Thursday, May 4 of 2017

Monthly messages

Praised be You, Lord, because you have given life and restoration to Your creatures.

Praised be You, Lord, for the presence of Your infinite Love, that restores all things.

Praised be You, Lord, because Holy is Your Name, throughout each corner of this Universe.

Praised be You, Lord, because Your Truth triumphs over those who call themselves powerful.

Woe to the hearts that still have not repent, because in this way they will never be able to find peace!

Praised be You, Lord, for Your angels and archangels, the messengers of the Good News, guardians of the hearts and souls, healers of the spirits, renewers of hope, joy for those who want to live in peace.

Praised be You, Lord, for all that You have created in the image and likeness to Your Heart, to Your Consciousness, to Your Wisdom.

Praised be You, Father, by those who follow You through the Love of Your Son and Your Divine Celestial Mother.

Praised be You, Lord, by those who accept You, by those who walk by Your side without hesitation at any moment, who only look toward the horizon to reach, at the end of their days, Your Purpose, which is infinite.

Praised be You, Lord, by all those who listen to the Heart of Your beloved Son, and keep in their memories the treasures of the Word.

Praised be You, Lord, by listening to the supplication of Your Only Begotten, which opens the portals of peace so that souls may enter into a deep communion, in a perpetual alliance and in an infinite union to Your Most Holy Heart.

Praised be You, Lord, because You are present in Your children through Your Sacred Gifts, Your Divine Graces, Your infinite Blessings.

Praised be You, Adonai, for you still observe this world with Mercy and, despite so many errors and indifferences, contemplate now, Adonai, the Works of Your Beloved Son in the simple virtues of His dear disciples.

Praised be You, Adonai, for Your great humility, for Your peacemaking Presence, for Your luminous gaze, Your powerful Consciousness that emanates from the Primordial Source.

Listen to the voice, Adonai, of all those who cry out to You, and set aside insults, all sins, so that through the Blood that today emanates from My Wounds, the codes of reparation and healing may be sowed within the planetary consciousness.

Do not look to the wars, Adonai, nor to the suffering of My children of Africa.

Do not look to the audacity of the governments, nor to the lies of the unjust.

May Your Spirit, Adonai, live in the enjoyment of those who believe in You and affirm, every day, the power of Your Sacred Word, and the incalculable prayer that opens the door towards redemption.

Lord, accept the reparations that My Heart and My Soul receive from the hearts that prostrate, in the resignation of their consciousnesses, fulfilling the promise of living every day in Your Holy Humility.

Adonai, see that light that You have created in Your children so that they could vivify You.

And even though I have My Wounds bloodied today, I do not cease to pour the Mercy of Your Heart.

May the sleeping souls awaken.

May the indifferent eyes open to know the true reality.

May the hardened hearts feel the warmth of Your Love, to transform their lives into the precious model that You have thought of since the Origin.

May in this way, Adonai, Your Purpose be accomplished, and may nobody else be lost in the illusion of darkness and in the blindness of material life.

Today I withdraw, through My Wounds and through the Power of Their Light, to the many who sleep in this world.

Thus I institute, through My Precious Blood, the New Covenant, giving everyone who is present, a spiritual drop of this Blood, the divine restoring code for the consciousnesses that accept simplicity and open interiorly to healing.

Today I come to you as the Christ of the Sick, to give you the balm of My Reparation, the Gift of acceptance and surrender that you can live.

Let us repeat:

Christ the Restorer,
Jesus of the Sick,
dwell in each cell of this humanity.


I come here for Europe that is divided, just as My Holy Mother came, nearly one hundred years ago, to unite that which was separated in the human consciousness, and to stop the danger of an imminent self-destruction.

After this great event in Fátima, the Christ of the Sick comes to you today to try to spiritually heal all those who have been submerged into suffering, wars and persecution.

Humanity needs to be healed so that it can be born again. Thus, I present Myself to you today, as Christ of the Sick.

The Lord of Mercy exposes the Blood of His Five Wounds to generate and awaken the Reparation throughout all of humanity, from East to West.

Humanity will need to recite this prayer daily, with the aim that the most fervent wish of their Lord may be fulfilled.

If this is fulfilled by all souls throughout the world, every day, the Father, in His infinite Mercy and Healing, will send Me to avoid a worse persecution than the one of the last century.

Otherwise, if the response is lukewarm, entire nations will have to learn from injustice and from endless suffering, to understand, at last, that humanity of the surface is mistaken.

I want you to draw upon My Energy of Healing so that peace not completely disappear from the planet.

I told you before the last Sacred Week that I would bring you strong revelations to avoid grave situations in humanity.

I would like this Marathon to be lived, symbolically, as the last one, and that all who participate in it from their hearts and in homes; it is by responding to this request that you will make My Sacred Heart triumph, not only in Europe but throughout the whole world.

In this way, the powers will be defeated, the unjust will lose their authority, the innocent souls will be free from human punishment and, thus, as My Mother said one hundred years ago, there will be another time of peace before the great planetary transition.

Each moment lived with Me is a preparation, do not forget this. In the end of times, you will need them to persist in faith and in trust, without vacillating.

Every day, through this Sacrament, you find the greatest testimony of My Love for this planet and for this humanity.

Today I ask you, companions, that, through this Marathon of Prayer, each communion shared and lived may be conducted for the redemption of the fallen, for the wars on the planet, for the persecution of the Christians, for those who suffer throughout all of Africa, for the misunderstandings amongst the nations, especially for those who generate wars and create weapons against the will of God.

If all this is offered in an act of reparation and love, to the Christ of the Sick, I will concede the triumph of My Sacred Heart in all those who listen to Me, in each part of this planet.

My Father will not look at you with Eyes of Justice, nor at the nations of the world, because My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy will shed itself like a great source of Light upon the great scale of the planetary imbalance.

So be it.

I give you Peace, I ask you to live in My Peace and to bring peace, good and unity to those who need it the most, with the goal that everyone can attain the healing of their hearts and their spirits, until I return to the world with all the Power of My Glory, to once again establish the Kingdom of God within humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for accepting My Words and for disseminating them throughout the world.