Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Kingdom of God is close to all the souls of the world.

Today is not My day; it is the great day of the coming of the Celestial Church of My Son.

I will always be His Servant and His Messenger. For this reason, I have come here on this very important and special day for the world, so that you may know that the Mother of God, the Mother of humanity, is with each one of you at this moment, in the same place where each one of you are.

For the Grace of God, there are no borders. The omnipresence of God grants the Most Holy Mother the possibility of being with each of Her children at this moment.

Behind me, this evening, see a glimpse of the coming of the Celestial Church. I am the Lady of the Throne of God and I come to announce to the world the great opportunity for its repentance, so that the Mercy of God in this moment may heal it and redeem it.

My Heart remains untiring. My aspiration for you continues to be eternal. The Mother of God does not stop, although Her Word and Her daily Message are retreating in this cycle.

Now, My children, you must be the living message, you must testify to My Message under the paternal Gaze of God. Some of My children must do it, some must demonstrate that they have understood My Message and have taken in each one of My Words throughout these thirteen years, for it will be the way, My children, that you will justify all that you have received before the Celestial Father. This time of uncertainty that the world is experiencing will end if faith and hope within the hearts are renewed.

My children, this is the great time of adoration of the Eucharistic Heart of My Son. This is the great time of prayer of the heart. This is the time, My children, when each of your lives be the same Sacrament, renewing your baptism, your anointing, your confession and your perpetual communion with My Son. Thus, your lives will be confirmed, and this is what the Celestial Father needs to be able to continue to pour out His Mercy upon the world, in those places most urgently in need of it.

This night, My children, on the eve before the coming of the Celestial Church, in love and in devotion, through your souls, let us bow down before the Kingdom of God, for He will send His Grace to the world, He will pour out His Mercy during these next eight days and it will be the great moment for each one of you, in which the Word of My Son must be accomplished.

You must be the Word of My Son, the testimony of conversion and redemption. It is thus that, on this night, on the eve of the coming of the Celestial Church, I announce a week that is not only sacred, but a week of an important atonement for the world. 

Whoever places their knees upon the ground, recognizes their faults and delivers them to God, their Guardian Angels will intercede and the pleas will be carried to the Thrones of the Father so that He may convert them into Love and Mercy.

Today, in the same way as each of Her children, the Mother of God is waiting in prayer and in vigil for the arrival of the Redeemer. He has sent me as the Mother of the Throne of God to announce His coming to the world, the advent of His Word, the Grace of His Spirit, the eternal Mercy of His Heart.

A great moment will come to the world, a profound spiritual moment. Being the last, it is the most important of all these last years, in which My Son has been with you. It is the moment of the great step of consciousness, it is the moment for recognizing God, for in penitence and in repentance, the peace will come, and a miracle will happen in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters of the Earth.

All the Hierarchies of Heaven, all the beings of goodwill of the Earth, are preparing for this last moment, in which the Sacred Son of God will bring His Wisdom and Love to the world so that it may be engraved within your consciousnesses, so that you may always relive it within your hearts.

Today, at My feet, as the Mother of the Throne of God, I have the flowers given from the prayer and the love of My children, all the flowers that were given to Me on this night as the result of your prayers and your sincerity with Me.

You know, My children, though My cycle with you may have finished, My aspiration is to always be with you.

My Son gave Me humanity at the most culminating moment of His surrender on the Cross, and so that His Cross may be victorious, you must be redeemed to testify to and confirm what He did for you here on Earth.

It is thus that the life and the teachings of My Son will always be timeless and they will always invite you to renewal and to forgiveness.

This is what I bring to you today from Heaven, as His Servant and His Slave. It is what I bring to the world by opening the doors of the Heavens for the arrival of His Celestial Church.

Keep your hearts open in these coming days, without expectations, without great desires, in absolute emptiness and unconditional love for the Glorified Heart of My Son.

I see humanity suffering so much that My Being has now offered everything to the Father, for the relief of each one of My children.

But just think about the sacrifice of My Son on the Cross. In the greatest abandonment, in the greatest profound solitude, My Son became the Christ when it seemed nothing was happening. And at His feet was His Servant and Slave, the Mother of God, the apostle John and the holy women. He only had us; today He has each one of you.

Everything will pass, a new time will come. If humanity truly repents in these days, the changes could be indescribable for the world.

My children, as a mother who loves you and guides you, do not miss the opportunity, do not look at it as just another moment, for it will not be repeated.

My Son has asked His Father for the authorization of the descent of His Celestial Church in a time of humanity when nothing seems to be resolved, when a great unknown lies within the minds of My children.

In prayer, in offering, offer your lives to God and nothing more. Seek the Light of the Universe, recognize the Star of the Hierarchy. In the firmament, the Redeemer and all His Hosts of Light approaches.

With songs of praise, the angels announce the coming of His Celestial Church. The time for conversion is now.

God loves you and He can no longer be offended. He wants the good for each of His children, for if you live His Love and His Truth, you will be saved, and evil will be defeated by the powerful sword of the Archangel Michael.

The fallen stars will rise up out of the abysses and your origins will achieve the long-awaited reconciliation.

The thousand years of peace will come and Aurora will shine in the hearts of those who have believed in it.

Lift your hopes on High; My Heart brings you the Light of the whole universe. And opening My hands, I pour out the Light of Heaven, just as I poured it out many times in Aurora. 

The end is near. Repent, repent, repent, and My Love will take you to God. This is all I will say to you today.

Remember this night of the coming of the Celestial Church of My Son. See His Church reflected within your inner worlds, how His Light and His Glory begin to descend to the planet.

On this night, I will remain in adoration to the Eucharistic Heart of My Son.

On the eve of this special moment, the Mother of the Throne of God is grateful for this temple you have offered Her Son. God contemplates each work done with gratitude, each moment of unity generated for one reason: for the triumph of His Love.

