Sunday, June 30 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

An important universal and celestial movement is happening today because  six consecutive months are completed in which My Sacerdotal Consciousness has descended from the Heaven of My Father to daily encounter with you, My little and beloved flock in redemption.

For this reason today I am mercifully present together with My first representative on the Earth and the ambassador of Peace: the Apostle Saint Peter. Today I want that, after these six months of infinite mercies each one of My companions meditate and reflect from the consciousness on the mature steps of surrender and faith that you have been able to take towards My Sacred Heart. I want that you meditate on your beloved interest for My daily Instructions. Within the six next months, during which you will once again see My Beloved Presence, this last cycle will be fulfilled.

After your inner study of consciousness I want that you comprehend and perceive what is it that has happened in each one of you and what were the true fruits that were born in your hearts. Today I do not call your attention but I call you to the awakening of spiritual maturity.

You know, My friends, that the world is going through a grave spiritual crisis; that each day that passes has repercussions in all of the beings and in the definitive decisions of life. It is a path to the great Universal Judgment that will come for all humanity. A judgment is Mercy and Grace because through the cause of pity and service for which you work, many will achieve Mercy.

In this way today I reveal to you My Heart in pain for the great sins of the world, those which grow more rapidly than the quantity of prayers that are offered.

After these six months of daily messages I am removing My children from the garden and I am bringing them to the firsts steps of maturity and of the true wisdom for your spirits.

On this day may your consciousness detain itself to meditate on this important Christic call to cross the portal with maturity towards My Sacred Heart.  God hopes that His children grow up in faith, in hope, so that you may awake reverence in your beings each time that you pray together with Me at three in the afternoon. 

It is the moment for you to achieve Mercy and to stop aspiring for it. It is the moment of advancing as a mature disciple. It is the moment to be awakened in life and in consciousness so that you may recognize the difference between My Coming and that of the one who will use My garment in order to convince My flocks.

We are in a time of spiritual battle because it is through mature spirits that will be defined the victory of the Kingdom of Heavens upon all the face of the Earth.

Now has arrived your inner moment. I hold you above all things because the New Christs will be born from few and many will lose themselves on the path because of their own ideas. You only must obey the Great Inner Light of the Lord.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for persisting and for living My instructions from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 



Saturday, June 29 of 2013

Daily messages

I contemplate the tired hearts and the hearts that rest in the other hearts.

In My Work there are the ones who sacrifice and the ones who try to live sacrifice.

In My Work there is the server and the one who is serving for a greater reason.

But all pass through the school of surrender and of sacrifice, in this way I relate Myself to My friends. To some I give My Will and to others I give My Aspirations for something good and better.

But all have the same place in My Heart because there are not two paths to get to Me, but only one, a path of renunciation and sacrifice that will permit you to achieve the state of humility.

For this those who are with Me are those  that do greater part of the work, for those who are comfortable and for those who are blind without being able to encounter the life of spirit. Thus I always make use of the same ones. My Heart ennobles Itself and rejoices Itself when a disciple does an extraordinary, loving and abnegated service. In this way I am seeing the mature fruit of the merciful seeds that I have sown in each being.

The one who gives all for Me and for the fulfillment of My Plan will receive the gifts of My Love. I will also give to you My Sacrifice, that which I lived on the Cross for all. I will also give you a similar cross so that you may know how to carry it in your back for those who abruptly are lost without leaving footprints of the presence of their most little spirits.

For this, all that you may receive in My Name will give you strength to love the power of the surrender and the sacrifice offered out of love and for the redemption of humanity. In this way you will see the fruit and the merits of your work in the salvation of those who were dead in life, separated from My Light and who by your Graces will reach Eternity and Mercy.

Guard in your hearts the hope of finding in the Kingdom of the Heavens the true treasure for your spirits because there you will rest between My Arms as good redeemed sheep.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed of soul and of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.  



Friday, June 28 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am the true Bread of Life that renovates you and nourishes you with the essence of the Spirit of My Father. Only through Me will you get to God.

I Am the Living Body that gives you eternal life and I Am the Blood that purifies you and consecrates you to the Supreme Divinity. Come to Me and seek the Source of the whole life of the spirit so that, united to Me your consciousnesses may take the steps to the inner consecration.

Come to Me and sit at My Table of eternity because the moment has come to give as food My Mystical Body to My Disciples and to give as drink My Sacred Blood to all of those who follow Me without delay. Open your eyes and see how descends upon you My Merciful Rays. Do not lose sight of Me because I have for My ones something precious in the Heavens.

Only say yes all the days and you will recognize My Face of Light and of Grace.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Light in your hearts!

Christ Jesus, your Eternal Master. 



Thursday, June 27 of 2013

Daily messages

Who truly and without rush prays the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will be able to receive the precious and glorified codes of light that My Consciousness achieved on the Mount of the Olives in My agony. It also achieved them during the flagellation and with the Blood poured during the painful crowning of thorns and when I carried your cross to the Calvary and also during My Crucifixion on the Cross.

All those codes will enter in the soul that at three in the afternoon may use correctly and with devotion to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, because at this hour it will not only pray with the heart but I will let it know the power of My Sublime Grace and in this way your hearts will get to know the passages of My Passion step by step such as I lived it.

Enter from this moment on in the science of My Mercy and be thankful for being able to understand in these times of chaos each one of the infinite mysteries that guards My Sacred Heart. If you accept, with consciousness, to learn to live the life of prayer your superior consciousness will be available to help in My Plan of Salvation and, consequently, your more earthly beings will count on the aid of the greater spirit of your true beings.

