Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

To the soldiers of prayer: The Planetary Light-Network – Part II

Carrying on your chest the star of peace, today, may your origin be confirmed and thus the mystery of your origin may be revealed.

Discovering the occult meaning and the reason for your coming to the Earth, may your hearts pacify themselves in Christ so that the Divine Purpose may be fulfilled within you.

Children, now that you carry on your chest the sacred symbol of the Heart of the Redeemer, may your arms remain open to receive and welcome any need, and in this unconditional openness and in this immediate response, may you recognize the action of the Divine Providence.

This is the time when the new Light-Network, with all the knowledge received, will open the doors of its inner world to welcome the serious planetary situation and will live it as a part of itself in order to be able to relieve it, just as the Hierarchy relieves the planet, time and again.

To be part of the new Light-Network is not to be impelled by emotions, nor by one’s own goals. It is to say “yes” to the Hierarchy under any circumstance or situation, to be able to go beyond appearances in order to penetrate the sense of the Purpose with the consciousness.

For this reason, My children, to carry on your chest the symbol of your redemption is to open the doors of the heart in order to learn to welcome the Divine Grace and live in the Mercy of God, despite the precarious situation of humanity.

However, a Light-Network missionary has it clear and present in their consciousness that it is not their human persona that will act or serve, but it will rather give room for the soul and what is beyond it and comes from God, that which will conduct the personal purpose of each being.


To My dear children of the Planetary Light-Network


Now that you carry the spiritual symbol of the Confraternity, of the Brotherhood and of love among beings, stamped upon your chests, may your souls definitely dare to take this last and great step toward the path of the apostolate of Christ.

May this star that confirms in you the existence of the Mission and of its fulfillment on any part of the Earth be the impulse of light that will place you selflessly at the service of others and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

May the Sacred Heart of My Son, His Flame of Fire and His Holy Cross, impel you in this cycle to always say “yes” and to abandon any sign of tepidness.

Now is the time of the presentation of the apostles and of the missionaries that will build the Plan of God, first within themselves, by means of prayer, of service, of instruction, and of healing; and then to build it and share it with the rest of humanity.

Now is the time that more stars of light ignite in the firmament and begin to be part of the new Planetary Light-Network which, despite the circumstances or the events, will defend from itself any act of disobedience so that unity with the Divine Plan and the Supreme Hierarchy may finally be lived.

My children, the path of redemption is open by means of the service and the testimony that your hearts can live, in perfect union with the Hierarchy.

May this new symbol that today you carry on your chest be revered, valued and loved, in the same way that you would receive the presence of the Hierarchy in your homes.

In truth, children, it will be the spiritual Hierarchy Who, in this new cycle, will want to govern and guide you so that more and more consciousnesses may be removed from the world system and from the planetary illusion.

The Hierarchy hopes that the majority of souls can learn to live in a brotherhood that is divine, humble, powerful and unconditional in its surrender, in its service and in its constant and infinite donation. 


My dear children,

For these difficult times do not forget the use of the Scapular of Peace and the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, because both symbols are pervaded with divine codes of the Creation, which help the conversion of souls and the inner awakening of hearts.

The Scapular of Peace, as the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, also help fulfill the divine promises that the Celestial Universe itself proclaims through Our Sacred Hearts.

So that their Graces of Forgiveness and Mercy may continue to work lovingly on souls, in nations and even on the whole planet, today, on this extraordinary day, your Heavenly Mother comes to remind you about the importance of the collaboration and the monthly contribution for the concretion of the sacred objects; which, in this time, should be available for the most simple and needy children who do not have the material means to acquire them.

It is the mission of all Children of Mary, as of the consecrated groups of the Divine Messengers, to collaborate in the monthly concretion of the sacred objects; in this case, the Scapular of Peace, the 72-bead Orandium and the Medal of the Glorified Christ.

For such, and for the first time, your Celestial Mother will request from the secretarial sector of the Children of Mary and from the House of Our Lady of the Poor, the elaboration of a simple leaflet and of a deposit slip to be sent out, monthly, to the homes of My more than two thousand consecrated children as Children of Mary; so that, together with the Mother of God, you may carry forward the periodic concretion of the sacred objects, especially of the Sacred Medal of Christ.

