Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Holy Angels of God,
faithful guardians of the Divine Relics,
radiate Light and Peace to the world.
(5 times)

I have fulfilled My promise and here I Am, with the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body.

Revere one of the Sacred Relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Forms are permeated by the Light of My Heart at the moment.

Corrupt matter begins to be transformed, density is transmuted and elevated, and within the atoms and cells of beings the Sacred Science of Healing is fulfilled. In this way, the bodies of human beings will liberate themselves from this retrograde condition of the surface.

The angels send their voices to the Heavens, so that the shackle of perdition may be broken and souls may be liberated from the cage of spiritual enslavement. In this way, the time of My prophecy is fulfilled. Hearts begin to attain redemption.

The doors of the Heavens open with the help of the saints and angels. Those who dare to cross them will discover in themselves the sacred mystery of the unknown, which will cease to be a higher mystery and become an inner reality in the consciousness.

Thus, the angels, responding to the request of the Lord, begin to remove the very fine layers of planetary illusion. In this way, many veils will slowly begin to fall from your eyes, from all the eyes of humanity and, on the horizon, those who used to be enslaved and now are liberated begin to see the Son of God coming.

And the Son of God will no longer hide behind the Sun. He will no longer withdraw into the stars, because the great mystery is unveiled and, just as it was on Mount Tabor, the Lord will arrive transfigured. 

And that which has always seemed to be unattainable for many, will be a palpable reality for those who have faith and persist on My Christic path. Because the chosen and the self-summoned will feel the planetary cross with Me, not as suffering, but rather as a great moment of liberation.

And that hope that has been suppressed from humanity, due to all the errors it has committed throughout the ages and up to the present moment, will again emerge and appear as a supernatural force in the heart of those who persist in Christ.

Thus, life on the surface will cease to be a calvary, because the school of suffering will no longer be necessary. The law of spiritual debt will be dissolved, and those who have come with Me until the end, will never again know about duality.

There will be no differences, there will be no dissociations, there will be no wickedness, there will be no sadness, anguish or disease. Because those who will be part of the Last and New Humanity will not know what sin is, because sin will have been transcended by the merits of the power of My Blood, and souls will be bathed in My Light, just as My Light envelopes the world today.

Despite the errors and outrages, despite the indifferences and omissions, despite the fact that the majority no longer seeks God today, nothing will prevent Me from returning to the world.

You may feel at the moment that the spiritual desert becomes more and more arid, that you cannot find the oasis to quench your thirst, that the soil under your feet dries and cracks, perhaps leaving the paths confused.

When all seems absolutely dark and it may seem that the Light will not shine at the bottom of the abyss, that will be the hour of the Lord, just as it was His hour during His Death and His rest for three days in the sepulcher.

At that moment and in that time, which are not so far away, I will descend to the hells of this world, in which many dwell on the surface, to put an end to that suffering and despair.

I will come to heal the deepest wounds, and with My own Hands touch your bodies, just as it was in the Holy Land at each place where your Master and Lord passed.

And at the least expected hour, I will open the door of your homes and you will see Me, just as the apostles saw Me in the Holy Cenacle after I had resurrected.

I will re-appear and fulfill My promise. At that hour, the existing evil will tremble and cry, unable to come out of its profound abysses, because I will give the order to Saint Michael the Archangel to close the uncertain dimensions of the planet, because He will pour out upon the world a Source of Light that is unknown, and never seen before.

But this will not be an analogy or a theory. The Source of Light that your Lord will open upon the world will be seen by all. It will have more power and splendor than a rainbow.

And thus, little by little, the spiritual darkness will dissipate, the sick bodies will be healed, the blind who have never seen will see. Many of My enemies will be converted; and I will be upon a Mount, similar to the Mount of Olives, so that all may see Me come in glory.

I know that many still lack preparation for this event. But do not be perfectionists. Be simple, just as your Master and Lord, just as your Most Holy Mother is, just as Saint Joseph is in humility.

Because God is in that which is simple and true. God does not stand out by Himself, because He shows Himself where His Love lives and reigns, not only in the Heavens, but also on Earth. His Love is shown and manifested among the brothers and sisters who love each other, who are capable of giving their life for their friends, just as I did for you.

When you have Me close in your homes, or when you find Me on your paths, at the moment or on the day you least expect, what will you do? Because I will see everything in you, just as I saw everything on the Cross, in the solemn Silence of God.

When you are face to face with Me, what will you say to Me? Will you do the same as Mary Magdalene did, when she found the Lord in the garden of the sepulcher? In this way, I will call you by your names, just as I called Mary Magdalene. Just as I called the apostles, because they were afraid for having abandoned Me.

And how many times have you perhaps abandoned Me, through the brother you do not love, through the service you do not assume, through the step that you do not dare to take, through the lack of prayer? But I will not come to point out these facts. I will come with Love and Mercy, because I know who Mine are.

Therefore, prepare yourselves to meet Me. May your lives be a mirror of gratitude, let there no longer be complaints, may you no longer be petty. May you value and honor all that I have given to you, because just as you listen to Me today, you will listen to Me when I call you by your name and your guardian angels will be witnesses of that moment.

Therefore, you must remember the Tabernacles of the Earth, just as the angels remember them every day and adore them, so that your hearts may be ready for the first moments of the Return of the Lord.

For just as I showed some of My apostles My true Face on Mount Tabor, so will I show to Mine their loved ones who have left. And at that moment, the covenant of Love will be sealed. And through your efforts and sacrifices, you will allow many of your loved ones to enter My Kingdom, just as many have already entered.

Now, the Chalice of the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body is in My Hands. It is the Sacred Heart of Jesus that comes to offer this Chalice to humanity, so that it may be filled with the most precious offerings of My children, because in the self-giving itself of each one of Mine lies liberation.

Give of yourselves and you will be liberated, and the cross of each one will no longer be a burden, because there are worse crosses in this world, and many of them are in Africa. And My children of Africa are brave, because their faith overcomes all adversity and the Holy Spirit guides the humble in heart.

Now, we will do what I have asked of you, before the moment of Spiritual Communion, when this immaterial Chalice will be attentive to your offerings: you will offer the adoration to My Eucharistic Body so that the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body may receive the offerings of the hearts.