In this way I prepare hearts so that they may be workers of the Plan and consciousnesses that may be servers of My Eternal Father. Today I pour to you the wisdom that guards My Christified Consciousness so that you may understand that it is possible to be consecrated to My Lord when you simply say yes, because in this way your will will be surrendered so that may awaken in your hearts the Divine Will.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the spirit of the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, June 26 of 2013

Daily messages

I am present in your lives to teach you to forgive and to love.

If you were truly able to trust in My Mercy all the days a little more the past that disturbs you and makes you restless would be dissolved by the light that would enter inside of you from My Sacred Heart.

But you still have the opportunity of living by means of My Merciful Rays because in this way My Plan will be able to be fulfilled in those who I always call, the most imperfect ones and the most forgotten ones. My Graces of redemption and light are poured in the simplest ones. For this try to always have a heart as pure and as crystalline, as loving and as compassionate as My Unfathomable Heart.

I want that there exist new Christ’s who may be true apostles, who may demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in God and for God as something beautiful and wonderful for the life of each soul. For this I need that you leave the garments from the past so that your heart and spirit may see itself free from every stain. The path to achieve this is the merciful prayer and the purification for these new times.

Each one, as a child of God, will receive the part that he or she must purify either in temperament or in consciousness. I only need your loving permission so that My Mercy may be able to be poured in all that your little beings may need.

The time has come in which the Master of the Light of the Father may gather again His friends for the Supper with the aim of renovating you in spirit and of baptizing you again with the Water of Life of Christ Jesus.

Know that the burning times have come for all and your perseverance and love for seeking Me all the time in My Mercy will be what will unite you to My Heart, and in this way you will be relived from all evil. Do not complain, do not punish your being anymore because in you is God and in God is His Beloved Son who comes to announce to you the Good News of Mercy and of Redemption.

I need you firm in spite of the falls, radiating love and peacefulness in spite of the great tribulations of life because then I will truly confirm with who I will be until the end of times.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Tuesday, June 25 of 2013

Daily messages

The one who lives through My Sacred Word will know the celestial wonders that I pour in those hearts that day by day say yes to Me.

For this I return to the world to banish from each essence the seed of pride and of vanity that has sown, with its actions, the enemy. With My Power I defeat the plans contrary to the ones of My Father. Through My Merciful Love I save those who have fallen down and by My Grace I redeem what is still immature in the consciousnesses.

To hold My Redeeming and Savior Flag between the hands is only for the brave ones who love the unknown and who live faith as a flame that illuminates  when everything is dark.

I come to ignite again the Divine Fire of My Love that has dried up in many hearts and for this I form the disciples as soldiers and as lives in constant prayer for the world. In this way, by means of this constancy in the devoted hearts, I will be able to establish again the Kingdom of My Father, that Kingdom of Love and Redemption that I made descend through the Sacred Cross.

In My Hands are marked the sins of those who were lost and were liberated. In My Feet were marked the faults of those who, out of ignorance, submerged the entire world. And in My Side was opened the Source of Mercy that, until your present, continues to spring from the Center of My Being for the whole world.

I hope that you never be too tired to seek this inexhaustible source that nourishes you, redeems you and liberates you from your own selves. I open My Arms so that those who have fallen down may return with confidence towards Me. I love you and this you must know very well. I wait for you because there is a place guarded for each disciple of Mine.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, June 24 of 2013

Daily messages

My Heart rests joyfully in the essences that in spite of all persevere in My Redeemer Call.

For this today and in this time My Sacred Heart will pour innumerable Graces of Pity and of Mercy upon those who open themselves to transform life by means of the path of conversion.

This light that springs incessantly as a source that comes from the Eternal Center of My Heart is the Light of the Divine Mercy. Those who at three in the afternoon unite themselves without delay but without time to My Source of Graces also will receive My Merits achieved on the Cross. These same sacred merits will strengthen the souls so that with braveness they may face the liberation of life and achieve forgiveness for all that they have passed through. If the souls pray with fervor the wonders that I pour will be stronger and more powerful and in this way your transformation will be victorious because in sincerity and peace you will have achieved the Kingdom of God.

For this it is important to possess a spirit of decisive and constant love that may permit the unraveling of the lagoons of incomprehension that are produced sometimes in the consciousness. By means of the merciful prayer of three in the afternoon, many uncertain doors open to the superfluous deviation of life may be able to be closed so that the souls may live through God and His Eternal Love. The daily prayer of the Divine Mercy constructs solid bridges between the souls and God, bridges of light and of mercy, bridges of love and charity that will never be able to be downed by the enemy. Despite the rough and difficult tests that in these times are faced by all of the hearts, these bridges are unbreakable because they are sustained by My Merciful Love, a sublime essence that is guarded in the temple of your little spirits.

Thus I ask you that in this time you strengthen through the merciful prayer these bridges because they will conduct you towards the definitive redemption of your lives.

Under the Imperishable Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for constructing bridges of light towards My Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Great Savior Bridge



Sunday, June 23 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear children in purification and in redemption:

Carry reflected on your faces the joy of purification and of conversion. But today do not despair. May your souls not doubt because My Heart of Pity contemplates the innumerable and grave miseries that corrode the entire world.

For this I descend from the Great House of My Father to demonstrate to you the Power of My Love and of My Constancy for each one of My ones. May your hearts be alleviated and stop crying for that which is still not transformed. As I have already told you, it is the Eternal and Constant, Omnipresent and Secure Love of My Heart that will free you from the weight that you have been carrying for such a long time.

I, who Am your Light in the obscurity and your Sun in the night of darkness come to your encounter in order to resuscitate that which has already died in some souls and what has already dried in other hearts. In this time My Mercy comes to repair what is broken, It comes to reconstitute and to heal what has remained wounded and no one has been able to heal in love.

