Friday, January 31 of 2014

Daily messages

While My Merciful Rays are being poured upon the world and many thirsty souls are finding again My Path, I search for those who have committed themselves to prepare My Return to the world.  I search without rest nor loss of time for the Apostles of Love, I search for those who have united themselves to My Heart in the past. 

Even if at your side the sand castles crumble, do not disturb yourselves, all that I told you once is being fulfilled.  No stone will be left unturned, no problem, without being resolved, no questions without being clarified.

I need for this time to pour the ray of My Wisdom and the Holy Spirit comes though My Merciful Heart to rescue and to prepare you for the Great Judgment.  Be merciful to each other.  The time indicates the moment of the great planetary change.

By means of the Higher Will and of prayer, abandon the inertia that defeats you.  Open the eyes and see the sacred path that My Work is building for all, to lead you to the Great Paradise.  See in all subjects the need of remaining in peace and in brotherhood.   All has already been said.  It is time to propose achieving holiness and complete service to others.  In this way you will forgive and you will not waste valuable time in worldly things.

The Lord needs you active, available.  You are My Companions, those who must now push the heavy boat of humanity.  The keys have already been given and the announcements as well.  Decide for yourselves for the Divine, the Celestial Universe waits for you.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking always the Love of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Friday, January 24 of 2014

Daily messages

The roots of arrogance and of imprudence can be pulled from the soil of your interior through the firm determination of living the Greater Law.

Whoever aspires to be divested from themselves forever, may they seek Me. 

Whoever may want to become unknown as a new being before the eyes of the world, they may call Me with courage and bravery.

All that you live is a response to all that you do.  If you suffer much, the universe wants to teach you something, do not resist any longer.  Do not delay any longer the arrival to your cells of the knowledge of transformation.   All that you think will have a consequence and all that you feel will receive a great power.

Bare your feet before entering into My Temple, I wish to build My Dwelling to the Celestial Light in impure hearts.  If you want to be different from what you live, you can do it.  Will, dedication, and effort will be the doors that will open the space for the new destiny.

Do not get discouraged, surrender yourself to Me and soon liberate yourself from what for so long you have been carrying in your heart.  Control will make you suffer and resistance will strengthen your own ideas.  You know that I Am Divine and Omnipotent, Wise and Loving.  Leave behind all that which oppresses your interior.

Build the base for what is coming and for hope.  Do not delay the steps for anything related to your expectations.  Seek in My Heart the spirit of Humility.

Stand up, those who have fallen.  Walk, those who are imprisoned in themselves, because the time has come for the liberation of the entire life.

Empty yourself from all.  Surrender all to Me, surrender yourself.  Love all, love it with the heart.

The universe wants to be part of you so that you may permit yourself to be part of the universe.  I need you to talk to Me and to tell Me with the heart what you need.  I Am here to help you.  My Mercy will provide everything to you. 

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Friday, January 17 of 2014

Daily messages

That today may come to Me those who feel tired.

That today may come to Me those who feel overwhelmed.

That today may come to Me those who are without comfort.

That today may come to Me the simple of heart.

That today may lie down on My chest the face of those who have mistaken.

That today may those who have sinned feel the beating of My Heart.

That today may come towards Me all My beloved ones.  I Am that I Am, I come from the Great Am and from the Universal Am comes the Source of Life and of Reparation.

May your beings not worry, but may your hearts rejoice themselves because the King of Humility today has brought you very close to His poor throne of Light so that you may feel My Infinite and Perpetual Mercy.

Open the arms to receive My Comfort.  In a special way I have lovingly accompanied this group of souls as a Good Guardian of the hearts.

Dear servant of Mine, leave your disturbances in My Heart.  You know that I can do everything now and always, walk by My side, even if you have failed Me.  I come in this time to resuscitate the spirit of your heart and the favored union that you must have with Me.

In My simple Steps is found your path.  In My Walk is found your liberation.  In My Simple Gaze is found your union with God.  Do not ever fear to look Me in the eyes, I Am that I Am, I Am the One who comes from the Sacred Temple of the Creator, I Am the Guiding Star that descends from the greater universe to guide your steps.

I still wait for you to abandon yourself to My Heart.  I still wait to embrace your little soul and to carry you in spirit to the heart of My Kingdom.  I still wait that you to open to Me the doors of your heart so that I may enter.

In this week meditate about the time that you have been united to Me.  I want to be Life in your cells, I want to be the Fire of devotion for your heart.  Do not abandon Me, I Am all yours, remember it well.