Thus, I bless you in this new stage and in this new cycle, when My Love must be brought to the nations of the world. Remember this: the Love of Our Sacred Hearts must be brought to the world and to the nations that need it the most. Do not forget it, because the coming months will be definitive to avoid more suffering in humanity and on the planet.

Let us adore God, the Creator, through His First-Born Son, the Lord of Israel.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Prostrate yourselves at the foot of Calvary and recognize My Legacy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

“Omnipotent Father of the Universe and of the Earth,
maximum Power among all the universal powers,
sacred Igneous Current of the Cosmic Universe,
inexhaustible Mirror of the universe, perpetual and eternal Alliance.
O, sublime Father of the Universe,
High Regent among all regents,
sovereign Lord of the Heights,
Sacred Emanation among all divine emanations!
O, sublime Lord,
most pure and beautiful Source,
powerful and supreme Love!
O, eternal Grace of God,
Higher Light among all darkness!
O victorious Heart of God!
By the merits achieved by Your Son, Your Servant and server,
at the foot of this spiritual Calvary,
reintegrate in the human consciousness of the planet
the victorious triumph of Your Son Jesus,
over all hells and evil entities.
May the powerful Scepter of the Archangel Michael descend
with his Divine Consciousness
to make the hells of this world tremble
and for all to be paralyzed for a moment
so that the triumph of Your Love, Adonai,
may occur and be fulfilled throughout all humanity.

Let us continue concentrated on the Light of My Purpose, in the eternal Source of the Light of God, where the sacred Calvary of your Master and Lord was recorded.

Therefore, today I tell your human persons not to be another wound in My Body, but to be those who anoint the wounded Body of Jesus through their prayers, the Sacraments and, above all, the faith that makes you part of My Mystical Body, that eternal Body of the Son of God integrated by all the souls of the world within My Celestial Church.

Therefore, accompany your Lord in this glorious moment of the Cross, in which the Codes of life, love, forgiveness and spiritual resurrection descend upon the world to reach the souls most in need of My Christic Light.

You, in a profound way, are aware and are also participants in this internal task of your Master and Lord, especially with those fallen souls that were defeated by the armies of evil and that, through the power of My Love, today I come to save, all of them, for the times to come.

For this reason, today the darkness stops in the world and the most miserable souls are contemplated at the foot of this spiritual Calvary, just as you today are also at the foot of this spiritual Calvary of your Master and Lord, a deeper and more difficult Calvary than the one that I lived for you, here upon this planet.

A spiritual Calvary that I invite you to penetrate through the heart, spirit and consciousness that believe in My Christic Legacy, registered in each of the stars of this universe as well as of other worlds.

God, through His Son, could never have incarnated on this planet for a small task. His material expression had to be humble, simple and chaste through the Holy Family; but His power, His omnipotence and His splendor would be great on the inner planes, for that is where all things begin.

While the seeming defeat of the Son of God was seen by all at that time, the hells could not bear the Blood, shed by My Body, drop by drop, touching the ground and every part of Calvary. Imagine, for a moment, what the Angels of the Lord did with each drop of Blood and with each Code of Light that, out of Love, was shed throughout the world.

Now have your consciousnesses placed within these facts and not only see the suffering that your Master lived, which was an indescribable suffering, but also see the triumph of your Lord through one of the main aspects of God, the Will.

The Will of God is what allowed Me to carry the Cross to the top of Mount Calvary. Now, after the renewal of your vows on Holy Thursday, would you be able to carry that Cross by the Will of God and not only see it as symbolism, but as the true and profound reality of doing everything possible, and a little more, so the world stop suffering its own condemnation and damnation?

For this reason, I come to renew you through the Cross; so that their lives, consciousnesses and, above all, your cells do not fear sacrifice, renunciation and unrestricted obedience to Our Creator Father.

If the world of today were obedient, there would no longer be a pandemic, the disobedience of human beings is the cause of many evils.

Could God not have already resolved this planetary situation? Where is the cure for humanity?

Do not forget obedience, companions, first as codes of life for yourselves and second as a principle of loyalty to the Lord of the Universe; but the majority of God's children have no responsibility for everything that happens today.

Many were called to Christify themselves throughout these times. Many were called to surrender their lives, just as the Son of God gave it into the Hands of God.

You will not be crucified, you will live what the universe sends you, but your hearts must be open to be able to perceive what your teaching is at each moment, what test the universe invites you to overcome for Me.

Do not stop contemplating within yourself that spiritual Calvary that I offer you today, and that I also offer to your brothers and sisters around the world who no longer live the chaos of humanity.

But through My Peace and the power of the Light of My Wounds, which today are signs for your ascension and sublimation, I invite you to elevate your consciousness and, in an intelligent way, leave the lies and chaos of this time, because I experienced similar things for you and at no time during the Passion and Calvary did I abandon you.

May the triumph of your transformation, the redemption of your hearts, the ascension of your consciousnesses be the new victorious cross that each of your lives offer to God so that His Plan be fulfilled.

Now, close your eyes for a moment and at the top of the spiritual Calvary see the victory of My Sacred Heart, before the pain and suffering that was experienced by Your Lord.

Contemplate His five powerful Wounds, the Wounds of His Hands, His Feet and His Side; and how Mary, My Mother, when she held Me in Her arms, in the sacred pity of Calvary, She cleansed My Wounds with each of Her kisses, making a part of herself all the pain that I experienced.

Kiss My Wounds and receive My Light, My Christic Light.

In that scenario of seeming defeat, contemplate the Soul of Jesus, redeeming and transfiguring all consciousnesses and all abysses; and ennoble this moment with the honor that He deserves before the splendid Tree of Life, before the fruits of the Passion and the Death of Jesus.

On that Calvary that was recorded in the memory of humanity forever, see My Mother holding me in Her arms when they took Me down from the Cross, and the Cross lit up, as a powerful symbol over all evil.

And then, see John, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, the Roman soldier, all contemplating the sacred Death of Jesus, which was the absolute death of sin through the Love and Mercy of God that once again illuminated the world and all its creatures.

Contemplate the same mystery that My Mother and Her followers contemplated. Contemplate the surrender of God, an unknown mystery, a surrender offered through the Death of His Son Jesus.

