Wednesday, June 19 of 2013

Daily messages

When a door of evil is closed by the presence of the sublime and wise Love of God between the brothers and the sisters of humanity, the Holy Spirit of Christ again fully organizes the consciousnesses, carrying them one more time to the encounter with the true spiritual mission that My Father has entrusted to them.

For this do not fear that your vestments may fall from your beings or that they may be taken off, as they were from My Glorified Body because from you will be taken off the old so that you may be covered by the Holy Spirit.

When My Heart communicates to you the hour of changes it is so that the hearts may be prepared for the path of transcendence and of purification. Whoever drinks from the bitter chalice of the emptiness of oneself will afterwards be with Me to drink and to dine of the chalice of Reparation and of Redemption.

But it is urgent that the past be transmuted by My Merciful Rays so that your beings may receive absolution and forgiveness. I know that sometimes My Disciples feel lonely before so much dryness of the desert and, out of instinct seek to quench their thirst in other fountains that could be dry.

But I tell you that the true Christic and chaste love between beings is born when the truth is revealed between them, because there is present the wisdom of God and the love that may be able to exist between souls that will be able to be purified so that you may love each other in spirit and in fraternity.

For this I have asked you to love each other. I have asked you to love one another as you are so that you may learn to love the soul of each consciousness, because this is your inner goal.

When the love of My Heart is present between beings will be lived the pure Love of God, as My Mother Mary and the Most Chaste Joseph lived it on the Earth. Believe in this love and nourish yourselves through spiritual love, in this way your sensation of emptiness will disappear. I am returning as the renovated source of love that is absent in all of humanity.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in the Source of My Christic Love.

Christ Jesus.