But before, by the intermediary of My Light you must die to the old, to what goes beyond your consciousnesses, that which detains you in time. For this live, act and be by means of My Infinite and Pious Mercy because in this way your sins will be forgiven and the new soul will be born one more time to life, after this banishment that it has received on the part of the mind.

Through My Grace, the strength of the spirit in each being will give life to the true and to the only and in this way the new being will be filled by the love of the Son of God. You will be able to see how humanity is in a constant and endless spiritual crisis.

As on the day of yesterday I asked you to adore My Sacred Heart, today I announce to you a special exercise of Pity and of Mercy which I call the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, which will be realized on the 5th and 6th days of August of this year, preparing the important gathering of prayer in the Marian Center of Aurora.

This marathon will have the aim of asking God, through His Firstborn Son, for Divine Mercy for the entire world so that the souls may be able to be touched by the Hand of God and so that humanity may achieve peace and mercy in these times of crisis.

It will be a prayer of mediation that will fulfill the request of the Master Jesus that all of the faithful followers of the Sacred Heart pray 1500 beads of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Those consciousnesses that accept to live this merciful challenge will achieve as souls the opportunity of reverting the deep aspects of life and the world will have some more time of peace.

My Merciful Heart will be present there among all of the pilgrims that with faith, love and devotion may do it, those that will know during these days the liberator power of My Heart.

Good spiritual exercise for all those who believe in My Eternal Love.

Under the Glory of God, be merciful all of the days.

Thank you for obeying My Words with love and devotion!

Christ Jesus. 



Saturday, June 22 of 2013

Daily messages

I come to the world once again to remove from your eyes the darkness that does not permit you to see the path of the eternal light, that which is directed towards My Sacred Heart.

For this My Words can have two principal effects in your lives: they can sow light in your consciousness or they can be lost in the silence of times without giving any fruit.

Today I invite you to love the path of transcendence because it will drive you to be transformed as is predicted in My Divine Plans from the beginning. For this I ask you for great patience and love to be able to bear the great universal currents that My Heart will send to unmask and banish from the world the old humanity. These currents will arrive to each soul in its right time because as it is in Heaven it will also be upon the Earth.

To bear the fire that comes from My Solar Heart, from the center of your universe, I ask you that in your houses, families and among your dearest beings, that you offer special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Merciful Christ. Do this during fifteen minutes before the hour of the Divine Mercy with the aim that My Liberator Fire may touch you and transform you with absolute peace and harmony.

All of My Followers who may dedicate themselves to the adoration of My Sacred Heart will receive every day the impulse of light that they may need in order to resolve problems, doubts, uncertainties, lack of faith, of love, lack of meaning in the life of matter or of the spirit. You, as souls, will have the opportunity to choose which blessed image you will adore.

Know, My Companions, that I am present in every image or in every place whenever you may only call Me because I promise to come in your aid. The special adoration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the months of June and July of 2013 has the objective of elevating your consciousness to the infinite. If you do like this you will also repair My Sacred and Blessed Heart from the grave outrages and profane thoughts that humanity lives in the abysses of life.

If all unite themselves to Me before the hour of the Divine Mercy I will be for the souls and the consciousnesses the Liberator, to stop being the gate keeper of the Great Judge who is in the Heavens, because in these times I want to give you to know the science of My Divine Mercy.

For this I invite you to know the essence of My Sacred Heart through My daughter Saint Margarita Maria Alacoque.

Under the Grace of the Father, be merciful and patient with the tests of life.

Thank you for adoring My Sacred Heart during these months!

Christ Jesus.



Friday, June 21 of 2013

Daily messages

Feel My Words in your heart and rejoice yourself in Me because I will always be your eternal and merciful inner comfort. Seek all the time to remain under My Celestial Presence so that your life may change and transform itself according to My Divine Will.

Be always honest and noble, pure and joyful so that these principles of fraternity may be able be radiated through the spaces that your being will pass through. Wait for My warm Presence of love, let yourself be filled by My Spirit because in this way I will be able to draw in you My Project.

Construct the source of My Mercy through daily prayers and wait with joy that My Source of Graces be poured upon each situation of life. I Am the key that is in your hands and that opens a door towards the inner paradise in each being.

Elevate yourself through your love for Me. In this way you will understand that it is in the spirit where are guarded the treasures of Heaven. Try to quench your thirst day by day by My intermediation because in this way will be strengthened your trust in My Father and in His Supreme Will.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Thursday, June 20 of 2013

Daily messages

When the souls unite themselves to My Purpose of redemption, conversion and love, the wounds, opened by humanity in My Spirit, are closed by the impetus of the devotion and of the love that the souls have for My Merciful Heart.

For this, in these times, to live in the humility and in the simplicity of life without seeking any result for oneself quickly awakens the union of your hearts with My Christic Laws of Consecration and Redemption. In this way My Heart deposits upon the disciples the knowledge of the pure and of the divine so that you may always aspire to live this aim and this purpose.

As the times are changing quickly, My Peace impregnates all those who sincerely open themselves to receive it. For this reason My Heart nourishes the essences in fraternity and in love because all of them must be born to the Spirit of God as new dwelling places.

When I arrive to the world day by day I transmit to you My Sacerdotal Words, all those who open their ears to listen to Me receive from Me the invisible source of My Mercy. It arrives directly into your hearts and lives with the purpose of transforming you into servers of God.

I talk today to the depths of your hearts, seeking your true linking and union with Me in a true way so that may be filled that empty space in the consciousness, that which still needs much love and healing. My rays arrive to the world to be radiated upon all of the souls. In this way My Consciousness forms the new disciples and they, in love, encounter the true path that I indicate to them to pass through.