On this day, I invite you to die to yourselves so that from now on you will be other people, you may be My blazing flames of peace throughout the world, you may be My own testimony of your redemption.

Eli, Eli, Olam,
Iod He Vaud He, Shekinah,
send Your Spirit, send Your Spirit,
send Your Spirit and heal the Earth
by the merits of My sorrowful Passion.
Eli, Eli, return to Your children,
take their lives and make resurrect, with Your Spirit,
all imperfect life.
send the breath of Your Spirit,
the consolation of Your Soul,
just as You sent it to Me in the Garden of Gethsemane;
I ask you, Father,
because today they do not know what they do.
Look at them, Lord, with Your Eyes of Mercy,
with the Love of Your Heart,
with the Wisdom of Your Consciousness
and through My redeeming Cross,
make all things new,
so that souls may live Your Will
and Your angels may lift the crosses of Your children
so that they no longer feel tormented,
disturbed or that they have gone mad.
May Your Soul, Lord,
illuminate every space of consciousness.
Therefore, Eli,
I offer My spiritual Blood
to purify Your children
and make them, on this day,
partakers of the Spiritual Communion with My Cross,
the Cross of sacrifice.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

All who listen at this moment and have a cross with them may raise it so that Christ, Our Lord, may bless it, and make of our cross, our Calvary and of the Calvary of this world, a victory of love, light and redemption so that souls may be blessed by the Spirit of God, renewed and healed by the Blood of Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now bring the cross towards your heart and feel the fortitude of Jesus and the merciful Love of His Heart for all creatures on Earth.

I will stay a moment in silence so that, through a song called "Christ of the Calvary", on this day of the Sacred Cross, each one of the souls may be the cross of victory, of redemption, of surrender and of humility, in honor of Our Heavenly Father.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am listening.

Let us contemplate the spiritual Calvary.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us make our inner prayer, at His Feet, and adore the Heart of the Lord, present before all humanity, preparing once again for His great sacrifice.

Let us accompany His solemn silence and feel His Heart, which is once again offered to us for the salvation of the world.

Before My sacrifice, I want you to be at My Feet like Mary Magdalene, and for your tears to cleanse the Feet of your Lord. Place upon them the sweet tears of love so that everything may be repaired in the face of the injustice and inequality of the world.

I want you to feel the warmth of My Feet, of the Feet of your Lord who, once again, receives the wounds of the world, as well as His Hands and His Side; Spiritual and deeper wounds that you do not know, that are part of the sacrifice of Your Lord.

Therefore, prepare My burial with your tears, with your true love, so that the Heart of the Lord may be restored and loved by good souls.

There are deep feelings that I have not yet revealed to anyone, only to those who decide to be at My Feet, in total divestment and emptiness. Today I bring to the world the ones who know these feelings, so that you can feel them first, and then know them.

These feelings, which are born from the Heart of your Master and Lord, are feelings that confirm your vows with Me, in the renewal of sacrifice and renunciation for the salvation of humanity.

That is why Mary Magdalene knew what she was doing, even though her mind could not conceive it.

Today, you can do this before Me, placing your heads upon My Feet so that your tears of redemption and love prepare the moment of the surrender of the Lord.

Now, in this time of a deeper surrender that I want to offer and share with My companions, so that they are encouraged to follow My steps, the unknown steps of the Light that will lead them, sooner or later, to live My Will.

Mary Magdalene surrendered at My Feet to live My Will, she abandoned sin to learn to live in My Glory, in the Glory of My Word and of My Love for all souls.

For this reason, today I have come, like more than two thousand years ago, with the same clothes, with the same gaze as when Mary Magdalene met Me to surrender to Me and make her life a new life, a life that led her to be faithful up until the foot of the Cross.

But the burial, which I invite you to prepare, is for the death of your sins, of your aspects, of your entire past; because I need new vessels to deposit My new Codes into, which they will be receptacles for the preparation of the Return of Christ, to prepare all of humanity and yourselves, for that moment.

But for this to happen, there must be souls who are victims of My Love, who do not think about what I ask of them, who do what I need, who carry forward what I have waited so long for, always saying yes to Me.

For this reason, I also multiplied the bread and fish. Do you remember? There, I was giving the symbol of new life to those who, in Communion, were returning to the path towards the Father.

Can you now place your head on My Feet again?

And so, open your hearts to what I need, because I still hope to fulfill what I need. My Father still asks Me, that His Aspirations be fulfilled through His children.

In the emptiness of life and in the fullness of His Purpose, I want you to know that this moment is important for Me since these impulses that I bring you will prepare you for the end of the cycle.

Raise your hearts to God and give thanks for offering yourselves as instruments of the Aspirations of My Father, through the Light of My Sacred Heart, the Heart that lives for you, the Heart that cries out for you, the Heart that ignites in Love for you.

Let yourselves be converted like Mary Magdalene, who just by having placed her head upon My Feet had already fulfilled the Will of My Father and consecrated her life for all eternity.

Are you ready for that?

To consecrate life is a mystery and that mystery is revealed in the steps of your transformation, in the renunciation of your lives and in the permanent surrender of your being.

I need that, in Me, in this difficult time of humanity, you make all things new, because in this way you will be telling the universe that you and your brothers and sisters accept My Return.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus offers Itself as an intercessor for souls so that they may know the joy of living in God and not the suffering of living in sin.

I want that, in this Holy Week, your lives be converted in a deeper way, just as Mary Magdalene converted herself, giving her tears to My Feet and washing My Being as it had never been washed before. This also justified, before the Celestial Father, the reason for My incarnation in the world, just by placing herself at My Feet.

At My Feet, I hear your prayers, I hear your pain, I feel your love, I understand your disturbances, but I renew you with the celestial blessing so that you get up from where you have fallen and continue walking until you find My Will.

From your transformed imperfections, I will make all things perfect. From your endured miseries, I will make treasures for Heaven. Because those who place themselves at My Feet do not fear the unknown, that which is immaterial and eternal; because they are in the void, in divestment, in total surrender.

Allow me, once again, to anoint you with My Spirit, just as I anointed Mary Magdalene, redeeming her whole being for the glory of God.

