Wednesday, January 6 of 2016

Monthly messages

In the same way as the twelve apostles sitting at the table, today I have all of you close to Me, to fill you with My Gifts of spiritual life, to show you the Purpose of God in these times of chaos.

I Am this Sun that shines in the darkness of these final times. I Am the Eucharistic Heart for the universe of souls, for all the spirits that are in God; but I also come for the sinners, for the ones who turn their backs on Me through those I send to give My word of salvation.

Today, you are before My cenacle not only with the twelve that followed Me at the beginning to give the greatest impulse of Christification of humanity, a Project that has been achieved by very few. I do not lose hope, the battle has not finished and the truce has not been established because the Apocalypse has not passed and the hearts do not know what will happen.

I come to give strength to the inner worlds where God and His great experience of love truly live. While the forces of evil furiously unleash over the world to conquer the hearts, I come to establish in the ones never seen My true cenacle of consecration impregnated by the Purpose of God and by His divine thought in all this creation and for this entire race.

If Adam and Eve broke with the Project, humanity had to assume their own faults throughout the times and generations. But I incarnated in this world to end these things. I offered Myself for you in the Passion and on the Cross, in the Death and in the Ascension to be this thread of light that united all the commandments.

Now that you already know that you must love one another, you must support yourselves. You must learn to heal yourselves through the experience of love and unity. In this, My adversary will not be able to work because he does not know what the True Love of God is. When he was in Heaven, he got confused and the Law ousted him; he will be the last one to be defeated by the force of My own Blood when I return to the world in glory and in light.

While this is to take place, the good Christians will be persecuted and the ones who believe in Me will be mistreated, not for chastisement, but so that they do as I did. In silence, I surrendered Myself out of Love, out of Redemption and out of Salvation. You must not think who will live it or how it will take place. In the Heart of the Father all is written, but you, beings of the Earth, created in the image and likeness of God from the beginning of the project of the Earth and of humanity, can change the events when you are true, pure and humble.

The sins embrace many hearts that do not find solace or exit. I give you the table of My Mercy so that you make it known. This table replaces your faults in the book of the universe where everything is written, from the beginning to the end. I told you some time ago that I Am this Omega that comes to give an end to all things, but for this it will be necessary to go through the transition. I know that many of your hearts would like to hear words of hope, but this time has already been written in the hearts of the prophets, in the peoples of yesterday.

I Am the star that shines in the universe, which ascended towards the house of the Father first to return in the divinity of the beings and in the spirits of the workers of God who work untiringly to concretize the Plan. No longer suffer for your imperfections, just work to concretize My plans, and I will give you the transforming power and the power of the life of the whole universe.

I Am the Sun that comes to announce Itself again in the end of the times just as I once came to this world to die for you. I Am this glorious Sun, this Sacred and Glorified Heart that brings Grace and Mercy to you; this is the reason why My enemy works to dissipate the aspiration of the hearts of finding My Mercy and My Peace.

The soldiers align in the first lines of the Apocalypse and the spirits of all humankind prepare themselves to face the final time. I wish I could tell you all that is foreseen, but humanity changes the destiny of things as a consequence of their actions and their endeavors.

You must learn to love the will of God without judging it or questioning if it is good or not. You must love the will of God as I loved it and as I will always love it because it is a will filled with the Love of God, with His Heart that is most pure and noble for the whole universe. Human will is the hardest to die, it is the most resistant stone in the heart of humankind and behind it is pride and is negation.

I come to give you the impulse to change all these things, so that you may not be the same. I come to draw by means of your lives the new paths towards the Lord. Because of this, when you purify yourselves or when you rejoice you must thank God, because in truth I will always be extending My Hand to give you inner strength and reasons to change life, to change the genetics of the Earth, of the whole humanity.

I have come through Jesus to show you the path of overcoming, of redemption, of transcendence. Though I was constituted as a Divine Being, the apostles reached the same prodigies I lived through the Archangel Michael. If you have faith, everything is possible and nothing makes you wait. This form of project of God descends and takes place in the heart of all beings.

