May the Divine Peace be established in times of chaos.

May this Peace attract meekness to all hearts.

May love triumph in times of battle and may this love recuperate and redeem all that seems lost.

May souls glorify the Father and may His Holy Spirit liberate them from all evil.

May consciousnesses strengthen themselves during the transition of Earth so that they can see the opening of the doors of the glorious return of Christ.

May everything be determined at this hour of definition so that the Plan of God will manifest itself in the consciousness of humanity.

May nobody lose hope or inner strengths, may you rise the flag of the announcement of the redemptive coming of Christ.

May the divine and supreme Heavens open themselves above your heads for the holy angels to pour out the Mercy of God.

May the impure be purified.

May the purified become more pure and, in the essence of the original purity, may all live inner peace.

May the legions of Light formed by all human beings of good will follow the realization of the Divine Plan and may all the navigating servers row and row for the boat of victory to arrive at the port of the Great and Supreme Liberator.

May nobody fear the final time, may everything take place according to the divine Thought.

May the hearts not lose peace.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In vigil. 

Your Mother, Rose of Peace


Your spirit is like a boat on the high sea, and your life is permeated by many experiences.

Each moment is significant for the spirit, because it must be trained in how to sail in the peace or in the storm.

The spirit is like a boat of light that never loses the momentum to find the stars, because from them come all the Graces, and a new history is written in the soul that lives redemption.

The spirit has premeditated courage and takes the inner strength to overcome difficulties of a possible shipwreck.

Look at your spirit with courage and serenity: everything has a return to the House of the Celestial Father.

Sail as a boat that discovers and gets to know new horizons.  The doors of the seas are open; for that stay calm and confident because a Great Watcher will guide you.  He is the King of the Universe that fulfills all through His Grace.

Follow the great boat heading to infinity; your time to freedom is close in the times to come.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you in the spiritual boat of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace


Do not fear because My Heart will remove your restlessness.

Do not fear because My Faith will strengthen you.

Do not fear because My Mantle will cover you.

Do not fear because you are in prayer united to My Heart.

Do not fear because My Light will guide you.

Do not fear because My Trust will unite you to God.

Do not fear because My Steps will indicate to you the new path.

Do not fear because you have already opened your hearts to My Call.

Do not fear because My Power will save you.

Do not fear for what you have been because in a little time you will be the new for Me.

Do not fear because I will never leave you alone.

Do not fear because it is necessary to have maturity of heart.

Do not fear because My Face will show you the Compassion of God.

Do not fear because you will be tested.

Do not fear because you will be in My Eternal Prayer.

To all I say that you may no longer fear, to the old has come the time of dying so that the new wine skins may receive My Grace and My Mercy.

Quench your thirst for this long walk in My Source of wonders. I know well all of the levels of thirst that the souls live but if you are united to My Merciful Prayer you will victoriously transit through this cycle of great changes.

I Am your Light to illuminate the darkness.

I Am your Path to redeem you on this last pathway.

I Am your Truth to reveal you who truly you are before My Compassionate Presence.

Do not detain yourselves. The boat faces the great storm of the end of times. Row! Row! Row! And do not get tired of rowing because I you give you strength and inner power to act through love.

Know one more time that I am with you because My Heart has chosen you for something great. I thank all of the marathoners of the Divine Mercy for answering from now to My Call for Peace and for the liberation of the evil of the world.

Heaven thanks you.

Under the Powerful Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages in the truth of the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


As it was in Bethany and Bethesda today I enter into your houses to have dinner in spirit with your souls and hearts.

May on this day of Saturday of unfathomable Mercy your feet walk determined in the direction of My Great Spiritual Boat so that together we may sail in spirit for other lakes, places that one time you knew and that only through My Heart you will arrive to again.

Today I talk to you about the infinite path, that space created by God in this sacred cosmos in which the universe gathers Supreme Consciousnesses that eternally serve the High. For this today do not sleep, wake up to the redeeming principle that with love and truth I reveal to you.

