Friday, February 21 of 2014

Weekly messages

Who do you believe I Am for your life?

I will never condemn your sins, but My Light corrects the path that deviates from My purpose.

My Divine Mercy is also Divine Justice and it promises victorious merits to those hearts that in sincerity and in honesty, are united to this Source of wonders and of healing.

Now the time marks the moment of a real definition; the moment of accepting Me as the only love or as the flagship banner.  My Trust intends to embrace the good servers so that they may feel full and satisfied in the path that they are realizing.

In My Greater Kingdom are guarded the most precious treasures, those that evil has always tried to possess through My own: as Love, that for the enemy is unknown;  Faith, which is an immaterial energy that renews all that is stagnant; and Mercy, which is the expression of the greatest universal forgiveness experienced by Me during the Passion.

Now I need that My Soldiers recline themselves before the Altars of My Father, to ask forgiveness and wisdom during the interminable path of this transition.

My paternal and affectionate Arms are open to receive the need of the simple and the humble.  To break the old shell of pride and of vanity, of lust and of lying, will not be easy for many.  Who in truth is in Me will be liberated from themselves and will find Me at the end of all of the path, accomplishing the sacred promise that one time was made before My Celestial Father.

All the paths of service and of charity, of consecration and of collaboration lead directly to My Sacred Heart.  I hope that in this last time the hundred and forty-four thousand servers are confirmed, because the time indicates the hour of purification and of absolute surrender to God.

My Heart is among the servers.  I thank the dedication that in these days My Servers of the Most Holy Mother are offering in Venezuela, because this nation and many more need to invoke the infinite power of My Divine Mercy.

In this way I will always be able to help you.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking My Heart!

Christ Jesus of Mercy



Friday, February 14 of 2014

Weekly messages

The one who abandons themselves in spite of everything to My Trust, will never perish, but it will be necessary for the difficult moments, that they seek the Most Holy Light of My Heart.

Between Heaven and Earth there exists no separation, between the souls and Me only exists a perfect and unbreakable unity that I deposit in the hearts that trust in Me.  I make them to mature as the fruit of a tree.  I purify them as the farmer who mows the tough grain, but never do I stop observing your precious lives as the favorite present of My Father.

Be for these times, as strong as the oak and as sweet as the honey; that the Source of the Love of God may not dry up in your hearts and that your lives may be donated in the name of Love to receive the Graces that they so much need.

Be restoring apostles and healing servants of all the lives that cross your path.  Be the true saving hand that embraces the perturbed heart, the wounded soul and the lost life.  Be forever and forever merciful.

My Steps of light are with the valiant, My Flame of love is lit up in those who invoke My Holy Presence.

You are in a critical time, but remember still that My Divine Mercy will provide all the things that you may need; you must only call Me and say to Me what it is that you need.  Everything has its time; even though time run fast, the Lord waits that the seeds that He planted in your hearts may blossom in order to serve.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for witnessing the Love of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Friday, February 7 of 2014

Weekly messages

Dear daughters of the Good:

I thank you for the prompt and fast inner preparation to receive Me; this loving attitude for the final times has great repercussions at the feet of the Altar of the Lord.

Day by day I have been accompanying your service.  From the moment in which you opened the door to a beggar and gave him food and drink, when you fed and nourished the soul of a sad mother, there I was; when you welcomed the coming of the Universal Mother to Rio de Janeiro, for these moments I was also accompanying and supporting you with My Heart.

In the doubts and in the continuous strength I Am.  My wisdom and Paternal Love comes to your beings to say to you that your charity and faithfulness to Christ has been secure.  When your eyes shed tears of joy, of reconciliation among the brothers and sisters as well as tears of pain, I was always among you.

The souls bring in their hearts gifts, gifts that are converted in spiritual tasks, impulses of the good souls to donate themselves to the God of Love.  I come to your simple house because in the beggar, in the pregnant mother and in the crazy person, you have opened the door to Me.

I want to say to you that your constancy in serving, loving and surrendering has touched My Heart and has permitted that, in a time of chaos, I come today from Heaven in Glory to share My Holy Joy.

Now your house will receive the mantle of the consecrated life; I want to say to you that Sisters from the Order Grace Mercy will share the service and will expand it all throughout the city, creating a net of Christic fraternity.  My divine aspiration is that you, My daughters of the Good and the consecrated sisters, bring My Merciful Heart through service as My other consecrated daughters in Venezuela will also do.

The Divine Order of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Grace Mercy Order, is proposing to all to enter a new cycle of service and work for the Plan, answering in this way the great need of healing and spiritual comfort for many souls.  This call to the new cycle that will be conducted by My Sacred Heart, will receive blessings and special help, and in the difficulties I promise to be near all of you.

Under the Mercy of God, the one that has descended over all of Rio de Janeiro, we will meet again soon here in this house.

Thank you daughters of Christ of the Good for having welcomed Me, the Lord blesses you always.

