Saturday, February 6 of 2016

Monthly messages

Silence opens the door for you to enter into My Heart and remain there in jubilation and light.

In these last three days we have traversed a great part of Shamballa, and I have shown to your inner beings the next steps which must be taken in this plan that must be completed in the end of times.

Today My Heart feels honored by the results of your endeavor and effort before the Celestial Father. It is still necessary to do more because humanity needs it. Not only in the prayer meetings, in service, but also in day-to-day surrender.

I am with you, accompanying you, guiding you. And now go, go two by two just as the missionaries did, in order to help souls and draw them closer to Me in union with God.

The world still suffers and we cannot hide this; it is a reality before your eyes; it is the consequence of a continuous error, which never ends because there is no deep change generated in the consciousness and in the hearts of all human beings. The time of My Justice is coming, therefore I am preparing you to be bearers of My Mercy, and to disseminate it every day, just as souls need this in the coming times.

In Shamballa we have experienced an inner retreat that must remain engraved in your memories because the new events will start from there, the new works will begin, and souls will gather around My Glorified Heart to serve the Universe in this project of redemption. The doors of redemption must still be open so that more souls can enter, just as you did in these last years, when you have been called to live forgiveness and love in this school on the planet.

I rejoice when there are souls that dare to follow Me in truth and do not fear to lose anything, because in truth the Universe always gives them everything, more than those who do not follow Me.

The treasures that My Heart holds for you are incalculable and infinite.

I wish you did not only love My Mercy, but also My Grace, which is the living power of My Divinity that was also amongst you in past times to guide you toward the redemption and the love that you did not know or that you had forgotten.

Today, before the doors of Shamballa, before the twelve choirs of angels that gather around the King of the Universe, before the presence of Adonai and of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, I again remind you: never forget to love, because if you love as I have loved you, you will know how to forgive and will not be in sin.

My mission is that you be apostles in these times of darkness and constant tests for all hearts. But I again repeat this message of love to you because you often forget it, and the superficial emerges and leaves you blind, unable to see the importance that the Love of God has in these times. In each Marathon of prayer I remind you of the same key, until one day you are able to unify it with your lives as a part of your beings and it ceases to be only a message, so that you may live it in the practice of this school of redemption.

The twelve choirs represent the twelve missions that still must be fulfilled in the four corners of the Earth; missions that you are being called to participate and collaborate in so that My seeds of light are sown in the most forgotten and abandoned of this world. There are many souls in solitude. There are many hearts that do not receive even a drop of love, not even of human love. For this reason, I prepare you in these present missions, not only those who serve, but also those who pray, so that you can take your great step of evolution through a humanitarian service, in which the pain of the world is unbearable when seen face to face.

So, companions, I teach you to do what I did in the past, to love enemies, to triumph by means of love, to give yourself out of love to others, and reach the union with God, the perfect union in that infinite communion with the Celestial Father.

Today I leave for all the presence of My Glorified Heart with its twelve stars and its rays of Grace. May this symbol give you the impulse to adore Me, so that you adore God through His Beloved Son. May this symbol represent, by means of the stars, the union between nations and the constitution of the eternal love for the whole planet, the redemptive Christic love. May the rays be the souls that emerge from My Glorified Heart, rays that expand through all spaces to illuminate the dark abysses of consciousness, and to raise sinners to the Kingdom of God, where they must achieve mercy through the cooperation of their fellow beings, of their servers and peacemakers.

May you not depart from Aurora without these signs that I leave in your hearts, because they will be of help at the moment you will have to take the great leap in evolution, just as the missionaries in the Middle East have done and have shown God.

As Your Lord, I recognize the offering that you are doing through the daily prayers in the groups of prayer. This vitalizes the Plan, it makes it come alive in each one of you, and you lovingly feel yourselves to be participants in this work of redemption and peace that will be fulfilled through the efforts and the surrender of all My companions.