In the deposit slip that you will receive monthly, and after a moment of prayer, you will feel how you will be able to contribute, knowing that these objects, for the coming cycle, not only will need to be with each one of you to be carried as a divine protection, but also that the sacred objects of the Scapular of Peace and the Medal of the Glorified Christ will need to be within reach of other cultures, nations and peoples; as is the case of the Middle-East and the Far East.


I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and on My Breast, I carry a sacred replica of Christ.

I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and through that sacred teraphim, your Celestial Mother converts the world and the lost souls.

I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and through this sacred Christic symbol, I give an impulse for the renewal of faith in souls and their consecration to the Master and Redeemer.

I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and I bring to the world the revelation of the restoring and comforting Love of the Lord, when souls just prostrate themselves before the Most Holy Sacrament.

I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and through that sacred redeeming power, your Celestial Mother can intercede more for those who have fallen and can grant Graces to those who would not deserve them.

I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and I bring the notice to humanity that it is still on time to surrender to the Lord, so that His Grace and His Mercy may redeem the souls and the nations of this planet.

I am the Lady of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ, and I leave to the hearts the testimony of Greater Love, that which surpassed death and all perdition, the Love of My Son, who suffered and endured for lost hearts.

Carry in your hearts the symbol of the Most Chaste Eucharistic Body of Christ and all will be redeemed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


First Message

My Voice is heard again in the deserts of this world and My Word echoes in the hearts that recognize the Glorified Aspect of the Lord.

I Am the last Prophet of these times.

Just as I Am the Principle, I Am also the End, and everything will pass through Me until the last living cell of this planet.

Because I come from an infinite mystery, from an infinite Creation, of a immaterial Source that the world cannot touch, because it only vibrates in spirit.

I come from this Grand Spirit, whence comes My Voice, which is the Word of Life, which brings to the world renewal and peace; which builds in souls a reconnection with God and with His Divine Spirit.

In this immaterial Source I was conceived in order to arrive in this Creation, in order to show myself to you and to be among you, sharing the Path of God, which is the only way that will unite all religions.

I Am here as the Lord of the Religions today, to synthesize the best, the most evolutionary, the good from each one of them.

Today I come to weave with My own Hands, through religions, the last necklace of Light which will unite each one of them in a single path where someday they will meet one another to realize, at last, that the only religion is the Love of God, the Love of the Source, which brings infinite wisdom, understanding and comprehension.

Just as I was in the past, so long ago, announcing the Word of Life and the Gospel in deserts, today the last Prophet of God returns to deserts to proclaim His Return, which will unite all that is separated in the consciousness of humankind of this world.

Just as religions will be united, also cultures will be united, which will proclaim the Kingdom of God and worship Its Magnificence, Its Resplendence and Infinity.

This moment is near, when all will be clear, when all will be revealed and there will no longer be differences, because the end of a time is approaching, and the most difficult transition is near. And those who do not seek the Religion of Love, which comes from God, will perish.

For this, before all happens, love without borders and without resistances.


Brothers and sisters,

On this day and in a special way I ask the Marian Centers to construct the symbol of an illuminated blue cross for you to carry during the procession of the 5th and 6th days of January.  This cross will serve for the liberation of impure spirits that wander without direction or destiny throughout the world.

Also, if you fulfill this request My Mercy will help those consciousnesses that have been tied up for centuries in this world and I will carry them all with Me directly to the Kingdom of Redemption.

The illuminated blue cross during the procession on the evenings of the 5th and 6th days of January will transmute as light all of the evil presences that circulate around the world.  This illuminated blue cross will be carried by the hands of a consecrated monk so that the monastic presence, of consecrated life in the whole world, may also be helped by My Mercy.

The blue cross is the living symbol of the presence of Emmanuel.  For this the construction of this cross must be done with precision because it must illuminate the inner spaces of the consciousnesses that participate in this Christic procession.

