Thursday, April 11 of 2013

Daily messages

The merciful rays of My Heart are poured mainly upon those who most need of My Redemption and Compassion.

For this, every day I count on those servers who are willing to be available to all, to throw the nets so that others may also be saved.

You, with Me, live in a different time, which you witness day by day, because the time that My Heart radiates upon My Followers is a time that prepares, redeems and advances the steps of those who are less prepared.

Seek the time to be with Me because in this way My Heart will use the spontaneity of those who, risking everything, love those who most need My Peace and Love. I just want that for this time that you live with Me, that you be transmitters of My Voice and of My Word, of My Love and of My Peace.

I just ask you this because if you do like this the world as a whole will see itself more relieved and the hearts of all of the souls will liberate themselves from the path that takes them to constant sin and perdition.

I need, in My special Time, neutral soldiers who may be able to deal with the reality of the consciousnesses who most need help for these times. And you have as a primordial key love and prayer, because love and prayer are only one inseparable path that your consciousnesses must strengthen in the inner.  In this way you will learn to live My Laws and you will answer to the needs that My Father will reveal moment by moment to each one of the souls.

Bring in your heart a humble and noble spirit that may truly radiate what it is in life because above all things I know you very well and I know what it is that each disciple of Mine needs.

Know that I love you as you are and I guide you from the heart.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.