Christ Jesus Merciful



Thursday, February 6 of 2014

Weekly messages

The thread of light that unites a good mother with her child is always indestructible because between the spirit of the good child and the love of a good mother is created a tie of spiritual fraternity.

Today I ask all of My Companions in the entire world that you meditate about this in this time, about your sincere union with your mother.  The good mother that God has given you embraces, the good mother protects her small child from the first years of life, the good mother listens and attends to the needs of her little one.

Today I want to leave you the symbol and the event of the birth of the Child King in Bethlehem, because between Mother Mary and Child Jesus was re-established the maternal union that had been lost in all the generations of humanity.

One of the great pains of God is the death that many mothers create in their wombs, removing the divine life that God pours in each new being that is born.  For this, for those who have a mother in life, for those who do not see their mother, or for those who do not have her near anymore, I ask you for the sake of all the little and innocent ones who are not born to thank God for having had a mother, for having been between the arms of a heart donated to protect and care for your lives.

In this way dears, you will permit the banishment of the evil ideas of the enemy of wanting to take the souls that still have not been born out of My hands.  Give thanks to God for your mother, remember Jesus in the arms of Mary during birth as well as in death.

The mother, of the world, is the living spirit of comfort and of protection.  The enemy has managed that many children hate the fraternal relationship with their mothers.  Today I ask you for the sake of those who have not been born; pray! pray from the heart!  So that the unfortunate plans of the enemy may desist in the minds that materialize them.

Today My Heart is born in the manger of the New Earth.  Today My Spirit rejoices for the healing gratitude that you have given to My flagellated Heart.  Today My Mercy is with those who are most in need.

Now and always I thank you!

I bless you in God.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed and do not tire of it.

Merciful Christ Jesus



Tuesday, February 4 of 2014

Weekly messages

Cling to My Cross and do not tire of sustaining it, My Pure Spirit will give you the strength that you need to be able to follow My Path.

I promise to My valiant soldiers the eternal sacrifice and the donation for others; these are the secure keys to live your sanctification.  My Full Redeeming Love today consecrates you, despite the falls and the mistakes; the Lord gathers you around My Most Holy Heart so that you may feel in your lives the hour of My Return.

I promise to My followers deep trials, unreachable challenges and distant goals, but My Divine Mercy, which is perpetual and glorious, will be the engine of life that will propel you to walk by My side despite it all.

For this cycle I come in search of all of those that have said yes to Me despite what has happened, I come in search of those who have given Me the sacred permission to banish from life the pride that blinds and the vanity that condemns, because behind the imperfections of the beings, is found the Infinite Temple of God.

I come to reconstruct that which in this life you have demolished by your human actions; I come to search the essences that have offered themselves to form part of My Sacred Flock.

In this hour of world transition for humanity and for all the hearts, I come to convert you definitively to My Path.

For this, quench your spiritual thirst in My Gospel and that through My Word you may find the path again.  The times will not be easy for anyone, but I always, when I see you fall or already fallen to the ground, I will lift you and I will take you by My Hand to the House of My Father.

Rethink for your lives the experience of My Life in your lives.  The hour is indicating the accomplishment of the call and the offer that many have made to My Heart.  Do not fear suffering, do not fear loneliness, and only when you open the door of truth for Me, I will be in the silence and in your hearts.

My Mercy is directed as a powerful ray over the Community of the New Earth and for having honored and glorified the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Eternal Father has sent Me to help you through My Trusting Love.

Dear Friends of Mine and My little ones from New Earth: Go ahead!  Continue gestating in your hearts the powerful symbol of the Child King; your works and continuous charities give joy to the Heart of God and they repair all the outrages that the great part of the world commits day by day.

The Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy will always be your shield against all evil, because today, in joy and in honor of your offer to God, Jesus Christ, the King of kings, also consecrates this community of precious souls to the Sacred Heart of Christ, by saying:

It is All for You, Lord

Father, because of My Passion,
souls have resurrected to Your Divine Spirit.
Father, because of My Life,
sick hearts have been healed.
Father, because of My Resurrection,
humanity has been saved.
Father, because of My Good News,
essences have not remained alone.
Father, because of My Word, 
many have again found
the path they had lost.
Father, because of My Sacred Birth,
the children of the world have returned to Your Heart.
Father, because of My Sacrifice,
and for having drunk from Your Precious Chalice,
the wounds of the world have been healed,
evil has been overcome by
the Divine Power of My Love
and the emptiness of many has been
filled by the Faith of My Sacred Heart.
I am Your Shepherd, Lord
and I look after your Flocks.
I am Your greatest expression of Love
and I protect Your Soldiers.
Eternal Father,
Today I consecrate all of Your Children
before the Presence and Glory
of the Celestial Altars
so that Your Infinite Compassion
may be poured out as 
a Source of Peace upon all.

Under the Sacred Glory of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you New Earth for being born in the simple hearts!

Christ Jesus of Mercy.

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