Without regrets nor spiritual pain I send through the world the soldiers who must announce again My Savior Words to the world but who also must consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart so that in their memories may be erased the past and enter the light of the Spirit of God.

Thus, it will be fundamental that all be more charitable because through the Source of My Mercy the evils that the world lives will be able to be remedied. Many will come closer to you because they will recognize My savior and luminous Presence, for this open yourselves so that My Heart may be able to redeem those who for a long time have been waiting to get to know Me.

Under the Divine Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with attention and for guarding them in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, June 19 of 2013

Daily messages

When a door of evil is closed by the presence of the sublime and wise Love of God between the brothers and the sisters of humanity, the Holy Spirit of Christ again fully organizes the consciousnesses, carrying them one more time to the encounter with the true spiritual mission that My Father has entrusted to them.

For this do not fear that your vestments may fall from your beings or that they may be taken off, as they were from My Glorified Body because from you will be taken off the old so that you may be covered by the Holy Spirit.

When My Heart communicates to you the hour of changes it is so that the hearts may be prepared for the path of transcendence and of purification. Whoever drinks from the bitter chalice of the emptiness of oneself will afterwards be with Me to drink and to dine of the chalice of Reparation and of Redemption.

But it is urgent that the past be transmuted by My Merciful Rays so that your beings may receive absolution and forgiveness. I know that sometimes My Disciples feel lonely before so much dryness of the desert and, out of instinct seek to quench their thirst in other fountains that could be dry.

But I tell you that the true Christic and chaste love between beings is born when the truth is revealed between them, because there is present the wisdom of God and the love that may be able to exist between souls that will be able to be purified so that you may love each other in spirit and in fraternity.

For this I have asked you to love each other. I have asked you to love one another as you are so that you may learn to love the soul of each consciousness, because this is your inner goal.

When the love of My Heart is present between beings will be lived the pure Love of God, as My Mother Mary and the Most Chaste Joseph lived it on the Earth. Believe in this love and nourish yourselves through spiritual love, in this way your sensation of emptiness will disappear. I am returning as the renovated source of love that is absent in all of humanity.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in the Source of My Christic Love.

Christ Jesus.



Tuesday, June 18 of 2013

Daily messages

When lives are on the edge of the abyss, crossing the dark night, I present Myself as Light and the absolute and safe exit for each being. I come to the encounter of those who decline from various plights on the spiritual path.

My Mercy comes to the world to rescue them from the path of mistakes and of blindness so that they may awaken aspects of life, manifested in a consciousness that has decided to follow Me.

But faith and constancy to be with Me will be, in these unpredictable times of the world, what will define if a soul will be consecrated in spirit to My Heart or if it will live the life that the world offers to it through illusions and fantasies.

The path towards the Light is as straight as a staircase that ascends towards the High. In My Pathway does not exist two paths to get to Me. The soul, during the course of life has the opportunity of recognizing My evolutionary Path and, from then on, to define whether it will follow the Shepherd or its own king.

I am giving to all the same opportunity that I gave during the time of My Passion. The world is at the point of its own game and of its spiritual definition for the Divine or for the worldly. My Heart shelters all of the offers of the souls, but some have told Me from the beginning that in these times they would be with Me to fulfill the purpose of Redemption and of the conversion of the consciousnesses.

For this a boat will not move without the help of the oars. It is necessary to understand the point in which you find your little consciousnesses. I radiate to you My Peace and My Light to strengthen them.

It is time to define with which king you wish to remain: with the Eternal King of the Universe or with the king created by the world?

For this My Spirit comes to liberate souls and to show them the path towards the Lord. Trust in My Mercy.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, June 17 of 2013

Daily messages

My Sword will cut the bad feelings from the heart of all of those who afflict themselves for some reason.

My Feet will trample every time on the serpent of temptation and of disunion so that, from dusk to dawn, My Disciples do not separate themselves from My Purpose.

My Rays will strengthen the spirit to liberate it from weaknesses and I will offer to it My Universal Will to proceed.

I will erase with My Hands and I will fade away with My Fingers all the ties with the past.

With My Heart I will illuminate the dark night of those who have decided to be with Me.

Pay attention, those who permit themselves to be involved with the things of this world, because for them it will be more difficult to pull up the roots that they have planted with their actions. Have only one thought in mind so that the barriers of the mind may be destroyed and only construct the bridges of the Brotherhood.

And if you still have not liberated yourselves from sin I forgive you for not having loved yourself as I have asked you and for not uniting yourselves as I have beseeched you. I only ask you to be consistent with My Redeeming Presence, in this way the Lord will thank you for having cultivated a spirit of humility and of peacemaking.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words with the heart!

Your Inner Master, Christ Jesus. 



Sunday, June 16 of 2013

Daily messages

Peace for all of the souls and the Good of My Father for all of the beings of the Earth.

With Mercy and infinite Pity I descend to the world to radiate with My Light the hearts that are empty and without love. For this I make use of willing instruments, which may be able to live My Message and carry My Word of hope and conversion to those that are most in need.

When My Instruments manage to unite themselves to My Merciful Heart I will be able to rejoin the new flocks in the new cenacle that I will prepare from the Universe for the Earth. So that this may happen it is necessary to live the Commandments so that life may be able to be corrected and definitively united to the Supreme Will of My Father.

In these times My Presence congregates the disciples so that united as only one, they may represent truth and the example of My Message for the world. When you cultivate a meek heart, you will live a peaceful life and, by living in the peace of My Father you will be radiating humility and mercy.

But it is still necessary to renounce to the adversities and vanities of the current world. In this way your souls, by means of merciful prayer, will be able to redeem and convert themselves, once they are in Heaven, into blessed and holy ones.

