Thursday, July 11 of 2013

Daily messages

That My Peace may remain in your hearts!

Today, through My Peace and My Merciful Love for you, a new flower has blossomed, a flower that has emanated an aroma as that of a lovely fruit created by God.  And this aroma of Piety and Love has been radiated to all the world through all of those who said yes to the great challenges that My Father gave them out of love for your conversion.

And this flower that today has bloomed, is the flower of the Immaculate Heart, the one that was gestated in the essence of each one of the children of God.

To sow this new seed has meant several challenges for the consciousnesses; in the end after the trials, the transcendences and most important, after that donation, a part of the Plan of God has been accomplished.

And this flower gave good seeds, those that were expanded in many hearts that were closed to God, in hearts distant from God and in hearts that were not redeemed by the love of God.

Through the perseverance, the love, the faith and the service surrendered by the children of My Holy Mother, a new light for the world was born; after so many months, the Saving Portal of Christ and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was born.

Among confirmations, decisions and the overcoming on the part of the soldiers of the Virgin Mary, something very important was constructed among the consciousnesses: Love for the Divine Purpose of God. This love placed by each one of the children, was true and simple, this love touched in the deep of the Heart of God and He, one more time, poured His Grace and His Piety through the sacred presence at your side of the Universal Mother, of the Queen of the World for this world.

She in Her maternal sweetness and in silence, walked at the side of Her children, who without knowing why, said yes to Her blessed and important call.  And for these fruits of effort and love that the soldiers of the Most Holy Virgin have placed, other suns and other stars now shine in the universal firmament; new souls that were in the dark lit up again by only observing the light of the Great Immaculate Portal.

In all of this work that your Blessed Mother had, a great mystery was revealed before your eyes, the mystery of selfless and surrendered love, the same that I lived for you on the Cross.

For this today, may your hearts rejoice for having accomplished in faithfulness with the Purpose of God; your Immaculate Mother has accompanied you and will continue to accompany you so that the fruits of redemption may awaken in all the world.

See how important it is to transmit a message of peace through a portal consecrated to the Will of the Most High, where a soul that feels the words opens its heart, its consciousness is transformed and its heart redeemed; soon this soul donates itself, awakening to service and to charity and this little action redeems all of humanity.  In this way, the angels listen to the offer of this soul and they, out of love and mercy, open the Heavens and the Universal Piety descends upon the world.

This sublime energy activates the same purpose in other hearts, the world lives some more time of peace and the souls live their own conversion through prayer.

Understand in this way, My friends, how great is the Love of God for you; understand from the heart the result of the presence of this simple, but loving portal, consecrated to the three Blessed Hearts of Mary, Jesus and Most Chaste Joseph.

May My Profound Gratitude and Love reverberate in your consciousnesses today, because My Sheep are listening to the Voice of the Great Shepherd.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for accomplishing My Requests in humility and donation!

Christ Jesus, Your King