Monday, January 7 of 2013

Daily messages

My Dears: empty yourself of all and follow Me.

Allow Me to take you as a new wineskin, so that I may pour into your heart My new codes of peace.

Let Me get into your dwelling place because from the Celestial Universe of God I wait for you to call Me and say: “Come Master, stay in me”. I Am everything for you only when you allow Me.

I want to teach you before My return to repair the Heart of Our God of Love from on High. For this, drink every day of prayer and wakefulness in order to be awake with Me before any inner change.

Open the door for Me to enter definitively in your life, in your tasks, in your sleep, in you wakening, in your whole day.

I want to accompany you, if you allow Me, to teach you through each test to trust My Inconceivable and Infinite Mercy. I just wait from Heaven for your yes, so that My Infinite Love may start working in your essence, in your little heart. If the souls knew the power of My Love they would know much more about the Universal Love of God and all that the Creator has to give to each being.

Now remember that I am in each brother and sister, very hidden, as I Am in the Eucharist. For this, focus on trying to find Me in each healthy gesture of love, fraternity, prayer and charity. I carry you all in My arms because My Celestial Mother is handing Me to each son and daughter of this world to lead you to the path of Good and Peace.

Each soul has a mission before God, each child accomplishes a part of the Plan of Love, but each task must be honored and respected in order to allow the Plan on the Earth to be accomplished. I Am the Great Worker of souls, you are My companions.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My commandments in your hearts!

Christ Jesus