Let us glorify the Son of the Universe with beautiful praise.

In commemoration of this special day for Me and for you, on the eve of the coming of the Celestial Church, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve and to love, I wish to honor the Most Holy Son of God for His presence, over the course of time, in the Sacrament and in the heart of His children, of all His companions.

Let us elevate a song to the Heart of Christ, because we owe everything to Him, our gratitude and our honor.

We will listen to "You are the King."

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Mother of God, for all that you give us!

Through this song that we offer to Our Lord Jesus Christ and in union with the Divine Mother, we prepare inwardly for this vigil, in which our hearts and souls will be attentive to the coming of the Celestial Church in these next hours of our time.


Today I find no other place in the world than the hearts of My children, because it is the hearts of My children where the Will of God may be fulfilled and His divine providence be expressed. It is in the hearts of My children that I can find the peace of My dear children, to be able to avail Myself of this peace, and uniting it with My Peace, I can pour it out over the world, especially in those places where it no longer exists.

Today I not only come with the joy of being able to find you again, dear children, of being able to bless you on this day of consecration, but also I return with the inner joy of being able to help other nations of South America, such as Venezuela, where through My maternal presence at this moment, all those in that suffering and wounded country, as well as all those who emigrate from there, are safeguarded and spiritually assisted by the angels of Heaven; today, their mouths receive a spiritual manna so that they may recover their strength, their trust, and their faith in the Creator.

But this time, My children, is not only a time of tribulation, the tribulation that humanity chose to experience in this cycle; God has His Arms open to receive you and welcome you. Thus, He has allowed Me to return here to Colombia not only to bless your country and your people, but also to spiritually assist your sibling nations of Venezuela and Ecuador, because as you know, very serious things are occurring in these times. God contemplates all the souls of the world, especially those that experience the conflicts and the division in the nations; that is why He sends His Holy Spirit through His faithful Servant, to awaken the consciousnesses of the whole world to a cooperation and a collaboration with those most in need. Because if a brother or sister of yours, no matter how unknown they may be, is suffering or is enduring, it is the whole of humanity that is suffering and enduring.

So I come to place you, My children, on this night, before a panorama and a spiritual and universal vision, because the time has come, the hour has come, for each one to step outside of themselves to be able to embrace the whole, which is a sick humanity.

This, My children, will permit that in the spirit of collaboration and of solidarity for those brothers and sisters who suffer and endure the chaos of these times, the spirit of divine intervention, of celestial and cosmic help, may come; that all souls in this time need help without exception, each in their school, each in their learning and their moment of awakening.

I come to grant you the Grace of freeing you forever from this worldwide hypnotism and illusion so that your hearts may also give impulse to other hearts to awaken in consciousness, to awaken to cooperation and to solidarity, knowing that the whole world is suffering, although a minority may be suffering much more than the majority suffers in these times.

I bring you this special Grace, dear children, because humanity still has veils over their consciousness and not only is it not able to see the reality of these times, it also does not manage to see what is behind each consciousness, who that soul is, who that spirit is that is incarnated at this moment to serve and fulfill a mission with God.

Thus, this is the time of cooperation and of group integration. It is not a time of barriers or divisions, it is a time of being able to feel God in the heart and of accomplishing His Will and His commandments.

When you take this step, you will deepen not only your prayerful spiritual life, but also your inner life, and you will be able to represent My Son in some way, because He too is holding His arms open to receive His new and last apostles who, in a serving and humanitarian way, will help those most in need, those who have nothing, those who have lost everything, just like My children of Venezuela have done.

But many will ask themselves in this moment, or have once asked: where is God in all that is happening in Venezuela? God is there. That is why I come to be in your hearts, because God is in your hearts, and it is in hearts where the Plan of God will be realized. Hearts will be given the impulse to live the end of these times through an unconditional and selfless ministry and service. That is the first step and is the first school for you, My children, apart from forming the groups of prayer that I need at this moment for Colombia. Because Colombia cannot be a mirror of what is happening in Venezuela.

I know that the inner devotion of each one of you, and the faithfulness to Me, My children, will prevent everything, and God will continue to pour out His Grace over this dear and beloved people for the Divine Plan. And your consciousnesses will be more available, more willing, more whole for helping in what is needed not only in the Human Kingdom, but also in the Kingdoms of Nature, in all the places on Earth. Around the corner from your homes or even within your families, there exist (are) great inner needs that end up being reflected in material needs.

I am not speaking about property or power, or of possessing some material thing; I am talking about the shortcomings facing My children in these times, mainly, in the lack of Love and of an immeasurable incomprehension of what is happening to each child of Mine.

Thus, Our Words, which are already the last in this cycle, will be your Fount, so that you may drink, nurture yourselves, and quench your thirst. Our Words, the Words of the Sacred Hearts, will be the Light for the world that faces tribulation and adversity. Our Words will be your impulses for a change in consciousness and for a transformation of being. None of Our Words through the years have been wasted, because Our Words come from the Will of God; it is God Who dictates to Us what we should say, just as you should make what you receive resound within your inner world. No being of the Earth, no matter how atheistic or unbelieving, will remain without instruction or guidance. All the steps are being indicated in the smallest details. For this reason, My children, you must avail yourselves of the Fount of instruction in the most difficult and acute times of the planet. These are the difficult times; the difficult times are not about to come, the difficult times are already here, in front of you, in your homes, in the planetary reality of these times. I invite you, My children, to not only experience consecration so that you may be blessed and protected by Me, but also I invite you to do something for this planet and for humanity. The more you do something for this humanity and for this planet, the fewer serious situations will occur; many more souls will be steered away from danger, terror, and persecution, and even chaos. Because when the majority of humanity does something in a real, permanent, and sincere way, many will be saved and the Kingdoms of Nature will be protected from the hands of the human beings who want to wound and hurt them.