I thank all of those who, for various reasons and facts, equally trust in My Sacred Purpose of Love and Forgiveness, because even though your paths may be confused or not so clear, My Saving Light returns to gather the last disciples, those who in faith and perseverance will walk for many towards the infinite universe.

There, in that sacred space from where I come to announce to humanity My Return, is present the Eternal Loving and Powerful Heart of your Father. Out of Love and Mercy He sends to the world that One who was nailed on the Holy Cross. But now the Son of the Man does not return to carry again the evil of the world. The Son of God comes in Glory to banish the hells and to close the doors of all suffering.

My Sacred Liberation will come to revive those who are dead in life and those who have lost the spiritual union with Me.

Christ, Powerful, Merciful and Pious, returns to live now and always with all of His Ones. In this way, under the Glory of the Plan of God, the one thousand, one hundred and fifty years of peace will cause to re-emerge the Promised Earth.

Only a little more is missing. Who will follow Me?

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for following My Steps of the Cross with so much love!

Christ Jesus.


When lives are on the edge of the abyss, crossing the dark night, I present Myself as Light and the absolute and safe exit for each being. I come to the encounter of those who decline from various plights on the spiritual path.

My Mercy comes to the world to rescue them from the path of mistakes and of blindness so that they may awaken aspects of life, manifested in a consciousness that has decided to follow Me.

But faith and constancy to be with Me will be, in these unpredictable times of the world, what will define if a soul will be consecrated in spirit to My Heart or if it will live the life that the world offers to it through illusions and fantasies.

The path towards the Light is as straight as a staircase that ascends towards the High. In My Pathway does not exist two paths to get to Me. The soul, during the course of life has the opportunity of recognizing My evolutionary Path and, from then on, to define whether it will follow the Shepherd or its own king.

I am giving to all the same opportunity that I gave during the time of My Passion. The world is at the point of its own game and of its spiritual definition for the Divine or for the worldly. My Heart shelters all of the offers of the souls, but some have told Me from the beginning that in these times they would be with Me to fulfill the purpose of Redemption and of the conversion of the consciousnesses.

For this a boat will not move without the help of the oars. It is necessary to understand the point in which you find your little consciousnesses. I radiate to you My Peace and My Light to strengthen them.

It is time to define with which king you wish to remain: with the Eternal King of the Universe or with the king created by the world?

For this My Spirit comes to liberate souls and to show them the path towards the Lord. Trust in My Mercy.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


And the Lady dressed of Sun will pour the Crown of Stars, so that a path may arise from the bowels of the Earth and through which will walk the new redeemed flocks.  Each one of Her stars will be the visible sign of a new cycle and each soul, according to their choice, will enter through a path that will be able to bring them to the Kingdom of the Lord.

At the Greater Door of Heaven, the Beloved Lord will wait for His beloved soul, so that together in victory, they may consecrate the spirit to the Eternal Love of God.  The Lady dressed of Sun will manifest Her universal symbol and this will be the sign that will announce the next coming of the King of the Universe. 

Blessed are those who will be waiting in joy for the coming of the King of the Patriarchs, because they will be participants of the Good News for the world.

Blessed are those who have given of themselves, in order to transfigure in Christ their lives, because they will recognize the rays that come from the Heart of the Son of God.

And the New Boat of life and of prayer, will sail in deep sea and many will see it arising by the efforts of the little beings of Christ.  The New Boat will not be from the past, it will be born as a new child from the womb of His Immaculate Mother.

Many will not understand this mystery and not many will feel the brightness and the strength of its light, that which comes from the Boat and the new flocks.  These are the ones brought together for the redeeming mission, those who silently will lift high the torch of light, to show to the world the path of the true conversion.

No one will remain without knowing where to go, because the Boat is already sailing by means of the impulses that it receives from the favored fire of prayer.  Those who are curious will want to know the essence of this great food for the spirit, but because they do not know themselves they will see too late that everything starts and ends in the prayer of the heart.

The workers speed up the work of the great bridge to the Great Spirit of God; time flies and the souls slow down their steps towards God.  The Bird of the Holy Spirit announces a new call and only will follow in flight the ears attentive to the voice of the heart.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.