When My Heart called to the twelve, It gathered in those times the most immature and difficult humanity. Now I gather the new soldiers so that through My Unfathomable Mercy, you may achieve the conversion and the forgiveness that you must aspire to from My Father of the Universe.

The soul that decides to be for ever with Me in spite of the onslaught of the contrary winds will lose nothing, will get free of itself to be able to find the true path and the safe mission that waits for it.

Some unite themselves to Me through prayer and through the heart. Others consecrate themselves to Me through service and constant donation. Other souls surrender to Me their souls in trust so that I may be able to work and make wonders of love and of peace. But all have the same place in My Heart, it is enough to just look at Me in the eyes and say to Me, yes.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for imitating My Teachings from the heart.

Christ Jesus, the King of Love.



Saturday, June 15 of 2013

Daily messages

As the faithful and simple worker Saint Isidro the Farmer, cultivate a peaceful heart so that each soul that approaches to your lives may recognize the presence of My Merciful Face.

Accept to live in meekness so that your little imperfections of temperament may be dissolved and may liberated through the power of My Redeemer Rays that impregnate the hearts that are only open to Me.

And whenever it may seem that you have been judged falsely, may your humiliation and renunciation be so pure and true that, through the love that springs from your beings for Me, they may be able to free the misguided other.

In the same way, you will allow that each life experience between consciousnesses unite you in love, devotion and hope on the eve of birth of the true people of God. Let Me reign in your lives so that, as a Divine Carpenter I may be able to polish your spirits and, through My Hands of Worker of God, may emerge the new wineskin, redeemed and renovated in peace.

Do not fear that the veils will be detached from your faces. Accept with love to renounce to the past so that the new being may be able to awaken through your connection with the greater laws of My Father. I Am following your little but hardworking steps to achieve the transcendence of life and of the old being.

May the daily union with the merciful prayer redeem you and allow you to have consciousness of what still has to die so that My Redeemer Plan may be fulfilled upon the Earth. Know that out of love and compassion I have chosen you so that the most unknown sheep, those that do not have any power over the consciousnesses, may be able to transmit and resurrect My Word of salvation and Mercy for the world.

As a Master I look for those who do not want anything for themselves, who only want to be day by day in Me, the Lord of the Universe.

Go ahead, go ahead so that the steps that you must take towards Me liberate the veils of yesterday because in My Mercy all is possible.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Teachings in the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Instructor. 



Friday, June 14 of 2013

Daily messages

When more you donate yourselves to My Heart, more will fall the veils from your faces, the veils of the past, and in this way your hearts little by little will be reaching inner redemption. Realize merciful acts in your lives, be charitable and renew yourselves by means of Me all of the days. As a good Shepherd of souls I accompany the walking of My Pilgrims.

Go ahead!

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Watchtower.



Thursday, June 13 of 2013

Daily messages

Dearest friends and followers of Mine:

Today, under the Power and the Grace of the Father, springs from My Merciful Heart for all of you a new and powerful exercise of Prayer, of Mercy and of Redemption which I name the Devotional to the Five Sacred Wounds of Jesus.

With true love, devotion and surrender, you will repeat ten times each one of My Five Wounds. Whoever does this exercise with faith and spiritual conviction will receive the merits achieved by Me on the Cross and these will be the same merits that I will deposit in the heart of all those who may clamor for Me and who may believe in the redeemer and healing power of My Wounds.

Those hearts that, as in the Via Crucis, venerate Me and pray to these five wounds marked on My Glorified Body, all Wednesdays and Saturdays, will be truly united to My Compassionate Heart and with reverence I will give them My Peace, My Comfort and My Mercy. If this exercise is prayed in group or as a family, the power of this devotional will acquire greater celestial repercussions.

All those who with faith exercise these prayers to My Five Wounds will be able to understand from the heart the divine mysteries that were achieved by Me during the Passion. In this way you will repeat ten times each one of the five wounds and you will concentrate your being on the place where they were marked on My Glorified Body. Whoever does like this each new day will help in glory and in honor so that My Sacred Heart may be relieved from the pain that humanity causes Me for not accepting the All Powerful God through His Most Beloved Son. 

First signal
For the Sacred Wound that we marked(*)
in the right hand of Our Lord Jesus,
Father, have Pity on us.

Second signal
For the  Precious Wound that we marked(*)
in the left hand of Our Lord Jesus,
God the Father, have Mercy and Pity
on all of us.

Third signal
For the Immaculate Wound that we marked(*)
in the right foot of Our Lord Jesus,
Eternal Father, have Compassion and Forgiveness
for all of us.

Fourth signal
For the Glorified Wound that we marked(*)
in the left foot of Our Lord Jesus,
Lord of the Universe, have Love and Grace
for all of us.

Fifth signal
For the Blessed Wound that we marked(*) 
in the Side of Our Lord Jesus,
from where sprang the Unfathomable Source of Mercy
for the whole world,
Adonai, Eternal Father,
reconcile us with Your Glorious Kingdom.

(*)Marked: According to Christ Jesus, all prayers have reference to this word because we as humanity marked the Son of God with wounds and this is an exercise of reparation.
And for the union beads, you will repeat with faith:

Union bead
O Lord Jesus,
resurrect our spiritual life,
redeem our hearts,
elevate our being before God.


Have a good exercise of union with Me.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for praying to My Heart with all your love!

Christ Jesus. 



Wednesday, June 12 of 2013

Daily messages

May those who feel lonely not fear because My Merciful Heart is with them. My companions, sometimes I will distance from your souls the Source of My Grace in order to place It upon those who are most in need of Pity and Mercy and so that they may have the opportunity of receiving in life the same possibility that you have.

The path that you may construct towards Me day by day will be the inner force that will strengthen you and that will allow you to see before yourselves the light of My Infinite Presence, where you will be able to assert yourselves to continue this intense transformation.