When humanity understands that it is part of a single creation, and realizes this, it will become aware of all that it has not done well; and we hope, pray, and implore you for the repentance of all, so that hate and evil may end, so that peace and love may be established, so that souls may find the Kingdom of God within themselves.

This is the time of the Armageddon. The Book of John the apostle, the Apocalypse (Revelation), is being fulfilled. Thus it is the time, My children, for protecting your inner world from all that is external. I am not talking about you becoming isolated nor stopping communication with your brothers and sisters. I am speaking, My children, about your being selective and of knowing what is good for you and what is not good for you. In this way, your essential purity will not be contaminated by the continuous noises that this world generates, which are heard over eons of time and in other parts of this solar system, although it may not seem so.

Focus your consciousnesses on sacrifice and on inner silence, and through prayer, help to balance and harmonize this planet, so that all the life that is on the surface of the Earth may gain at least a moment of peace.

Children, the time for beautiful words has ended. The time of awareness, of maturity, and of responsibility has come. Thus, these are My last apparitions, after eleven years, because when the cycle that God waits for ends, everything will be accomplished and humanity will experience what it has chosen.

But as a mediating and intercessory Mother, I come to avoid these events, and today I kneel before you to ask the whole world to repent from the heart, to seek peace, and to know that everything I say is not only a warning, but rather a request of My maternal Heart for each child of Mine, in each part of this planet, for each race, people, or culture, as well as for each religion.

Today I come as the Mother of the Apocalypse to place My children under My mantle, where they will find protection and shelter for these moments. On My knees I tell you: I do not come to frighten you; I am the Queen of Peace, the Universal Mother, the immaculate and maternal Heart of Mary.

I come to call you to truth and to awareness. Through you I want to build a bridge to God, because God and My Heart in this cycle will be your strength and your grace.

Today with love I bless all these flowers that are not Mine, but are of My children, and that represent the simplicity of the beauty of God, through the Heart of Mary and the subtle perfumes of Heaven that roses capture through their nature. These roses are for you, so that you may take them with you till the end of your days and so that you always remember My presence that is eternal and inextinguishable.

Thus, on this night I invite those who will be consecrated as Children of Mary to come up to this stage to receive the blessing, the consecration, and the peace of My Heart.

But before this happens, today I come to ask for a song that represents a passage in the life of your Heavenly Mother, which is the Ave María that was inspired by Sir Gomez, and that this Ave María not be fulfilled by Me, but rather through the pleas of all My children to God through My immaculate Heart.

Today this song will pour out Graces for you and for the world. Today this song will consecrate you as My children, as the new groups of the Rosary of Light, so that many more children of Mine that need relief, healing, love, and redemption may become part of those groups in order that, at all points of the earth, there exist Rosaries of Light that are the reflection of all My children, which I deeply love.

Kneeling, I now listen, and open your hearts for this consecration.

Song: Ave María

Place your hands on your heart and let us give thanks.

In the name of the Love and Peace of My Son, I bless you and I consecrate you as My children and praying ones of the planet, who will serve God with love and dedication. You were always My children, and you will always be so. Remember this, so My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank Colombia and all its people for having received Me. God is glad of this event.

I thank you.

We will stand at this moment to finish responding to a further request of Mary, singing the Hymn of Consecration of the Children of Mary and in our hearts igniting the flame of love of Mary.

The Sacred Call

Only the Light of My Spirit will be enough for you to go through the end of times, because it is through My Light that you will go beyond all darkness, will traverse the times with courage and valor.

You will not measure yourselves by your fears but rather by your fortitude, the fortitude that comes from God, that comes from His Spirit, from His Temperance, and from His Wisdom.

I come here, companions, to bring the Light of the divinity of God so that all created essences may achieve the Light of the Celestial Father and may be removed from the abysses of the Earth through the powerful intercession of your Master and Lord and of all the angelic choirs.

I come to bring Italy the spiritual balance of equality and of justice so that this principle, which comes from the Father, may be established in this part of humanity, and someday, in the rest of the world.

Without Divine Justice and without Divine Equality, the humanity of Italy will not be able to be redeemed.

Thus, I come to offer you My Heart. I come from the deepest and most unknown part of the Universe so that the eyes of your consciousness may open and recognize the powerful Light of the Son that comes, in the name of the Father, to bring salvation to humanity, the end of spiritual slavery and of the damnation of all souls in the world illusion; indifference, pride, lack of charity and love for the one who suffers, for the neighbor, for the one who despairs.

I need your hearts to open, companions, so that the Heavens can open over Italy, because it is a nation that greatly needs God, an absolute reconciliation with and trust in the Almighty, the Celestial Father.

In this way, you will learn to be just and will be equal one with another. There will be no mediocrity, there will be no indifference in your hearts, you will not repeat the same mistakes that the Pharisees repeated in times past.

You must be the New Christs, the most imperfect among the imperfect, those who should rest their heads on the ground to implore for their redemption and for their homeland before everything is unleashed, before everything manifests, before you cannot control anything.

I come through the word of the Justice of God, full of His Mercy and of His profound Love, because I know that on some level you can hear Me. 

I do not speak to your material ears, I speak to your inner ears, to your essences, to your souls, to your spirits that must assume the path of light, of the good and of peace again, so that this may not only reflect in Italy, but beyond this land.

God needs you to convert into His worthy children, that you set aside appearances, pettiness and the power that you believe you hold in your hands.

My companions and new disciples, let me be able to transform you, love you, have you able to feel Me, recognize Me and live Me as hundreds of disciples of Mine fully live Me, recognize Me and love Me.

Your duty to the Universe and to humanity, as a nation and as a religion, is very great. For this reason, I choose the most simple places such as this one, in which the Justice of God is still lacking, so that His Wisdom may be present, for My need is within the most simple and humble, in those who have not known the Love of God, My Christic and sovereign Love can awaken them. So that, as My merciful Heart, your hearts may be merciful, hearts of goodwill and hearts of peace so that your land and your country may be spiritually rebuilt and you not fear the Truth, the sovereign and unknown Truth that I bring to you from Heaven and from the Universe. So that your essences, which await this moment and this opportunity, can recognize it, can see and accept it as part of your lives, I bring the Light of the divinity of God to an Italy that must be redeemed, in a religious, social and human way.

