Special Apparition
Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the city of Ávila, Castilla y León, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón and Sister Lucía de Jesús

Place your gaze upon My Heart so that you may find the Universe of My Peace.

On this day I am the Lady of Mount Carmel, who takes care of religious life and also of the evolution of souls.

For this reason, I have come today with the Kingdom of My Peace, so that you may feel encouraged to enter into it and confidently feel your true origin.

This is the House of the Father, where everything is created and recreated.

This is the plane and the dimension where everything exists and nothing is separate; because here, in this place, the Primordial Source arises from where this entire Universe that was created has come, from the moment in which the Father emitted His Thought and His Feeling of Love so that everything would exist, as well as His creatures, so similar to His Divine Consciousness.

It is from this Higher Heaven that I come today as Mother and Lady of Mount Carmel, to strengthen the spirituality of souls.

Today I show Myself like this, before your inner eyes and before your hearts, so that you may see that something greater exists, and which is unknown to many.

In this place is also Christ, your Lord, your Master and Sovereign.

From there, with the Laws of the Father, He rules the Universes and commands them, so that fraternity, love and unity may exist.

Into this Heaven, not all can enter, but there are other Heavens that are open to receive you.

I show you this Heaven from where I come today, because it is where I will take those to whom I have appeared through this Work, so that together with Me, and in the next world that will not be material, they may continue to serve Me and may continue to respond to the call, which is not only for the future humanity, for the next humanity, for the next race, but also for everything that will come afterwards, for this Universe and beyond it.

Each one of the souls has a place in Heaven, which it must conquer with its sacrifice, with its surrender, with its renunciation and above all, with prayer.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer: Our Father

My silence speaks to the world and I hope you can hear Me and understand Me through My silence.

Let silence be the balm for your wisdom, for today you stand before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

But I know you will not understand what this means. I only come to speak to your souls, and, as a result, to your hearts.

My Words will be sown in open hearts and it will be My Words that will yield results in your lives, for each one contains a spiritual energy. Thus, I have given you many Words and Designs so that you could understand the moment you are experiencing.

The consciousness is not awakened and I have come seeking the awakening of your consciousness.

To many I have given incalculable treasures, but others received the crumbs of My bread, and in them I have seen the value they have given it. I am not demeaning any consciousness. This is only a parable so that you can understand Me, for it will be in this way that you will be able to hear Me, before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

To others, I have given My most precious pearls. Where are those treasures? How have you kept them within you? The treasures are talents, rather than the skills of your minds.

The mind of humanity is dead. It is not necessary that you believe in Me, simply look around you to understand how the world is, what the human mind has done when in disunion with God, the Celestial Father.

The Divine Mind is the infinite wisdom that goes beyond forms and all structures. The mind is sustained by love, because if the mind does not live in love, it is rapidly impoverished.

I come to teach you, in the end of times, the path of the heart. Many of you have already traveled it. Woe to those who have not done so because of the desire to be in comfort!

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Mother María Shimani:

Good afternoon to all of you; we are now in the last 150 beads of the Marathon of Divine Mercy. And we here, at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, have experienced a very special day. The only thing lacking was the descent of the Dove of the Holy Spirit, carrying us all into Heaven. The fervor, the intensity, the devotion, and the love were the essence of today's prayers, and the scenery was there to welcome us, so that the descent of the Holy Spirit could manifest.

Today we have learned that we can converse with God, face to face, when we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and that, word by word, we place our supplication for this world and for this humanity in the Heart of God. And when His children cry out in this way for Mercy, Our Father, Who has a great and kind Heart, does not wait for even a second to pour out His Mercy upon this world.

So today we have learned to speak, face to face, with God and our prayer has changed completely. So as from today, we now know how to speak with God every day at three in the afternoon.

Receive an eternal blessing so that this blessing, in the coming days, may sanctify you.

Pray with Me for My petitions, for My precepts, for My designs, for My great Will, which is the Will of the Most High God that comes on this day to aid you.

To pray with Me, concentrate your heart on the flowing source, on the water of Life, the water of redemption and of peace that, from Heaven and Infinity, comes to wash and purify you.

Pray from your heart with Me as you have done today, in offering and in the giving of self to God.

Prayer: Our Father (in Aramaic).

To honor My Heart and so that your sins and faults be forgiven, in the name of all this humanity and of those who become lost and do not listen to God, of those who do not drink of the fount of My Heart, for this purpose, for this divine objective, let us pray together, three times, each sign of My Passion and of My Transfiguration. I am listening to you. Elevate your offerings to My Most Sacred Heart.

Special Apparition

When souls in the world become lost, I have them find the path again to God through My Love, and in this way, redemption is established in the hearts that ask for My help, and in the hearts that ask for their brothers and sisters, so that My Plan of Peace may be established in all this humanity.

Thus, I close the door to My adversary, who corrodes souls spiritually and leads them to damnation, to obstacles in life and mainly to the absence of Love.

I have come here, dear children, to meet with you under the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; because the Most Holy Trinity has sent Me, in this cycle and these times, to prepare you for what will come.

I need your hearts to establish My reign in this world. I need you to accomplish the Plan of Peace with Me that the Lord so awaits.

The world is still deaf and blind, but your hearts are open to Me, and you know, dear children, that this is so and that I need your hearts to fulfill My designs, no matter in what way nor how imperfect you are in the eyes of the universe.

I do not come here to seek your outrage, your indifference or omission. I come here seeking in you what really exists in the depths of your beings, which is God. It is that God that you should be experiencing in this time, for all those who do not experience it.

Remember, dear children, that each time you wake up, at each new morning, you must remember God, because God has been forgotten in this time by the hearts that have not understood Him nor accepted His Will, which is not your lower and human will.

I need to establish a Kingdom here, dear children, that is impossible in these times, but that is possible when your hearts open to receive My call, each time I announce it to the world.

I have come to Catalonia to bring you the mystery of My Love, as I already once brought you, when I found you in this same city to renew your vows to the Celestial Father. My wish, dear children, is that those vows be strengthened in this time, not only by you, but by your brothers and sisters that are on this path, and also by those who are not and who have forgotten God, the Father of Love and Unity.

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