I hope that all souls recognize My Presence in this place where the aurora dawns in the life of each being. I leave in this forgotten place the refuge of My Heart for the upcoming times and I hope My apostles will assume their positions to take care of this refuge that I spiritually leave here, and that will serve the souls that will come to seek help, just as the holy oratory of Saint Michael.

I come to remind you about the humility of things in the simplicity of the forms and in the beauty of what is manifested. All must be bearers of the spirit of harmony and of vigilance of all that is sacred, of the cares that it needs in order to endure throughout the times.

All the praying ones have the mission of, in My name, helping in the manifestation of the Centers of Light of the communities that I institute, for the great final task. Figueira must keep sprouting, giving flowers and fruits so that may be born new Centers of Light, which will serve as support in the transition of Earth and especially to the groups of mercy that have responded to My call all this time.

Thus, you will be able to see, companions, that when we are no longer here to announce Our word, Our Spirit will be here until the moment when I return to this world to redeem it again and take it towards the New Humanity. There will be no other place on Earth to go but where you have worked spiritually during so long to learn and to instruct yourselves, to grow in prayer and in service to others. When everything is harder, My Church extended throughout the Earth will recognize what I did here, and it will be too late for the impious, for those who say they are immortal before God.

God is the Spirit of Immortality of yourselves, is the Eternal and Omnipresent Spirit, just as His Son, who was born from the Spirit of Immortality to give you eternal life and teach you how to transcend the times by means of Love and Sacrifice.

I institute here a sign that will be seen in the hearts of those who believe, not only out of their faith, but also out of love of the unknown, the love of the overcoming of themselves on behalf of My holy name. Because of this, I have you sitting at the table today, celebrating this first spiritual communion, on top of the Mount Sinai. Because remember that I Am this thread of light that unites all the commandments.

Next month I hope to see here in this Center those who say they are with Me, to implore for My Mercy for this humanity. Because what will happen with the missions will be important, and this work here must be supported. Aurora needs it, just as Aurora has given it to you in each new inner encounter.

The groups of prayer must organize themselves to be next month in this refuge that I am giving you. Thus we will constitute a new ceremony of redemption for the ones who suffer in humanity and will be bearers of My paternal blessings.

In this sacred cenacle, over Mount Sinai, I meet many coming to Me to present many petitions. I hear them when the prayer is true, just as it has been these days, on which My Heart alleviates itself of the sins of the world, of the ones who forget the Lord.

So much love I have to give you that you would not bear it. Each drop of blood poured in the Passion was a drop of love for the world, for each one of the souls in the passing of the times. If you counted how much blood I poured on the cross, in the Calvary or in the flagellation, and in the crowning of thorns, you would understand how much I love you, because My Father loves you through Me.

I leave you this sign and I bring quietude to your hearts. In the Light that comes from the infinite, I bless you in the Holy Name of My Father, the Victorious Light of His Son, and in the Power of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, uniting you with the High and Superior, renewing your hope and strengthening your faith to be able to live as I expect.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

The Glorified Christ Jesus



Tuesday, January 5 of 2016

Monthly messages

What do you fear? When I am present Light reigns and the darkness is dissipated from the deepest places of all beings.

Why do you fear, by any chance isn’t the Power that God has given Me stronger than a thousand armies? The Power that comes from God is invincible and cannot be tempted by anyone. The fallen angel has still not left his abyss, because it is still necessary that I return to give you My Victory and My Peace.

I take you all in a long desert, and some fear to die in the path of so much thirsty. I Am this great mirror of water, I Am this oasis that is in the middle of your paths to save you and give you to drink from the last water of life that saves all, that redeems all and that heals all. However you are at the doors of this great desert that I invite you to cross through the experiences and tests. Do you not trust that I can be there to help you?

Today be prostrated as I once was in Gethsemane. The loneliness forms part of the test of all the initiated. If I, who Am your life, suffered, so will you, but not in the same degree as I suffered for you and for the whole world until the current times.

There is nowhere to escape, companions; the Armageddon is the gateway to Apocalypse, which many believe that still has not come but that unfolds itself in a devastating way in this humanity.