After living this renewal and initiation, you are ready to fulfill what I need, if your hearts are truly placed at My Feet. And thus, you will accompany your Lord on this long path that is left, of helping humanity and of service to those who suffer, so that My Love may triumph in you and through you.

Thus, I invite you to prepare for a new sacred Spiritual Communion that will be the preamble for the day of My Passion and also for the great day of Easter, in which My sheep, today being marked, will follow the Shepherd along the paths of the planetary emergency without saying no to Him, only saying yes, as long as I so need it.

Think about what I have told you.

My Words are the manifestation of the Truth, the Truth of the Purpose and the Will of My Father. Do not miss the opportunity anymore. Recover your lives. Restore your consciousnesses. Purify your hearts and you will be worthy of My Peace, of the same Peace that I gave to Mary Magdalene.

I want that, in this Passion in which we will enter in the next few days, your souls be like Mary Magdalene who, with fidelity and faith, did not abandon the Messiah, and who, together with Mary, My Mother, were the hands that sustained the Cross, which later became, during the Resurrection, the Tree of Life.

For this reason, I invite you to be a part of Me, to stop being a part of yourself, for this, I have given you the Sacraments. And after so many Sacraments lived, throughout all this time, it is time, companions, for you to have faith and trust in the Spiritual Sacrament, offered by the power of the Eucharist.

I will leave you with a renewed Communion in faith, in the faith of souls. This makes My Presence more alive in the hearts that commune with Me, just by offering to be at My Feet. And as a bridge of light for this moment, I will leave you with a song that I have chosen for this meeting, called "Holy Communion."

Thus, I say goodbye, but know that, no matter how often I return to Heaven and to the House of My Father, in a spirit of omnipresence and omnipotence, during this Sacred Week, I am here, as I am also with your brothers and sisters, in every home of the Earth that may open their doors to receive Me.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prepare yourselves through the song.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I want to see you divested at this moment, so that I move forward with My task on this day.

Do so!

Lord, I who am nothing,
surrender to You,
so that you may make of me Your Dwelling.
(three times)

There are still wounds that the world causes Me to suffer.

Today, I want you to contemplate the Wound in My Side. That Wound that once, on the Cross, poured out Water and Blood as the last and great surrender of your Redeemer.

Through the Celestial Church, let us go to Mount Calvary, not to remember My suffering, which is still very unknown, but so that you may know My Victory, which is the Victory of My Father through His Son. This is why I need you divested.

The Lord is showing Mount Calvary, between smoke and fire, and His empty Cross. At the foot of the Cross is the glorious Mother. Let us place ourselves beside Her so that, together with the angels of the Celestial Church, we may contemplate this moment and the revelation of this mystery that is held in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Let us go to the moment in which Our Lord expired for the last time and had His Head drooped upon His Chest. Let us contemplate the Death of Jesus and how all the angelic choirs place themselves at the Feet of the Lamb of God, between the smoke and the fire, to feel the transformation of pain into Love.

Let us see the Virgin Mother contemplating the mystery of this surrender, Her Heart being pierced because of sharing the pain with Her Son, the pain that redeemed and liberated.

And in the heights of the sky of Mount Calvary, we see an angel coming, the Archangel Gabriel, with twelve of His angels, carrying in His hands a Chalice to collect the fruits of the Blood of the Lord.

In the apparent Death of Jesus, He was more alive, laboring over and redeeming the inner planes in all aspects of the planet and in the lower worlds of the human consciousness.

Let us contemplate the Soul of Jesus, the resplendent and living Soul, together with the angels, cleansing the hells, lifting up fallen souls, in the mystery of His Love.

Let us see the Soul of Jesus transfigured, illuminated and glorified, lifting up the not chosen to Heaven through the mystery of His Death on the Cross.

And so, the Archangel Gabriel descends to the top of Mount Calvary and takes in His hands the spiritual relic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Holy Mother has the revelation of that mystery, just as we also have it today.

The Mother of God offers the Archangel Gabriel the Heart of Her Son so that the expansion and the work of Mercy may be stronger.

Let us offer our imperfect hearts, our human hearts, to be considered and accepted by the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

In honor of the merits of our Redeemer, we remain on the top of Mount Calvary, contemplating the pain of the Death and the victory of the Light, being bathed and filled by the mysteries of Our Lord.

Now, in this moment and in this apparition, let us see the pity of Mary with Her Son in Her arms, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint John the Apostle, Joseph of Arimathea and some of the holy women, in the Death of Jesus, all contemplating the life of the Soul of Jesus. And how, from the Chest of Christ, a deep light emerges from His wounded Heart. It is the Light of God's Love, untiring, that does not cease giving itself out of Love for His children.

Let us place our hands in the sign of reception; we are at the top of Mount Calvary with Our Lady and the companions of Christ, and also with the angels of the Archangel Gabriel, who hold the relics of Our Lord, the fruits and the treasures of His experience on Earth.

And on top of Mount Calvary, we see the Consciousness of God approaching, Emmanuel.

Let us keep in our hearts the Light of the Love of Christ, just as Our Lady and the holy women kept that Light in their hearts.

"Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the Word, and I shall be healed. Amen."

Let us repeat.

Now let us see that Light that emerged from the Heart of Christ in us. Let us feel the Presence of Jesus, His loving Presence, the Love that transforms and heals, the Love that accepts and understands, the Love that calms and brings the new life.

Let us raise our consciousness higher, as the Archangel Gabriel does, taking the spiritual relic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Celestial Church.

And now, let us see ourselves inside the Celestial Church. Our souls are there again, also contemplating this mystery revealed on top of Mount Calvary.

Inside the Sacred Ark, the Archangel Gabriel places the spiritual relic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, holding the wound of the Heart of Christ as the great offering of the Love of God for all Creation.

The Ark of the Holy Covenant shines forth until it disappears into the intense light. The entire Celestial Church is illumined. Our souls disappear in the intense light and all of Creation is lit up on the spiritual, mental and material planes, and all life is illuminated.

Today the planet receives the mystery of the Heart of Jesus, kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, dressed as the Wife of God, holds wedding rings in Her hands. Being next to the Sacred Ark, She offers them as one more step in the consecration of our souls. Our souls appear before Our Lady, in the center of the altar of the Celestial Church.