There is still much to be healed here, there is much suffering to alleviate, there is much mercy to be poured out. For this reason, I come from Heaven, bringing you the Word of God so that the Word which comes from the Divine Word can awaken, redeem and save you.

Open your hearts to what comes from Heaven at this moment. The Lord of the Universe, in the action of His profound Mercy, by the merits of His Passion, dissolves the darkness of the planet, the conflicts of nations, the misunderstandings of peoples, the errors of each one of you.

This is the time of Grace, it is the time of the Mercy of God, but it is a time that will end before everything comes to the world in an unknown and surprising way. I come to prepare your souls and hearts for all that will come and will happen because, in truth, I tell you that you will not be able to believe it.

The time that will come is definitive for all nations, but if your prayers and your hearts reach Heaven in a constant, permanent and continuous way, everything, everything will be transformed through your good actions, through your example of life on the path of charity and of good.

Italy needs to live the Plan of God, fully support the Holy Father in the changes he wants to make and carry out. He counts on My divine authority, that is why you need to hear him, so that you are able to hear Me. Italy has always been a blessed land and must continue to be blessed so that its sicknesses may be erased from human consciousness.

As a testimony to that Love that comes from the Universe, I offer you the merits of My Passion, of My Death and Resurrection by means of the Sacrament of Communion. This is why today I come to anoint you with My Spirit, in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Today I come to bring you Peace, so that your hearts feel encouraged to experience the transformation and the apostleship that I offer each one of you, as well as each one of your brothers and sisters in the world.

You must be a part of My army of Light of the end of times so that Italy may have a special oopportunity. But it will depend on its people, on its culture and on its homeland, that you truly open the doors for your Master and Lord so that He may once again return here and you may live His Will rather than your own, the Will of God, what He has thought of for each one of you.

His Divine and Unfathomable Will, for each one of the Italians, still levitates in the Universe and waits to descend upon your consciousnesses so that his Plan of Love and of Redemption may manifest.

With loving gratitude, in the name of your Divine Lady, with immense Love, I accept the Prayer for Peace in Italy and I invite all the praying people, as up until now, to take up this commitment. Because it will be South America and a part of Europe that will help Italy in its true process of spiritual conversion.

This will help the Holy Father, and a spiritual and inner communion will be established and will go beyond dogmas and beliefs. Because the purpose for praying for Italy is to support Christian ecumenism and the so awaited alliance that this work of love will carry out with the Holy Father, respecting the principles and the beliefs by means of the Love that I gift to you through My Heart.

I wish this prayer to be permanent, beginning at least once a week. Because love, divine love, untiring love, incalculable love, the love of the Fount of God must descend upon Italy by means of the Prayer for Peace. Because until hearts feel love, which many of you received from My Heart at some point, the change will not come, redemption will not happen.

So I invite you to not only pray for Italy, but also to make some sacrifices such as the one we asked you to make many years ago, when all of this work began in sacred Aurora. And a place, so unknown and small like Uruguay, was thought of by God and by His Divine Son, in confraternity with the Divine Lady, so that Redeeming Love might emerge from Aurora to humanity.

We love the sacrifice of Aurora. We recognize its sacrifice, its service, and its untiring giving of self so that the light of the new dawn, as Aurora is, may reach all the hearts of the world, all nations and all peoples, all souls that have sought the Light of God for a long time.

This is the reason why we are here, renouncing as I ask you to. Just as your Master and Lord renounced from the Last Supper up to the heights of Mount Calvary, until the last moment of His expiring on the Cross. This is the sacrifice, so great and so similar to the one of the New Aurora, the Light of the new dawn, is making for humanity while God has need of it.

So, companions, your house, your dwelling will be the planet and not the land of your origin, nor your culture, nor your people. Your dwelling will be the nations, so that those who need love may reach the light of redemption in the name of Christ.

The moment has come to renew the sacrifice of the Lamb of God by means of the memory of the Last Supper. I invite you, at this moment, to relive My Passion in any place on Earth, where you may be gathered together or whomever you are with. As much as sometimes you do not understand your peers, thank God for whom you are with at this moment and at this time, because it has a reason.

All will participate as essences and as souls in the inner mystery of the Eucharist, in the immensity of the Love of God by means of the celebration and the consecration of the bread and the wine as the Body and the Blood of the Redeemer.

Just as John the Apostle washed the hands of his Master at the Last Supper, secretly, to gift Him with the love of his heart and strengthen the experience of the Sacrifice of his Lord, today, by means of Divine Grace, I wash and purify the faults of Italy so that souls may emerge from the hells and reach the Celestial Light. So be it.

We reverently stand up or kneel.

At that time, your Master and Lord took the bread and, gathered together with His apostles, gave thanks to God for the sacrifice, even while knowing all that would happen with humanity and the planet after His ascension until the present days. Even so, in a profound act of love and of reverence for souls, your Lord said to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body, which will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins." And the Light of the Divinity of God descended upon the world.

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

Before ending the Supper, your Master and Redeemer took the Chalice and, thanking God again for the sacrifice, gave it to His apostles and said to them: "Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will be poured out by your Redeemer, for all the martyrs, for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me." And the Light of the Divinity of God descended again over the Earth, the hells were closed and souls, in a deep spiritual joy, were saved.

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

Prayer: Our Father (in Spanish).

We will now hear the Our Father in Italian.

The Body and the Blood of Christ. Happy are those who are invited to avail themselves of the Redeemer. Amen.

