Sunday, March 31 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear brothers and sisters in the Most Holy Mary:

I Am here, over this Center of Prayer and devotion, to share with you My Graces and My Piety, divine merits that have been poured throughout these days through your honest answer to My Heart.

Dear companions, I do not separate Myself from you, not even for a moment, for this, keep the door of the heart open so that My Holy Spirit may visit you in honor and in praise to the one and only God of Love.

Dear and little sheep of Mine: your flock, the favorite to Me, must grow in love, in unity and in faith, so that your lives may be the depository of new gifts and new sheep that may want to find a way out through the instruction that I give to you.

My new cycle over the Earth and humanity is approaching; through prayer and the unity of your consciousnesses with Me in this sacred week, not only did there arise the superior opportunity of the liberation of souls imprisoned by their own suffering, but also, My Mercy and My Greater Grace were poured over those leaders who will need the light of the Father to make decisions about My beloved humanity.

With this I say to you My dear friends that My Heart blessed the new Holy Father, with the aim that he may represent in fidelity My beloved Apostle Peter, the guardian of the Doors of Heaven.

In this way you may feel in your hearts how My Light was poured this time over the world, light that has touched especially all the missionaries that have served Me in the whole world for a long time, those called missionaries of love and charity.

My Heart of Light has embraced with so much compassion the helpless and unprotected in what are called refugee camps, so that through My intercession My Spirit embraced in the Kingdom all of those who may have gone to hell.

My dears, perceive with the heart how is the greatness of your Father who is in the universes. Contemplate the immensity of the source of the Mercy and the Piety that He pours through His Holy Beloved Son.

My brothers and sisters, you have pleased My Heart with the good acts that you have professed by means of the daily exercise of living in My Passion.  As definitive glory My Soul was able to touch again with Its Love the heart of some families and youth that, divided between soul and body, took up again the path of reconciliation and of conversion in this way being able to forgive the faults committed against the God of Love.

For all of this, My Consciousness that was contemplated and adored in all of the Earth, brings with it the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were radiated over those that opened themselves to live the inner state of My Passion, remembering the path of experience and of life that My Heart left as a legacy for all of My followers and non-followers.

My dears, see how infinite is My Mercy; once again, on this day, My Heart absolves you, forgives you and makes you find again the path of redemption.

I wait that in the coming Holy Week of the year of 2014 I may find you so united to Me as you have been today. Dears, because the works of Heaven are accomplished by means of the faithful and obedient servers who are in Christ over the face of the Earth.

Under the Merciful Power of God, be blessed and joyful.

Thank you for accomplishing My requests from the heart!

Your Beloved, Christ Jesus, the Redeemer Shepherd.



Saturday, March 30 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear brothers and sisters in My Father the Most High:

It has been a while since I have seen as today, a flock so united to My Purpose.

To those who are tired, I give you My Rest.

To those who are overwhelmed, I give you My Eternal Relief.

To those who suffer in the depths of the heart, I give you My Courage, My Faith, My Mercy.

In this way I want to see My New Soldiers of the end of the times, disposed beyond themselves, surrendered beyond their wills, encouraged beyond any inner concern, because whoever trusts in Me, will prevail in this life and beyond life, whoever trusts in Me, will not fear, will have courage, courage that they will receive from the bravery of the Holy Spirit.

When once I said that My Good News was preached in My Name, I wanted to say that always My Words would be in those who were willing to overcome themselves out of love for others.

Dears, I wish that all at the same time could reach the Light of My Kingdom, because this Kingdom of Peace, Love and Glory is for all, but few servers are willing to abandon their old garments, so that, free, they may find Me as the only refuge of the hearts.

For this I ask according to the readiness of My Flocks, because I know that your lives are weak, but they may become strong as My Spirit, in order to receive always My Call.

I am here to bless you and thank you for the perseverance of the heart.

Dears, prayer moves and liberates the hearts, for this your answer has touched the depths of My Being and in this way, has given comfort to the God of Love.  Justice has been lighter for those that would receive it strongly, this means that your seeds of love and prayer have been deposited in My Heart, I was repaired and restored by the love of your spirits.

For this I invite you to follow Me beyond yourselves, because what I want to reveal to you is not from this world, it comes from the Universe to find all My Followers.  Guard the love that I radiate in your hearts.

I love you beyond the existence of each essence.  I conduct you and I give you My Eternal Peace.

Under the Light and the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to My Requests with the heart.

Your Lord, Christ Jesus  



Friday, March 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear ones,

Praised be your hearts because you will be able to be in My Glory when you just follow My Saving Path.

Through My Holy Cross, I redeemed the world and I liberated from hell many essences that were condemned to eternal suffering. Today I no longer carry the heavy cross of your world, but I will return to give Eternal Life to that which seems to be dead in life. I will come to give My Spirit to that which seems to be empty.

