Wednesday, July 16 of 2014

Weekly messages

Render worship and pay tribute to the Prince of the Celestial Militia, Saint Michael the Archangel, because this beloved Father will help those who summon Him from heart and from soul in the critical moments.

For this purpose today I wish that in My Name a small chapel inside the Marian Center of Aurora be raised for the month of August, which will be contemplated by all in honor of the Father Archangel Saint Michael, that Supra-Consciousness that from the beginning of My Christic Life has accompanied and prompted the miracles and the wonders of love that I have performed.

In order for this to be possible, I come to ask the consecration of all the servers to the Blessed and Most Pious Warrior Heart of Saint Michael the Archangel.  Whoever venerates Saint Michael in this Chapel, that will present His sacred image, the one which I have revealed by means of a vision, will help to liberate from sin the hearts that are most persecuted and that are condemned by the craft of the enemy.

I come to ask all the pilgrims of the world that in thanksgiving for the anniversary of the Apparitions of Jesus during the thirteen encounters of prayer of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, to help the Marian Center of Aurora to manifest this little chapel, which the consecrated ones will build to please Me.

The Saint Father Archangel Michael is the Prince of Love and Truth; He is the one who will be able to help in the adversities as well as in the dangers, and this chapel that will be lifted – however small it may be  – will radiate the blessed light of Saint Michael.

This means My companions, that My Sacred Heart, in an act of gratitude, gives to you the Divine Power of Saint Michael the Archangel, so that He from now on, may protect and guide the paths of all the servers.

This Holy Father of the Celestial Hosts is the Supreme Commander of all the militias. Emmanuel, out of love, has entrusted him with the evolution and the redemption of all of humanity.

This sacred chapel will consecrate each server that is presented before it and will liberate here, in Aurora, the spirits of impurity and of deception.   My goal of manifesting this sacred chapel is so great that I will rely on the good hearts to take it forward.

This chapel will be the point of liberation for Uruguay, because in the celestial authority that I have conceived as Son of God, Saint Michael the Archangel will answer to My universal requests and still more, will answer them when a good soul before the sacred chapel begs Saint Michael the Archangel by means of the following prayer:

Request for Liberation to Archangel Michael

O Supreme Prince of the Celestial Militia!
I beg you from soul, mind and heart,
that Your glorious and powerful intercession be fulfilled in me.

By the power that God has given you,
Saint Michael the Archangel,
banish from my being all the impure spirits.

May the merciful protection of Your Wings
envelope me, day and night.

May Your Sword of Celestial Light
cut and expel the evil feelings.

May the Love of Your Most Compassionate Heart
elevate me spiritually
and, in Your Sacred Arms of Father and Protector,
may I ascend in glory and redemption to the Kingdom of God,

O Father and Protector during the battles!
Guide me so that I may fulfill the purpose,
remove from my core the cells of evil
and, just as You once deigned to guide Jesus Christ
to the foot of the Cross of Love,
deign, My Father,
to guide me through the path of humility and of surrender.

Sacred Archangel Michael,
may all Your Universal Hosts,
that perpetually praise the Supreme Father,
descend now to the kingdom of this world,
which was created by the Will of Adonai;
unite me to Your Kingdom of Love and Protection
so that, as Your consecrated child,
I may fulfill the promise
of preparing the glorious coming of Christ.

Cover me with Your Light,
Beloved Prince Michael.




Sunday, July 6 of 2014

Weekly messages

Prayer of Christ

Listen to Me O Beloved Father!

May Your Kingdom accompany and guide the steps of those who have stayed behind.

O Lord of Mine! Embrace strongly those who left behind the power of Your Legacy; do not look at them with Righteousness, look at them with Compassion.

I Am the fruit of the Virginal Womb, I Am the emanation of the Source of Your Kingdom.

Allow Me Lord, allow that My powerful Rays which are Yours to radiate the spiritual darkness that today blinds many.

Lord, Adonai, Father of the fathers, Greatest Master of the Celestial Masters:

Impose Your Sacred Hands over humanity; make each of Your children discover the strength of Your Love and Your Will.

That in the dark night, I may be the Light of the world among Your children; that on the day that dawns in each interior, I may be the flower that is opened in the simple hearts, to praise and glorify You.

Emmanuel, God of the Universes, unbreakable strength of the Purest and Greatest Love:

May Your dimensions of Peace and may the Cosmos, which is the work of Your Grace, flood with peace all of Your children, so that no one may fear tribulation nor be invaded by the fear that surrounds the world, but that Your Mercy may be the perfect reason to resuscitate all who have died in spirit and in life.

Abba, the Original Source among all the Sources of the Universe:

Deposit over Your own all the Grace that belongs to You, penetrate with the strength of Your Love into the hearts that have been hardened because of pain.

I Am the great Master Key within Your Hands.

O Father of Mine! You were by My side in the agony, in each lash and at the moment of the Cross, I offer You as Your Beloved Son, the gifts of the Passion, of the Death and of the Resurrection in honor of Your Pious Greater Name.

Yod He Vav He, Father of the Great Eternity:

Let Me enter into the kingdom of Your children; You know that in this cosmos I Am part of the palpitating Heart of Your Great Love.

Make all the souls, lost and not lost, recover the strength of Your Faith.  Make the sublime power of Your Protection embrace the destiny of those who have elected to live on Your Path.

I Am the representative of Your Apostolate; allow Me, My Beloved God, that through My Sacred Heart, Your Breath of Life, Your Magnificent Existence may live in all that You, out of Mercy and Glory, have created from the beginning.

May Your Hosts of Light, the thirty three Creator Fathers of the Greater Universes, descend to this little planet of the cosmos.

Accept Father, that I may return soon in Your name to remove from the hells of the Earth all the particles of evil.