In an immense Love, I place you. With an immense Grace, I leave you. And through a great Love, I renew you so that you may recognize Me within yourselves; and the Work of My Peace and of Mercy is fulfilled in humanity, for the centuries to come..

In unity, forgiveness and reconciliation, in the name of the Love of God, in fraternity for Italy and for the whole world, give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you for having responded to My call.

We can give one another the greeting of peace.

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus for the 51st Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today I come so that you may adore the precious Blood of Jesus and so that, through My Wounds, you contemplate the Mystery of My Resurrection.

These five Wounds, which are like five suns, were given to the world and its humanity to bring the salvation and conversion of souls. They are still an unknown mystery, the five Wounds of your Lord, as is also His precious Blood that was shed on the Cross, to the depths of the Earth, to re-consecrate the world to the Divine Plan of the Creator.

These are the five Wounds that I bring to you today so that your illnesses may be healed, so that your wounds may be closed, so that the very depths of the consciousness may be redeemed by the powerful Light of My five Wounds.

Today, I pour out upon the world, once again, this mystery of My Passion, which has been culminating on the height of Mount Calvary, when the Blood, the Water and the pain of your Lord, in greatest agony, was redeeming the world so as to be able to give it a new chance of being with the Creator in spiritual dignity.

At that time, the holy women, together with Mary, My beloved Mother, were with John and with some others who are not written of in the Bible, at the foot of the Cross, contemplating the mystery of the Passion, of the Death and the Redemption of humanity through the sacrifice of Her beloved Son.

Today I do not come to give you the pain the world makes Me feel in these times.

Today I come to give you the powerful mystery of My five Wounds, which can be venerated and honored by all the creatures of this planet through the Adoration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Body, as well as through the contemplation of and devotion to the five powerful Wounds of your Lord.

In each of the Wounds, and through each one of them, I made a sacrifice for God that, although it was not mine to experience, I was giving with an inexplicable and infinite love, after having preached on this planet and having performed great miracles in this humanity.

Let these five Wounds, which are the symbol of the redemption of humanity, today pour upon you the powerful Blood so that your bodies may be bathed and washed by the divine Source of Reparation and Healing, so that many more souls yield to this mystery through their adoration and love for My Sacred Heart.

Feel how today this spiritual Blood washes you completely. Feel how each particle of your beings and each atom is touched by the spiritual Light of My Blood so that all may be renewed, redeemed and healed by My unfathomable intercession.

When I was on the Cross, I experienced many things that humanity still does not know. That is why I am here, companions, to have you relive the mystery of My Passion and My Death, not as a painful sorrow or an affliction, but rather as a victory, so that each one of you, in these times, dares to die each day to the self so that I may be in you and thus work, to the point that you do not recognize yourselves in a very few days.

I would like the souls of the world to consider My five Wounds as a celestial victory and that, in spite of having suffered them, My Heart did not stop emanating Love, the Love that defeated death, the Love that defeated all pain, the Love that defeated injustices and that transcended the times. The invincible Love of My Heart that is poured out like a flow of Light and that thirsts, thirsts greatly for souls.

I wish all to be able to be a part of My mystery so that you may understand, live and experience the expansion of My divine Consciousness and all that I have yet to infinitely give to the souls of the world that accept being a part of the mystery of My five powerful Wounds and of the perpetual Adoration of My divine Blood once spilled on the Cross.

Feel how today this Blood redeems you and carries all toward the inner void, where why, answer and meaning do not exist, because in the eternal void of God your souls can live the fullness of being merged with the joy of My Spirit and be above all the cruelties of the world, which offend the Heart of God and His Creation.

If you place yourselves in My Wounds, I will be able to place Myself in you, in the space or the place where healing, redemption, and light are needed.

I do not come seeking personal realizations nor individual triumphs from you. I need hearts in this time that are available to live this mystery, for if you are in My Wounds, you will be a part of My Blood and I will make of you something new, something that is so hard for you to achieve and that for Me, because I am your Master and Lord, nothing is impossible.

Today I come to invite you, companions, and also the souls of the world, to become part of My Celestial Congregation that adores My precious and divine Blood, within the consciousness of the Celestial Church, something that is not material, but rather completely non-material, something that comes from Divine Purpose and the emanation of the Source, of which you can be a part while you are here on Earth and can celebrate with Me, not only the Mystery of My Passion through the Sacraments offered, but also adore Me and contemplate Me through the five powerful Wounds and My divine and precious Blood.

I need these Codes of Light that I achieved on the Cross through sacrifice, Death and Resurrection, to be available to the souls of the world. You alone will have a part to play, companions, that of being wholly united to this mystery of the five powerful Wounds and the divine Blood of your Redeemer. This will help the most sinning souls, which are all over the world, to receive, through this mystery and your full devotion to Me, an inexplicable Grace and an opportunity, just as you are consciously having it today.

Do not allow this mystery to move through you today as if it were the wind blowing on your faces. Allow the sowing of devotion to the five Wounds of your Lord and His powerful Blood, Blood that will bring you freedom, redemption and an exorcism from evil.

At the foot of Mount Calvary, not only My enemies were to be found, and I say enemies so that you may understand what I want to tell you. In truth, the power of My Love and of My five principal Wounds unconditionally loved those who punished Me up to the foot of the Cross.

My wish is that through this pain I have felt for the world, in an inexplicable agony until three in the afternoon on a Friday, more than two thousand years ago, you may be able to convert, transfigure and forgive, as I have done, all the suffering caused to My Heart during that time.

But now, companions, what I need is that in the state of your profound awakening, you can forgive what you have still not forgiven and that today, through the Sacrament of Communion and of Reconciliation, you truly do it for Me.

I already know what is in your core, what it is that weighs on you, what it is that causes bitterness, what generates the thirst in you for a profound and true love. But in the mystery of My five Wounds and in those who are devoted to them, all these causes are resolved through the simple act of opening the heart and also the soul so the divine spiritual Blood of your Lord may enter into the depths of your consciousnesses, into the most impenetrable roots of error.