Through this universal symbol of the blue cross, the Lord of the Universe will see from Heaven, with eyes of compassion, the offer of His Children.  To those that may walk behind the cross will be opened again the paths that may be closed and God, as Emmanuel, will pour His Compassion during these days, spiritually liberating the ties of those who are oppressed in the visible level and in the invisible one.

In this way the Son and the Father will again be offering an opportunity for those hearts that may unite themselves to the powerful symbol of the blue cross.  Because blue will be the Sky that will give the sign of return of Christ, blue will be the portal that the new apostles must cross, blue will be the Heart that in the dark night will illuminate the entire world. 

I give you all the simple keys for you to know how to open the doors to redemption.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


And the Lady dressed of Sun will pour the Crown of Stars, so that a path may arise from the bowels of the Earth and through which will walk the new redeemed flocks.  Each one of Her stars will be the visible sign of a new cycle and each soul, according to their choice, will enter through a path that will be able to bring them to the Kingdom of the Lord.

At the Greater Door of Heaven, the Beloved Lord will wait for His beloved soul, so that together in victory, they may consecrate the spirit to the Eternal Love of God.  The Lady dressed of Sun will manifest Her universal symbol and this will be the sign that will announce the next coming of the King of the Universe. 

Blessed are those who will be waiting in joy for the coming of the King of the Patriarchs, because they will be participants of the Good News for the world.

Blessed are those who have given of themselves, in order to transfigure in Christ their lives, because they will recognize the rays that come from the Heart of the Son of God.

And the New Boat of life and of prayer, will sail in deep sea and many will see it arising by the efforts of the little beings of Christ.  The New Boat will not be from the past, it will be born as a new child from the womb of His Immaculate Mother.

Many will not understand this mystery and not many will feel the brightness and the strength of its light, that which comes from the Boat and the new flocks.  These are the ones brought together for the redeeming mission, those who silently will lift high the torch of light, to show to the world the path of the true conversion.

No one will remain without knowing where to go, because the Boat is already sailing by means of the impulses that it receives from the favored fire of prayer.  Those who are curious will want to know the essence of this great food for the spirit, but because they do not know themselves they will see too late that everything starts and ends in the prayer of the heart.

The workers speed up the work of the great bridge to the Great Spirit of God; time flies and the souls slow down their steps towards God.  The Bird of the Holy Spirit announces a new call and only will follow in flight the ears attentive to the voice of the heart.


My Sacred Heart rejoices when the sheep return to My flock.

My Heart expands with peace and joy when, among brothers and sisters from the same path, they recognize themselves for love to God.

My Sacred Heart rejoices to see returning to Me those to whom I have belonged.

Each soul has its path drawn through the Will of God. My feet mark the new path for those who will return in time. For this, with courage we must sustain the torch of the transmuting fire that My Heart is giving to you.

Before any test do not allow yourselves to fall down into the abysm and, by means of prayer, illuminate your steps towards the Good and the Light.

I Am amongst you to leave you My legacy, the one which must be considered by all of the groups that pray together with Me. This legacy speaks of the sublime journey that My christified Heart lived on Earth. Follow the signs and the signals that I am revealing to you.

How will you be able to live the Eternal Life if it is not through the faith of My Heart? I wait in silence for those souls that will walk, in less than six months, towards My flock. The sign that has given by My Mother shows you the time of the great purification, of the changes in the consciousness and in this movement there is time to change the everyday life.

Carry in your hearts the visible sign of My Redeeming Cross. I Am with you in the inner of the heart.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


A poor soul lacking the basic means to survive in the world was questioning the Lord, asking where He was and what was the reason for its suffering, saying: "Lord, I who so seek and ask, in Your Name, receive no answers, but rather ever greater suffering and woes. Tell me the reason for the imbalance in this world, and why I cannot have as much as my neighbor."

And the Lord responded to it with a question, saying: "Where is your treasure, little soul? In longing for accumulating things of the Earth or in discovering the mysteries of Heaven? So then contemplate those who truly knew Me. The illumination of their consciousness allowed them to give up all goods of the world, and they were made poor among the poor, yet they were rich before Me.