The Sacred Heart still continues to illuminate all the spaces of Creation. And behind the Ark of the Holy Covenant, in the main temple, is Our Lord, sitting on the Throne together with the twenty-four Elders, the Elders of the Apocalypse.

Mary, in Her humility, offers these rings to the children who want to accept the path of Christification, in this time of humanity.

Our Lady waits, in light of the scenario of the Celestial Church, for Her children to approach in soul to take the rings, before the paternal Gaze of Jesus.

Bring me here the rings of the new helpers. Our Lord has requested them so that, in this exercise, all of us also experience this consecration and renewal of vows.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that by the Birth, Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, that demonstrated Your merciful Love to the world, receive into Your Celestial Church the acceptance of our souls, of this eternal alliance with Your Divine Spirit so that Your Will may be done.

I would like you to learn to live in My Kingdom all the time, because I am always there, sharing the fruits of Love with the angels and the blessed. It is thus that your union with My Celestial Kingdom will make the sanctity of your lives emerge, and the imperfection will be transformed through the Sacraments of Love that I gave you.

Let us adore this moment and prepare for this consecration and Eucharistic celebration, bringing into our awareness everything that the Lord has revealed to us today. Let us not leave that space and that place. Let us feel ourselves embracing the wood of the Cross and expressing our gratitude for the triumph of the Love of Christ in all humanity. Amen.

Incense. Blessed water.

Lord, we offer this incense on Your Altar as an elevation of our souls and consciousnesses to Your Celestial Kingdom, so that the souls most in need, at this moment, may be touched by the Light of Your Love and of Your consecration. Amen.

Baptize us, Lord, with the Water of Your Spirit, so that every part of our being may be blessed by Your Light. Amen.

Now, sisters, make your inner offering to Our Lord, so that this moment may be sealed by the covenant with His Sacred Heart.

And now that everything has been consummated, the most important moment has come for your Master and Lord, in which He can remember and relive the surrender of His Love to His companions.

In light of the power of the Celestial Church, also offer yourselves at this moment to the Most High, so that the merits of the Passion of Christ may be a part of your beings.

Jesus, when gathered together with His apostles, knowing the mysteries of His Sacrifice, took the bread, raised it and thanked the Father so that it could be transubstantiated into His Body. He then broke it and offered it to His companions, saying: "Take and eat, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
(in Portuguese)

After the Supper had ended, He took the Chalice and raised it up, offering Himself again for each one of us, so that the wine could be transubstantiated into His Blood. And thus, He offered it to His companions, saying: "Take and drink, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant that will be shed by your Lord for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
(in Portuguese)

In the emptiness of our beings, in the surrender of our souls, we are filled through the Celestial Church with the glorious and victorious merits of Our Lord.

And thus, just as Christ taught, on top of the Mount of Beatitudes, let us pray:

Our Father (in Aramaic, Portuguese, and English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

And with three bell sounds, we unite with our brothers and sisters from all over the world to announce the spiritual Communion.

"Lord, I am not worthy that you enter under my roof, but only say the Word, and I shall be healed. Amen."

And at the request of Our Lord, we are going to sing: "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof", so that we may join this moment of consecration of the helper sisters.

Remember everything that I have told you today, because you will need it in the times that will come. The Love that comes from God will always be a triumphant and eternal Love, and it is that Love that will strengthen and unite you with My Father.

In this time, let Love be above indifference, so that hearts may open, feel and glorify God, Who is in Heaven, the God of Creation.

I thank you for having accompanied me in the mystery of the top of Mount Calvary, in the victory of the Cross and of Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us withdraw into the Heart of the Lord, re-experiencing His Words and His impulses.

We close this transmission with the heart full of gratitude and joy, for once again being anointed by Our Lord.

Thank you all.


May the flame of faith blossom from your heart so that, with joy and trust, you can experience the coming year.

May you recover the strength and inner love to serve me.

That, beyond everything, you may believe in God, that a Purpose exists, a story that your life and experiences are writing day after day, and that, beyond any circumstance, test, desert or suffering, you may know that God loves you and waits for you.

Lift up your head and smile, because the day of the great redemption is near, the awaited day of the meeting with your Master and Lord.

For this reason, I love your fidelity, I accept your imperfection, I only seek you calling Me and receiving Me. And when, in the coming year, this story of love with Me comes to its end, My Words will end, but My fidelity will be eternal within you, for you will perceive how much I have given you throughout the times.

When the time comes for you to be My witnesses, those who persevere and step out of themselves will be like Mary Magdalene, because they will wash My Feet with their tears.

Others will be like John, because they will be by My side, confirming My Presence.

But others will be like My Mother; they will suffer with Me up to the height of the Cross and, in this way, again I will say to them: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

And the spiritual evolution that I have achieved in the Universe will be the justification and the cause for their rescue and salvation. And those who were with Me and turned their backs on Me, I will have them, face to face, and then all will have been said.

Receive from My Mouth the last words, so that your hearts may be prepared to say to Me: "yes, Lord, I will give My life for You."

Let those who have been just, in this year of 2019, be blessed.

Those who have given of themselves, may they receive the impulse to continue giving.

Those who made an effort, may they be anointed by My Spirit, so that the New Christs will be those who dare to experience the planetary calvary.

May everything be renewed, may everything be healed, and let those who are closer to Me never forget the grace they received, because in the same way that I have given My all to you, I will ask for all from you.

Be worthy children of God, be peace-makers and apostles of the end of times.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


First Series of Poems
Eleventh Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Raise me from the ground, Lord,
even if I fall into temptation,
just as you raised Mary Magdalene
from the ground of perdition.

Liberate me, Lord,
from the harassments and attacks.

Temper my heart
so that I may receive from You
the strength that I now seek
and that I need.

Help me, my Beloved,
to find inner paradise.
Help me in the difficult and hard hours
to only look upon the horizon
so that for an instant I may feel within me
Your Return.

May I feel, dear Jesus,
that every effort for You is worthwhile,
that despite the tempests,
internal and external,
You are always present,
imposing upon me
Your Sacred Hands
of blessing and healing.