This is one of the many aspects of Christ the Redeemer, mysteries that are unveiled in the Celestial Church and in which blessed souls participate, in perpetual communion, together with the angels.

If souls truly sought My Consciousness, the purification of the world would not be necessary, nor the catastrophes, the wars, or the illnesses that in these times have become conundrums for the human consciousness, for all the human science that is separated from God.

On the height of Mount Calvary, I came to live all these mysteries for you, and to sow them in the consciousness of the planet, to establish them in souls that, throughout the ages and all the events, would be called by Me to become a part of the army of the end of times.

At this moment, you are in the last phase of these times. You are participants in the last great event of humanity. You are part of a transition, of the great change of consciousness and of an inexplicable redemption that the Universe of God is offering to all, without conditions, because there will be no other opportunity. I cannot promise, companions, what will not happen.

For this reason, in a spirit of surrender, of rejoicing, and of adoration, I come to ask the world for devotion to My five powerful Wounds and My precious and divine Blood so that, through many more souls, I can aid the world, banish suffering, and heal the hearts in need of light and love.

Today you are all being called to become part of My Celestial Congregation in devotion to My five powerful Wounds and My divine Blood.

In each part of your body, feel My precious Blood and enter into communion with this mystery. Do not try to understand it, but rather open to this experience of love that is little deserved by the souls of the world, but that My Grace allows all things, so as to erase the pain and transcend miseries.

Let your hearts be washed by this Blood. Allow each corner of your beings to be touched by My divine Blood and leave here feeling different, renewed by this Mystery of My priestly Consciousness.

Today, before the doors of My Celestial Church, make the offering of your souls to God, so that the Father may contemplate them in His divine and infinite Mercy and, on this day of Grace and Redemption, everything, everything may be repaired.

And let us celebrate, companions, through My Divine Blood, the mystery of the Sacraments, divine and cosmic Science that brings souls and lives inexplicable Graces, divine events in the human consciousness, doors that open to redemption.

And today especially, I have come with the Angel in charge of the devotion and the Adoration of My five powerful Wounds and My divine and precious Blood. It holds in its hands, within a crystal tube, the Blood that was spilled at the Cross, especially My right Foot, which is the Foot that came to establish the Will of God in the world; and it was that Will which defeated the enemy and threw it down into its abyss up to these times.

Each part of My Body is a symbol of God, because My Body is now glorified. My Matter has become light, although it continues to be an illuminated human being. My Glorified Body is part of the universe and the new science for future humanity. My Body is the new genetics for the Christs that will awaken in the redemption.

My Heart allows this so that souls may become more aware that here, in this moment and at this hour, not only Jesus, the Nazarene, speaks to you, but the King of kings, Who ascended to the Heavens and is on the right side of God, governing all the worlds.

Let us celebrate this moment, under the spirit of My Celestial Church, so that many more Graces may fill your hearts and lives and each one awakens their gift, the gift that you have come to give in service to God and for this planet.

Feel yourselves to be a part of the newly redeemed and do not be distressed anymore. Celebrate your spiritual resurrection with joy, because you as well as your brothers and sisters of the world that follow Me now, were dead before, but now are alive in your real being, forming part of the first preparatory ranks of My Second Coming.

No longer feel yourselves to be sinners. Feel saved by the divine Blood of your Lord and protect this spiritual state so that nothing and nobody may stain it.

At the foot of My Celestial Church, your divine Master and Lord, in the presence of His five powerful Wounds and the spiritual affluent of His divine Blood, will expand this Mystery of Love and of Redemption, not only to the four corners of the Earth and the five continents, but also to these elements that will be part of the celebration of today's Supper.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

We may stand up, knowing that the Master is present to bless these elements and that, at the doorway of the Celestial Church, we are being recognized, through the intercession of Jesus, as worthy children of God.

Song: "By the Wounds of Jesus."

In this Blood, which was once shed on the Cross, is to be found the essence of Love, the Love that comes from the Source, which is eternal and infinite and brings joy, life, and wholeness to all the souls that drink this Sacrament.

May the divine Alliance of the devotees to the divine Blood of Jesus be established today on Earth until I return to the world.

In My sacred Eucharistic Body is reflected the gratitude to God that I transmit to all souls, because of Him having allowed Me to incarnate in this world and in this humanity so that all spirits, in all times and all ages, may know the grandeur of being worthy children of God.

And at the Altar of My Celestial Church, I tell you again that in that time, when I was gathered together with the twelve, I took the bread, gave thanks to God for that sacrifice; I gave it to them, saying: "Take and all eat of it, for this is My Body that will be handed over by the world for the forgiveness of sins."

In the same way, I took the sacred Chalice into My Hands, gave thanks to God for that sacrifice; I gave it to My apostles and to all those that were on the inner planes, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will be shed by your Lord for the forgiveness of your sins." Remember to do this in remembrance of Me, until I return to the world.

In the power of My Celestial Church, let the Rays of Mercy expand into the world so that all souls may rise to their spiritual life. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Song: "You are here."

Marathon of Divine Mercy

My cousin John baptized you with water, but I baptize you with the Spirit of God.

Blessed are those who congregate to remember My passage on Earth.

Today I come in the holy company of Elizabeth, John and your Mother Mary, congregated by the Love of God, participants in this infinite encounter between the souls and Heaven, between hearts and God.

Joyful are those who were willing to be baptized, like those who asked to wash their feet to erase the past and the pain of their lives.

In this way, My companions, I do not come to institute a new Church, but to renew the Sacraments in a simple and pure way, as I taught the apostles in the past.

The Sacraments will serve as salvation for souls, but also prayer will serve for your conversion.

Before My Eucharistic Heart, contemplate My glorious, merciful and redeeming Face, which I bring from the universe for all.

