Friday, August 15 of 2014

Weekly messages

Be resigned in face of the offenses, in this way you will humiliate yourself and you shall reach the path of transformation, looking first at your own self and seeing in the other the Love of My Heart.

For this reason find in the path of tests the signs for the conversion of your sins and the liberation of the consequences that they leave in the spirit of those of Mine.

Lean away in the face of the offenses that many commit and out of love for Me reflect in your step, wherever you go, the unbreakable harmony that I can give to you in this time.  Find in every humiliation the total void of your person, and let that the higher power of your consciousness transform the material life and guide the spiritual path.

Imitate Me at least in all that I have done for you and for your brothers and sisters, in this way you shall see in the path of your purification the opportunity of redemption and surrender that I give to you in the name of the Will of My Father.

Stay with Me on this cold night under the silence of the moon and of the stars.  Stay with Me in joy, as well as in the agony that many unjustly cause Me out of ignorance of the truth that is approaching, and that many do not see for themselves.  Stay with Me in the silence of the Garden of Gethsemane and accompany Me in the Passion that today I offer to you, and that I show to the greatness of you Christic inner being.

For this you need to decide to where you will go.  My Love is absolute, powerful, and compassionate.  It is My Love that offers to assist you in the path of the new Cross and of the Passion that millions of hearts make My Sacred Heart suffer. 

Be encouraged to find My Comfort in weakness.  Your spirit is strong enough to sustain that which I give to you from time to time.  You will lose nothing in this life; work without tiring for Me and for your brothers and sisters, so that you may soon live the emptiness that will take you to find the humility that you so much seek outside of yourself.

But the key that I give to you is not that which you desire; My Key opens the doors to new dwellings, kingdoms unknown to your being; kingdoms that your soul aspires to live with Me.  Let Me be that which I so much expect in you.  I will only be able to work when, in the center of your temple, your lower being will step aside so that I may pass and take power of the throne.

Liberate yourself from the forms and from the control of life.  There is nothing more strong than the love that I have given on the Cross for you, and for the world.  I invite you now to think over My Offer.

Under the Light of God, be blessed, and harmless.

Thank you for seeking the Flame of My Redeeming Love!

Glorified Christ Jesus



Friday, August 8 of 2014

Weekly messages

My Ray of Justice will descend to the Earth following the time of Mercy, for this all must be prepared to listen to the last words that I will pronounce to the world.

Meanwhile, that My Disciples may be prepared in love and in truth so that they may gather inner strength and walk together towards the Purpose.  I call you to seek the path of simplicity and of silence, virtues that will allow you to discover new keys that will open the door to the encounter with God.

Now is the moment to reverse the faults through the Divine Mercy, you are still on time to be able to do it and to ask for an opportunity of redemption and of peace, because the time indicates a new path to be traveled by those who have been called to surrender themselves to the Greater Divinity.

In this way you will be able to take the steps and find in the difficult moments the guiding lights in your paths.  My Love shall permeate you entirely, My call is for all.

Now it will be important to construct within yourselves the communion with the Infinite God, and I offer Myself to your hearts to rescue you, and guide you in the moments of greater tribulation in the world.

My Dwelling may be the fruit for your lives; it is only enough that you give Me the permission to be able to act and work.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for entering into My Heart!

Christ Jesus Glorified



Tuesday, August 5 of 2014

Weekly messages

On this date I wish that you mint for Me a medal of the Glorified Redeemer so that it may be the symbol of the spiritual unity between the souls and Christ.  In this way will be established the union between the essences and God and you will carry, above all, My Spirt of protection and of peace. 

The Glorified Medal of Christ Jesus promises to generate a spiritual action of redemption and of liberation in the spirits that have fallen and that have lost the bond of union with the Celestial Father.  This sacred medal which I speak to you about today represents for all the infinite expansion of the gifts of the Holy Spirit for humanity by means of the Son of God.

Whoever in honor, devotion and simplicity carries it, once it has been manufactured by the hands of My servers, the Glorified Medal will represent the internal union of the hearts with the Glorified Essence of Christ.  This will allow that a space of protection and of shelter be created in the consciousnesses that are most in need of strengthening their path of surrender to the Almighty God. 

Christ surrenders Himself to you today by means of the Glorified Medal as an emblem of Mercy, that all souls may seek by means of this symbol that which is in Glory and Love donated to the world of today.

I want by means of this symbol to accomplish My Promises before My return to the planet:

For those who may carry it in adoration, My Promise will not be permitted to lose themselves in the superficial and impure.

For those who may carry it in devotion, My Promise will be to rescue them before any circumstance or cause of immediate danger.

For those who may carry it in humility and glory, My Promise will be to comfort them in the unknown thirst that many hearts live and, in this way I will be able to reverse the states of emptiness converting them into oceans of Mercy and Pity. 

For those who may carry them in their last hour of life, My Promise will be to give them, by means of My Spirit, the tablet of salvation in order to be able to get out from purgatory and to go to the Supreme Universal Heaven.

For those who may carry it in surrender and service, My Promise will be to construct in the essences, as a Patient Worker, the bases of Universal Love, the temple of contemplation of God by means of the offer that will make your hearts consecrated to the Universal Christ.

