Friday, February 20 of 2015

Monthly messages

I come to repeat to you the message that was not listened to in Rwanda:

Repent, you are still in time to do it, before it is too late!  Offer to the Eternal the opportunity and the moment of your sincere repentance.

Day and night, from the top of the mountains and ridges of Africa, I listen to the request for help and relief of those who have to been mutilated.  Offer your repentance to the Eternal and Supreme for all those who do not seek My Unfathomable Mercy and who, in this bloody hour, only seek to generate fear and sorrow in the world.

Since the last day in which I was with you, I promised you to return in the moment of the greatest tribulation.  Today, I tell you, as I told the whole Rwanda: Repent and do not only apologize!  This will no longer suffice to the law of God!  Seek to understand and to know where the whole humanity is failing.

But today I do not come to be your judge, but your beloved intercessor that cries and sees blood streaming like water among the streets of this world.  There will only be one solution for all that occurs: that you clamor all the time for My Infinite Mercy.  Thus, My friends, you will be deserving, as many others, of receiving in this time, the last table of salvation and pity.

While My Sacred Heart collects the weeping of the innocent and of all the faithful Christians, I ask you to remove from your lives everything that is considered as normal and that, from today on, you begin to penetrate more and more into the Mystery of My Heart Flagellated by the world.

I encourage you to walk amid darkness and to not feel any fear for what will come because if I Am Your Master, the one who walks before your lives, why would you stop trusting Me?

Accept My convocation.  The result of all the serious faults that are committed and that once again deeply offend Your God, is already being observed in the universe.  For this, feel blessed for listening to My call, it must echo into the deepest of your hearts.  

And I repeat to you: Repent!

It is urgent and indispensable that everyone opens the doors and the paths to this important humanitarian and spiritual mission to Africa, for Peace in this suffering region of the world.

Today I leave you the only thing that I can legate and deliver to you, which is My Merciful Love, the one that is not being well availed by My good souls.  Heal My Heart, in this way I will always be able to comfort you until the last days of your lives.

Under the Supreme Mercy of God, may the innocent be raised to Heaven!

Thank you for listening again to My Sacred Call!

Christ Jesus, the Flagellated Heart of Love  



Thursday, February 5 of 2015

Monthly messages

Rosary of the Tears shed by Jesus

To those who may pray with devotion and with gratitude, under the spirit of the Holy Faith, I promise:

- The liberation of the soul
- Spiritual healing
- The materialization of the redeeming act, which means the liberation from grave faults
- Forgiveness in each stage of life
- Family unification
- Reconciliation with Adonai
- The restoration of the lost souls and of the souls that are caught in the terrestrial fire of this world
- The spiritual and higher fusion with the Holy Spirit
- The recognition of the spiritual mission of each being
- Inner liberty
- The strengthening of inner Faith
- The path of ascension by means of prayer of the heart
- The Grace of loving, more each day, Creation and the Universe
- The opportunity of exorcising the material life, so that the Spiritual Law may enter
- The opportunity of living in My Divine Mercy during the time of the Divine Justice.

For this, in order to alleviate My Sorrowful Heart, and to prevent me from shedding more tears, I give you this rosary of tears, which are shed by Me when I see the causes and the unjust actions of souls. Through your devotion, you will dry My tears and you will rejoice My offended Merciful Heart. To those who may seek Me and who may contemplate Me by means of the Rosary of the Tears of Jesus I promise to assist in accomplishing the possible within the impossible, and in liberating them from all evil and from all persecution.

In order to honor My Sacred Heart, you shall pray:

Union bead
For all tears shed during the Crucifixion of Jesus,
Shekinah, make us worthy of serving Your Son.

First decade
For the tears that today Jesus sheds for the ingratitude,
Shekinah, liberate the whole world.

Second decade
For the tears that Jesus sheds for persecutions and death,
Shekinah, re-establish Your Mercy in the world.

Third decade
For the tears that Jesus sheds for the unborn,
El-Shaddai, alleviate the great debt of this world.

Fourth decade
For the tears that Jesus sheds for the perdition,
El-Shaddai, unify all hearts, now and always.

Fifth decade
For the tears that Jesus sheds for denial,
Iod He Vaud He, deeply heal all souls.




Wednesday, February 4 of 2015

Mensaje especial

My most pure channel of Mercy has been opened in this place, so that all the thirsty souls may come here and drink from My Sacred Source of Graces.

I come to this place by means of My Glory and not of My Justice and although many souls may blaspheme the Name of God, My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy is poured over the lost souls of this city, hoping that someday they may reach redemption.

Today My Sacerdotal and Merciful Spirit gathers you again so that each one of My prayerful ones may once more confirm themselves in the consecration to My Sacred Heart.

In Grace and Piety I descend to the world together with the Hosts of the Archangel Michael, to remove the spirits that disturb the souls of God.  In this way, My Sovereign Power liberates you, transmutes you and takes away from you the ties that do not allow you to walk in confidence towards My Most Sacred Heart.

But through the constancy of the Adorers of My Eucharistic Body, you, My companions, have received the Grace of My Holy inner and spiritual Presence.

Thus, I congregate you again and again around My Table, so that you may always remember that I will be waiting for you, so that every day of your lives you may commune of My Body and of My Blood.

The whole humanity faces in this 21st century the first moment of the Divine Justice, but every day at 3 pm, when the clock strikes the time of My Death on the Cross, I pour from the Universe, the Source of Salvation and of Redemption.

Now that you have already been formed as soldiers of prayer, I hope in the silence that you walk among darkness, and that you do not fear to face the old self, to whom time to die has come so that the Light of the Creator may be born in all of you.

While millions of living souls all over the Earth are facing the planetary transition, in the Humility of God and in the name of love, I bow before My ones so that they may ascend to the Eternal Father through the stairway to Heaven which today I internally show to all.

I hope that you love more each day, because in truth I tell you, it will be the love of the heart that will defeat all evil and will resurrect the dead, as well as I once resurrected many in the past.

For this reason and for an infinite purpose, I descend in light in this place and in this city, so that in time, the souls may recognize My call to live redemption, penance and the reconciliation through the Ecumenical Communion.

While I wait for the souls to wake up, I come on this glorious day to strengthen the vows that many have made with My Sacred Heart, which today is shown to the world trespassed by the crowns of thorns that unfair souls put on Me day by day.

But today I tell you that the strength of your love is what has allowed Me to be among you and with all the hearts of the world that suffers.

The world fades without being able to see the light, and each act that you may offer to Me for the times to come, will allow one soul to be rescued by My Love.

May this Marathon represent the confirmation of your spirits to the planetary mission, which will manifest itself through the unity between your small hearts.

Under the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, be blessed and brave.

Thank you, My companions, for removing the ungrateful thorns from My sorrowful Heart.

Christ Jesus, your King

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