Friday, June 21 of 2013

Daily messages

Feel My Words in your heart and rejoice yourself in Me because I will always be your eternal and merciful inner comfort. Seek all the time to remain under My Celestial Presence so that your life may change and transform itself according to My Divine Will.

Be always honest and noble, pure and joyful so that these principles of fraternity may be able be radiated through the spaces that your being will pass through. Wait for My warm Presence of love, let yourself be filled by My Spirit because in this way I will be able to draw in you My Project.

Construct the source of My Mercy through daily prayers and wait with joy that My Source of Graces be poured upon each situation of life. I Am the key that is in your hands and that opens a door towards the inner paradise in each being.

Elevate yourself through your love for Me. In this way you will understand that it is in the spirit where are guarded the treasures of Heaven. Try to quench your thirst day by day by My intermediation because in this way will be strengthened your trust in My Father and in His Supreme Will.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.