Sunday, April 27 of 2014

Weekly messages

Blessed are those who confess before My Merciful Heart all their faults and acquired debts because on this day of Divine Mercy My rays are radiated to the entire world in order to purify impurities and to heal the wounds in those who only say yes to Me.

Rejoice yourselves and do not get scared anymore because this is the day of your liberation.  Be participants in the source of special Graces that My Heart is presenting to you at this time.  Once I said that the one who is the most inveterate sinner who asked for My Mercy would truly receive and would be forgiven from all of its faults.  Today I tell you the same as I said to Mary Magdalene: “Go in Peace and sin no more” because I Am the one who will always give you inner strength to transform yourself.

I know that many of those who follow Me at times feel as if they were in a path of shadows and obscurity, this will soon end.  Blessed are those who live in darkness and call Me with the heart because My Eternal and Merciful Light will save them.  Remember that during the Passion I poured Blood and Water from My Side, I poured the Source of Life and of Mercy.  Now rejoice yourselves because on this day of Piety and of Compassion your hearts will remain clean from every stain and will see arising on the horizon the light of My Hope for this world.

Blessed are all of those who on this day of Mercy and on the days that are to come ask for Mercy.  In truth I tell you that in spite of the debt being greater than any other fault, it will be forgiven by Me.  Know that the Father gave Me the power to absolve you, go in joy and participate in the communion with My Body and with My Blood.  Be a living testimony of the redemption and of the mercy for those who still do not live on this path.

I want to be more merciful with you.  I wish for you to get to know deeply the thirst that I have for all the fallen souls because in them I hope to raise a new temple, a place where Our Eternal Father will live in the redeemed hearts.  Come towards Me and, with joy and gratitude, carry your cross, the Supreme will never give you such a heavy cross as the one I carried for you in the Calvary.  Now I Am the new Cyrene that comes out to the encounter of your path to relieve the weight that your back carries.  Let Me tell you what to do in order to walk in braveness and in peace.

I come in this time to liberate your being from the inner cross, that which sometimes from you own actions hurts you, wounds you, tires you and makes you ache in the most profound part of yourself.  I Am the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, I Am the One who established the day of the Divine Mercy to be able to liberate the faults of humanity. Surrender to Me the cross of your loneliness.  Surrender to Me the cross of your anguish, of your despair.  Surrender to Me now the cross of your desires, temptations, afflictions.  Surrender to Me the cross of your martyrdom, the cross of you indifference, the cross of your pain.  Only surrender to Me the cross that always makes you fall.  Surrender to Me with bravery and determination all that does not let you walk.

I believe in truth that you still do not know the greatness and the power of Christ, I wish all the time to be a part of your cross so that you may be able to live in Me. Come dear redeemed disciple, come to My arms and feel the heat that radiates the love of My Heart!  I Am the Source and the Merciful Life, I wish that all of those who follow Me continue following Me without fear in this time of what you will see of yourselves.

I only want on this day to give to you My gesture of love so that you may know that My Mercy today concedes Graces to all, Graces of God, from the Eternal Love.  Look to Me and beg for My name, the time of your redemption has come, the day of your mercy has come, only think of remaining in Me, by My side, at My side, With Me forever.

Under the Divine and Powerful Mercy that comes from the Father, be redeemed in the name of the Eternal Father, of the Son and of the Sacred Holy Spirit.

Merciful Christ Jesus



Friday, April 25 of 2014

Weekly messages

My Merciful Heart visits all the homes of the world, when their dwellers open the door to Me through devotion and prayer.  For this today I invite all to prepare their humble homes, because soon My Omnipresent and Loving Spirit wants to pay unexpected visits in the houses of all the new Apostles of Christ.

Open the doors of your homes, so that may reign first, before anything, the Word of Life that nourishes and that will vivify your spirits in this time, you will receive the Word of Life through your openness to My Sacred Gospel and through the divine messages that week after week I transmit to the world.

When My Word is among you, I will be able to say that you are in the inner school of preparation, so that you can receive Me in the future as Your Savior.

Now I ask that the Word of Life go back to being present among your hearts, homes and tables, so that the power of the Divine Word may reign first, transforming and healing power for the whole world.  And as a consequence I ask you that you love the New Testament, in this way you will go back to finding the path that the world and its modernity has caused you to lose, keeping you away from My Silent Heart.

I hope that the brave ones and those who are willing may visit Me in the Most Holy Sacrament of Communion, as well as in the Sacrarium, because inside the Sacrarium is found My Heart present in all the corners of the Earth; there will be the place so that we may also talk and speak of your problems.

Together we will find solution for everything, it will suffice that you want to visit Me in the Sacrarium; there all will be accomplished.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for visiting the Sacrarium of My Unfathomable and Most Pure Heart!

Your Intercessor, Christ Jesus



Friday, April 11 of 2014

Weekly messages

It has been two thousand years since, during the week prior to My Passion, I found Myself still in Galilee, healing and performing miracles of life to those who afterwards gave me to the Cross.