I ask you to be with Me and that you not be detained. At this time I need My Disciples in order to fulfill the time of peace that is predicted for all humanity. Know that some of you have offered themselves to bear, from love, the fire of purification, a fire that liberates souls and sends them definitely towards the light of My Heart of Love.

When you feel unrest at an unexpected time, know that it will not be you who is affected but that it will be the moment of your service, when the pain of the world will be transmuted. In the same way I have given to some beings My Wounds with the aim that they may relieve Me in the Heart from so much pain caused by humanity. But the Light will be victorious and the Plan will be fulfilled through all those faithful ones who may follow My Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages in peace!

Christ Jesus, Your Holy Protector. 



Tuesday, June 11 of 2013

Daily messages

Those who are more tired of themselves are those who with humility must come towards Me because, even though it may seem that everything is of the same degree, everything changes within the heart that affirms day by day its eternal commitment with Me.

And in the spirit all changes more quickly whenever the heart trusts in My Mercy every day at three in the afternoon because it is then, at this time, when My Consciousness makes miracles of liberation and of transfiguration of your little cells.

Understand this mystery of the infinite power of My Forgiveness because at each day that I am descending from Heaven to give you My Poor Words, My Merciful Light absolves you prior to your again committing a mistake. My Heart does not grieve nor suffer for the amount of faults that the souls commit. My Heart becomes as alone in a desert and thirsty because the souls do not address their worldly problems towards My Heart that everything is possible and all can be transformed.

To My companions I say:

That until the end of life upon this world you will always find a test and a challenge to overcome in honor of the redeemer project of My Sacred Heart. And the more that the same test may repeat itself in your lives, never cease to ask for help and to humiliate yourselves before God, recognizing your state of imperfection, because in this way My Heart will always repair you and save you by means of the Grace that I have obtained through the merits of My Passion on the Cross.

Be as transparent as water and pure as a flower, to recognize that nothing may change by itself without first clamoring for My Divine Mercy. To those who still shipwreck in tests, as inside of a boat without aim or direction, meditate if you are truly clamoring for My Merciful aid of love. If you did like this you would not allow that your arrogance drown you as in the ocean, and on the surface of this sea of darkness and challenges you may see the light of salvation that comes from My Eternal Heart.

I love those souls that with simple bravery tell Me every day how much they want to have Me present in their lives, because all of these souls I will reward with My Sidereal Forgiveness.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Savior.



Monday, June 10 of 2013

Daily messages

I give you a patient heart so that you may have a humble soul. I give you an abnegated life so that afterwards you may have all the wealth in Heaven.

Do not seek another love as pure, true and simple as the Love that I have for all of you. The beings from the Earth are still human and all are able to be in error without perceiving it. For this I ask you that your eyes may encounter the true love of God in My Most Sacred Heart of Love because there your tears will not be spilled, but rather your heart will be magnified with joy for only being with Me.

My Merciful Heart, all of the days at three in the afternoon, has an infinite space waiting for each essence of this Earth. From My Death on the Cross, out of love for you, and after My Resurrection I guarded for each being a sacred space within My Unfathomable Heart of Love so that you would be able, through Me, to again trust and love the Will of God.

I only ask the ones who have faithfully consecrated themselves to My Most Sacred Consciousness, that their eyes only be directed in love towards My Heart of Peace because in this way your feeling that lacks love will be filled only by My Redeeming Presence. Seek love in each act of charity and of good because from now on My disciples must be the new receptacles so that I may be able to pour My Love for this blind humanity.

For this cultivate a grand love for My Father so that the enemy may not tempt you with false human love. By means of the merciful prayer quench your lack of inner love and feel completely loved by My Great Heart of Husband and Shepherd.

Allow that the essence of the love of God may be able to be sown in you through the simple but true prayer that day by day you donate to Me. Above all things prepare your hearts for the times that will come. Whoever may want to quench the thirst of love, only come to Me.

I Am trust, I Am plenitude, I Am peace, I give you the faith that you need for all of the days of your life. Live in My Love and do not reject It as the world already rejects It for living in the false modernity of love. Always seek shelter in Me.

Under the Pure Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Sunday, June 9 of 2013

Daily messages

Truly I say to you that the soul who clings with devotion and love to the hour of My Mercy will be recognized as a blessed soul, capable of being able to carry between its hands the standard of My Peace. In this way I will give to it, at the culminating hour, the power of the Word and of the Spirit so that the hearts may be able to recognize My Presence between their lips and their little spirit.

I am also here on this day to confirm to the souls that since the beginning made a vow of consecration to My Most Sacred Heart of Love. For this, in addition, I tell you that no soul will lose the bond of love that unites it to My Heart as long as it answers to the greatness of My Eternal Call.

In this time of purification for your hearts My Rays descend from the heart of this universe to unveil the mysteries of My Christification as a Man and as a Consciousness. This happened with the intention that all of My disciples, as souls of the world, may be able to soon imitate My steps in the different phases of life.

Dears, day by day I bring you My Kingdom so that in your earthly life may be affirmed the commitment of your souls with My Eternal Spirit. In this way your example of love and of devotion to My Sacred Heart will open the door for all of the consciousnesses that live in suffering and in the eternity of their own hell.

Whenever your beings, in spite of everything, are available to receive Me with truth and faith at three in the afternoon, the inexhaustible Source of My Mercy circulates throughout the world as a flight of the Holy Spirit to convert the hearts, and to liberate from ties those who live tied up to the illusion of the world. Day by day, through My Mercy, I invite you to the collaboration with My Plan of Rescue and of Conversion of the world.

Under the Infinite Light of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, He who returns in victory to your lives. 