Contemplate My Son. Was He sent to the world to accumulate riches, to experience pleasures, to satiate His Body, mind and His feelings? Will My Son be your example and guide? Is the mirror within Him what you want to find reflected within yourself every day? 

And so, little soul, understand that the suffering and the poverty of this life comes to balance the great many excesses of humanity. They must be a symbol that your school is not through accumulation, but rather in renunciation and gratitude.

Teach the world through a humble example and open the Doors of Heaven for those who are ignorant of this truth, and who look to the world rather than in Me for the way of filling their lives."

I am telling you this story so that you may learn where lies the true treasure of your lives. And when you feel that something is lacking, give thanks, and be an example of the humble Love of God. In this way, you will open the Doors of Heaven for those who are more ignorant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In each new day, may Mercy be as a light that is kindled in your darkest, most hidden and deepest abysms.

May Mercy be the symbol that you always receive from God of an opportunity to begin again, and more than that, My child, that you always receive from the Father the possibility to go deeper into your healing and transformation, and cure wounds within you that you sometimes do not even know exist.

May, in each new day, crying out for Mercy be your hope, so that you may look to the miseries of the world and also to those that persist within you and that, beyond this, child, your eyes may return to the Heart of God, to His Gaze and to His Love, and that your confidence may be in His infinite Mercy.

Much beyond all the human sins and deviations, the Heart of God, by means of His Son, continues shedding Blood and Water upon the world. May this fountain not pass you by unnoticed, but may it find within your heart a new vessel, clean and empty to be filled.

Thus, with every new day, may your faith be placed upon Divine Mercy. And much beyond all the sins of yesterday, may you know today that you can begin again, repent yourself and walk to the ever-opened Arms of God.

Your Creator is patient and tireless. This way, child, go to His merciful encounter, and remember to bring within your heart the cry for all souls.

You have My blessing for this.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


Child, feel loved by God, independently of your imperfections and miseries.

Feel loved by God in the certainty that the Creator knows you profoundly and, just as you are, loves you unconditionally.

Feel loved by God and do not fear not corresponding to what He needs from you because if you truly love Him, everything else will be accomplished in you, according to the Celestial Will, because the love to the Father will lead you through this path.

Feel loved by God and let this love penetrate deep in your heart, awakening in you a response of love similar to the Love of the One who created you.

Feel loved by God, and welcome each moment of your life as a symbol of this Love, because the Father gives you Graces, but also tests so that you may grow in faith and confirm yourself, day by day, in this Plan of His. 

Feel loved by God, and welcome in this new cycle a more profound contact with the Father, knowing His Truth, recognizing His Presence.

Feel loved by God, and may this Love heal your wounds, liberate you from the past, prepare you for the future and build, in the eternal present, a life of surrender and love for the neighbor and all Creation.

Feel loved by God, for He welcomes you, supports and forgives you every day so that you may always have the path open to restart. 

Feel loved by God, and start from zero; rewrite your history, offer the Father a blank page so that He may draw a celestial triumph through you.

Feel loved by God, and always say “yes” to Him.

The one who also loves you,

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



God will not always speak to your ear and heart because there will come a moment in which His Voice will become silence and life within you.

You will no longer hear from the Lord His Words, as you hear them now, and this will dictate the moment of being One with the Father and that His Voice may not be pronounced from the outside inward, but within you for the whole world.

When the Creator silences and only observes the world, will be the time for the voices of His creatures to resound. It will be the moment to live the unity with God, so that from the being itself emerges the guidance for humanity.

The last test of the human heart will be the absolute solitude, solitude in which it will find itself spiritually as race and as consciousness. It will be the solitude of humanity with itself. And, in this moment, child, it will be only up to the human heart to find the exit to live love and truth.

Those who build unity with the Father will not hesitate or fear because their thought, feeling and action will be One with the Thought, Felling and Action of God. And those who do not know the Creator and never searched for Him will live the test of trusting their brothers and sisters in order not to get lost.

