Friday, April 2 of 2021

Sacred Week

Prostrate yourselves at the foot of Calvary and recognize My Legacy.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

“Omnipotent Father of the Universe and of the Earth,
maximum Power among all the universal powers,
sacred Igneous Current of the Cosmic Universe,
inexhaustible Mirror of the universe, perpetual and eternal Alliance.
O, sublime Father of the Universe,
High Regent among all regents,
sovereign Lord of the Heights,
Sacred Emanation among all divine emanations!
O, sublime Lord,
most pure and beautiful Source,
powerful and supreme Love!
O, eternal Grace of God,
Higher Light among all darkness!
O victorious Heart of God!
By the merits achieved by Your Son, Your Servant and server,
at the foot of this spiritual Calvary,
reintegrate in the human consciousness of the planet
the victorious triumph of Your Son Jesus,
over all hells and evil entities.
May the powerful Scepter of the Archangel Michael descend
with his Divine Consciousness
to make the hells of this world tremble
and for all to be paralyzed for a moment
so that the triumph of Your Love, Adonai,
may occur and be fulfilled throughout all humanity.

Let us continue concentrated on the Light of My Purpose, in the eternal Source of the Light of God, where the sacred Calvary of your Master and Lord was recorded.

Therefore, today I tell your human persons not to be another wound in My Body, but to be those who anoint the wounded Body of Jesus through their prayers, the Sacraments and, above all, the faith that makes you part of My Mystical Body, that eternal Body of the Son of God integrated by all the souls of the world within My Celestial Church.

Therefore, accompany your Lord in this glorious moment of the Cross, in which the Codes of life, love, forgiveness and spiritual resurrection descend upon the world to reach the souls most in need of My Christic Light.

You, in a profound way, are aware and are also participants in this internal task of your Master and Lord, especially with those fallen souls that were defeated by the armies of evil and that, through the power of My Love, today I come to save, all of them, for the times to come.

For this reason, today the darkness stops in the world and the most miserable souls are contemplated at the foot of this spiritual Calvary, just as you today are also at the foot of this spiritual Calvary of your Master and Lord, a deeper and more difficult Calvary than the one that I lived for you, here upon this planet.

A spiritual Calvary that I invite you to penetrate through the heart, spirit and consciousness that believe in My Christic Legacy, registered in each of the stars of this universe as well as of other worlds.

God, through His Son, could never have incarnated on this planet for a small task. His material expression had to be humble, simple and chaste through the Holy Family; but His power, His omnipotence and His splendor would be great on the inner planes, for that is where all things begin.

While the seeming defeat of the Son of God was seen by all at that time, the hells could not bear the Blood, shed by My Body, drop by drop, touching the ground and every part of Calvary. Imagine, for a moment, what the Angels of the Lord did with each drop of Blood and with each Code of Light that, out of Love, was shed throughout the world.

Now have your consciousnesses placed within these facts and not only see the suffering that your Master lived, which was an indescribable suffering, but also see the triumph of your Lord through one of the main aspects of God, the Will.

The Will of God is what allowed Me to carry the Cross to the top of Mount Calvary. Now, after the renewal of your vows on Holy Thursday, would you be able to carry that Cross by the Will of God and not only see it as symbolism, but as the true and profound reality of doing everything possible, and a little more, so the world stop suffering its own condemnation and damnation?

For this reason, I come to renew you through the Cross; so that their lives, consciousnesses and, above all, your cells do not fear sacrifice, renunciation and unrestricted obedience to Our Creator Father.

If the world of today were obedient, there would no longer be a pandemic, the disobedience of human beings is the cause of many evils.

Could God not have already resolved this planetary situation? Where is the cure for humanity?

Do not forget obedience, companions, first as codes of life for yourselves and second as a principle of loyalty to the Lord of the Universe; but the majority of God's children have no responsibility for everything that happens today.