Let Me be Lord, in Your infinite Presence, the light that illuminates the entire world; that each heart may feel the breeze of My Hope, that each soldier of light may recognize that all is and will be for the good of the universe.

Accept Me Lord of Mine, as Your Faithful Messenger; I know that You have recognized Me since before My Sacred Birth in Bethlehem.  Allow Me, Adonai, imploring Your high Name, that this project of love may become, through My Offer, a project of love and redemption.

I promise Lord, before the power of Your Thrones, that I will call the souls one by one, so that in the gift of Your Beloved Kingdom we may celebrate for all of Eternity the Victory of Your Heart.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, may all hearts rejoice.

Christ Jesus Merciful



Saturday, July 5 of 2014

Weekly messages

While My Footprints are marked again over the earth of your world, My Heart announces to you and to the entire world the time of tribulation.

May your feelings not be detained by the consequences that humanity will soon suffer if it does not change, but that your feeling of love may seek to unite themselves to Mine all of the time; in this way you will be free from the mistakes that many souls will commit to offend Me.

I make you to discover day and night the universe of My Unfathomable Mercy, I bring you from the Heights the Greater Wisdom, that which will prepare you for the final moments.  My Heart does not come to announce fear to you; I come in search of those that in the beginning made the commitment of redemption with Me.

I have wished for a long time that all the souls may come to Me, but because of everything that happens in this time, and how the hearts are deceived and diverted from the path, I know that this will not happen.

May your true work be the constant search of My Spirit, because in solitude and in emptiness I give you the divine strength.  In joy and in jubilation I pour to you My Divine Mercy.

I know that many will fall from My Arms prematurely; for this, pray, pray to My Sacred Heart so that I may calm down in all the souls the fear of God.  Your Father is Pity, but He is also Justice and Compassion.

It is the hour to recognize yourself as a Child of God, but it is also the hour to define the path to follow, it does not matter which one.  Know well, there will be no greater happiness than the one that I have offered you for two thousand or so years, after the Cross.

Permit that I may show you the true history of yours souls, in this way you will know what you have come to this world for, from so far away.  You will know for what I have been lovingly here among you all this time.

But I know that many will not seek the Kingdom of God, out of wanting to seek it outside themselves.  Woe unto them!  How it pains My Pious Heart when the ones who were close to Me in this time, turn their back on Me.

Know My dears that I do not come to judge you, I come to show the value and the infinite power of your inner Christs.  They are the sap of life, they are the incarnated purity in the bodies of all of those who live today. For this may your search not be detained, may it be constant, in this way you will relieve Me and it will have been worth My while to have come to you for so long.  Do not fear to remain alone and without friends, My Friendship is un-transferrable and pure, My desire is to make your steps mature.  You are not children anymore, now you must be Apostles who emit the clamor of My Voice to the four corners of the Earth.

May your medicine be prayer, so that the torch of fire is not extinguished and may illuminate you in this dark night that is approaching.

My Absolute Peace, My Unbreakable Love may be for all the beings of good will, those who will face the end of the times.

Under the Love of God, be prodigious; that your hearts may be seeds of the fruits that will be born in a short time.

Thank you for being with Me today!

Christ Jesus of Mercy



Friday, July 4 of 2014

Weekly messages

Take care:

That your encounter with Me does not become part of a routine, because without perceiving it you will be losing a great part of My Glorious Kingdom of Love.

I come to dedicate to you a special and precious time.  I come to pour over you a time of Graces and of Consolation.  May this era in which all are immersed be a moment of preparation and of reflection to be able to reach wisdom in all the things of life.

I know that many have gone through a shipwreck during these last three weeks in which they did not find a port; but today I ask you if in truth you have sought Me, if in truth you have found Me or if you have called Me.

The Lord sends Me to give you a message of preparation and of warning, due to the inner thoughts that have touched strongly the sphere of Our Heavens, due also to the fear that evil imposes over those who are Mine.

For this, may in this new Marathon all your vows be renewed, so that in the definitive moment you may find an answer in all things.

I come to open the eyes of your consciousnesses; I wish that My Apostles of redemption may be renewed, so that in the end of the days they may be living testimony of My Father upon the face of the Earth.

Do not fear for those friends of yours in whom you trusted that have left My Boat in the last port through which I have passed to call new souls; My Omnipresent Spirit will always take care of those who once were a part of My Cenacle of Love.

May in truth this Marathon help you to find the spiritual food for your lives, may your real reason before all that is happening inside and outside the souls, be the path of Love and of Peace, so you may reach inner patience.

I place all in test, because the time indicates that the fruits must already be offered before the Thrones of the Creator.  Do not fear to know the power of surrender, it will bring you to live the truth and in this way the lies and the wiles of life will be dissolved from night to morning.

I hope that this Marathon may be restorative and healing, because many of you need help, comfort and especially love to face the new cycles that will come.

Seek to live the Will and soon you will perceive how many different things than the Greater Will your beings realize.  Untransferrable and immediate obedience may or may not save your lives, it will depend on the confidence that your consciousnesses realize when they receive the call.

Today I have come to reveal to you My honest Truth, because it is time to rapidly mature through the heart; in this way you will not lose yourselves in the superficial things and your hearts will emerge victorious by means of the wise intelligence that you may apply in each step that you take in this life.

It is time to prepare yourselves and to help the brothers and sisters, so that they too may live this preparation.  I will not be able to say to you what will happen, all has been written, and in this way will be accomplished.

The wrong decision of a consciousness may change the course of the plans that were predicted by the Most High.  I come in time to help you to meditate and to grow from within.

I thank all the Marathon participants for persevering through faith and for answering My call of Mercy.

Under the Wisdom of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Essence of Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus of the Divine Mercy

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