Sunday, December 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

Today I ask you to keep your eyes closed so that you hear My Voice and enter into My Heart for a moment, where everything will be revealed for the souls of the world that seek Me in this crucial hour, overcoming the obstacles, the inconveniences, and all the tests that are a part of the End of Times, which will define all consciousnesses as to whether they will enter the Kingdom of God or not. Because this Kingdom is near through My Second Coming to the world.

Therefore, close your eyes and feel My full Heart, which comes to comfort you in the Light of the Creator and all of His Glory.

Today I show you again My wounded Heart, injured by the sins of the world that grow day after day, disproportionate to the Fount of My Mercy.

But I am above all that cruelty, believe this is true.

I do not come to judge either you or your siblings. I come to bring the reality that many do not see and which takes place in all nations of the world.

This is why I have come to this place, so close to the United States, because I am already approaching, little by little, with the whole of My Consciousness and with all of the Power that God has given Me to enter this suffering nation that only thinks of what is material and not of the spirit, which is fading in each one of My children.

Because of this, I come to unveil the mysteries, bringing My true Consciousness to the world, My true Principle and Origin, so that those who have never known Me may know Me deeply.

Thus, I come to bring an incalculable opportunity to each one of the creatures of the nations who, in spite of their mistakes and sins, must awaken before I return to the world.

Thus, I come to banish what is not spiritual, what is no longer a part of the Plan of the Creator.

This was His main request to My Heart, and I come to fulfill it, because I fulfill all the promises I have made throughout time.

From Nazareth to the revelation of My Sacred Heart to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, passing through the revelation of My Divine Mercy to Saint Faustina Kowalska, until I arrived here, to the present, so that you may know My Glory and My Grace as the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

Through these three manifestations of My Divine Consciousness, I come to give an ultimatum to the world.

The Face of My Glory is the last revelation for humanity.

Not only is this Face full of the Mercy of God, but through the Power of Grace, I will be able to reverse impossible things in the nations of the world that open their hearts, principally their souls, to recognize the Love of the Son of God, that is above all beliefs and religions, because It is the Love that is born of the Source of the Father for all creatures of the planet.

In this way, through this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite all those who pray in the world to prepare for My arrival in the United States through your prayers and pleas, because although it will be one time, it will still be compelling, powerful, direct, and sublime, so as to recreate, in the spirit of this nation, a connection with the Source which is already lost.

In the face of this revelation, companions, I come to open your hearts to sacred knowledge, which is born and springs from My Merciful Heart because it is Principles, profound and very intimate wishes of the Heart of the Celestial Father.

As a part of His Manifestation, as a Member of His Second Persona in the Most Holy Trinity, I have the authority, dear companions, to come and reveal these things to you, so that the majority of consciousnesses of all possible nations, and if it is possible, of the whole world, may awaken to this call, which is an inner call and not an outer one, which is able to echo in your hearts and souls, when you receive it in humility and simplicity before My Celestial and Divine Presence.

And in spite of the spiritual war not having ceased, and that the Armageddon is at the doorway of the world, I invite you to be My servers, following My Footsteps, proclaiming all possible Divine Powers through the word of prayer, so that, as lights and codes, they may descend over the souls that most need it.

Truly I tell you, companions, that the Power that God has given Me to pour out at this moment and in this time over all the nations of the world, comes to banish human power, the power over material and spiritual life.

I come to banish the last ones who were deported and who have not yet redeemed themselves, in the hearts of which I have not even a space to dwell and live.

In this way, companions, I come to remove you from spiritual illusion.

Each day in which you offer your prayers to God, you will be able to discover within yourselves how many inner aspects there still are to redeem.

Nevertheless, I am repeating, if you trust in My Heart all that will quickly dissipate and nobody will have to suffer the consequences of their resistance.

In this way, I invite you, beloved of Mine, to liberate your hearts from the chains of evil, and to connect them with the Fount of My Divine Mercy, where all Graces can truly descend and hearts will enter My spiritual Fullness, which was granted after My Death and immediately following My Ascension to the Heavens.

Thus, I bring you all the new codes that your beloved Redeemer attained after His Great Sacrifice on behalf of humanity.

I open the doors to each one of your consciousnesses and spirits so that you may always find the truth. Because within truth, companions, is the source of your transformation and redemption.

Thus I come to remove from each one of you, from each one of the nations, the great blindfold over your eyes so that you may see, after having been blind for a long time.

Each one of you is considered by My Merciful Heart to be a potential server that can fulfill My Designs on the planet.

Believe it is possible that you can be My apostles of love, on the basis of truth and of humility, within which all things truly transform.

I deposit a key in your hearts, which is the possibility of being able to love more and more.

This is why My Heart suffers when it sees that the souls of the world do not truly love and only seek the abuse in material life, in power, in human control, in property.

But this will not enter the Kingdom of God when your souls detach from your bodies.

Thus, I come to deliver the true Treasures of Heaven, by means of My Codes of Christification.

Keep them in your inner temple so that they can be sown, can sprout, and be as an offering to the Creator.

These are the Gifts that I bring to the world, the last Gifts that will sustain consciousnesses during the acute cycle of transition that day by day and in a precipitated way, approaches humanity, and of which not everyone is aware.

