Monday, January 2 of 2017

Monthly messages

Today I have come to a very needy place; because of this, today I find Myself over a space that is much frequented by the world, by the human consciousness.

My Light is poured out over the Caribbean Sea where a history is kept and where events took place that have still not been healed by anyone.

Thus, My Voice now pronounces itself again in this part of North America, where the Laws are not fulfilled or lived, where the balance and the harmony among souls is not what is most important, but rather just one's own benefit and, above all, what you know as power.

I want you to understand that the world will have to purify itself in order to enter a new cycle.

I come for each one of the immigrants, for those who survive and participate in this planetary reality, which leads you into living through the efforts and in the sacrifice of your lives so as to be able to grasp an opportunity.

This is why I find Myself over the Caribbean Sea, at the doors of the city of Miami, so as to be able to illumine with My Light, with the Light of My Spirit and of My Divine Consciousness, to be able to make descend the miracle that all this part of the people need, so that it may receive in this way the Grace of God, and may be filled with Mercy.

This is the reason, companions, why the exercise of the prayer of Mercy will take place here.

I wish you could see beyond the appearances of the material life, which accommodates many souls that cannot get out of it, nor even take a step towards a spiritual consciousness.

I come to try to recover what is lost and that once shone in the universes.

I come seeking the essences that are being separated from Me and that are afraid of not being able to survive in material life, in their jobs, in their families, and above all, for being so far from their nations.

I do not come here to sow any material decision, I do not come to talk about the laws of the Earth, but rather to show what is crooked and what must be straightened towards the path of Light and of Mercy.

The appeal of these souls that have cried out for Me is so urgent that I have listened to them with attention and I am responding to their supplications for the benefit of their spirits and of all of humanity, souls that somehow live the consequences of that life, because there they are.

All are pilgrims in spirit, pilgrims who must enter My Path of Redemption and of Love. It is the path that I offer to the poor in spirit and to the most simple of heart.

Bringing this Grace for the most marginalized, I have My Divine Mercy shine not only in Miami, but also in this part of the United States, a nation that must come out of the deep sleep in which it permanently lives.

Because of this, I open My Arms to everyone, and I want to receive each soul in My Merciful Heart for the purpose that they may feel loved, appreciated, and healed by My Love.

I do not come to impose a conflict in the consciousness of this nation, but rather to awaken it to a truth that everyone sees, and does not want to recognize because it is a very serious fault.

I want to thus constitute in souls an opportunity for them to have the inner strength to be able to vivify Me, to withdraw them from slavery so that they may awaken in a spirit of Grace and of Mercy.

This is why I am over this sea, this Caribbean Sea so appreciated and so tempted, so exploited.

Here, in the beginning, existed a Project, which very few knew, because it was nothing material. 

The Caribbean Sea and its islands were islands of salvation for those who should mirror, as essences, something sublime for the planet.

And here I am, companions, talking about souls that are Mirrors.

The original idea for the Caribbean Sea was destroyed as from the moment of the conquest, because it was the Indigenous Consciousness that should govern in this region, with its humility and reverence, in order to draw to the world Principles of purity and of redemption.

Throughout this pilgrimage, many uncertain doors were being closed and many situations were being transmuted.

I wish that in this Marathon, this conviction of praying with love and fervor may not be lost.

I wish that this might not be one more Marathon, but rather an opportunity of bringing a Grace to your brothers and sisters, for those who are the most unconscious and ignorant of all.

I want to awaken in the inner Christ of each being.

I want to make of Miami a point of Light for the world, a portal of surrender, and not one of personal benefits.

You will think, companions, that this is impossible!

But if My Father asks it of Me, I will summon the souls that must do it, those that must create the foundations of a life of prayer for the non-redeemed.

I have waited for so long to come here and show the world that it must transform, just like other cities of the world that are under superstition, perdition, and abandonment; that are submerged in the material life and far from spirit, from the essence.

To be able to carry out this task in Miami, I have brought My Government, and this means, the Creator Fathers that will intervene in many matters that are not physical.

By means of this Marathon and of your offering, companions I will try to sow new codes of Light in what is lost and in all that has distanced itself from My Creator.

I leave you the opportunity of renewing the alliance with Me, and to make of these moments, opportunities to live sacrifice and surrender; in this way, bringing the essence of transcendence and of the motivation to take new steps towards the Path of Light, towards the Kingdom of God.

During this Marathon, the angels will work by helping the guardian angels of those that sleep the dream of the planetary illusion.

From these seas, so sought by the world, I will elevate the Mirrors of the Centers of Love so that they may refract the Science of Life and of the renewal of all consciousnesses.

I will not cease of taking the steps that My Father has asked of Me; for this reason, I need you to accompany Me and to not lose sight of Me.

From the beginning of this Marathon, everything will be important, even the smallest details.

Each offering, each ceremony, each song, each prayer, as well as each attitude, will make the difference for My Work to be fulfilled in Miami.

I want to resurrect Mirrors that are dead, souls that have distanced themselves from My Heart.

I want to deliver My Flag of Peace to those oppressed, My Standard of Light to the fallen, My Heart to those who suffer slavery.

I want to release the chains of planetary inertia; thus, I have decided to begin in Miami. But be mindful, companions, that after I have gone through here, all will be unleashed and you must not fear.

The powerful currents of My Heart come to liberate the world and the human consciousness from its abysses.

I bless you and I accept your prayers from the heart and not of the word.

With love and perseverance, you will respond to My requests.

I want of My apostles to be servers in full operation, bright stars for the world.