With Me, in Me and together with Me, you will never lose the light that I provide to you from the Kingdom of My Father. Who lives in Me, I promise that they will not suffer, not even in the hour of the death, as your humble heart will find the eternal light that you have searched for so much.

For this, My dears, today do not only meditate upon what I gave for you. I ask you that you see My Sacrifice for the world as the victory of redemption over evil. Meditate upon My Passion as a Glory of the Spirit and of the Will of My Father so that, united as one flock, you may find the Doors of Paradise open.

I only ask you to serve Me, to love Me and to love the neighbor as I loved you, even in My last moments. Now My Love is strong, powerful and unfathomable for those who just renounce to themselves so that My Divine Spirit may be able to enter.

Dear ones, may this Holy Friday be honored and confirmed by all of you as the definite return of your lives to My Celestial Life, of your hearts to My Sacred Heart, of your missions to My Sacred Planetary Mission.

May no one lose the devotion of having Me by their side because, in truth, I tell you, that before I come in Spirit to your encounter during this day, I already knew each one of your consciousnesses.

With this be partakers of My Omnipresence in Heaven and on Earth.

Dear ones, I make you walk by My side, remembering My Passion, because today you will relieve the burden that the world places in My Poor Heart. Look at Me! See the resplendence of My Eyes, wise eyes of kindness that in love want to bring you the Light and to the Eternal Love of My Father.

May today emanate from you the consecration and confirmation of your souls to My Heart.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for responding to My precepts with the heart!

I thank you for listening to Me, My beloved sheep!

Christ Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer



Thursday, March 28 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am with you when you are only in Me.

I Am with you when you only say yes to Me.

I Am with you when you open the door to Me so that My Sacred Heart may be able to enter.

I Am with you when you allow Me to be in your hearts.

You will be My good companions when you only follow Me in spite of the tiredness, of the pain or of the loneliness that you may feel in your lives.

Dears, do not forget that I Am the inexhaustible Source for your lives. I Am the path that guides you, I Am the light that illuminates you, I Am the truth that is revealed when you only let Me reveal it before your eyes.

Dear companions, the last boat of salvation is passing through the life of all of the souls and My Mercy is the bridge that unites your hearts with the path of the definite salvation. My Eyes are already separating the straw from the wheat, the ripe fruit from the unripe fruit, because as your Shepherd I need instruments that may be able to be conducted by the wisdom of My Hands.

I Am returning, not to be your judge in face of the judgment. I will come because I want to be the mediator between you and God, I want to be the presence of Piety and of Mercy that may indicate to you a renovated and new path towards Paradise.

If you knew My Kingdom of Love you would never descend from it because in My Kingdom there are many dwellings and dwellers who, in eternity and good, serve the God of Love.

Dear friends, may your hope not disappear. May the sincere and humble love reign among you, love that will be radiated by the power and the strength of My Redeeming Love. Prepare yourselves to recognize Me in those where My Glorified Heart will land to radiate peace to the world and good to the souls. Only open the door of the heart so that I may enter.

Under the good and the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus



Wednesday, March 27 of 2013

Daily messages

The eyes that open themselves through prayer see with understanding and with wisdom because whoever perseveres by means of My Heart will walk in faith for all of eternity.

My dears,

May united in My Spirit your hearts radiate all the good and the loving that they live. In this way this light will be able to reach the world that urgently needs it to quench the thirst for love and for peace.

I conduct you towards My Kingdom. May no one lose the inner strength to follow Me and to unite themselves to My Redeeming Path.

Dears, I Am by your side to accompany you through this pathway that must be guided by the wisdom of My Heart.

Companions, follow the path traced for your conversion and redemption. Now all of the souls are called to recognize My Blessed Heart. I need true servers that may transmit My Only and True Message through the wise examples of life and by means of the important source that service represents for all of My Servers.

Dears, I prepare you day by day for something greater, something that you still do not know but that you will soon know when you only pray and vigil with Me.

Dears, take a moment so that My Presence may be among you because soon the Shepherd will come to dine at your table and He will call at the door of your heart.

Wait for Me with ardent love and devotion.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.



Tuesday, March 26 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear Children:

I will not leave any of My ones lonely not even for one moment. Just take care all of the days of your life so that the door is kept open so that I may enter.  May it always be open because My Spirit of Love will want to enter.

My dears, may the emptiness that your hearts may be feeling not be bigger than the immensity of the love that I have for each one of you. Be firm before the tests that the Universe of My Father sends to you because after crossing the abysses of life My Sacred Heart will receive you in Paradise.

For this acquire merit in the life of charity and of love, do not separate yourselves from Me, not even for one moment because it will be in the hardest moments of life that I will confirm your presence inside of My Redeemer Task.