Saturday, June 8 of 2013

Daily messages

Day by day I see with love, in My Source of Mercy, the roses of the prayer that your essences donate to Me in humility and faith.

This is the true miracle of love for these times, that My Unfathomable Mercy may be seen reflected in the hearts of all of the beings that, with ardent desire, seek this opportunity.  

For this I tell you, My Companions, do not fear to see your face from the past reflected in My Source because I am here to pour the Grace of liberation and of consecration into your hearts.

My Heart conducts you in this time through a path unknown to your intellect, My Path leads towards the Eternity of My Father. For this cultivate a patient heart, full of love, hope and mercy because in this time of great definitions the souls of the entire world will be able to be sustained by the pure faith that they may sow in their consciousness.

My rays that penetrate the crust of the Earth come from the universe to awake those who sleep the dream and the game of constant illusion. For this I make use of simple shepherds and of humble disciples who are willing to be apostles of My savior Message by means of charity and of the example of the life that they live with Me.

For this, in this time of lack of peace in the world, My Consciousness comes from the Kingdom of God directly to form and to organize again the life of all of the flocks. For this My Light removes the impurities and imperfections so that, transfigured by My Love, they may be in service to the Supreme Will of the Plan of My Father.

For this I ask you to not fear. You already knew that the time of purification would come at the end of a cycle, for in this way will begin a coming cycle of peace for the world. Above all things I sustain you between My arms, mainly those who allow Me to do so and who trust in My redeeming Call. At the end all will be understood.

Under the victorious Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for reflecting My words in the essence of your hearts!

Christ Jesus.



Friday, June 7 of 2013

Daily messages

I am here present in Aurora all of the days at three in the afternoon to comfort with My Spirit the one that feels as lonely as a desert.

I am here all of the days at three in the afternoon to pour My Grace on those who still have not been redeemed.

I am here all of the days at three in the afternoon to consecrate those who still have not lived My Redeeming Path.

For these and for other reasons I am here amongst you and I have chosen you so that in these times you may diffuse My message of Piety, Hope and Mercy. One more time humanity will be able to prove that I really call those who only listen to Me through the heart, even if it is only for a moment.

For this I give My Celestial Goods into the hands of the most simple and free so that they may be multiplied in love and brotherhood. This is the true essence of the end of the times: to have a pure heart, in order to be able to have a pure mind and by having a pure mind, to receive Mercy and Redemption.

Know, My Friends, that I know all of the corners of your consciousness but My Love for you is so great that I let Myself be nailed on the cross out of love for the salvation of the world. For this reason today I am with you so that with braveness and will you may follow My Steps towards the eternal light of the Father.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Thursday, June 6 of 2013

Daily messages

Only contemplate Me and quiet yourself.

Only contemplate Me and observe yourself.

Only contemplate Me and unite yourself to My Heart.

Only contemplate Me and silence yourself.

Only contemplate Me and shelter yourself in My Being.

Only contemplate Me and tell Me what you want.

Only contemplate Me and empty your being of every pain.

Only contemplate Me and affirm your path in Me.

Only contemplate Me and live in My Mercy.

Only contemplate Me and listen to the voice of your heart.

Only contemplate Me and ask your soul for what it needs.

Only contemplate Me and seek the truth in your spirit.

Only contemplate Me and see My Love for you.

Only contemplate Me and renovate your being.

Only contemplate Me and wash your wounds.

Only contemplate Me because in this way I will be able to liberate you from the past.

Only contemplate My Heart, My Soul, My Divinity because in this way you will allow Me
        to be near you.

Only contemplate Me and forget what you were.

Only contemplate Me and you will discover the only path.

Only contemplate Me and accept Me as your guiding star.

Only contemplate Me and surrender yourself to My arms of compassion.

Only contemplate Me and trust in what I tell you.

Only contemplate Me to be able to withstand purification,

Only contemplate Me and await My victorious arrival.

Only contemplate Me and vigil with the heart.

Only contemplate Me so that I may be able to indicate to you the path.

Only contemplate Me with fervor, devotion and adoration.

Only contemplate Me so that you may be able to see in Me God.

Only contemplate Me and you will untie the knots of your consciousness.

Only contemplate Me and you will no longer occupy yourself with yourself.

Only contemplate Me and you will serve with love your brothers and sisters.

Only contemplate Me and you will be able to live in My Eternal Unity.

Only contemplate Me and stop worrying about the past and the future.

Only contemplate Me and you will live in the Eternal Present.

Only contemplate Me so that you may learn to love the Will of God.

Only contemplate Me all the time and even more when you do not dedicate to Me
        some time because there I am contemplating you in Mercy and Redemption.

Only contemplate Me to get to Paradise.

Only contemplate Me and you will erase from your mind every illusion.

Only contemplate Me and your faith will grow as a river
        and your love will be greater than an ocean.

Only contemplate Me so that you may be able to be in God.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, June 5 of 2013

Daily messages

May your heart not bet ashamed and may your eyes not cease to look at Me because I know where you come from, to where you will go and from where you will come towards Me.

In this time of great changes for the consciousnesses of the entire world the enemy articulates its cunning plans to remove from the path those who may be resuming the reconciliation with God through My Sacred Heart.

For this My Mercy in this time demonstrates Its power to the humble ones, Its Grace to the little of heart, and Its infinite Piety to the simple and empty hearts. Never cease to look at Me in the eyes because it is through them that I know the history that is guarded in you from the origins.

The power of My Mercy does not only come to call those who have made a commitment with Me, but it also comes to liberate those who have fallen and who have offended the God of Love.

Be in humility as a result of the Spiritual Grace that in My Full Name you are receiving because thus I will be able to arrive as a source of healing and of restoration to all of the shepherds, to those that I have chosen so that they may proclaim My Word of Life and of Eternity.