Before this, the Lord had entrusted me to experiment with the flavor of bitterness and with the dry thirst of the condition of this humanity.  This was the moment before My Passion when My human cells surrendered to the Will of the Divinity.

My Spirit recognized from the first moment of life the task that it would realize out of love of others; in this way in the constant offer to the Lord, He gave Me to drink from the cup of His Will, so that in honor of His Name I could accomplish His Request of redeeming and saving humanity.  Before the cruelty of the enemy, the Lord inspired Me to radiate the spirit of serenity and peace.

If you My child, see and perceive that all around you seems to be empty and without divine life, remember the commitment that you made with Me for this time.  My Grace will be poured over the simple of heart; but My Requests, that sometimes are bitter, also must be accomplished in those that walk by My side.

This is the reality of the server of Christ, to pour up to the last drop of their water out of love of others, even though they may find rivalries or barbarities in their fellow humans.  This will be the moment to be merciful, to love and to forgive the mistakes that the others commit without perceiving it.

A true merciful being risks themselves to the point of being condemned to the death of their ego, in this way the paths of those who follow Christ will be straightened out.

In this preparatory week of the experience of My Passion, I invite you to be merciful even in the smallest details, because in this way you will be able to accomplish My Will.  When I was condemned, I was silent.  When I was whipped and injured I was silent.  When I was nailed to the Cross, I surrendered.

Sometimes God shows His Will and His Wish in a way that we may not understand, but in all the Lord wants to say something to you; it is time to trust and to love His Great Universal Will.

The Spirit of God will always nourish you and relieve you of everything because whoever serves God will lack nothing in this life or in the next life in Heaven.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus, the King of the Divine Love



Saturday, April 5 of 2014

Mensaje especial

In the silence of the night, look at Me and ignite your spirit by means of My Sacred Words.

Look at Me and feel the infinite serenity of My Presence.

Look at Me so that you may be able to trust everyday a little more.

Look at Me so that My Light may envelop you.

Look at Me now and heal the wounds that the oppressors cause Me.

Look at Me because My kind and simple Spirit will give you the strength that you need.

Look at Me because My Heart will open the door for your salvation.

Look at Me because in the silence of a prayer I will be able to tell you many things.  

Look at Me because in this way you will get to know the majestic strength of My Universe of Love.

Look for Me whenever you feel lonely.  Call Me whenever your life shipwrecks within the sea of sorrow.

Look for Me and you will be happy before everything.

Remember Me as your Shield.  Remember Me as your Protector.  Remember Me as your Beloved and ally of love.

I Am that which you allow Me to be.  I Am the Sun that shines in the darkness of this world.  I Am the eternal salvation for all of My Friends.

Stay at My side and you will find what you search for.  Stay at My side and you will find the way out.

I Am present in all and for all, I only need your truthful yes so that the miracle of God may be able to happen in your little life.  I Am for you the best and the superior.  Stay with Me and all will become calm. 

I Am the Love of God manifested.  I Am the Truth for your life and the profound healing for your being.

I Am here to listen to you and to serve you.  I Am Your King. 

Under the Love of God, be blessed.  

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Great Shepherd



Friday, April 4 of 2014

Weekly messages

As the breath of the Holy Spirit, My Divinity descends again upon all the Nation of Argentina in order to be able to relieve and heal the condemned and wounded hearts.

Today precious souls of this nation are elevated towards My Celestial Kingdom so that in the name of the Eternal Love the simple and kind spirits may be nourished by My Word of Life.

Today I Am fulfilling before My Friends and followers the sacred promise of My Return to Argentina.  I know that the majority of these children do not understand the spiritual mystery, that of the Son of God arriving in spirit and in Mercy to the encounter of His Soldiers, because a true king rules through the fulfilling of his word and of his promise.  A sovereign king comes to the need of his subjects and attends them in order to solve and heal any inner situation.

But I know that My Universal Kingship is little understood.  For this, in order to understand it I invite you in this ninth Marathon of the Divine Mercy to truly consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart for the all of the rest of your lives.  In this way, with your sincere and humble permission, I will be able to realize My saving Work throughout all of Argentina through the immediate donation of your hearts.

I wish that all the children from Argentina may be able to consider the most precious devotion to My Sacred Blood because in this way I will be able to carry out the plans that I intend for your lives.

I will always give you inner strength, whenever you do not have it.

I will always relieve you and wash your sins with the water of life.

I come in this moment to remind you that the time of My unexpected Return is approaching.

For this, serve the Eternal Father if you still have not yet served Him.  Love your brothers and sisters if you still have not yet loved them.  Be by My side if you still have not yet been.  I need you decided and faithful, truthful and dedicated.  In this way you will always count on My Majestic spiritual help.

May this ninth Marathon represent the perfect union of your hearts with Mine.  I will wait for you in the silence of the heart.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining every day in My Heart.

Christ Jesus, your King

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