For those who may carry it and who may donate it without expecting anything in return, My Promise will be great before these souls that, divested of every result or expectation, will convert themselves into My instruments and doors of salvation for the hearts that before the time of the tribulation must return to My Glorified Heart.

For those who may carry it in spirit of absolute and immediate donation, My Promises for these souls will be infinite and peaceful, and in this way in the hour of the great detachment from this earthly world they will be raised to My arms and they will be taken to the Dwellings of the Celestial Father where they will rest from the exhaustion and from the suffering that they may have lived in this world.

For those who may contemplate it with love and fidelity, My Promise will be that they will not perish as long as they surrender to Me all that which as beings do not belong to them.  In this way I will be found upon all of the hearts of this world, reflecting My Presence by means of the good and redeemed souls.

Those who may spread this instrument and legacy of peace will be between My Hands like sparks of light scattered to the four points of the Earth.  In this way they will confirm the moment of the new Apostles, of the 144,000 that will be summoned by Heaven for the mission of spiritual salvation, of those who will fall to My right and left when I will be already here among you.

In the small things are found the great mysteries that are revealed to the hearts simple and full of the Spirit of God, that congregate them and reunite them in My Celestial Church.

Glorified will be, after this life, those who may carry the medal of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Shepherd of the moribund of spirit.  After one year of Graces I give to you by means of this spiritual instrument, the sign of My Love for you in spite of the mistakes and the infidelities that many commit for not trusting in the God of Love.

I open the doors for those who may want to enter into the Kingdom of Redemption and of Mercy.  Blessed will be those who do not feel vainglory from what I give to you today because I teach you to live in the constant search for humility and for detachment to be able to incarnate the Spirit of Truth.

Those marked by My Love by means of the Glory of this medal will be like living mirrors that will radiate My Mercy and My Light in the time of chaos that today faces your blind world.  Now permit that by means of this sign of Love I make you to understand many things.  The universal time demands a mature change in the consciousness in order to be able to live the time of redemption and of forgiveness. 

Under the Mercy of God that congregates you and unites you through Me, it is already time for you to be blessed on Earth as are the Holy Angels in Heaven.

Glorified Christ Jesus



Monday, August 4 of 2014

Weekly messages

Prostrate yourselves before My Merciful Heart.  In this way I will be able to help you in different ways.

Today I come from Heaven announcing My prompt Return to the world.

I need that My Flocks congregate themselves in love, that they be able to live My Message, that they be able to follow the instructions of the Shepherd for this definitive time.

Today I come to prepare this supper with you and to commune with your souls and spirits as this is the one thing that is valued by the Powerful God.  

See My Rays of Mercy reflected upon you in this moment because there is no greater Light that has come to your aid in these times.   And you must give an account of this through a truthful testimony to others.

Whoever answers to My Word will have eternal life.  Although it may seem that you are being submerged in the darkness of this world, My Light will never let you fall.  My Eyes will make your paths shine and they will indicate the new horizon that each one of you must traverse in My Name.

All are taken to the center of My Heart so that in adoration we may honor the God of Love.

I come once again to repeat My Message because the world continues to equivocate itself.  The doors of the Heavens are being opened in this place as a last call to Redemption.  And when you no longer see Me pass through here you will wait for Me in silence and in prayer. 

I will come to get each one of you in the right and precise moment, but it will not be as you imagine.  Your minds will not be able to reflect any truth because it will be through the strength of the heart, which is imperious and infinite in the face of evil.

Unite yourselves and do not lose sight of unity.  In this way you will alleviate Me and you will not be taking My time with so many observations that I must make about you.  In this way My Eyes and My Heart will be able to be calm, knowing that My Sheep walk towards My Stable, the stable of the heart.  In this way I will be able to help those that are most in need and, as you, other ones will be able to wake up to this convoking that My Name, in honor of the Father is making to all.

Know that all are equal before My Paths.  Many have crossed with Me in other times, even though others have just come to know Me and to feel trust and plenitude in My Merciful Love.

Today, sitting at your table, I share My Words of love and of truth as I did with My Apostles, in serenity, before the Passion.

I have said much throughout time about how I want to see each one of you.  Think no longer that you that will be able to be the same as the others or that you will be able to imitate them.

I invite you to live My Path with plenitude and sacrifice because the treasures that I guard for you are not found in this world, neither in any other person.  That which has come from dust to dust will return and will disappear, but what has come from Spirit to Spirit will return and will live eternally in the Heart of My Father.

These encounters with Me are impulses that I leave for you, precious jewels for difficult and hard times.  That your thirst may never end; that your vanity may not quench the thirst to seek Me.  Do not deceive yourselves and open the eyes to My Light.  I bless you all the time as long as you invoke Me, because there is no one better than Me for your lives, but I let you to be free whenever you may not want to seek Me.

The Love amongst brothers and sisters must be fostered by means of truth, in this way you will be able to live My Words in a simple way and you will be an example for many. 