And under the divine breath of the Holy Spirit,
dear Jesus,
may I have clarity and discernment
in the decisions of life.

May I never tire of seeking
the consecration to Your Divine Heart.

May in every moment
Your trust and Your Love invade me
so that I may learn like You,
beloved Lord,
to stand up from the ground
and continue, with patience,
carrying my own cross
until reaching the sacred victory
that Your redemption will give me.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily Message of the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

On this day of Resurrection, the holy women entered the sepulcher on finding out about the disappearance of Jesus.

The Lord had risen, thus testifying to the Love of the Living God for humanity.

Mary Magdalene went fervently in search of her Beloved Lord and, not finding Him there, realized that something had happened.

In this way, Mary Magdalene remembered that Jesus had told her that He would be present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth. Thus, the Master of Love wished to have her understand that He would always be alive in the heart that opened to remember Him and re-experience Him every day.

This mystery of Christ revealed within consciousnesses and in Mary Magdalene the exact faith in the Purpose of the Eternal Father and in the expression of Divine Trust.

Then, after Mary Magdalene had searched for Jesus so many times, Our Lord made His first Apparition close to the Holy Sepulcher.

That in this encounter Mary Magdalene was able to see the Lord alive, meant the opportunity for the world to believe in the occult aspect of the Resurrection after death.

Through this mystery of the Resurrection, as He did with Lazarus, Jesus taught that the corporeal life that becomes corrupt can transfigure into something incorrupt. 

Thus, through this passage, the Lord came to teach that other universal and spiritual Laws can be applied in consciousnesses, which first must believe in them.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Apparition of Christ Jesus during the Sacred Call, in the Marian Center of Figueira, transmitted to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I have come among the clouds of Heaven to bring good news.

Happy are they who will prepare to spend the seven days with Me, reliving My Passion, bringing the new codes for them, which will transform their lives forever.

The codes that I will bring for this cycle are not the same as what I have brought you in previous times.

I will come with the codes that will illuminate your cells; because it is the cells that will first be prepared for what is to come to the world.

I come with the good news of bringing you more hope, so that your spirits may be still and may perceive the frequencies of the Cosmos, which My Rays will bring from the Universe to the Earth during the seven days.

I will let there be silence between the words so that you may attentively listen to what I say to you.

My Words must not only sound in your minds; they must vibrate in your hearts so that the prophecy may be fulfilled.

 You are part of that prophecy, of the prophecy of John on the resurgence of Christ, on His glorious coming to the world.

For now, companions, I can show Myself in Divinity to you, for My Body is still Glorified and My total Consciousness is also.

It is until you achieve new vibrations that I will show Myself in Divinity to the world. While you have not achieved a transcendence of terrestrial energies, I will come in Divinity to talk to you, and then show Myself in glory to everyone.

In the same way that I ascended to the Heavens, so I will return, when the seven trumpets of the angels sound, which will announce the seven new cycles that this humanity will experience on its five continents.

It will be the new tribes of Israel, which will be called by the sounding of the trumpets; that is why what you experience today is a preparation, the prelude to a great event.

Thus, avail yourselves of this, drink of the Fount that I bring you today so that your hearts, at the most crucial time of Earth, not be indifferent in the face of all that will happen; but, rather, let them take on all the human events and those of this planet, that will unfold in these new seven cycles.

The Sacred Week will be an inner preparation for everyone. A portal will reopen, just like in each previous Sacred Week. But this portal will be different from the previous ones. You will have the chance to vivify My Spirit, to feel new things that you did not feel before, to experience new lessons that you never experienced before, to take sure steps that you never dared to take before.

These are all the possibilities that I bring you today, for those who are happy and are preparing their hearts for the Sacred Week.

The revelations of these times are part of the awakening of the consciousness. Nothing will remain hidden, all will have the possibility of knowing everything, outside of and within beings, in humanity, and on the planet.

We are in the time of the prelude of the coming of Christ.

I Am that Consciousness that is reemerging in these times, and that is written in the prophetic books of the sages.

All of humanity will be able to know that I am here, and although My Church may be mobilized, do not fear, for if your Lord was not accepted in the temple of Jerusalem, do you believe that you will be accepted?

I come to build the bases of My Spiritual Church in souls.

I come to revive what is dead in beings, I come to ignite what has been extinguished in beings.

All of these are the offers that I bring you today. Do not allow the spark of your love for Me to be extinguished. In spite of what may happen, be brave.

The Kingdom of God is drawing closer.

I bring you My sincere Heart, so that you just may feel it.

Today I will call a group of women who have served Me in other times, just as I will have the opportunity during Sacred Week of calling many more souls to meet Me, so that they may receive the treasures that I want to give them with so much Love; non-material and invisible treasures that will make souls joyous because, through that treasure that I will give them, they will be able to be in the Sacred Glory of God, and by the Father will be considered as possible merciful souls.

This is why, companions, I need you to definitely awaken to these gifts because the world and humanity need it.

Each impulse that I bring you is definitive, it is the opportunity to take a great step, and to dare to cross the abysses, to be able to find the Ocean of My Mercy.

I still hope that you can enter this Ocean so that I may transform you, and convert you into My brave soldiers that will not be afraid to proclaim My Word, to announce My new gospel through the instructions that I have brought you in these times. They are only words of salvation and of love.

It is that light that I need you to distribute in the world. That is why I will always send you on a mission so that suffering may be alleviated and your hearts may awaken to unconditional service within the Plan of God.

While I speak to you, I leave you many keys, so that you may penetrate My Message, be a part of My Message, and live it in these end times, for in such a simple way you will help Me to carry out My Work of Redemption.

Through My Love, I come to teach you to be able to resurrect to the impossible, to be able to bring into your lives the mercies you have lost.

This is the spring that I offer you.

That is why I am sending My soldiers two by two; because I need, companions, for you to distribute and share the mercy that you have received from My Heart for all the hearts of the world that are shipwrecked in their suffering, that cannot find the way out, nor can they find peace.

You were deserving of My Peace, and what will you do with the peace that I have given you?

Be carriers of this legacy, for many souls in the world that do not have it.

When you are about to abandon My Work, remember these words, regain your inner strength, and continue onward, without looking back; just observing the horizon of love that I bring you and, in this way, the forces of evil will be defeated, because the very evil consumes itself by not knowing the power of the Love of God.

You are sparks of that invincible love, believe in this and you will never perish.

Around Me contemplate the inner universe. That is what I seek from you all the time, to be able to build the foundation of My Work in the world.

It will be through your inner universe that My Work will be carried out in humanity.

I do not come to make you materialists of My Plan, but rather spiritualized beings under the Love of God and of His infinite Mercy.

Again, I come to open the doors for those who have them closed.

I come to bring you the balm of My Love because it will be the flame that will comfort you for the times of darkness all over the Earth.

The Sacred Week is the refuge for My soldiers, it is the manna that will come from Heaven to give an impulse to the consciousnesses to carry onward the banner of peace that I give each one today.

Through the Sacrament of Communion, a union of souls with God, Heaven and Earth, like a single consciousness, is established through the adoring exercise of the angels.

Show Me the bread and the wine, so that they may convert into My Body and My Blood, divine codes of rehabilitation for consciousnesses.

Friar Elías: Let us softly sing "Christ, You are love."

Today I consecrate them, My daughters, as the first helpers of My sacramental ceremonies.

As servants of My Mercy, through their giving of self, they build the altars for My Work in the world.

I want them to be the first servants of My Mercy, because you will be who testifies that during this time I was among you, to have you know the power of My Love and My Grace.

My servants, be consolers of My Passion. Prepare to serve Me during the Sacred Week, just as the Holy women served Me in the Sepulcher and to the foot of the Cross.

Be like Mary Magdalene, who, with her tears, washed My Feet, and I drew her toward My Mercy.

Be in likeness of Mary Magdalene, be the new Marys, for this next Sacred Week.

I want you to be around your King, contemplating the love that I have for you, for each small step that you have taken in this manifestation of the ceremony of My Heart.

Thus I consecrate these elements, that in your hands will be signs for a new life.

Today you, My servants, are being witnesses of the last legacy that I give to humanity.

From your lips must come divine words of praise and prayer; from your hearts, consoling love must be radiated for your Sorrowful King, Who suffers the indifference of the world in His most silent agony.

I consecrate you as Helpers of My Divine Mercy; as the first women, of your Glorious King, who will be an example for all the rest who will be inwardly called for the concretization of the divine ceremony at each new altar.

Today God brings you this merit, so that many more merits may be distributed in the new holy women that I will call by name.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From your lips I want to hear the song "Sincere Heart," so that you may be like Me, in each new detail.

I thank you for serving Me, may peace be in you. Amen.

Monthly Messages

Surrender to Me, for this is already My last time.

Hours pass for this world and souls get lost. Blessed are you for receiving Me and for being worthy in the Lord, even though you do not deserve it. For if you do not surrender, how can I be in you and you in Me?

My Sacred Heart pours Its Blood over the horrors of the world, over all sins. Who will be worthy of collecting My Blood as My Mother and Mary Magdalene did? Who will be like John and will be at the Cross without any fear until the last hour?

What I have given you in your life is the best that I could give you; there is nothing better that I can give you. Each one has what is just and what they deserve before the Law of My Father. But why do you not surrender? What harm can I do to you if, even in the midst of tribulation, I come to you on this blessed night to shed the codes of My Blood and renew them in the Spirit of God?

There are many who claim to be with Me, but are not. I need true apostles, not apostles of clay that can be broken with a single blow. As I told My apostles in the past, you do not know My Justice. I do not come to punish you, I come to bring you the truth, that truth which can be in you if you are in Me and do not reject Me in your brothers and sisters.

If you do not live the tests, how will you learn? Without tests, do you think you will reach Heaven and Divinity? I am not talking about impossible things, companions, because today I come to dedicate this message to you, although the need of the world is greater than your own needs.

Today I show you My sorrow, which is the sorrow of the world, and I invite each one of you to know it, to accept it and to live it in prayer. But I know that some of you do not accept that sorrow because you are afraid to know it. I gave that sorrow to all the saints and simple-hearted people throughout the ages. The sorrow is greater than My Mercy, and that I cannot hide. Who will carry this heavy Cross and not only live on My Prodigies? Those who are called by the Shepherd must live all the things I give them from time to time.

But even My Sacred Heart expects of each one of you that, in this merciful offering of prayer, you will no longer be the same because there is no more time to lose. The world is gradually darkening, and fervor cannot be extinguished in hearts. How can you be depositaries of My Graces if at times your hearts close to Me and to your brothers and sisters?

I do not come to promise you a magnificent life in this world, but I do come to promise you eternal life in the next world. If you separate from each other, you separate from Me and My Hand cannot come near you because you move away. You move away from My Light, from My unfathomable Love, from My Peace, from My Hope.

Today, I do not want to leave you a message of sorrow, but a reality. All souls are in their Judgment and this has just begun. Your Judgment may be lighter if your love is greater. Love for what you do not yet feel, love for what you do not accept, love for what you reject, love for what you deny before all that you have received on My right and on My left.

Today I cannot open My Arms and extend My Hands to you because I do not see the love of the world. Very few flames are ignited to glorify Me, but there is still time, companions, to take one more step in trusting My Sacred Heart.

I wish to see you in fullness and not in bitterness. My Heart sheds Its Blood to renew you, to vivify you in the Spirit of My Father in Heaven who contemplates you day and night. If you do not accept what I give you, you will not be able to vivify My Eternal Father; for My Father is full of Gifts for all souls, but the souls do not allow the Gifts to be poured into their hearts.

I wish to speak to you about what the world truly needs, but first I must care for those whom I have chosen with My Hand throughout the ages and pointed out with My Light in this last cycle.

The apostles were separated to preach, but they never ceased to unite, just as I taught them in prayer, in the Adoration of God. You think you adore My Heart, but you do not know. It is a conquest for your spirits to adore My Heart when you have trust in Me for all that you live. Nothing is by chance. You live what you have sown and you are harvesting what you have planted. There is no mistake in all this. Heaven knows that souls make mistakes, but they must start again every day, in the absolute certainty that they will serve the Shepherd in spite of the consequences.