I Am that I Am, I Am the Love of God manifested, I want to be in your path forever.

Do you accept Me as Your Master and King?  I wait for you in the Sacrarium so that we may talk.  I wait for you in the silence of the heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

I thank the souls that are present for having trusted My in my summons!

Who blesses you,

Christ Jesus of Mercy



Friday, January 10 of 2014

Daily messages

I come to the world to pull out from the hearts the inner fears and to liberate the essences from perpetual suffering.

At each moment I give you My Divine Mercy, so that you may recognize it as your path of salvation and of redemption.

But the unalterable Peace will be the great key for the end of this time, the key that will permit you to project the future and carry forward the transition and the changes.  I Am the Great Spiritual Sun that constantly seeks to illuminate the path of those who are blind and of those who do not want to see the truth and the offer that today I make to humanity.

But something beyond what is normal must happen if humanity does not change nor prays with the heart to ask God for His Mercy.

Meanwhile the Beloved Father sends His Most Holy Son to call the world for the awakening of the consciousness and of the events.  Seek without delay the Eternal Fire of My Heart and feel profound trust; those who follow Me will prevail, even though with such little time I will ask, to some, inner changes that seem impossible. 

In truth, I know on whom I count for this hour of definitions; in truth, I already know on whom I will count for My Return.

While the events happen, prepare every day your dwelling places; the great day of the revelation will come to those who want to see it and to those who want to hide beyond My Celestial Light.

Now I gather you internally in the Cenacule of My Heart and I announce to you the mysteries of Heaven; they prepare your essences for the awaited moment.  Do not be mortified, offer to God that which in sincerity you may offer to Him, Heaven will rejoice for receiving your little offers.

The time deserves an evolutionary and conscious action.  The hour marks the great encounter with the King of Love.  Be in Peace.

Under the Greater Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Heart again!

Christ Jesus, the Sun of the Eternal Grace



Thursday, January 9 of 2014

Daily messages

I leave to Mine, a profound appreciation, that springs from My Most Sacred Heart.

For this Grace that is born from My Essence, today I give to you one last prayer, that which will close the cycle of the nine days with the Merciful Jesus.

I wish to explain to you that this prayer is an inner confirmation of your souls before the Throne of God by means of My Divine Mercy.  Permit that through this confirmation all the Christic codes be sown within your hearts, because My greater aspiration as King of the souls is that you may be able to eternally live within Me.

May after these nine days of union between Heaven and Earth, your lives find rest in My Sacred and Divine Heart of Peace.  May the path that you have traversed through the Powerful Novena confirm yourselves as new Christs for the current time. 

Walk by My side because, in this way, I will not lose you.  Remember that I always need the loving help of Mine. 



Prayer of the Divine Confirmation

Lord, God the Father,
Infinite Source of Love, Unity and Light,
I am Your humble and small servant.

I am Your spark of fire that comes from the Great Source.

Allow me to be as simple as Your Beloved Son,
allow  me to be as pure as Your Precious Universal Mother.

Liberate all ties from my path,
with Your Sword of Light cut the ties that the enemy has established,
because by living in Your Supreme Freedom
I will find hope in the future,
I will find strength in the Light of Your Divine Heart.

May the nine powerful deeds
that Christ lived upon the Earth
be sown in my heart
so that, on the day of the Great Celestial Victory,
the Angels and Archangels may
guide the purpose of all essences
and we may live together with You, Lord of Love,
in the Kingdom of Eternity, of Service
and of Absolute Surrender to Your Plan of Redemption.

May those who have fallen be raised!

May Your Divine Mercy
resurrect the spirit of our brothers and sisters throughout the world!

May Your Love and Compassion unite us as one heart
forever and ever,
united to Christ Our Lord!


And Infinite Glory upon the whole Earth.



Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to My call!

Merciful Christ Jesus



Monday, January 6 of 2014

Daily messages

It has been a little more than two thousand years of your time since the Great Star of Bethlehem guided the path of the initiated Magi Kings, those that received the original blessing from the Son of God.

This special encounter in Bethlehem with the Saints and Wise Kings of the Spirit marked a before and an after in the life and in the evolution of humanity.  They prepared from the heart the glorious coming of the King of the Stars.

The kings that arrived from different parts of Middle East and the Far East were more than three.  I remember that My Beloved Mother Mary, when I was only six years, old told Me that the Holy Kings had been sent by the Spirit of God to anoint, by means of the sacred offerings, the Son of God.