I Am this Sacred Heart that comforts you, that moves you, that unites you to the Celestial Father. The thorns of My Heart are the indication of the graveness of the world and of all its residents. The yoke is strong in these times but there is no need to fear, work for My Father and together with Me, to serve Me in the name of the infinite love.

Today is triggered in the world the first spiritual battle that is not at sight or in reach of everyone. For this reason I have come tonight to comfort you, to give you to drink from My Water, which will not make you die, but reborn in spirit, in union to Me.

These are difficult times and will become more and more difficult, for this reason, I need you to hold on to My Heart so that you may be able to be in the Heart of My Father. I also suffer for so many cruelties, so much discouragement and so many sins; but I died for you on the Cross and it was granted to Me the Mercy of God. The same God made Himself be nailed on the Cross for you so that you would not lose yourselves. But this experience seems not to be enough for this humanity of today, who in the deep consciousness believe that the Master failed. The victory is in the strength of the true and invincible Love that comes from the Source of My Father and regenerates all things, the most lost things.

If your paths at any time deviate from Mine, know that you can return. How much love I have to give to the souls and few are those who take advantage of it. How much time I stay with My Arms open and extended towards you in order to shelter you, and few are those who embrace Me. How much peace I have to give you, and few are those who seek it.

I gave you the Sacraments, the signs of salvation so that you could live them once and again; because the body may die but the soul lives in eternity. It is your souls that you must not fail, it is your spirits that you should not hurt for your actions, for your doubts, for your little faith. I know that many are not willing to cross such a wide and hard desert. Who trusts My Mercy will be saved and will not be lost.

Today I come as the Jesus of the Divine Justice to the world. My hands remain wounded for the faults of the world, for the pride, for the arrogance, for the lack of penance. But I give you the strength to rebuild you, to heal you, to renew you once and again.

I am at the doors of this desert to accompany you, because many souls will not know how to walk it because they do not have the inner guidance. But I Am this pathway that will lead you to the Father, to the house of the Celestial Father where there is no fear, there is no darkness, only Love reigns.

I offered Myself to the world so you could reach My Father, so that you would ascend to the Highest. Often it is your bodies that do not want it, but do not be afraid, the universe is still dual, and the experience is alive for all. But if there is love among My ones, nothing will happen, because where the true and not proud Love is, I am present. Perhaps you will not see or feel Me in the most crucial moments, but when the battle is in its full peak, I will be present to support you.

I lived for you the first war of redemption through the Passion and through the Cross. I taught you how to do it in silence, in surrendering and in confidence in God. But many did not want to do it, because they are afraid to fail. The non-resistance will be your cordial sister, the one that will strengthen you to live the tests as they are written. If you do not purify yourselves you cannot reach the Kingdom of God.

Adam and Eve left this project during the Genesis and from this moment on, the original sin was cultivated in the heart of men and women of the Earth. Came the patriarchs to straighten the paths of humanity. Came the prophets to announce the salvation of the world through Christ. Came Mary, Your Mother, to accompany you in love and in faith; if such simple woman decided to live the powers of Heaven, embracing them with fervor and devotion, accepting the Will of the Father, why do you not do it?.

Everything that is shown in your paths is part of an experience. Holiness is the goal of the New Christs, of the new lambs that will go to different slaughterhouses; but no one will go to the slaughterhouse as I did for each one of the essences in lack of peace and reconciliation. My blood was poured over the world, and few adored it; it is the Divine Blood of God made flesh, the one that surrendered for redemption. The light of the mysteries is for all without exception; the mysteries of the poured Blood, the mysteries of the Cross, of the Passion, of the Agony and of the Resurrection, were and are so that the world could take its steps towards the Lord.

As I speak to you, I contemplate the world that agonizes, and others celebrate their own achievement. What is more worthy? That a humanity saves itself or that a nation develops through its own poor powers? The weapons were created to instigate the hearts, to create fear and persecution. If you are united to Me you may die but your spirits will always resurrect. The victory is found in love, in the unity that is entrusted by My Father to the whole universe.

