As the faithful and simple worker Saint Isidro the Farmer, cultivate a peaceful heart so that each soul that approaches to your lives may recognize the presence of My Merciful Face.

Accept to live in meekness so that your little imperfections of temperament may be dissolved and may liberated through the power of My Redeemer Rays that impregnate the hearts that are only open to Me.

And whenever it may seem that you have been judged falsely, may your humiliation and renunciation be so pure and true that, through the love that springs from your beings for Me, they may be able to free the misguided other.

In the same way, you will allow that each life experience between consciousnesses unite you in love, devotion and hope on the eve of birth of the true people of God. Let Me reign in your lives so that, as a Divine Carpenter I may be able to polish your spirits and, through My Hands of Worker of God, may emerge the new wineskin, redeemed and renovated in peace.

Do not fear that the veils will be detached from your faces. Accept with love to renounce to the past so that the new being may be able to awaken through your connection with the greater laws of My Father. I Am following your little but hardworking steps to achieve the transcendence of life and of the old being.

May the daily union with the merciful prayer redeem you and allow you to have consciousness of what still has to die so that My Redeemer Plan may be fulfilled upon the Earth. Know that out of love and compassion I have chosen you so that the most unknown sheep, those that do not have any power over the consciousnesses, may be able to transmit and resurrect My Word of salvation and Mercy for the world.

As a Master I look for those who do not want anything for themselves, who only want to be day by day in Me, the Lord of the Universe.

Go ahead, go ahead so that the steps that you must take towards Me liberate the veils of yesterday because in My Mercy all is possible.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Teachings in the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Instructor.