Monday, September 4 of 2017

Monthly messages

The end of a time and the beginning of a new one has come.

The end of a stage and the beginning of a cycle has come.

The time has come to embrace the planet, to make it a part of you, in each breath as in each movement. While you sleep, while you awaken; in all that you do, you must embrace the planet and, within it, all its humanity.

This is the day of the end of a preparation in which, from now on, I will send My apostles, two by two, as in the ancient times. But now, to give testimony of My second Coming, to serve those who are most in need, in unknown amplitude; to carry on My Plan of redemption in humanity, in this last phase of the Apocalypse.

Therefore, open your hands and give them to service, because thus I will be able to place in them the Designs that My Father has given to Me, for this last phase of the planet.

I call upon your prepared consciousnesses to live a greater service and to make it a part of your lives, everyday.

The time has come, companions, of abandoning quietude and inertia. It is time to fulfill that which I need, through all that you have learned in order to take it forward as a service to humanity.

And when I speak of humanity, I speak of the five continents, and not only of Brazil.

Who will walk amid the storms of the world to give testimony of My Presence?

Who will take My Merciful Heart to those who need it the most?

Who will risk their life for Me, in order for this Project not to fail?

Who will give all for all, in order for My redeeming Project to be fulfilled?

I gave you the most precious treasures in these last times.

I gave you the most precious keys in these last cycles.

I gave you My Divinity, My Soul and My Heart, in each meeting, so that all these Gifts are at the service of those who cry out the most.

It is necessary, companions, to take a step forward, because there is still much to be done and My Task and My Mission, for each one of you, will not stop it here, even if there is resistance.

I ask you not to oppose My Purposes, that which I have predicted for the world is very great, and I have called each one of you to accompany Me, step by step. And you have given signs of this reality, that is why I am here.

Do not try to understand with the mind what I am asking of you at this moment. Place My Words in your hearts so that they may sow as new seeds and thus the spirit will sprout, in this material life, the realization of My Plan upon the surface.

I come, at the end of the day, with new strategies, that are completely unknown to My adversary.

We are in a time where everything will be defined, within and outside of you.

Embrace with love My Words and drink from them as if they were a source, because this will be the only thing that will nurture you in these times of darkness, where everything is at stake.

I come to build new bases upon those that already exist. It is in this way that I come to renew the times and each one of your consciousnesses before the true necessity that exists in this planet, of an immense flow of love and of an infinite expression of Mercy.

If that were lost in the world, what will happen?

Will more nuclear tests be activated?

And what will happen to your humanity?

What will the Creator Fathers be able to do before the ignorance of the world?

This is why My Plan, in the end of the times, has changed. Today I will not be able to tell you what it is about, but I invite you to trust it completely, because thus I will be able to know, from this moment on, where to deposit My Designs so that they can be fulfilled in a greater number of souls.

I come to bring you, in this way, the Divine Wish of God for these times of darkness, where your lives must become spirits of apostleship on Earth.

I gave you the sword of prayer so that you could learn to fight.

I gave you the Standard of My Peace so that you could crown each space of this planet under the presence of My infinite Divinity.

I gave you the armor of faith so that you could learn how to overcome the times and the tests, the fears, the doubts and the uncertainties.

I taught you how to have a humble and noble heart so that you could learn to be peacemakers, not only among yourselves but throughout the entire world, with all races, with all peoples and in all nations, carrying the spirit of My Love and of My Mercy.

If you want to know what your mission is for this moment, search during this Marathon and through the merciful prayer, so that this become revealed in you, in order that I may count on more instruments to realize My Works in this planet.

You are a very blessed group of consciousness, sheltered, loved and contemplated by My Father.

Therefore, there is nothing else that you must do, but only follow Me in total confidence, resignation and surrender to My Glorified Heart.

On this 50th Marathon, I come to give you the keys of My Kingdom, so that you open the doors to salvation through your service in all the nations of the world, in all peoples and in all races, mainly those that you do not know.

Thus, I will be able to send My Current of Cosmic Fire through your service towards humanity. Because if humanity is not healed, the Kingdoms cannot be healed either.

Everything is part of an evolutionary chain and the healing of this planet first must begin in you, to then take place in the whole world.

Raise, then, your intentions of surrender, so that My Father may receive them in His Kingdom.