As I speak, I walk in the desert with you, such as I did with the twelve in order to show them where the truth was found. May your hearts be pacified, calmed down, may you be meek and loving. Your fellow beings may fail but your love must not disappear. How can I be present in you if there is no strength of love that moves and recreates everything so that the souls may grow in the Love of God?

Today I comfort those who have fallen, those who cannot stand up from the ground for their own experiences.

Today I baptize you such as John baptized Me in the Jordan and I entrust to you the joy of living this experience that many do not comprehend because it is unknown. Do not lose hope, may your faith not succumb, because today the King of God, the Son of Man, the Servant of the Most High steps with His Feet in what causes pain and bitterness in the hearts, liberating them from the sins, the temptations, the deviances. I give you My Faith, which is what I can bequeath to you. Do not cease to seek Me, because many hearts need Me through My true disciples.

Today I bring serenity and calm, because the battles will not end, and many more and more souls will have to join so that this army of light may never decay and Your Mother may run to the desert to take refuge. Such as John said, you must also to do it before the bad time comes; many will be surprised for not having prepared themselves.

For this reason, the Sacraments will be the keys to enter this refuge, such as prayer and vigil. You must not pursue one another, you must not be afraid, but be at service of what God needs for humanity. Because in this book that today I bring in My Hands, few are the ones who have committed themselves, although they could be many more if everyone walked in faith.

I love you, bless you and baptize you in the indulgence granted by My Divine Mercy.

Adore the Lord, adore Adonai.

Father, who entrusted to Your Son the mystery of sacrifice for the world, help them, Lord, so they rise again in Your Holy Name. Such as you sent to the Garden Gethsemane the hundreds of angels to help Me, in this way, Lord, raise them from the ground whenever they fall. The flesh is weak but the soul is strong, created at your likeness, created in the name of Your Love. Adonai, nourish the spirits, elevate the souls to Your Kingdom, to Your Life, to Your Heart. Dissolve the sorrow of the world, rebuild Your Project for those who listen to You through Your Son. Amen

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Glorified Christ Jesus



Monday, January 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

When we were praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy I started to see the Master very silent, very introspective, walking on a desert different from the last time. At that moment, the Master, who was followed by the apostles that were with Him in the past, showed me that He was walking in regions of Egypt and that He was heading for a certain place. Until that moment we did not know what it was or what He was seeing.

As we were praying, He started to climb slowly a quite long stone stairway, which surrounded a great mountain. At that moment He showed the image of Moses with the peoples of the desert of that time and in this same place. The Master was going through the same route that Moses had gone, through this stairway to the top of Mount Sinai. After sometime He got to the top and started to look towards the abyss, towards the horizon, where other mountains and another desert were drawn around Mount Sinai as if from above, scenes of various situations of the planet started to appear.

In one of them the Master contemplated in profound silence and soon He signaled with His Hand in order that the apostles could also learn and be instructed with what He wanted to show. At this moment the Master was dressed in a light brown tunic, He also had a brown veil which covered His Head and He observed the scene that was unfolding: it was the situation in the Middle East. From that scene, He began to contemplate others and used the situation that the planet is living now in order to instruct us a little bit about this. While He spoke, He tried to place our consciousnesses, through the message, in another point, as He said: “In another level”. He needs us to be there as consciousnesses, as brothers and sisters in order to see the things with the seriousness as He sees them.

Take My Merciful Heart as an emblem for these final times.

From Egypt, on top of the sacred Mount Sinai, today I utter to the world the sacred word of salvation. I have come to Egypt for the second time, after having visited it when I was a child with My Blessed Mother and My Beloved Father Saint Joseph. I am in the place where My Father Moses received the first instructions for the world, the Ten Commandments. I have climbed to the top of Mount Sinai with the apostles in spirit of life to show you what happened at that past time.

I come on this day of prayer to remind you about the fundamental legacy which many did not want to pay attention, for letting themselves being carried away by the sins of the world. I have climbed to the top of Mount Sinai to reintegrate with My own Hands the restoration of the ten basic Laws, which in these times of today are no longer respected.