Many were called to Christify themselves throughout these times. Many were called to surrender their lives, just as the Son of God gave it into the Hands of God.

You will not be crucified, you will live what the universe sends you, but your hearts must be open to be able to perceive what your teaching is at each moment, what test the universe invites you to overcome for Me.

Do not stop contemplating within yourself that spiritual Calvary that I offer you today, and that I also offer to your brothers and sisters around the world who no longer live the chaos of humanity.

But through My Peace and the power of the Light of My Wounds, which today are signs for your ascension and sublimation, I invite you to elevate your consciousness and, in an intelligent way, leave the lies and chaos of this time, because I experienced similar things for you and at no time during the Passion and Calvary did I abandon you.

May the triumph of your transformation, the redemption of your hearts, the ascension of your consciousnesses be the new victorious cross that each of your lives offer to God so that His Plan be fulfilled.

Now, close your eyes for a moment and at the top of the spiritual Calvary see the victory of My Sacred Heart, before the pain and suffering that was experienced by Your Lord.

Contemplate His five powerful Wounds, the Wounds of His Hands, His Feet and His Side; and how Mary, My Mother, when she held Me in Her arms, in the sacred pity of Calvary, She cleansed My Wounds with each of Her kisses, making a part of herself all the pain that I experienced.

Kiss My Wounds and receive My Light, My Christic Light.

In that scenario of seeming defeat, contemplate the Soul of Jesus, redeeming and transfiguring all consciousnesses and all abysses; and ennoble this moment with the honor that He deserves before the splendid Tree of Life, before the fruits of the Passion and the Death of Jesus.

On that Calvary that was recorded in the memory of humanity forever, see My Mother holding me in Her arms when they took Me down from the Cross, and the Cross lit up, as a powerful symbol over all evil.

And then, see John, Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, the Roman soldier, all contemplating the sacred Death of Jesus, which was the absolute death of sin through the Love and Mercy of God that once again illuminated the world and all its creatures.

Contemplate the same mystery that My Mother and Her followers contemplated. Contemplate the surrender of God, an unknown mystery, a surrender offered through the Death of His Son Jesus.

On this day, I invite you to die to yourselves so that from now on you will be other people, you may be My blazing flames of peace throughout the world, you may be My own testimony of your redemption.

Eli, Eli, Olam,
Iod He Vaud He, Shekinah,
send Your Spirit, send Your Spirit,
send Your Spirit and heal the Earth
by the merits of My sorrowful Passion.
Eli, Eli, return to Your children,
take their lives and make resurrect, with Your Spirit,
all imperfect life.
send the breath of Your Spirit,
the consolation of Your Soul,
just as You sent it to Me in the Garden of Gethsemane;
I ask you, Father,
because today they do not know what they do.
Look at them, Lord, with Your Eyes of Mercy,
with the Love of Your Heart,
with the Wisdom of Your Consciousness
and through My redeeming Cross,
make all things new,
so that souls may live Your Will
and Your angels may lift the crosses of Your children
so that they no longer feel tormented,
disturbed or that they have gone mad.
May Your Soul, Lord,
illuminate every space of consciousness.
Therefore, Eli,
I offer My spiritual Blood
to purify Your children
and make them, on this day,
partakers of the Spiritual Communion with My Cross,
the Cross of sacrifice.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

All who listen at this moment and have a cross with them may raise it so that Christ, Our Lord, may bless it, and make of our cross, our Calvary and of the Calvary of this world, a victory of love, light and redemption so that souls may be blessed by the Spirit of God, renewed and healed by the Blood of Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now bring the cross towards your heart and feel the fortitude of Jesus and the merciful Love of His Heart for all creatures on Earth.

I will stay a moment in silence so that, through a song called "Christ of the Calvary", on this day of the Sacred Cross, each one of the souls may be the cross of victory, of redemption, of surrender and of humility, in honor of Our Heavenly Father.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am listening.

Let us contemplate the spiritual Calvary.