Raise your thoughts and feelings so that the most subtle energies of the Universe may work through your hearts.

At the end of this day we are closing a history in the Books of the Kingdom of My Lord, and a new history is being written at this moment, through your inner worlds.

Because My great aspiration is to count on more missionary souls, that can live My Love and be able to express It in their lives, in each new service for the healing of this humanity.

Companions, it is time to live the apostolate in the four points of the Earth, and among all cultures, being protected by the spirit of My infinite Love.

Open to the void so as to be nothing, and in that absolute surrender, I will be able to place all My intentions in all My Works in your little hearts.

And thus, My Will shall be fulfilled, which is the Will that the Father has given Me to communicate, to each one of you.

Do not be afraid of going to remote places or of being among unknown by peoples and races. Everyone was born from the same Project. Everyone emerged from the same Source, by means of the donation of different reservoirs.

All are part of the Love of God, it’s just that the majority of humanity has forgotten its filiation with the Father, and as a result it is so lost, so blind and so mistaken.

But through your lives and hearts I have attained some merits, therefore, it is time to renew the principles of your spirituality, because the Will of the Father is lived in cycles, it is not static, as your lives might be.

The Will of the Father is dynamic, constant and infinite.

I am teaching you, companions, to follow the dynamism of the Will of God, because thus you will not be imprisoned by inertia, by ignorance and by everything that takes your attention away from My Heart.

Today I was crowned by a golden Altar, and that does not make Me greater than you. I make myself little so that the majority cannot see Me.

Because the One that has the Power, above everything, is our Father who is in Heaven, and to Him we owe the Grace and the joy for having allowed His Most Beloved Son to be here, during these fifty gatherings. Some day you will understand the magnitude of this treasure.

And, even though it is apparently the same prayer and the same exercise, many things have changed, inside of you and around you.

I ask you, companions, Is this true?

Do you feel you are the same as before fifty gatherings?

Sometimes you answer Me like the souls in Limbo, that only surrender to something they never know because they live the trust of My Love.

Are you open to serve the world completely?

Do you want to be different from what you have been so far?

Are you sure?

In truth, you do not know what you have answered.

Then, you have allowed Me to knock on the door of your homes and to call you to live what you have never lived before, what you call “holy madness”.

You must always remember that you will count on the joy of My Spirit, in spite of what happens in the world and of everything that may precipitate upon it.

Do you accept to be humanitarian servers in more than one hundred and seventy countries?

Are you willing to go with Me wherever I send you?

Are you willing to enter the conflicts of the world to be able to dissolve them?

Then, the Work will be fulfilled with your response.

Remember what you have answered to Me today and what you have committed yourselves with.

I do not come to ask you that which is impossible, because I know the reality of each being and their commitment in this Plan of Love.

And now I will be able to say that, after these fifty gatherings, I will have the permission to return, as I so much expected, as I so much yearned for; to be able to break the bread and give the wine to My friends, thus celebrating redemption.

In this Marathon, I would like to have the Blessed Sacrament upon this Altar, because It will serve as a spiritual and inner shield so that My missionaries may now enter the most difficult places in the world, so that more souls may awaken and heal their pain by means of love.

Dear companions, I would like this Marathon to be offered, in each prayer, for the Designs of God for this planet and for all its humanity, so that the one thousand years of peace may be promptly established.

Do not fear if the human beings of the Earth cause things. Remember that My Protection in you lies above all those things. Remember that I Am the Solar Sun, and where the Sun is, the Source is, the Source of all Graces.

We will sanctify this space, blessing it with the sacred elements so that it may be ready, in this special meeting, for the impulses that will come from the Universe for each one of your hearts.

I would like, on this alter and inside the basket, that you put your offering and your aspiration to serve Me somewhere in the world by means of a humanitarian mission and I will tell you where you must go. You will know in a short time.

While your hearts sing, the planet heals and the most innocent and wounded souls are submerged in the Source of My Divine Mercy, and what is chaos becomes light and the Light establishes My Peace.

So be it.

I bless you, as My Father blessed the Most Holy Mary and the Apostles with His Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for being with Me, unconditionally.

Continue to sing in joy, because joy brings the peace and the Mercy of God to each corner of this planet. Amen.