Let My Steps mark new signs for you to traverse, which you will see in the coming time, before My Return, when I Am no longer here among you sharing My Redeeming Eucharist.  But may My Word not be less strong than yours because by being so you will be going through other paths and the inferior mind would convince you of many things before the time.

Seek the path of the heart all of the time and you will not be lost.  Trust in that which I bring to you by means of My Presence.   Do not fear to confess your miseries to Me, My Ears are infinite and extensive, and they listen to all the vibrations of the Universe, even the breathing of a child.

As the world does not follow the correct path in this time I come to leave for you the last that I can give to you, that which will not be lost among superficial things.  It is My Spirit which will prevail in you in the tribulations and in the falls.  

For this I invite you to renovate yourself after one year of Graces, such unique Graces for each one of you, Graces that are distinct to the eyes of people, infinite Graces that transform and redeem the hearts.

I leave My Heart to you with a universal and spiritual emblem, as a flame that will never die as long as you seek it in a true and sincere way. 

If God has permitted you to live so many things in this time, everything has a reason, a purpose and an aim that you do not know.

Many have chosen the law of suffering instead of the law of Love to learn in the Light of instruction.  But I cannot reverse your decisions My dears, I can only be the Guide and the Star that indicates to you the path towards the mission that God expects you to live in this time, in a simple and humble way. 

I lament for those who are not here today and that did not trust in My Voice.  Because as I warned you in Rwanda, many did not listen to Me.  I hope that this does not happen again in the same way.

Concentrate yourselves in My Heart and may nothing else disturb you.  Seek the perfect attunement with Me because evil will never prevail before My Presence.  It may laugh at Me as it did on the Cross, but it will be defeated and it will be extirpated by means of My Will.  

The Universe blesses you all the time.  Do not seek anything else but My Heart, that which will always welcome you and will give you strength to continue among the darkness’ that are here today.  I invite you to live the path of serenity, that which I learned in the Passion and on the Cross, which is not known by the enemy.   This is the key that makes it lose and give up because Love is always stronger.

The Supreme Love shelters and transfigures, redeems and liberates the cells that are dead from the lack of Light, the Light of God.

I thank you for your efforts to accompanying Me during all this year and I hope that after having been together with Me new doors to redemption may be opened to those who cannot find the path to leave from themselves.

Carry in your hearts the sign of My shepherd Blessing.

May all of those who have failed Me also commune with Me because this is an opportunity to find the final exit.

I bless and I absolve all of those who, today, have opened their heart in trust and in love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

May your hearts be able to be the new chalices that may receive My precious Blood, the code of transfiguration and of renovation so that you may live from today on healing and forgiveness.

Go in Peace and be Light in the darkness.

I thank you.

Glorified Christ Jesus   



Friday, August 1 of 2014

Weekly messages

Brothers and Sisters,

May peace be established in all those who do not possess it and especially may the project of My Peace be accomplished in those who I have called to serve Me throughout the times.

May our hearts be the light of the world; for this your sentiments must be pure and as crystalline as the water of a river.  In this way Companions of Mine, you will assist Me in remedying the grave offenses that the entire world is causing to the Creator God. 

Day and night, through your brothers and sisters of the path, I call you to live My Christic Unity, a unity that will liberate you from your own ideas and will heal you from your own ills.

Despite the spiritual and physical war that the sick world of today lives, I gather you My Dears, so that together, through My Infinite Celestial Grace, you will give testimony that it is possible to live in God, and to live in peace amidst darkness.

Today the Heaven and the whole universe deign to come to visit you secretly, and Heaven enters into your impure hearts to remove the separativity and disunion.  After so many messages and words poured over the world throughout many centuries of work by the Divine Messengers you, My Friends, have asked yourselves:

Why am I here today, Lord?

What am I to do before You, and yet without deserving You?

I answer you:

I love you; I love you so much that you still do not perceive, My Hands pray for your personal and group mission all of the time.  My Grace restores the consequences of your wounds and I serve Myself of all the good that you have; I desire that you be My Soldier of Mercy so that together with Me we may alleviate the evil in this world.  And again you will ask Me:

Lord, among many creatures, why You deign to come to search for me?

And I answer you:

Because the virtue that you keep is entirely for Me and I will not let you lose it for anything, to the point that I will demonstrate to you how to love your brothers and sisters better than what you believe.

For this I tell you, I desire that My Voice will resound in your heart and that it be the redeeming fruit for those who are hungry of spirit.  That which was promised will be accomplished, but before that, no one will be left without notice.  In truth I say to you, that this is My ultimate time of Mercy and of Redemption.

Open the arms to receive Me and to feel the supreme warmth of My Heart.  From all the Uruguayans I expect the big step towards the Purpose, and already I will not allow that no single servant of Mine will pull the rope because the time has come for all to in union in the powerful name of the Love of God.  In this way many sorrows may be avoided for this country, and many will be in time to re-encounter Me.

I need you all even in the most simple things in life.  I have My Eyes on all the servants of My Father.  I thank the spirit of the effort made to receive Me in this humble place.  Remember that when I was among you, many times I sat at the table of the poor and of those who suffer, in order to leave the consolation of My Father.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking tirelessly My Sacred Heart!

Glorified Christ Jesus

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