Sunday, December 3 of 2017

Monthly messages

First Message

Today I come as the Lord of the Night to illuminate your lives, to remove you from the abysses of consciousness and from fear.

Today I come as the Lord of the Night because I Am the Lord of the Moon and of all the stars, of all that shines in the Universe and takes part in the Creation of Our Lord, Adonai.

Today I come as the Lord of the Night to walk by your side in this time of darkness and of tests, in this transition that will take you to challenges and to live inexplicable things, things that you have never lived, in this life nor in the others.

But I come as the Lord of the Night, the Lord of Emmanuel, so that you come to know, from the Father, the great Source of His Love that never ceases, that never ends, the Source of Love that will make you free from yourselves and from your bonds.

Enter this dark night of the planet without fear, because I Am still here to make you live in God and in His infinite Unity.

In this dark night, may your souls not despair, may you not be disturbed within, because what you are living and are transiting through in this time is the Will of God, and God knows it, God knows it deeply, and He knows that it is the best for you, at this moment.

Do not fear to go through this night along with Me, because I Am here to help you but also to show you the truth, truth that is hidden in the innermost of your hearts, truth that is hidden in the depth of the consciousness and that, many times, you cannot see.

This truth that I tell you will show you how you truly are and what I need to extirpate from you in order for you to be My true apostles.

This is the hour when the new being is being constructed, spiritually.

This is the hour when many things must die so that other things may be born, and thus you may become free.

I come as the Lord of the Night to take you by the hand and to lead you through the same path that I once went through, from Jerusalem to the Garden of Olives.

This night that the planet lives is so similar to the one that I lived, more than two thousand years ago, when I had to give all for all, when I had to overcome My fears, so that your fears could be overcome by love.

I come in this night to remove souls from the abysses and from illusion.

I need that your eyes open in order to see what exists internally, in your inner world. It is what I need in order to do My Work in this world and with this humanity.

The most difficult night of all times is being crossed by this humanity and by this planet.

But at night as during the day, God will never abandon you, just trust Him and love the unknown of the tests that He presents to you, from cycle to cycle, so that you may live them and thus be able to transform yourselves.

At this night that the planet goes through, may your hearts not harden as stones.

Soften your feelings and you will feel positive things that you have never felt before, as you allow the Fire of My Love to penetrate all and transform all.

I come as the Lord of the Night to announce the end of times; because the time has come to define the next stage of this humanity, when the new humanity will be free from the chains of evil and from bonds with error and indifference.

At this night, may your hearts search the Lord of the Moon that illuminates, silently, the inner worlds with a sacred spiritual energy originating from Emmanuel. May this balm of blue light wash you, vivify you and thus purify you from all stains and from all sins, in order for you to be free from yourselves so that I May be there, in your hearts, and reveal to you the path of redemption through love.

In this dark night that the planet and humanity lives, companions, in this night that many fear to cross by fearing to fall into temptation, I ask you, lovingly, to be merciful, as merciful as I Am with you, during your difficult times when sometimes My Word cannot enter the most intimate of your hearts.

I invite you to be in the night of the Garden of Gethsemane so that you may understand, My apostles, what the Father made Me understand in those times, when a greater darkness had to be won by means of love, and a great indifference had to be defeated by means of Mercy.

I tell you once again, companions, not to sleep as the Apostles slept in the Garden of Gethsemane, forgetting, during a time, of the Passion of your Lord; even in these moments I had to renounce and to love more than I could love all of you.

The Grace of God was never scarce to Me.

The Protection of the Archangel Saint Michael never ceased to support Me, even though I was a man as you are and I was human as you are.

I have come to recreate this Project by means of the force and of the power of the Love of God, which also lives in you, when you only pay attention to it, let it flourish and make it emanate as a fountain.

If you do not affirm yourselves in this Love, which is not your own or personal, but rather eternal, you will not manage to go through this dark night, because in some moment of the path, during the dark night, I will have to leave you alone so that you may live your confirmation, just as I lived it in the solitude of the Garden of Gethsemane, where I had to overcome Myself, bringing to My Heart the Light and the consolation of the Divine Spirit.

The very Angels of God descended on the Garden of Gethsemane to console Me, thus today I descend to console you in this dark night, imitating the Angels of Emmanuel.

Do not let My Project be defeated by your aspects of life. Love one another, love one another even though you do not manage to do it and cannot do it. If you only take the first step, My apostles, I will help you to find the meaning in love and in unity.

This will close the doors so that My adversary does not enter your hearts and minds.

Do it for My Sorrowful Passion and during this Marathon, offer all prayers for the nations of the world that live their own dark night and to the souls that are submerged in error.

Offer this Marathon for those that you have by your side, daily, for what you cannot accept from the other, for that soul or that human heart that awakens in you wrath, evil or indifference.

Do not continue within the same chain of errors of this current humanity, overcome this atavism by means of love and of constancy.

Today I come as the Lord of the Night to teach you to incarnate the transcendence of self and the impetus of loving, each day more, beyond yourselves and all the Creation.

Watch with Me during this dark night, because we are still in battle, everything is still allowed and humanity is free to chose the path of salvation or the path of perdition.

In these last times I Am retreating Myself, each day more, so that you may live, companions, your solitude as your Master and Lord lived it on the Mount of Olives, under the light of the Moon but without stars to radiate.

I invite you to overcome in yourselves the abysses of the consciousness, these impenetrable and recalcitrant hells that only torment the souls that seek My Love.

If I defeated death only by loving you, you will be able to defeat things greater than those I defeated on the Cross.

Do not forget, companions, My apostles, to surpass Me in love during daily life, near your brothers and sisters on the path, near all those that approach your lives.

In this dark night that the world lives, I come to deliver to you the universal consolation that God conceded to My Sacred Heart during the Agony of the Garden of Gethsemane. There began, companions, the overcoming of all great human indifference, until today, until the present time, that’s why I suffered so much, in silence and surrender.

Remember My Body wounded by humans and by their pride.

I was this Lamb that was taken to the slaughterhouse so that you, in this time, might have a last opportunity.

I know that each one loves Me as they can.

I know that each one gives Me what they can give Me, but I still need more.

I need the world, during this Marathon, to be flooded by a grand love so that the horrors that I see in this humanity may be liberated, so that all oppression may end and souls may be redeemed.

Do not set the cross aside from you. Carry it, as you have never done before.

Do not let My Fire separate from you, but rather may it embrace you to make you become as flames, so similar to those of the Holy Spirit.

I have brought you here, to this Hermitage of My Glorified Heart, so that you remember that I asked it to be built in order for souls to visit it, in order for souls to receive from My Heart the Graces they need.

May the Breath of the Spirit of Emmanuel bless you and concede you peace.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.