Friday, July 17 of 2015

Monthly messages

On this holy day in which the darkness of the Earth is moved away from those of Mine, I wish to dictate to you an aspiration of My Heart. I have come to talk to you of the glorious image of Your Glorified Lord Jesus, and of the powerful image of the Merciful Jesus.

I dictated to Sister Faustina the celestial and universal powers of My ocean of Mercy, and one night, I revealed to her My merciful Face so that the world would come to know the infinite Compassion of My pitiful Heart. In this way I showed to her the blood and the water that sprung constantly from My side and also I let her know the great thirst that I had felt at that time before a blind and deaf humanity, which never wanted to listen to the Voice of God through His Beloved Son.

At that time the blood and the water were the great justification of humanity before God, by means of Christ, to be able to awake in the world a form of universal atonement. Thus I asked My daughter, Sister Faustina, to commission the painting of an image just as she had seen it in a vision. I came during the night to demonstrate that I Am the Light that overcomes and illuminates all darkness by means of My Mercy. In this way I revealed the ocean of My Mercy and I asked that it be put in writing that whoever would venerate and contemplate it in the end of the times would be protected by the mantle of My Unfathomable Mercy.

Ten years later, when the war had already ended, My Face became known. No painter would be able to express My Presence; they would only be able to do it if they loved the Mercy of My Heart.

I asked in that time that My Mercy would become known and venerated on Sunday after Easter, because in the past, after My death, the apostles came to know the power of My Resurrection through the wounds of My Mercy. It was in this way that, by means of the face of My Mercy, Adonai granted humanity, despite its sins, the knowledge of the exit path towards the universe of the Love of God.

Years have passed and humanity did not understand what that atonement, which I offer to the souls of the world, meant. But I promised in the Garden of Gethsemane, before I elevated Myself to the Universe, that I would return with even more power and glory. For this reason I said to Sister Faustina through inner locution, minutes before her death, that humanity would have the Grace of coming to know My eternal Glory through the powers of My Mercy. I said to her that before My return to the world, before the completion of the last eight lunar cycles, I would again appear with the face with which My Father has dressed Me, so that in this way humanity would contemplate not only My Mercy, but also the mystery of My Grace by means of the essence of My Glorification, that which is known by all of the Universe.

Today I have come, days before all come to know My Face, to reveal the twelve promises for those who will contemplate and keep the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus. I have come at this holy night of supper so that the world will consciously know whom they are contemplating. I promise to those who will contemplate My glorified image:

1. To unify the essence of the purpose of the family, free from the influences and the trends of these times;

2. The materialization of the spiritual task through the consecration of the mind, body and spirit to the Sacred Heart of Jesus;

3. The divine protection for the travelers and for those who work daily out of love for the Plan of God;

4. The inner knowledge of an experience of spiritual love that will make inner maturity possible;

5. To liberate you from the evils that influence the life of prayer and that disturb the dreams;

6. The reconciliation with the Holy Eternal Father, so that in this way you will find again your spiritual task;

7. To keep away from danger those who in reverence will carry and diffuse the image;

8. The spiritual union with the Primordial Source during the time of the planetary transition;

9. The guidance beyond the tests and fears;

10. The expansion of the cannel of the heart so that Christ-God will dwell there;

11. The redemption of the habits and of the actions that lead to a life of condemnation of soul and loss of spirit;

12. The union with the essence of the Most Holy Trinity, that is, the spiritual communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When you are before My Mercy you will be asking for redemption. When you are be before My glorified Face you will be praying for the evolution of your souls. In this way you will have two ways of entering My Kingdom: through My Mercy and through My Glory.

Under the Piety that comes from God—Who has permitted all this, be blessed.

Who unites you with the Divine Creation,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



Saturday, July 4 of 2015

Monthly messages

Children and companions of Mine,

Twenty-four constellations of this universe, represented by the Lords of Adonai, the most wise and humble among the wise, descend today together with the Redeemer of all impossible things.  They descend to prepare you for the anniversary of the Marathons of Mercy, in the month of August of this year.

In that moment, a cycle will be closed for all before the Celestial Universe and a new one shall begin to all those who may have corresponded to the Will of God in wherever place of the world they may be.

It is for that blessed cause that, today, I present Myself to all of you sweating blood and water from each part of My Glorified Body, because the divine tension is too great by seeing that many of you are still deciding for your own lives, easily forgetting the Sacred Spirit of My Sovereign Will.

Today I come to ask, in the name of all, for the Forgiveness of God for your insistence in wanting to do your own stingy human will.

But many of your brothers and sisters, the simplest ones, fill My Heart and encourage Me to keep on guiding you until you can see the great divine need of responding to My requests.

I need, children, that you reflect about your actions and be able to recognize Me in the different masters that I, with so much love, have placed in your path so that you could learn.

Have you internally recognized them?  The masters who you live with teach you day after day about things that you still do not know and about those that are still unclear within you.

Have you been able to see them with the heart?  They are your brothers and sisters.

I know that many cannot believe nor see them as masters who teach you how to truly love the Plan of God and how to love less your own and small plans.

For this I have asked, in the universe of love, unity and fraternity, for the twenty-four Masters, the wisest of all, those who guide a great part of My Redeeming Plan, to come with Me to help you understand with the heart and not with the concrete mind that you must see more than ever the Great Will of Adonai.

I do not wish for any of you to be like Jude, who in the moment of greatest weakness and failure exchanged the Love of the Universe for thirty-three golden coins.  My Sovereign Power is worth much more than all that; blessed be the one who knows how to recognize that in this critical hour.

For this, in truth I tell you that after twenty-four Meetings of Prayer and Mercy something should already be different in of you.

Where is My flow? In which place of yourselves have you put it?

Dear companions, the times will get increasingly difficult, because all humanity is resistant and does not want to change.  Some of your brothers and sisters have already turned their backs on Me and only listen to their own lower self.

What else can I do but wait for the Judgment to arrive?

Be in Me and you will not lose yourselves.  Renew your faith so that it may stop being an appearance.  I need you, for this I have come again to ask you for your fidelity and love for each other.

These are My last words; do not act like in Kibeho, listen with the heart.  I do not speak to any mind.  When you manage to listen to Me with the heart, My words will be pure energy in your lives.

May this Marathon be a renewal of faith and of brotherhood, thus you will be prepared to receive Me in the month of August, in which My Glorified Face shall present itself with Love and Mercy to all.

Under the Unfathomable Piety that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to Me with your heart!

Your Savior, Christ Jesus

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