Tuesday, October 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

We are in adoration of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

I am praying for you, so that My flocks are strengthened and be the seeds of Light for the new time.

I want you to let go of everything, barefoot, so you are able to see the new times and thus face them as the Universe has foreseen.

Today I am here among you, but I am also with My companions of Central America.

My Heart is also saddened by not having been able to reach that place, where My Mercy is needed. And this demonstrates, companions, that I do not only think about you, but about the world, about the world that suffers and endures.

Remember that some months ago I took you to a desert so that all could enter and learn to live an austerity of heart and of soul, bearing the currents that come to the planet to purify it and transform it.

In that desert I gave you a key so you could open a new door, a key that you have not yet found, because you do not know where you left it.

I have placed it in your hands so you could open the door to the path of the heart, so that your hearts could love, accept more each day, and to not want to understand, but rather to embrace with faith and fervor what the Universe sends you from time to time.

I Am that Consciousness that rebuilds everything, day and night. I am that Spirit that seeks among you for equality and not abundance; rather what is just, the balance.

I have decided to be in this city of Sao Paulo to remind My companions that My Project must be fulfilled, just like the Project of My Mother, because they are deep and intimate ideas of the Celestial Father.

He, Who is in Heaven, provides you with the Truth and the Call through Our Sacred Hearts.

Do not allow the Call to not be fulfilled. Make an effort so it may be fulfilled above all else.

You must feel yourselves to be a part of a single brotherhood. And you must allow that brotherhood to emerge through your hearts and not from the ties of the mind.

I need you to be authentic all the time in order to be able to bear what will come to your lives and to humanity.

I do not come here to have you waste your time or your work. I am in all places and in all the moments when you allow Me to be, and open the door of your hearts to Me.

I come as that Infinite Light to the world, to illumine it, to show the path that many cannot manage to see on the horizon.

For this reason I decided to be here, with My oldest companions of this city of Sao Paulo, so that you may accept living the new time and the new convocation that the Universe brings you through our Sacred Voices.

Do not sleep like Simon Peter and the Apostles on the Woods of Gethsemane.

Open your eyes and see Your Master in vigil and prayer, because the most difficult time is drawing closer, and this is not a reason to generate fear, but rather to bring awareness and to be able to deactivate the illusion that blinds many consciousnesses in spiritual life, and not only in the material life.

Thus, I come to dissipate the darkness so that your hearts may be illumined and are able to feel Me and see Me within you all the time.

I wish that the step that you must take, old companions of Sao Paulo, may be the same one My dear companions of Belo Horizonte took, when without thinking anything or wishing for anything, they received Me in adoration and Glory through the simplicity of the heart and of prayer.

I gave you My Heart so you could learn to take care of It, and to love It more each day through the Blessed Sacrament. I gave you a House so you could always come to adore Me and contemplate Me, so you could find consolation, joy, and relief. 

How many of you have come to see Me? And how long have I waited for you in the silence of the House of Worship.

When, at some time, did your eyes and your hearts wish to see Me and not look at other things, the things that this world offers?

Work lies not only in material life, which is a work that keeps you busy so that you may survive, like the man that plows the earth to sow and have fruit.

But you, companions, old companions of Sao Paulo, have you realized that you came to a halt over time and have stopped following Me?

I do not come to claim anything from you, but rather, through My Heart to show you the Truth.

This sacred Nucleus that the Divinity has given you must be alive for this final time, not only in its works, but also in what the Universe offers you as spiritual.

Again I open My Arms to you and I offer you the embrace of My Glorified Heart, so that you may renew your vows in the name of love and of unity, so that you may live in Me and may find Me, and do not waste any more time, because time is running out.

I come to entrust you, along with My Mother, with the legacy and the work that Our Sacred Hearts must carry out in Central America, and once more, we repeat it to you again: open your heart and donate, donate with love, and not with obligation, because the Father sees all.

Remember the parable of the poor and humble woman that went to the Temple and had nothing, just one cent, and with all her heart and her faith, gave it as an offering to God. More than the men, who claimed to be wise and rich, who gave their jewels and money in vainglory.

Between these two, companions, who has attained sanctity and salvation?

Merits are not in material life, but rather in your hearts. It is the heart that freely gives and renews itself all the time.

We do not come to ask you for impossible things, but rather what is possible for you. Do not misinterpret Our Words, but we do make the appeal, companions, that in this Marathon you unite with My Truth, so that you may live in It, and adopt It as an emblem of Light.

You must be My columns of Light in the world, just like so many other consciousnesses.

Just as My Mother, but in another Heaven, I find Myself praying for this Sacred Mission to Central America. And after all I have given you, with so much Mercy and Love without restrictions, I want to feel in My Heart that your inner lives have grown, and not your assets.

Who is with Me must live in faithfulness all the time. Each one to their degree and in their awakening.

Embrace this cross that I bring you today and carry it with bravery and courage. It is this cross that weighs in the world, and which I split among My companions, so that you may help Me alleviate millions of souls, like those of Central America, who need of My Peace and of the peace of your hearts.

I am in adoration of God, of the Supreme, of Infinity, and of the Highest. From the Source I bring these Words and I transmit them with My clear Voice so that you may understand them.

The hour indicates a great step for all. Consecrate yourselves to My merciful Heart, and you will live in My Peace.

Happy are those who adore and love in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Blessed are those who live My Mercy and who disseminate it in the world with works of peace and of charity, with works of good and of brotherhood.

In your giving lies your liberation. In your surrender, you gain relief and union with Me forever.

I leave you My Sacred Heart as a symbol of sacrifice.

May My Heart be contemplated in this Marathon as something important, as the Light that guides souls, and all the lives of the planet, as the shield against all adversity and testing.

This is the Heart that renews and brings faith, hope to all, in this final time.

Do not feel sorrow for what I have told you; feel joy and gratitude all the time, because in this way you will be truly growing in consciousness.

Be glad and live Me in this Marathon.

May your inner fire allow you to live the transcendence and the awakening of your consciousnesses to My Call.

Take My hands and follow Me, there is still much to do on behalf of this humanity and of this planet.

I bless you and await your response to this Mission for the souls that suffer in Central America.

Be charitable and merciful, because in this way, the Eternal Father will be glad to see His children fulfilling His Works, with effort and unity.

In the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen