. And the Angel of the Wrath of God wants to precipitate upon the world, with more than thousands of rays, bringing the power of cosmic and solar elements to correct the world. But the prayer of the consistent and the just, the service of the selfless and unconditional, placates the fury of this Angel of the Universe.

But this Angel does not want to impose punishment, but rather severe correction, as the world has not heard the Message and the warning of Heaven, and souls keep living the same way, with the same ways and habits, as if the spiritual and the divine no longer mattered.

For this reason, My Celestial Mother, just as it has been in these recent days, places Herself between the Angel and you, in order to intervene. Thus, a Universal Judgment is unleashed, the first stage of this Judgment that humanity has begun to live.

But while weapons and ideas of destruction and conquest are carried forward, who will be able to deter this Angel of the Wrath of God? Because the world and, above all, humanity, have been living out of the Law for more than two thousand years now and, for many Creator Angels, the price of My shed Blood seems not to justify it.

For this reason, through the angels that accompany Me today, and, especially the Angel of Portugal, I come to implore the world for a change in consciousness and above all in attitude, because it does not know Higher Laws, let alone Divine Laws.

I need this Message to be propagated throughout the world and that you may listen many times to what I am telling you today, because Heaven and Earth shall pass, but My Words shall remain in the hearts open and adhered to offer themselves to build the Return of Christ.

With these angels that accompany Me today, together with the Angel of Peace, we implore the Celestial Father that the merits of the Mercy of Christ may be contemplated, in honor of the suffering that I endured for you on the Cross.

To placate the power of the Angel of the Wrath of God, I come today to expose to you My Thorned Heart, gravely outraged by the wars and conflicts throughout the world and, especially, by the souls that generate the wars and have condemned themselves to the fire of hell, allying with My enemy.

Who will do the same that I did for you?

Who will give their life for their friends, just as I did for you?

Who will be capable of not only having their heart ready for whatever it takes or giving something more to the Lord, but also who will be capable of living something they do not deserve, for love, for the salvation of humanity?

But I do tell you something: do not be naïve, so that you may not be ignorant. The offering that I make to you is in that which is smallest and even in that which is simplest, in the places where your hearts sometimes resist to collaborate with Me, although you do not realize that you are serving Me through your brothers and sisters.

By uniting the efforts needed in these times of tribulation, My Solar Consciousness will be better able to help the world and humanity for the Law of Divine Mercy to be perpetuated and fulfilled in the souls that most need the Light.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy, which in these days you are praying with Me at the doors of the re-opening of the Marian Centers, be a Marathon of supplication, of pleading and intervention with the Guardian Angels of each one of you, so that this situation in Eastern Europe not be precipitated due to an absurd selfishness of humanity, to an impunity that no longer fits these times and which will have to be eradicated from the human consciousness forever.

Because when I return to the world, in the coming time, you will be able to understand and see what the true Power of God is, which is not based on imposition or authority; the Power of God is nourished in its center by Universal Love, which, as a sublime sphere of consciousness, emanates wisdom and discernment to all dimensions and planes.

Today, I am in a place that is different from where you are used to seeing Me. I am in another space of the Community Fleur-de-Lys, which is the most important space for Me, because it represents the house of consecrated life. For this reason, I ask you, in this intimate analogy, that you pray for all missionaries consecrated to My Plan of Redemption, because both in Africa and in the Middle East and Europe, some souls of this Work that I have formed and founded through effort, will offer to give their life for Me, beyond what may be meant or represented by the service that will be offered to Me for the relief and peace of afflicted hearts.

Since two thousand years ago, when I was just a child in the arms of the Heavenly Mother, when I was taken to Egypt to be protected, not only was Our Family the first refugee family in the world, but also My Heart, from that moment up to the present, has been feeling sorrow for the suffering and the pain of Africa, which is the next stage, the next mission that, despite the distance or the moment, I will invite each one of you to live so that the spiritual debt of Africa may be relieved and so that, never again may any human being, in Africa or in any part of the world, dare to throw a life away, because the human race has gone this far, to the point of devaluing life, due to its great ignorance and even to its great wickedness, to the lack of knowledge about the essence of life.

I wish for you to keep this aspiration of Mine in mind that, when the doors to the missions in Africa open, there may be hands, arms and legs that offer to walk on this continent to rescue the innocent and lost, those who are discarded in the landfills of the world.