Elizabeth accompanies you in the spirit of Love. John accompanies you in the consecration of your hearts. My Mother congregates you to join Me, because in this place, My Most Holy Mother instituted Adoration, a commitment that is a part of everyone so that this humanity and this city may be liberated by My Mercy and not by My Justice.

While you are aware today, a great part of humanity sleeps in illusion because many lose their faith for not finding Me in the ancient priests. But I am present in the Sacraments, which are the Source of Life and renewal for all. 

In every Sacrament you find a key to access My Heart, because My Rays permeate every one of the Sacraments. I provide the renewal and healing, the transmutation and liberation of your lives.

Therefore, every time you ask for a new Sacrament, meditate for a single moment on what you will receive, because it is something sacred and blessed that I offer to Mine.

Therefore, celebrate and rejoice when every new brother or sister is baptized and blessed by the Sacraments of God, because they will be receiving them on behalf of all humanity.

Your hearts and essences are unique in the Eyes of God. 

My companions, in Heaven and in the Universe there is no separation between souls. I come to unite you in this time. I come to unite you through Love and Truth, for the enemy has taken it upon himself, at this time, to turn away from My paths the good hearts that must achieve redemption.

Today think of Saint Elizabeth and Saint John the Baptist, two great Missionaries of the Celestial Universe, guardians of the holy Sacraments of God from the moment of My Ascension to Heaven.

Therefore, My companions, may your thirst for seeking Me never end. I am not only present in the Sacraments, but also in hearts that seek unity with God all the time. I am also among the little ones, among those who cry out for redemption and peace.

This world must be liberated, My friends, and through your sincere consecration that will happen.

I am also present in these times, in the tests that each of My children is experiencing, because through suffering and tests I come to strengthen you in the love of sacrifice, surrender and liberation. 

I leave you on this afternoon of Mercy My Graces, in the Most Holy Presence of Mary, John and Saint Elizabeth, who have been gathered in this universe, in this space and in this place, so that your hearts may shine in perfect fusion with the Spirit of God.

Continue to pray every day. Do not tire of praying for Mercy. Remember that you will be praying for those who do not pray and do not love God. Therefore, I need you at this time, steadfast and willing.

I will come to meet you when you allow Me, because I live in each of your hearts. I must have a place in your essences so that the evil that disturbs them may be released and thus the Grace of God may reign in many hearts that need it.

Today I expose before your hearts and spirits My Most Holy Eucharistic Heart, which is the true Sun of the Celestial Universe, the true reason for your lives and paths.

Therefore, today I gather you in the spirit of renewal and faith, so that the hope of continuing to pursue it may prevail in your consciousness and that My Mercy may not be lost in you.

I have left a seed in this place that must be sown carefully, for from it new fruits will be born and new hearts will come forth, in a constant search for redemption and liberation.

I thank you for your efforts to adore Me every day. This is the greatest sacrifice that I adore, when the souls contemplate Me with sincerity and enter the Essence of My luminous Heart, through the Most Holy Sacrament that I expose to the world and humanity in all tabernacles on Earth. Remember My Presence in the tabernacles. Remember My Presence in your inner tabernacles. There, I am always present, and when you call Me, I will answer you.

I open My Arms and extend My Hands over you.

Place your palms upwards so that I may bless you and, in this divine and spiritual magnetism, your essences may be united with My Heart.

Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón:

He says that He is praying for us, that we just listen.

Mighty Lord of the Universe 
that congregates all souls,
that gives life and eternity,
I ask you, beloved Father,
that you take care of these disciples of Mine,
so that being walkers and servers,
always find their way back,
way back to Your Celestial Home, 
 to Your infinite Dwelling of Life,
principle of Love and Unity.

Contemplate the Glorified Jesus, He is present in simple hearts. For I still hope that all beings will know My new Face, so that all may have Me present in their homes and always remember that I am the Shepherd of souls.

I wish I could be with you longer, but I must help the whole world and the humanity that is fallen into the hellish abysses of this world.

Yet through your merciful prayer in these days, your care and your love for Me, many souls have been elevated to Heaven and many have entered the ocean of My infinite Mercy.

Engrave in your consciousnesses and hearts My Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart, the Sun of your salvation.

Silently, make a petition to My Heart, a request or a plea that I will raise to Heaven at the Feet of the Celestial Father.

I thank you for sharing this time of Adoration with Me.

As I rise up, I will listen to your songs. When they are true and loving, they alleviate the Heart of God and serious faults are dissolved, Mercy is installed and poor hearts are resurrected.

Dear companions, after being blessed by the Water of Life, receive My Glorified Body in reparation and forgiveness, through Communion with My Blood and with My Body. 

Remember that I will always wait for you. My ocean of Mercy is available to all. Just seek God and His Love. Thus you will gladden My Heart.

Go in peace and give thanks to the Eternal Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Message of Mary, Mother and Lady of All Graces, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

As Mother of the Church of My Son, Mother of that sacred spiritual doctrine that Jesus established before His Ascension, today I come to inform you that as your Mother from Heaven, I am gathering together all the soldiers of the entire world, especially those who come from different spiritual paths, in order to fulfill the prophecies of My son, the Apostle Saint John, to be able to unite in one spiritual flock the New Humanity, a humanity of service, a praying and forgiven humanity that in these times, under the intercession of My Grace, must respond to the great Call of the Most High.

Fort this reason, for those who are still asleep, pray! For those who separated themselves from My blessed maternal Heart, pray! For those who suffer physically and morally, pray! For those who do not live in God, pray! Pray for all and for all causes.

I ask you, My dear ones, that today you offer to God the prayer of the Holy Rosary so that My Immaculate Heart may implore before Him. A great moment is approaching for all My children of humanity, a moment that you call purification.

To those children who sustain with Me the banner of peace and of Divine Mercy, I promise you, as your Most Holy Mother from Heaven, that I will be able to change the events, offering God the Father My Heart for all of you.

