Friday, January 10 of 2014

Daily messages

I come to the world to pull out from the hearts the inner fears and to liberate the essences from perpetual suffering.

At each moment I give you My Divine Mercy, so that you may recognize it as your path of salvation and of redemption.

But the unalterable Peace will be the great key for the end of this time, the key that will permit you to project the future and carry forward the transition and the changes.  I Am the Great Spiritual Sun that constantly seeks to illuminate the path of those who are blind and of those who do not want to see the truth and the offer that today I make to humanity.

But something beyond what is normal must happen if humanity does not change nor prays with the heart to ask God for His Mercy.

Meanwhile the Beloved Father sends His Most Holy Son to call the world for the awakening of the consciousness and of the events.  Seek without delay the Eternal Fire of My Heart and feel profound trust; those who follow Me will prevail, even though with such little time I will ask, to some, inner changes that seem impossible. 

In truth, I know on whom I count for this hour of definitions; in truth, I already know on whom I will count for My Return.

While the events happen, prepare every day your dwelling places; the great day of the revelation will come to those who want to see it and to those who want to hide beyond My Celestial Light.

Now I gather you internally in the Cenacule of My Heart and I announce to you the mysteries of Heaven; they prepare your essences for the awaited moment.  Do not be mortified, offer to God that which in sincerity you may offer to Him, Heaven will rejoice for receiving your little offers.

The time deserves an evolutionary and conscious action.  The hour marks the great encounter with the King of Love.  Be in Peace.

Under the Greater Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Heart again!

Christ Jesus, the Sun of the Eternal Grace