If you knew what the Father feels when a life is discarded or aborted, I assure you that no one would be capable of doing it, because it would challenge their evolution and even their destiny, deviating their purpose from the path of God and assuming an unpayable spiritual debt, which only My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy can heal.

Being aware of this, and placing this situation in this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite you once again to abandon your little miseries, to leave behind your resistances and incomprehension, and to place the mature consciousness where suffering and pain truly exist  in the world so that you can grow as conscious and available apostles, to serve wherever and whenever necessary.

As the Great Solar Consciousness, I assure you that if more souls paid attention to all this, there would be no reason for the existence of wars, exiles, famine, suffering, madness or even adversity, because all would be more fraternal with one another, and would always be impelled by the Love of God, which, throughout the times, has knocked at the door of your hearts, has called your souls countless times, to awaken you to a truth, a truth that has been buried in the consciousness of the world.

For this reason, only through My Return will many situations be repaired and exorcised and a new Spiritual Government emerge from the hearts of all who have had faith in Me until the end of days, so that they may learn to live in communion with the universe and with the Confraternity, without the need to keep wasting time and missing the opportunity to raise the consciousness of this whole planet to the fourth dimension.

Because when you have the Grace to see in the fourth dimension, you will not only understand the Passion of Christ, but you will also understand the point in which humanity is at this moment, a point of inflection that becomes irreversible.

For this reason, do not cease to pray; may your lips not tire of praying and of asking the angels of Heaven to intervene at all moments, because not only must souls be protected from war, impunity and harassment, but also the most innocent and little ones must be protected and prevented from being discarded by their own parents in the landfills of the world.

If many more nations of the world hold on to the ideal of the law of abortion, how can it be justified that no more wars should take place and that no more nuclear bombs should be activated?

After 1945, with the extremely serious spiritual debt of the United States through the atomic bomb, humanity demonstrated to the universe that it knows how to self-destroy and that it has imposed, through corrupt systems, the commercialization and distribution of weapons, to justify the so-called freedom of peoples and nations.

But awaken, companions, we are in the end of times. Since the Garden of Gethsemane, when I drank the chalice for you and for humanity, I did not expect, I confess to you, that the world would reach this moment and be capable of going to such extremes, farther than it went more than two thousand years ago, crucifying your Messiah, martyrizing God Himself, the One who had created you since the origin.

For this reason, once again the very same God, made flesh and made man through His Son, tells the Father again, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

It is time to be on the lines of the Armageddon, because while time passes, not only time ends, but the events are unleashed, and people do not change.

May the Supreme Truth permeate the spaces and consciousnesses so that the sacrifice of the Son of God and all His Blood shed on the path of Calvary, up to the Cross, may justify the atrocities of these times, relieve the cry of children, and, especially, of the unborn, so that the Most Holy Virgin Mary may re-establish the spirit of maternal love in the consciousnesses who today do not know what it is to love; so that life may be respected and loved, so that the life of the innocent may no longer be discarded, so that poverty in many places of the world may no longer be the cause of despair and lack of peace.

May true Justice, which comes from the Divine Source, balance the scales of inequality. Because My great wish is to never again listen to the cry of the children of war, the cry of the innocent discarded in the landfills of the world.

Learn to love life and someday you will learn to appreciate it. While life is used as a justification to generate death and impunity, the world will not reach the healing of all its diseases. For this reason, I thank all those who have been conscious up to now, and, week by week, have prayed for the unborn. There lies the answer to why the world is the way it is.

And although My Heart and the Heart of My Mother are torn within, just as My Heart was torn on the top of the Cross, Our Love is immeasurable and incomprehensible, because it comes to give life to what is dead in those who believe they are alive.

Let us pray to the Celestial Father.

May each one say their prayer to the Father, in the innermost depths of their being, in the silence of the heart. I am listening to you.

May your souls pray to the Celestial Father so that all mistakes may receive the atonement they need.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us repeat the prayer that Jesus taught us:

Angel of the Wrath of God,
calm your sorrowful heart,
receive the fire of our love
and establish peace.


Go in peace, meditating on My Words and concretizing My aspirations.

Be very aware of this, so that it may not be just another Message, but rather the projection of a new stage that all are called to live.

I thank you for having the courage to listen to Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.