Pray for your shepherds, pray for My ones, they also need a warm support of prayer and love for the co-redeemer task that it is up to them to realize with all of the souls for this time of spiritual crisis in humanity. I guide you towards the greatness of My Heart and now, in this time, I ask you that in everything you are one so that the wave of purification that will remove the world its place will be able to be sustained by the apostles that My Heart is calling.

Aspire to live for My Good News because the time of peace will come for those who have stopped looking at God the Creator.

Under the Glorious Love of the Father, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the one of yesterday and the one of today. 



Tuesday, June 4 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am the radiant Sun of the universe, the one that radiates the infinite light of the Sacred Heart. All of those who pass in prayer through this Sun are filled by the peace of the Great Spirit of Christ.

Each soul in this time of Mercy will have the inner opportunity of merging itself with My Solar Essence because as part of the Creator God I give you the Good New and the Life to achieve eternity.

Before any circumstance of life, keep your faith united to the High because it will protect you as souls of God. Know that even in the most difficult moments My Heart will be present in all of those who call Me with sincerity.

Be in My Peace and only think and live in My Peace.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, Eternal Peace.



Monday, June 3 of 2013

Daily messages

Humility will be what will move the souls away from darkness.

For this My dears, cultivate by means of the constancy in prayer a humble and meek spirit, because in this way your spirits will be brought towards the liberation of the capital sins of humanity.

To those who persevere day by day in the hour of mercy at three in the afternoon, I promise that at the hour of their death they will not be judged by Me, but they will be liberated from the weight of the past and the will begin to glimpse the light of eternal life.

Before the great time try to live through the spirit of humility because it is in one’s own emptiness of oneself that the soul will find meekness for its consciousness and thus it will be able heal itself from all that it may need, by means of the wise and loving forgiveness of God the Father.

Be meek and when you do not manage to be so, strive to be as humble as you can, seeking an act of reconciliation and silence towards your brothers and sisters because this will strengthen the necessary unity that in these times must exist between My Sheep. Do not occupy your time with whatever may still not be solved but try to detach yourselves and to give to Me all that is not good for your hearts.

Whenever a soul surrenders itself to My Heart, the joy of My Consciousness is infinite because this simple action opens a door for the unexpected conversion of other creatures.

I am with you in good and in error because as Father of the essences and Son of God I know that you are still learning to walk amongst the thorns and the stones that in the past have marked your lives. But always see in the horizon the unfathomable Mercy of My Heart, see the rays of peace and of transfiguration that come to your hearts.

Believe in My Eternal Hope: that when you elevate the eyes towards the High, may your being shine out of joy for being in God the Father. Encourage yourselves to live redemption and to entirely transform yourselves in My Mercy.

Always I encourage you to carry on.

Under the Infinite Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, who will save you and redeem you through the Power of the Love of God.



Sunday, June 2 of 2013

Daily messages

Dears, from three in the afternoon My thirst is little by little quenched in the face of the immensity of souls who do not rest in My Arms of piety and redemption.

For this at three in the afternoon I bring the merciful rays of God to encourage the souls to follow Me in the steps of the apostolate and of the missions for all of those who have turned their faces back to the light of God.

The bitterness and the suffering of the world is liberated during the hour of Mercy but it is still necessary and urgent that those who have reached My Source and who lose themselves in the great inner desert may be able to achieve Piety and Mercy before God the Father.

For this My Heart forms new apostles so that they may ignite again My Christic Flame in the hearts that are empty, alone and abandoned, in the hearts that are without faith and despair  day by day.

Today all of those who listen to My Word have the Grace of receiving the Mercy of My Heart. I ask all of My Companions to, during the hour of Mercy, be very awake before My Presence, to strive in your beings to seek Me and feel Me because the day will come in which the flame of prayer will be your only guide towards God.

Today you are with Me as on all of the holy days, but do not lose sight of the inertia that can invade your spirits and make you believe that you are all the time united to My Heart. You will not be so until out of love and sacrifice you raise your voice asking and clamoring for Mercy.

I want to encounter My Disciples attentive to the events of the world. I do not want to see My Friends sleeping for the second time as I saw them in the beloved Garden of Olives.

I ask you for persistence, faith and willingness to face the currents that will come to the aid of humanity, that which each day separates itself from the Supreme Will of God. I ask you to become conscious before the merciful task that each one of you lives with Me as a member of this humanity.

I ask for sacrifice to those who have made life vows to My Redeemer Heart. I ask you for more prayer and love.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving in humility My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, June 1 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am the Life for the sad and lonely hearts because I Am for each being the joy of living and sharing in God.

I Am the Divine Fire of the Holy Spirit that illuminates you. I Am the straight Path towards God.

Today I ask you to be as I Am so that the other children, through your example, may imitate the path of surrender and of absolute trust in God. My Father waits for all in Heaven but it is necessary to live the only Law, the Law of the love and of the wise justice from Heaven because the moment has come to simply correct your lives so that all of My Companions may be partakers in My Return.

Dears, I am with you all of the time that you may allow Me to be, as I not only see imperfections but I also see your love towards Me. Radiate the feeling of brotherhood amongst yourselves so that all of the souls may learn to live in God in the best way, without suffering or pain.

For this I make use of simple instruments because I expect them to be transmitters of My Mercy for these times. I will always encounter My Flame ignited in your hearts whenever you may simply say yes to Me and you may say: “Come Master of Love”.

I want to pour upon you My Graces, My Redeemer Love so that your beings may empty themselves and may be filled by the Light of My Eternal Spirit.

I want from My Soldiers a true shield of love, peace and brotherhood. The world needs the conscious help of all of the praying souls.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.

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