Attributes of Christ Jesus

"When God asks you, My children, to imitate the steps of the Lord, it is for you to open your hearts to love God as He loved Him, and to bring to the Earth this Love that was only known in Paradise".  Virgin Mary

Attributes of Christ Jesus

To us, the attributes are guiding stars: they illumine our path, reveal the steps to take and guide us in the task of making life sacred. Deepening into them means to penetrate the essence of our own being.


When you know silence, you know love.

“The true act of silence consists not only in not talking, but this also includes thoughts and feelings.
The world became used to constantly talking and its own noises now touch the deep levels of consciousness
and generate disconnection with God the Creator.”

Christ Jesus on May 9, 2013.


It contains the strength of persistence and the transforming power of will. Obedience leads to silence and truth.

“A good disciple is attentive to the rules and they will always be the light for your path;
in truth, if the Eternal Father had not created obedience, the coming of Christ would have been difficult.”

Christ Jesus on October 10, 2013.


From the human point of view, it is effort, deprivation and renunciation. From the inner point of view, it is consecration. Sacrifice leads the outer consciousness to overcome limitations. 

"In sacrifice is found the liberation of one’s own being, and this gives permission for
other universal and celestial principles to guide the spirit of each being. 
On the path of sacrifice, the true consciousness of charity is built;
this is why the truth is born from it, which will always be permeated by the Greater Light.
True peace and conversion are found through sacrifice."

Christ Jesus on August 3, 2013


In this state, the human being recognizes the Omnipotence and Omniscience of the One Life, they surrender to It and begin to understand that all comes from this Supreme Source.

“Humility is present in the essence of service, in the essence of the common and fraternal good
as well as in the essence of truth and wisdom."

Christ Jesus on February 16, 2013


It is considered “fruit of the Holy Spirit” (Galatians 5,22). The fruit is a spiritual benefit that emerges in the soul when it approaches this virtue. 

“It is in the emptying of self that the soul will find meekness for its consciousness
and thus become able to heal itself of everything through the wise and loving forgiveness of God the Father.”

Christ Jesus on June 3, 2013


When we are imbued with the essence of compassion, we begin to know our fellow beings inwardly, to factually know how to help them according to spiritual laws. 

“Infinite Compassion is the perfect remedy for healing all illnesses.
For this reason, at the hour of Divine Mercy, My Sacred Heart is compassionate about the sins of the world,
and that soul that sincerely unites with Me receives the rays of My Infinite Compassion.”

Christ Jesus on September 8, 2013


Love attracts and unifies. It is the energy that guides life toward a meeting with the spiritual world.

“True Christic and chaste love between beings is born when truth is revealed within them,
because that is where the wisdom of God is, and the love that may exist between souls will be purified
so that they may love each other in spirit and in fraternity. This is why I have asked you to love one other,
i have asked you to love one another, just as you are, so that you may learn to love the soul of each consciousness, because this is your inner goal.”

Christ Jesus on June 19, 2013


The soul contacts Pity through selfless service. On the path of Mercy, the facets of Grace and of Pity that emanate from the Heart of Christ become a flow, a fast current of forgiveness and healing for each inner situation.

Prayer and spiritual petition to Jesus Christ:

“Hail King!

Inexhaustible source of Graces and Pity!

Deliver me completely into the arms of Your Supreme Creator Father.




Mercy is the state of illumination of a terrestrial soul by means of pity, forgiveness and redemption.

“The one who truly prays with the heart to My Unfathomable Mercy strengthens their faith,
their pity, their compassion and their inner forgiveness.”

Christ Jesus on September 21, 2013



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