Friday, November 3 of 2017

Monthly messages

First Message

I come on this night for a world that needs Me; for this, I bring before your presences My Eucharistic Heart, which will give you strength in these times to continue forward in this trajectory of life on Earth.

And I do not only come for this time, I will also bring a message tomorrow, because the world needs Me, because this nation needs Me, because My companions need that I Am by their side at this moment of transition and of tests.

I come to give freedom to those who are in spiritual captivity.

I come to give peace to those who do not have it.

For this, I have come on this night to bring you My Peace, the Peace that makes the spirit, the mind and the soul rejoice.

It is this Peace that comes from My Eucharistic Heart which will take you to live the changes and to not fear living the transformations that the Universe will send you in these times.

In this night, I come for the great cell of this spiritual work, of this whole Work.

I come to give testimony, in the name of My Father, that it is necessary to live great changes in order to be able continue forward, to be able to carry My Banner of Peace to all the corners of this world so that My Redeeming Project be concretized in the end of these times.

For this, I have decided to send certain Rays of the Universe, to move your consciousness from place, to destroy their structures, to manifest in this hour the change of consciousness that I need you to have, companions, so that you can truly accompany Me and without illusions.

I have come on this night to bring you My spiritual Transparency, because just to hear Me once in this message for the Marathon would not be enough, before everything that I must say to you and to the world.

Each one take the part of this message that corresponds to them and meditate, reflect and deepen.

The time has come, companions, for you to be able to perceive, in these times, the real needs that My Father presents by means of His Divine Will; this will keep you close to Me and you will not be separated from My Path, because I will no longer be able to go by other paths to look for you, companions.

I have already taught you, in other times and in this one, to be in My Heart so that you can be in God and God can be in you at each moment of life, in each circumstance as well as in each test.

I do not come to claim greater efforts because I can see them with My own paternal and merciful Eyes.

I come to talk to My companions who walk close to Me and by My side, who do not detain themselves, who follow the steps of the Master and of the King of the Universe; because it is necessary, companions, in these times, to understand what We ask you.

There must be no doubts between you and the Plan.

There can be no gaps between your consciences and your hearts, because My adversary still works against My Father and His Will.

My adversary still commits the greatest atrocities in the world, which many still do not want to see, so as not to be frightened nor fear, such as the wars, the conflicts between the nations, the exiles, world famine, the social and human problems.

I want My companions to place themselves at the height of what I need and that they no longer think if what We say is right or not right.

Love the Will of My Father in absolute trust and you will not perish.

Love the Will of My Father, just as I loved it, since My Incarnation in this world until the top of Mount Calvary, on the Cross.

I do not come to tell you that you will do the same that I did two thousand years ago.

Today I come to tell you that you will do greater things than those that I did in other times, but not as the human beings think or believe.

I need that you find in My Eucharistic Heart, that flame of humility that will guide you, that will make you more simple and truthful each day to be able to correspond to this, My Project, which is not of this world but of the Universe.

Today I come as an autonomous and Solar Consciousness.

Today I come with the Authority, the Power and the Sovereignty that My Father has given Me to be able to aggrandize His Work in this and other Universes, to be able to recreate this Creation, above all, on this planet that is in darkness and is suffering.

I would not want My soldiers to lose sight of My Aspirations and Yearnings, My most ardent Projects that the souls can be able to live high degrees of Love, just as I lived them in other times until today.

I need you to encourage yourselves to surpass Me in Love just as I tried to overcome all the tests, by means of My Passion and of My Death, and this was in the essence of the Merciful Love that comes from the Spiritual Source of My Father and that nourishes all the essences.

I would not want to detain this Work that today I share with you and with the world, because I no longer have another place in which to be able to work if not in the merciful and humble hearts, in the resigned hearts that do not fear to say “yes” to the divine cause that comes from Heaven and form the Universe, that do not fear to say “yes” to the Sacred Knowledge that descends from the Source and that is retransmitted from Heaven to Heaven.

Today I Am on this side of the Andes to bless this wounded people for everything it has lived in these latest times and in the last decades.

For this, today I come with this first message and tomorrow I will come with the second one, in an extraordinary way and for many inexplicable.

I will not tell you why I will come twice, I need that you learn to perceive the course of the events and the need to carry forward a Plan that is accomplished in little things.

I come from the top of the mountains, I come from the Andes, to invite everyone to raise their consciousnesses, to come out of the criticism, the divisions, the judgments, the indifferences that hurt My Eucharistic Heart.

Through all those who adore My Eucharistic Heart by means of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, you have received one of the most important legacies in this Work of Redemption that begins to be realized through you and your souls.

Value the treasures that were received and you will not lose peace, you will not lose the guidance, you will not be disoriented, instead you will be conducted by My Spirit which is Immaterial and Divine.

Today I come to place all, on this night, at the foot of one of the events and acts that I have lived when I was here on this planet, I come to introduce you by means o My Eucharistic Heart, in the Garden of Gethsemane, so that you are in vigilance next to your Lord, awake, attentive, intuitive and observers of all the events that are coming in a short time.

I want you to enter the Garden Gethsemane and to place yourselves under the olive trees, so that, on this night of darkness that the planet is facing, the doors of the Divine Mercy may be able to be opened and the souls may be led towards peace.

I want you to withdraw like John, close to his Master, to accompany Him in this spiritual agony that He faces, observing an unjust world that still does not say “yes” from the heart to the Mercy of God.

For this, today I bring My Eucharistic Heart so that through it you find the Father, who also waits for human consolation, even though they are imperfect or simple.

The Father also needs His children, as His children also need the Celestial Father.

Walk with Me to the top of the mountain, so that from the top you may be able to see My Return on the horizon.

I invite you to live this next Marathon seeking to renew the essence of life by means of My Eucharistic Heart, by means of love for all Creation.

May this Marathon be in honor and joy, in thanksgiving and in gratitude to the Creation that your Father has made since the Beginning, since the Origin, since the nothing, in Union to His spiritual and most holy Source.

I hold you in My Heart and once again give you My Peace to carry out this mission, which has just begun in the whole world.

So that more nations receive My Presence, I will count on the help of My companions.

So that more continents and regions of the world may receive My help, I will count on My companions.

For this, My Message, in these times, must be in all possible languages, so that all the hearts awaken under the same essence of Love.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.