Dear children, today I do not come to bring you restlessness or concern; today I come to bring you planetary awareness of the things that humanity still does and repeats without paying attention to the gravity of their destiny.

For this reason, strengthen your groups of prayer, strengthen your networks of fraternity, prepare as from now the way for what is to come. No longer waste time on yourselves, but rather, dedicate your time to being united to the Heavens so that, during this cycle, you are within the Kingdom of My eternal Grace.

As I have done in the past, I will do so again in the present; I will step on the evil of the world with My feet and I will liberate with My powers the hearts that simply say 'yes' to Me.

Get into the boat of salvation that My Son is sending you, and with attention, read the signs of the events.

Dear children, before the glorious coming of My Son Jesus, the world must be at another point; for this, to the few flocks that I count on, I will give guidance of where to walk until you are able to reach Heaven and Paradise.

Children, humanity is in need of much help. For this reason, in all the time available to you, offer to God your prayers and your sacrifices, offer the Father your transformation and your inner sorrows; for the world as a whole is drowning and needs to breathe freely and in its nature, as it was in the beginning of Genesis.

Dearly beloved, your planet is part of the great redemptive Project of God; the universe is paying attention to the willingness of the servers who, with love, accept to sustain and support it in the end of times.

Know this and remember this always; I am with you and in you. My Mantle protects those who strive to be in God Almighty.

We are in the time of reparation of the spirit and the soul. We are in the time of liberation and of healing for all consciousnesses.

Let us pray with our heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you in Grace and Love,

Mary, Lady of All Graces


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, praise be to Jesus.

Today, the Father has sent Me, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, to give you an important Message concerning the missions of peace.

Today I tell you, dear brothers and sisters, children of the Lord, that the heart of those missions of peace is the great Light-Network, a heart that must beat through the prayer of the pilgrims. That beating heart will allow the mission to be expanded throughout the whole world.

I am grateful to those missionaries that have responded to My call; the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph accompanied that work.

On this 19th day, when My Presence in the whole world is being celebrated, I want to ask you to renew yourselves through My Chaste Heart, so as to begin a new mission that will be supported by all your brothers and sisters with prayers, pleas, and devotion. That mission will be expanded, beginning with Ethiopia, toward the needy heart of the Sudan and Kenya.

And after this important mission, which My Heart will accompany, a new one will  begin to bring relief to the suffering of all My children of India, who in this later time, must not only be consecrated to the Heart of Jesus, but also to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. That will be possible, dear brothers and sisters, through your surrender and mediation so that it may take place.

I am with you, accompanying your steps, because each mission that has already taken place not only meant a work of charity, but also a step in awareness, for your consciousnesses to be able to grow spiritually, observing and serving in the need that exists in large parts of the world.

Why do I ask you for such faraway missions?

Because through the call of John, the apostle, you must lovingly accomplish a unity among the peoples and races, serving each other and mainly, My brothers and sisters, carrying the Message of instruction you have learned in this Sacred House for some time now.

Those very important Messages, those lessons you have received must also be lovingly disseminated to those who know nothing.

That will be the test of all My children, of all the missionaries that unite with Christ so as to, at the end of this cycle, concretize the awaited Coming of the King.

I am also with you, accompanying you with My heart, and this special call, on this day, has the aim of concretizing important missions in the next six months. At the end of the six months, your hearts will be able to find Me here, in this same place and at this same time, to unite Heaven and Earth, the brotherhood and the fraternity that must be generated in the heart of humankind with the loving help of the angels.

For this reason, the missions are not solitary; you must not only take Christ in your hearts, but also your Guardian Angels, so that they may help those who have need of that Light, a Light you have learned to identify with your heart, and unite in this way with God the Creator.

I find you ready to serve, but you are still not many, as Christ has said. For this reason, if you strengthen your consecration to My Chaste Heart of Love, I will be able to offer you the purity you need so that you may live and understand the Plans that the Father sends through the Sacred Hearts.

You can see Me as Saint Joseph and you can also see Me in each heart. My Consciousness is reflected in simple hearts and in those who want to experience humility, so that empty of self, they may understand the Celestial Plans and be able to carry them forward, with the spiritual and inner mission of achieving peace on Earth.

That is the spirit of the mission, to be peace-makers and to bring peace and unite with the need that many suffering hearts experience today, in the end of these times.

You can be carriers of the consolation of My Heart, because the Laborer of God wants to walk through your feet and work through your hands to transmit the true Love of God.

Thus, it is important to not be anything in the missions, in order to carry a true ecumenical spirit of peace, to carry Christ in your heart so that He may be reflected in those that need this.

Love is lacking in the world and suffering increases. Now you are called to alleviate the need of those who are forgotten and who must find God through their brothers and sisters, those who have found Christ and say they experience Him from their hearts.

Now the missions are not only for those who are trained, but also for those who want to serve from the heart.

The very strength of the server can be found in faith, for in this way, they will find the Mercy of Jesus and, through charity, they will become a faithful transmitter of His Message.

Now, under the spirit of Peace, on this evening, I want to re-consecrate the missionaries, because they represent this humanity, which must achieve redemption and live love through the experiences of charity and service.

My Chaste Heart of Love will descend in blessing upon them, so that this Peace, a Peace transmitted by Christ, is able to be rapidly disseminated all over this planet.

We are in a time of emergency; it is time to labor and to serve.

Song: "Christ the Redeemer, Christ of the Light."

May the coming missions of peace represent a definite union between human beings and God, and peace among the human beings of the world.

Under the light of My Chaste Heart, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May you, dear missionaries, be able to give impulse to the emergence of new servers, may you be able to awaken New Christs.

Hallelujah to the Creator!

Following, Mother Shimani reads the Special Message that Saint Joseph transmitted to her on that day in the Marian Center of Figueira.

For the ending, Sister Lucía reads the Special Message that Saint Joseph transmitted to her on that day in the Marian Center of Figueira.

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