Those who claimed to be self-assured will see themselves facing an abyss and will want to turn back, without having where to go. The brave and trustful of God – and not of themselves – will launch themselves without fear and will enter the portals that lead to a new time, to the real time.

Child, among symbols and literalities, I make you know a part of truth. The only certainty you can have, before My words, is that whoever builds now a unity with the Father in their spirit will not get lost – but only from themselves.

Therefore, before wanting to know exactly what I say to you, search for the essence of My teaching and unite yourself, without delay, to the Creator, so that when your time comes of experiencing solitude, God will be with you, because He will be in you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May the Lord your God and your Father pour out upon you His blessings and Divine Graces. May He construct in your heart an unbreakable fortress, based on humility and honesty.

May the Lord wash your spirit, clean your soul and remove from your consciousness what still incites you to perdition and to neglect the Plan of God.

May the Lord pour out upon you His Forgiveness, so that you know to forgive the world around you, erasing the past and learning to understand the future.

May the Lord set His eyes into yours, so that you can see His presence in every being and understand His Will in all events, teaching you to intuit and to discern. May He place His hands in yours, so that they are available to receive and anxious to give. May He place your feet at His footprints, because He cannot walk for you – because there are things in this world that you must elect with your own heart -, but He will be able indicate the path to you and wait ahead of you, so that you closely accompany Him.

May the Lord your Father, your Companion, your King and your Master never lose sight of you. Do not let Him remove His eyes from you; for that, always do what He asks you, learn what He have already taught you and He will always be with you, showing you new horizons, knowledge and secrets that you do not know.

May the Lord remove the limits from your consciousness, expand the vision of your heart and teach you to greatly love and to get out of the scarce love, of the personal, individual and human love.

May the Lord show you that each drop of sweat of your face corresponds to the opportunity of salvation of a soul – whenever your works are for God -; thus, you will learn to transcend the limits, to donate the best of yourself and, sometimes, what is impossible. You will know the meaning of the unlimited that inhabits the Consciousness of God who does not have barriers.

May the Lord help you to recognize the sacred, the reverence which rises from the love of the soul for what God manifests in your life. Learn to read the symbols of the events; contemplate the greatness and the beauty of each soul and each Kingdom of Nature. Live to know the perfection of God.

For infinite hours, days and cycles, I would ask God to be closer to you and to pour out upon you all His Gifts and His Virtues, so that you are full in God and so that you fulfill the world in your holiness.


When Saint Joseph appeared today, He presented Himself in a way I had never seen before.  He was dressed with a white tunic, a brown mantle that was held on His left shoulder and fell upon the tunic.  He had in His right hand a branch of tuberose with three little flowers almost on top of it, a little to one side.  His eyes were shining like never before, with a very light honey color.  He looked very young, about 40 years old.  He had the hair just above His shoulders and He was standing on a green field between the clouds.  He said that it was the image of the day that He was chosen to marry Mary in the temple.  And that this was the face that He wanted us to know in this time, because it will give us the impulse we need in order to start a new cycle.  This moment represented to Saint Joseph the beginning of a new and definitive cycle, from which He entered into the development of the archetype of God for humanity.

Today I come to meet you with this face because it is in this way that I will talk to you from today on, bringing to the world the impulses of the first steps of the Sanctity of My Chaste Heart.

With this symbol, I want to demonstrate to you that the first step to start a new cycle, a new life, guided by the Will of the Most High God, is the transparency in the heart, in the mind e in the senses.  Being that transparent, do not hide from your fellow humans what you truly are and never try to hide yourselves from God.  It is being true and transparent, before everyone and everything, that you will be able to begin this path.

Do not be afraid of proclaiming your own faith and spiritual journey and do not live according to the tendencies of the world just to not look different to the eyes of people.

If you do not seek to hide yourself from God and offer Him every day your own miseries, as well as the virtues, you will know then what must be transformed and what must be strengthened under the spirit of humility and prayer.

May the simplicity of the heart open the paths so that you can be truthful without fear.  If you aspire to this, you will discover in yourselves potentials that have always been hidden by the layers of fake faces that you would like to appear to the world in order to, thus, feel as a common part of this degenerated humanity.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.