It was in this way that in that time the Kings reopened the path of healing and of spiritual redemption of all the lost humanity.  In truth they were the ones that prepared the path for the Messiah together with the mission that John the Baptist fulfilled.

Many of the hearts in that time, many of the souls, were blessed by the loving action of the kings and as good and humble initiated ones, they sustained the Plan that God wanted to implant since the birth of Jesus.

Also, on that night the shepherds of Bethlehem received the visit of the Angel of Peace, the one that announced the Glory and the Salvation through the birth of the Messiah.  Mary and Joseph, rejoiced by the Holy Spirit, were taken in the inner levels before the Altars of the Creator.  Even though it had been only a few days since My Sacred Mother had given birth, She was crowned and blessed by the Spirit of God.

Today I reveal to you this mystery because in this year that begins My Merciful Heart will come to search for the new apostles.  It is already time to open the doors for inner liberation and for the path of peace.

Imitate the sacred example of the Holy Kings of the East because it will be necessary to rescue reverence and the sacred in humanity.  I thank all of those that are present for sharing with Me these days of prayer and of peace for humanity.  God is happy for your efforts.

Who loves you always and protects you,

Your Holy King, Christ Jesus



Sunday, January 5 of 2014

Daily messages

My beloved ones,

After one year of continuous blessings My Most Sacred Heart wishes profoundly to consecrate your lives to the Plan of God.  For this today I come on this special day as a Great Priest for the good souls to open in a definitive way the door of My Divine and Liberating Mercy so that the sins of the world may be liberated from the heart of the souls.

Today I come to announce My Paternal Affection and My Glory for each one of you.  Today I want to tell you that God has conceded Me, because of the faith of all of you and because of the trust that you have built in your hearts, to be able to return with new instructions for the life of the spirit and of the soul.

I want to tell you that My Sacred Heart rejoices Itself in announcing that It will be with you every Friday, in a special way the 4th of each month and the days of Marathon, the 5th and 6th of each month.  On these days I will come to pour upon My ones more blessings and repairing Graces.

It honors Me to tell you that I Am rejoiced for the devoted response of My companions.  For this the Lord sends Me to ask you to go two by two and announce to the world that My Infinite Mercy is working in your lives day by day.

I will wait with joy that every day you will continue praying the Chaplet to My Divine Mercy.  In this way I will also be able to visit you in the silence of the heart.

I thank for the year of Graces shared with My ones.

May God bless you.

Thank you for having been blessed of heart!

You Beloved King of Love,

Merciful Christ Jesus



Saturday, January 4 of 2014

Daily messages

 On the eve of My Sacred Anniversary of Daily Instructions I wish that the good and holy hearts, those that follow Me in spite of the tiredness, the emptiness and the pain, make Me known as Your Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

To whoever makes known My Face of Return, I promise the following:

· Whoever carries the image of the Glorified Heart of Jesus will not perish in life, but will get to know the power of My Mercy.

· Whoever adores the sacred image will enter into contact and inner union with Me as if I were eternally present at their side.

· To whoever carries it with them, close to their heart, or places the sacred image at the head of their bed and prays to Me every day a little prayer, I promise to be the Watcher and the Gatekeeper of their house so that nothing that is not My Light may disturb them.

· To whoever shares, in a sacred and fraternal way, the icon of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, with the sick, the elderly, the youth and the children, I promise that I will be visiting in the inner levels all of those who adore Me for only five minutes of their time because I wish profoundly to prevail in the heart and in the life of each being.

· To whoever makes Me known humbly as the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus I promise to help, protect and illuminate the path of all of those who call Me out of love, devotion and truth.  I promise to be present in the moments of emergency and rescue.

· Whoever recognizes the sacred icon as true but, at the same time, as merciful, I promise to protect until the last days of their life and to carry them with Me to the Universal Kingdom of Peace.

· Whoever sees Me reflected in the sacred image, I promise to make them feel profound trust, plenitude and celestial bliss so that they may live in the eternal joy of My Heart.

· The sacred icon of Christ shall represent the union between Heaven and Earth, between souls and the Glorified Christ who will return to the world in order to remove it again from the death in which it lives.  God wishes you to glorify the Sacred Heart of Jesus because He is offended by the unjust actions of the souls.  In this way I promise that whoever guards in their house this sacred image will receive My Special Graces to achieve redemption.

May this Anniversary Marathon signify for all a step of absolute surrender to the Christ King so that in this way may awaken the New Christs.