When I met Elijah and Moses on the mount of the transfiguration, we concluded a stage of the teaching and this teaching is still valid in the times of today.

You shall love God above all things, and His Shepherd complemented at that time: you shall love God above all things, and your neighbor as yourself. This first Law was not comprehended nor practiced.

Neither was lived the commandment: you shall not commit adultery and you shall not murder. It was thus that the Son of God gave Himself as a lamb to be led to slaughter and in order that all of the Laws do not precipitate over the world. The lamb was led to the most sorrowful slaughter and in silence gave life for all.

Therefore today, in glory and spirit I find Myself at the top of Mount Sinai in order to remind the world and all of the souls that the basic Laws have not been complied by the majority, even though the great Lamb was led to slaughter and gave His Blood for you.

I come to give you the true sign of your salvation. I come to show that many of those who claim to be wise are wrong and have not enforced the Laws of My God. If the Laws were delivered by Adonai they must be practiced in the experience of life. Many still believe they have victory over others but they are dead.

I come to unveil those who claim to be immortal and are within My Church.

I come to demystify those who claim to be heroes of My Divine Instruction, because in truth, I asked Peter the Apostle to just found the true church of the heart, not the church of possession.

The works are fulfilled spontaneously. If the works are not spontaneous, these are false, they are not true. The head of My spiritual church happens through the simple, the truthful and the humble servers who are not seen by the crowds. In them is the multiplying Power of God, in them is the only work for these times. It is for this that I have come to remind the scholars and those who claim to be wise that the true church dwells in the spirit of each heart surrendered to My designs. There are not two churches, there is only one, which is the dwelling of the pure, of the innocent.

For this, from the top of Mount Sinai I lovingly declare that you are not fulfilling with what I have asked, by giving your wealth to the most poor, giving your banquets to the hungry. The Heavenly Church is supported by the always forgotten, by the most simple of heart. If those who claim to follow Me do not comply with the Laws, how will the others be able comply them?

I come not to accuse anyone, but to correct what is twisted from the beginning.

Know that My holy name is everyone´s, My name is not possession of anyone or of any autonomy. I have come to the world for the desperate and not for the Pharisees dressed now in current time.

My true dwelling is in the crystalline hearts. It is on those who make a child smile with simplicity. It is on those who extend their hands to the sick and to the possessed of spirit. My Presence is in the spirit of the simple people and not on the walls of the temples. Search for the church that lives within you so that I may dine with each one of you.

It is thus that from the top of Mount Sinai My gaze already follows the steps of those who will truly move towards surrendering their lives in the next mission to the Middle East, as other followers of Mine do. Because those who claim to speak about Me in the whole world, are not where there is sorrow in the world, the hunger and the despair for such a long exile.

A true apostle of Christ does not work for My Father from their armchair, an apostle of Christ gives a little more of what they can give until it hurts. The true peace is reached in extreme challenges. It is not enough to look with consolation at those who suffer, it is enough to deliver to them a place of relief and refuge.

I wish that in this Marathon your consciousnesses, after twenty-nine encounters, may already be in another stage of charity and service. Do it not only for those who suffer in exile for the wars, but also for those who govern and break the Laws of God. Face through this Marathon an Armageddon with faith and hope, without lowering the arms, without ceasing to feel inside the request for mercy. This is already the time of the battles, but also of the last Graces. Declare to My Heart your trust in Me and give yourself completely without fear. Thus the world, at least a small part of it, will be worthy of being in the Lord and returning to His infinite Plan. May this Marathon unify you all the time. May this Marathon make you grow in maturity as you assume your places in this final battle.

May My soldiers hold the torch of the victory of My Mercy until the end, even if they have to give their lives for Me to defend My Redeeming Work.

It is so that from the heart of the desert of Egypt, from the top of Mountain Sinai, I send a greeting of peace. May this peace echo in the hearts that are open to hear Me.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed and meek.

Who encourages you, who loves you, who guides you,

Glorified Christ Jesus

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