Through this day of prayer you have entered Shamballa with Me and your souls have recognized the importance of loving the Plan of God and of drawing it to Earth through good works, so that it may be completed just as My Father has expected since the beginning.

You are a very characteristic flock that can awaken other flocks to service, to prayer, to confraternity, something that I hope to fulfill through you all the time and throughout all the days of this life until the end of times; until I return to be present at the judgment of the Earth, together with all of the celestial choirs that will enunciate their proclamations of how the last two thousand years of this humanity have been. At that moment there will no longer be any time left.

Therefore I come at this time to motivate you to the greater surrender and so that you do not lose sight of the Purpose that shines before your eyes like a great sun to illuminate the pathways of all servers.

Today I embrace those who have opened their heart to Me and I place them under My Mantle to unite them with God and with My Merciful Heart. Today the offering I make is for all, because all have the opportunity to live in the name of the love that comes from the Universe for all galaxies.

In this way, My companions, I show you how to please the Heart of God, which is very forgotten by the world because of war and separation.

May God always hear you and may His Works be fulfilled in simple hearts. May you truly want to change for the good of humanity and of the new promised land.

Always pray with Me to be strengthened, prayer is the dialog between our hearts, it is through which My Grace can flow to your spirits.

In spite of the falls, I contemplate you because My Love is larger than your sins or your uncertainties. You still do not know My Love, but I am showing you a part of My Love, which is the Love of God, the living and wise Love that understands and helps souls, that draws them closer to the source of Love in order to be reborn every day so that each soul fulfills its mission, the one they have come to fulfill at this time.

Today I will say a new prayer for you, and I ask you to unite now with Emmanuel. This prayer, My companions, was recited by Me to My apostles at the Last Supper, before Judas gave Me up. I call it the “Prayer of the Purpose,” because it is the Purpose for this humanity from the beginning of the peoples of the desert, of Abraham, of Moses, and of the prophets.

Prayer of the Purpose

O Glorious and New Jerusalem!,
       that inhabits the dimensions of My Father.

O Sacred Treasure of the Ark of the Covenant!,
       which still vibrates in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

New Jerusalem,
       descend as a shining city, as the New Humanity over the children of My Father.

O Glorious and New Jerusalem!
       unite with the spirits that believe in the Kingdom of God
       and that only wait for the promise of the second Return of Christ to be fulfilled.

O New Jerusalem!,
       formed by the One Mind of My Father and His marvelous creations,
       become life in the souls that wait for the fulfillment of the Redeeming Project.

O Glorious and New Jerusalem!
       that once shone in the firmament of Bethlehem,
       when the Firstborn Son incarnated on Earth to offer a testimony of Mercy to the world.

O Glorious and New Jerusalem!
       unite with the purpose of those who are self-summoned
       to live My Second Coming to the world.

Father, Father-Mother Emmanuel, descend to Your New Jerusalem,
       which shines in the Universe, as the principle of the new purpose for the New Earth.

O New Jerusalem!
       may your laws and goals be fulfilled in those that wait for your arrival.

O New Jerusalem!
       today I open the doors before You so that the Father can touch the heart of His children
       and they may feel the confidence of living in the Purpose.

Sacred and New Jerusalem, filled with angels and archangels, with laws, gifts, and designs,
       descend to this sick world that grows darker for having forgotten You.

O Glorious and New Jerusalem!
       may your love manifest so that souls may relive your Principle of Ascension y Unification with God.
       May the New Humanity emerge from the arrival of the Glorious and New Jerusalem.
       May all become One, and in Unity may we be in My Father, Emmanuel.

Beloved Father,
       just like in Gethsemane you placed the greatest weight on My Shoulders,
       which was the sin of the world and the perdition of souls,
       after having fulfilled Your request in the name of Love and of Unity by your side.
       O Emmanuel,
       fulfill My petition that Your children receive the new Light of the Universe.

       open the door of the New Jerusalem, so that all may enter and no one may be left behind. Emmanuel,
       may Your paternal Gaze illuminate the souls, and may we be One forever in Your New Kingdom.