Under the Glory that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Heart in your hearts!

The Glorified Christ Jesus  



Friday, January 3 of 2014

Daily messages

Why do you fear?

By any chance have you not received My Unfathomable and Infinite Mercy for almost 365 days in a row?

Why do you fear My Holy Justice?  It will never condemn you or distance you from the Love of My Father.  My Justice that which will come to the world after My Mercy, will be compassionate and saving.  It will rearrange the consciousnesses that have distanced themselves from God, because My Justice will give life to that which was dead and will resuscitate that which was dead in life.

Accept the embrace of My Heart and quench your bitter thirst in My sweet Source of Love and Healing.

Come to Me that I will liberate you, do not guard in your heart any bitterness.  Drink from the Precious Blood that springs from My Side, wash your face in the codes of My Light and let Me act as I have planned.

I Am here in the name of a Special Grace for your lives because after all, everything will remain recorded in the universal memory of these encounters with Me.  I prepare you for the apostolate.  I teach you how to love and forgive.

Seek Me when you feel loneliness, emptiness and desperation.  I have something precious to entrust you.  Live in My heart and I will tell you in truth who you are and for what you have come.  Never get too tired to seek Me, I will always be there to listen to you, to offer your confession and to give you My Infinite Forgiveness.   

Thank the Father for having re-encountered your true Inner Master.  Be all the time in Me, in this way you will be able to get out of yourself and in the Spirit of Humility you will be in your most little spirit.

Under the Kind Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Thursday, January 2 of 2014

Daily messages

Brothers and sisters,

On this day and in a special way I ask the Marian Centers to construct the symbol of an illuminated blue cross for you to carry during the procession of the 5th and 6th days of January.  This cross will serve for the liberation of impure spirits that wander without direction or destiny throughout the world.

Also, if you fulfill this request My Mercy will help those consciousnesses that have been tied up for centuries in this world and I will carry them all with Me directly to the Kingdom of Redemption.

The illuminated blue cross during the procession on the evenings of the 5th and 6th days of January will transmute as light all of the evil presences that circulate around the world.  This illuminated blue cross will be carried by the hands of a consecrated monk so that the monastic presence, of consecrated life in the whole world, may also be helped by My Mercy.

The blue cross is the living symbol of the presence of Emmanuel.  For this the construction of this cross must be done with precision because it must illuminate the inner spaces of the consciousnesses that participate in this Christic procession.

Through this universal symbol of the blue cross, the Lord of the Universe will see from Heaven, with eyes of compassion, the offer of His Children.  To those that may walk behind the cross will be opened again the paths that may be closed and God, as Emmanuel, will pour His Compassion during these days, spiritually liberating the ties of those who are oppressed in the visible level and in the invisible one.

In this way the Son and the Father will again be offering an opportunity for those hearts that may unite themselves to the powerful symbol of the blue cross.  Because blue will be the Sky that will give the sign of return of Christ, blue will be the portal that the new apostles must cross, blue will be the Heart that in the dark night will illuminate the entire world. 

I give you all the simple keys for you to know how to open the doors to redemption.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Wednesday, January 1 of 2014

Daily messages

The Sacred Icon of Christ

The hearts who may venerate the Sacred icon of Christ, that is, the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, will receive the special blessing of My Divine Mercy.

For this I ask that in all of the Centers of Prayer, especially in the Marian Center of Aurora, there be placed the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, that which represents the Christic manifestation that occurred on the 5th of January of 2013 to the visionary Friar Elias.

The souls that during the 5th and 6th days of January of this year adore Me and venerate Me, will receive directly from My Heart the spiritual help that they may need.

For this one year ago I asked you to paint the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus in the way that I indicated.  After a year of intensive work I ask for the presentation of this face in all of the Houses of Prayer.

The Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus complements the Merciful Christ.  These two images that were given to humanity will serve as spiritual and inner help for all who may contemplate them.

See, through this request of the Sacred Icon of Christ, that there is a real need for the awakening of the new Christs.  In this way the Plan of God will not be affected by any other human situation.

May this sacred icon be lovingly contemplated during the two important days of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy because this sacred icon will work on the inner and on the healing of the consciousnesses.

Seek through this icon the key for your redemption.  Also, those hearts that may feel so may dedicate to Me some prayers in front of this sacred icon.  I will receive them with joy and love.  Good work for the worshippers.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Love in your hearts!

Christ Jesus, the Sacred and Glorified Heart  

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