Saturday, March 4 of 2017

Monthly messages

Today My Sacred Heart is among you to begin a new path of renewal that will lead you into My Sacred Week, in which we will meet again every day to remember the value of My Passion, and thus, re-live the codes that have made of this humanity a possibility for awakening new Christs.

I still wish that this Project may be fulfilled in this humanity, that the doors to My Divine Mercy continue to open so that millions of souls may drink from My Fount of Love and of Truth.

I have come here to meet you again in faith and in the certainty that you love My Merciful Heart, present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth and in all the Most Blessed Sacraments of the world.

Happy are they who drink of these codes to strengthen their souls in these times.

Happy are they who persist in working every day with My Divine Mercy, until finally, My great aspiration may be achieved of being able to return to the world in Body, Soul, and Divinity to cause all that exists in this world and beyond it to shine.

Today I come with the meekness of My Heart so that you may imitate it. Because it will be in the meekness of your hearts that you will be able to live the purification, and you will not fear the tests that will come because you will aspire to meet them to demonstrate to the Eternal Father that you will be able to go beyond Me in love.

I want to find on your paths, companions, the possibility of being able to be on it, and through your essences, bring the codes of Grace that the world needs.

Thus, through the adoration, the contemplation of My Holy Face, you will be worthy little by little, companions, to receive all the codes of the Universe; those sublime energies that will make of these times, in each one of you, full servants of God.

Because of this, today I also find Myself here in order to find these virtues in your hearts.

I wish that you could penetrate this mystery, that through the adoration of the Son of God and the contemplation of His Holy Face, you may cross these portals that I have established in this humanity throughout time, so that souls may be satiated through My merciful Love and My absolute Peace.

It will be these bases that I offer you, in a simple way, that may make of this humanity a sacred race in the future.

Today I also come here with My agonizing Heart, from still seeing the indifference of humanity.

I want you to fill this need of love, this thirst of love that I have from each one of you.

In this way I will be able to keep coming to the world to bring you peace, trust, hope, liberation, and the renewal of consciousnesses.

From this day on, companions, a new path begins for you, which is illumined by My Sacred Heart so that in the coming Sacred Week, you may be firmer in your decisions and choices.

Because, from time to time, My Heart comes to ask you for something, which each one of you knows already what it is; because at some point you were able to discover it in your prayer or through the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

Do not be afraid of knowing what you must give Me in this time.

I have great treasures for everyone, many unknown to everyone, which are kept in My Sacred Heart, in the Kingdom of the Heavens, where truth and unity reign.

My wish is that you may leave here, companions, with a deep reflection in the heart, that you are invited to take new steps to fulfill, in this race, the so anticipated transcendence of the times, which will make the rescue of this humanity and of all its lesser Kingdoms possible.

I wish you to walk by My side in trust, just as you walk by the side of My Mother in prayer.

We are in a time when everything is allowed, when Grace is possible and when Divine Justice is also possible.

I invite you to live in the strategies of the Plan, so that you may be on the correct path and at the right moment, of knowing the correct step to take; in order not to go back, but to move forward through love, through devotion, and through faith, which may emerge from your hearts.

That is why I offer you Communion with Me every day, not only through the Eucharist, but also through the contemplation of My Holy Face, and the adoration of My Most Precious Eucharistic Body.

There are the answers for your lives, the clarity for your confusions, the peace for your distress.

There is found the wisdom for your spirits, and Eternal Love can deeply blend with you, beyond your essences.

Thus you will be able to understand, companions, how great the infinite mystery of My Love is that I have for each one of you, in order that the New Humanity may be fulfilled.

Come to meet Me spiritually barefoot, leaving at My Feet all that grieves you, everything that separates you from Me, that makes you fragile on the path of spirit and matter.

Trust that it is possible to do everything through My Heart, because I wish the best for each one of you, until I see the Law of God being fulfilled in each creature.

Today, I come to bring humanity, for all who do not hear Me, the Gift of the fear of God.

The fear of being far from Him, most especially from His infinite Love. The fear of moving away from His Path, because the path that the Father offers you is a victorious path, full of His Mercy and of His Grace, so that you may also live it eternally in Heaven.

This Gift is still not understood by humanity because it is indifferent to this Gift.

You who are here, dear companions, who know what the Gift of the Fear of God is, help My servants who are lost, so that they may find again the meaning of their lives.

Therefore, in this Marathon offer Me all the best you can give Me, which I call little sacrifices, which are considered by God to be great goals in brave souls.

This Marathon must be dedicated, companions, to all who are far from God. To all the essences that miss the opportunity of being part of the new race.

Today I dare to ask you, companions, to imagine what it would mean that all those essences that are lost in the superficiality of the world become aware before their death of all the Grace and the love that they missed for such a long time.

Where will all those consciousnesses end up?

Only the intervention of your prayers will cause love to win, that the Law of My Divine Mercy may be fulfilled in each one of them.

Because I have Mercy for all, except that the majority still is not encouraged to let My Divine Mercy penetrate into the depths of your beings.

While that Source of Salvation is open in humanity, I also invite you to be merciful with your peers, and to offer acts of reparation for all those who do not do it, and mainly, who forget what it is to truly love.

Today I come as the Greater Priest, as the Holy Heart of the Son of God, to invite you to move forward in faith, in persistence, in courage, and in the joy of knowing that you will find the path towards My Heart.

Have all of your problems, tests and challenges be outside of this Marathon, so that the action of My Divine Mercy may be fulfilled in you and you leave here as others, not recognizing yourselves, as you never have believed before.

If you trust in what I tell you, and you offer a reparation to God, My Mercy will not only be with you in these days in order to give you universal atonement, but will also be with those lost essences that in this life have not yet found the Love of God.

In order for this work to expand in the world, you must take new steps.

Today I show you the stairway towards the Universe, so that you may cross towards new destinations, where the renewed Will of God awaits you that wants to become flesh and spirit in your consciousnesses.

Today I come as that Greater Priest that offers all for the salvation of souls, so that they may always find the meaning in their lives and may be separated from the illusion and the error.

Because My single objective, companions, is that you may be happy forever.

Today you have offered Me a priestly altar, for the flowers inspire the awakening of My Grace. The simplicity resounds in the Universe as a new musical note, which is emitted by the souls that adore Me and love Me.

Here is the eternal testimony of your salvation: the Divine Essence, becoming Body and Blood, came to liberate the world from all its sins, so that peace, Mercy, and the good may reign. Be participants of this renewing supper.

Happy are they who are present here today, who believe in My Words, because they will not only drink from this Fount of Love through the Body and the Blood of Their Lord, but they will also be blessed during these days by My great impulses of Love, so that at last, the true essence may be born in each being that is present here today.

Remember My Last Supper, and today, when you commune, re-live it, feel how My Hands give you My Most Precious Body so that you may nourish yourselves of My Spirit.

And also how My Hands give you the Chalice, so that you may drink of the Fount of Love and leave forever renewed.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.