What more do you want from Me? This is all that I can give you, and it is already a maximal Grace that you can live in these difficult times. Raise your mistakes to the Father because they are the mistakes of the world, the indifference of hearts that suffer for not being able to recognize the Purpose that has passed before them many times in different ways and with different signs.

Welcome My pain for human indifference and transform it into love and compassion; welcome the indifference of your brothers and sisters, who suffer for unconsciously rejecting Me; welcome the pain of others and thus you will help Me fulfill the Plan. May this Marathon be to assume the pain of the world, which most people do not want to live. For if pain is not assumed, the world will suffer for not having listened to the Message.

Today My guardian angels adore your essences, which is true and sublime before the Eyes of God. They do not see your defects and imperfections; they see what you really are and do not get tired of doing so. It is something that you must learn in yourselves and in your brothers and sisters; thus you will free yourselves from the influences of My adversary who crushes minds, as the wheat is crushed into dust.

Be merciful even if you are not. Renew your vows before My Heart every day and do not be afraid to live your cross, because if I carried the Cross for you and for the world, why will you not partake of the Cross that I carry today for this humanity? Even if I am an ascended being, may My humility humble you, may My truth purify you, may My Heart cleanse you from all stain, from all adversity.

If you believe that I am the Light amidst darkness, why do you not follow Me in what I have placed on your paths?

My Face is drawn in the hearts that are true and in those that are honest in their transformation, despite the falls. I do not cease to help those who cry out for Me, but I cannot help those who take pride in their own virtues. Banish that which no longer serves to My Father, so I may enter within you as I entered within Father Pio leaving the visible sign of My Presence for fifty years. I have something special for each of you, but I have not yet been able to give it. The trust in God is found in sacrifice, the divesting of self in found in humility and humiliation and all barriers of matter are transcended.

I want you to be true to Me in this Marathon and not just in words. May your words say what you truly feel before My Merciful Heart, for while a great part of the world is suffering persecution and war and cannot receive Me, what will you do with all that I have given you with so much Love and Mercy? Be honest before the Heavens and renounce not with pride, but with humility, with peace, with effort and sacrifice. Truly renounce to what you believe is better or to what you could improve. My apostles went through this test until the end of their days.

Do not let your consciousness sleep when I am speaking. I am your King and your salvation.

I need you to grow in consciousness and not in vanity. My precious pearls cannot be lost in this world. Adore My Heart so that nothing bad happens, for the time of My Justice is approaching for all humanity.

Come out of yourselves and see those who are dying, whom television shows as if they were a victory. O My companions, you still do not know what God feels when a heart is indifferent to what has been given to it for Mercy.

I am leading you all to an inner evaluation, for when I return I shall not be able to see any stains on your garments, and if there are any stains I shall not be able to recognize you, for up to now I have taught you to wash your garments with the water of My Mercy and My Glory.

Try to love a little more, even if you cannot. My Heart offers itself for this and your brothers and sisters also offer themselves to be truly loved. Let us pray to God for those who cannot love My Father and Me. Let us pray with fervor and with Mercy, just as I taught you in the beginning.

Prayer: Our Father.

I would not like to see you with long faces in this Marathon, because the world needs joy, true joy to be able to transcend all evil and indifference that the souls commit daily before the Celestial Kingdom.

Today I can bless, out of compassion, these elements that you have placed before My altar, which is in Heaven and on Earth, so that your hearts may be washed by My Blood and your spirits may be purified by My Body, two visible signs of redemption and surrender to My Heart that always waits for you.

Two thousand years ago I left you a universal treasure, a perpetual badge for your hearts and souls. I left you the living treasure of the universe, the Teraphim of God manifested in body and blood for the whole of humanity. How many times have you now received communion with Me? Did you do it truly or only in a hurry? How many times did I offer Myself at the table of all souls so that they would live Me in the Passion and on the Cross?

Today My Sacred Heart sheds Its Blood for indifferent souls, for those who do not dare to confess with Me, before My divine Humility and before My Peace.

Today I prepare with this communion this whole part of the Earth that must be consecrated to My Divinity before I come back to the world for the second time. To reach My Divinity they must cleanse and purify themselves every day. That is why I ask you to surrender to Me so that your hearts may overcome all tests, in the name of God and His infinite Project.

Before the Guardian Angels of the universe, before the Archangels who glorify My Father perpetually, before the most Holy Spirit of God, before His beloved Son, before the Celestial Father who unifies all creation and vivifies the spirits that respond to Him with sincerity, and before the majesty of the Mother of the World, I absolve and forgive you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When you commit an indifference, wash your feet, just as I washed the apostles so that they would recognize that God becomes so small before the proudest souls. Do not offend God anymore, the world has offended Him a great deal.

Live My celestial Treasures and you will attain eternal life. Amen.

The Glorified Christ Jesus

Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Santo Tomé, province of Santa Fe, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Make your heart small and you will grow in Life.

Become the pious Mary Magdalene and come to Me to wash My Feet with your tears.

Come to remove from Me the dust of sin that many souls cause in My universal Being.

Come and sit at My table. I will listen to you day and night. I hear the clamor of your heart in the universe.

Unite with Me and trust; you are in the correct place, where God has placed you. You are where you should be, under the Will of the Creator.

Let Me tell you how much I long to feel you close and enfold you in My Mantle, to place you in My lap and take care of you during the long nights of storm and cold.

Do not feel discouraged, I have already given you the key to supreme joy. Allow your whole structure to move within you and the true being that comes from God to be able to be born in life.

And while you still are crossing the arid and desolate desert, I stretch out My sacred Hand to take you off the path of desolation and emptiness.

Feel now the warmth of My merciful Heart again and allow Me to erase from within you everything that no longer belongs to you.

Be the same as My apostles, accept dying for Me and being reborn in My Flame of life, the divine Flame of God.

In this time that passes, I come to call you to tell you where I want to have you in this cycle. Listen to My Voice, which resonates in the heart that opens to recognize Me.

I Am that I Am. I Am the One that was born and returned to the Source of Love. I was the One that came to give the greatest testimony of Love and Forgiveness, and I Am the One that will return to give Life to that which has already died.

I Am the Spirit of the Truth of God.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for returning to My Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more