You have seen, dear companions, what is left of Central America even though we have passed through there.

We avoid great evils in the world, and even then, humanity continues to be asleep inside the illusion of material life and the belief in its own spiritual path.

Just as My Mother does, every day, between My Hands today I sustain the great knots of the planetary consciousness.

Today I come to untie the first one. What will this mean, companions, for a world that is entering fully into its purification, where the majority does not know how to live it?

I invite you again, just as I said to Saint Faustina, to trust in My Merciful Heart, where you will always be protected and safe from all that will be seen in humanity in this last phase of the Earth.

I also come to invite you to not only to transform yourselves day by day, but also that you emerge from the deception, that you not suffer, that you not be perturbed or intimidated.

I know the essence of your hearts, because it is the Authority that My Father has granted Me.

You still do not know the potential of your hearts and the great capacity of loving much more.

This is what I come to seek from each one of you. It is this love that will be born from your hearts, which although it does not seem so, will sustain humanity and the planet, at least the axis of the Earth, that has already started to shift its position after the last events in Latin America.

I come to ask you, do not live in normality; do not believe that everything is fine.

All will only be fine when you seek God every day and you believe in the Power of His Love, which is Infinite and Incalculable.

So I come to open the borders that want to close. I come to unite, in essence, the nations of the world, the races and the peoples that in other times have harmed and hurt each other.

I come, just as My Mother has done in Guadalupe, to establish a New Consciousness in the human race; that is not known by anyone because it is a great Gift, a great Talent of God, that will unite hearts in fraternity, despite their cultures and peoples.

You know, companions, that My only Purpose is to avoid the suffering in humanity, which is created by surface humankind every day.

I want you to tell the world that My Heart is suffering, is wounded, is injured by the crown of thorns that humanity places on it, and that increasingly makes My Heart agonize; which being full of Mercy and Love, is not accepted by the humankind of Earth

I feel a great relief when you adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament.

You cannot even imagine, companions, how many wounds are closed each time that you observe Me, that you contemplate Me and adore Me in the Holy Eucharist, where I am always present for all sinners of the Earth.

Do not lose the courage of living Me. Do not lose the joy of meeting Me. Do not miss the opportunity of trusting Me.

Because in spite of the mistakes being great, even greater is My Divine Mercy.

I come to make you barefooted of the past. I come to make you lose your essence of mortality, so that your consciousnesses, especially your souls, achieve immortality, the Eternal Life.

I come to wash your hands, your faces, and your heads. I come to wash your feet, so that you may be purified in the Fount of My Love, being reborn in spirit, in perfect communion with My Glorified Heart.

And now I want to ask one request of you, in truth two requests.

The first, that you offer this Marathon for those who do not pray, for those who do not love, for those who do not wait for Me, nor adore Me.

For the nations of the world, for those who are suffering and undergoing purification.

For those who do not listen to the Voice of My Heart; the Song of My Soul, the plea and the crying out of My Spirit.

Offer this Marathon, each bead of prayer, for the nations, for all of the Americas, so that it may be consecrated to My Sacred Heart, and thus be the birthplace of the New Humanity, which is in redemption.

My second request is that you sing to Me each time I come here, a song, a crying out, which is important for these times, for this transition of the Earth.

I want all to know My sincere Heart, that you may live It within yourselves, like an inner call from the Kingdom of God to all of humanity and to all languages.

My wish is that in this moment My Messages and My Apparitions also reach the East, the far East, in Japanese, in Thai, and in Hindu.

Work for Me, because in this way I will be able to reach hearts.

My Message must be in all languages of the world; you are already prepared for this.

The souls that most suffer are still waiting for Me.

I am listening.


“Pray for the world that is agonizing, pray for the Earth, for the Pachamama, only leave the sincere heart free.

Pray with anyone as Christ would do, with the crazy, with the atheist, with the homeless, unite with the cause of being His messenger.

Pray without ceasing because we are coming to the great battle that defines this age, between love and indifference.

Pray, because Christ needs you, pray for the pain in far lands, let Him pour out His Mercy.

Pray as if it were the last day, that each word may become a relief, that the Lord lift up those who are fallen.

Have Pity Lord… have Pity Lord… have Pity Lord… have Pity Lord…

Christ… Christ… Christ… Christ…

Pray sincere heart, pray for love… Pray sincere heart, pray for love…”

Human suffering is the result of not being able to resolve the mistakes that souls carry over time, and for not being able to accept the Love that transforms all those things.

I invite you every day to be a source of love and truth, regardless of how imperfect you are.

Because I will not see in your hearts the many faults you have committed, but rather the effort that you may make of vivifying Me every day, so that redemption may be establish in the world.

Revere Me.

       I who am nothing
       surrender to You
       so that You may make of me,
       Your dwelling place.

Go in peace and in great tranquility.

I wait for you in the Source of My Prayer, in the Sacred Vigil of Divine Mercy.

I give you Peace, so that you may always be Peace wherever you go.

Keep singing so that the sincere Heart never ceases to cry out what humanity does not want to hear.

For this cause and for those that will come, I thank you.

In the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.