Dears, do not fear for the veils of vanity and pride to vanish from your lives because I will always help you to cross the dark night of the heart.  After a dark night will come the day for those who in joy and gladness may recognize it.  Open day by day the source of your hearts so that My Words may spring like a beautiful flower of love in each essence of love.

I just ask you that you may live day by day through My Messages because in this way your consciousnesses will be corresponding to My Savior Call.

Dear children of My Father:

Enter into My Source of Mercy so that the Water of Life may purify you and prepare you so that you may receive Me through the Holy Communion. I Am with you all of the times that you permit Me to. I thank you for your full trust in My Heart.

Under the Love and the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Consoler of the hearts.



Monday, March 25 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

May My Shepherd Heart be present amongst you and may you be in My Heart and you be able to take, as missionaries, My Message of salvation to the world.

May your example of charity awaken the need for serving in those who do not serve. May your example of surrender activate the need for consecration in those who do not consecrate themselves to My Heart. May your example of fraternal love reflect itself in those who still do not love God so that they may learn to love the Creator above all things.

Through this path of constant surrender My Redeemer Spirit accompanies you. Remember My companions, that you are attempting day by day to become detached from yourselves and to leave behind your projects for the realization of My Greater Project. In consequence, My friends, you will encounter all that is difficult for yourselves but My purifying and liberating Fire will penetrate you whenever you open for an instant the door of the heart.

My dears, today together with the Immaculate Heart I confirm to you that My Universal Mother will continue to be your Mother of Consolation, of Relief, of Hope, your Mother of Grace and of Mercy.

If you have come to the desert of your life, I ask you, dear sheep, dear disciples, that you do not lower your arms, that you feel that with each surrender made by you to My Sacred Heart that you are repairing the great outrages that Humanity sends to Me day by day.

For this know that I Am with you, I am at your side carrying the cross of the great transformation so that in the same way as the Cyrene of Jerusalem, you may victoriously take the steps towards your conversion and redemption.

I want that today in love your eyes may glow with light and that your lips, through prayer, may pronounce devout praises to the Celestial Father.

May My Mercy always be able to accompany you, to distance you from sin and in this way you may be able to enter the Eternal Temple of My Heart.

One more time I gather you in the name of Peace and of Good, of Charity and of Service to the whole world.

Many of My followers in this last cycle will confirm the Christic path that My Steps mark for all. Tirelessly I Am with you because I know that these times will need My Omnipresent Spirit of Love.

Under the Love and the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for considering My words with the Heart!

Your Redeemer, Christ Jesus.



Sunday, March 24 of 2013

Daily messages

Whenever your hearts are stained from faults, My Heart pours Its Blood to wash you and purify you from every disturbance. Such is the immensity of My Mercy because My Truth makes itself truth and wisdom in those who in humility recognize their mistakes.

My Rays move along through the path of your world to be able to touch with My Light those who have abruptly separated themselves from the Creator. For this wait for My Presence every day and do not lose the hope to convert entirely your lives to My Wise Heart.

I Am with you even in mistakes. Have courage to leave behind whatever ties you to the past. Do not fear how many times you fall before Me, fear ever forgetting to ask Me for Help so that I may be able to accompany you to take the cross that My Father has entrusted to you.

Relieve the heart in My Heart through the power of My Wisdom. May your spirit seek to be united to My Spirit despite the tests because in this way you will allow Me to help your consciousnesses.

Accept My Forgiveness and walk in the faith that awakens through the strength of your devotion.

I Am with you, My sons and daughters.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, March 23 of 2013

Daily messages


Guard your essences in My Heart because there, in this Powerful Heart, evil will not find you. Do not fear the onslaughts that My Sheep may receive because God will always protect you under the intercession of His Celestial Messengers.

Walk through the path of challenges and sacrifice, those which are presenting themselves to your lives, and together with Me drink from the chalice that in this times I Am serving to you for love and mercy.

May nobody despair, but vigil. May the soul vigil with Me because it is not a normal time and many must awake from the dream that the modernities of the world have woven, as for example the competitions.

The best keys to win the battles are love and prayer, an unknown path for those consciousnesses who still must redeem themselves. Unity will mark the next path to be travelled, for this it will be important to answer in an immediate way to the needs that may present themselves.

Be attentive to those who will try to pass off as My Presence because the Earth, your world, in its totality is in redemption. Sustain with your hands the flag of the victory of My Light and even though the wind of the enemy tries to make you fall, do not fear, call My Name that I will quickly answer to your need.

The time that was written is being fulfilled, for this go to the encounter with the world in a careful and prayerful way so that My Followers may be as transparent as water and as invisible as silence.

I Am with you because the definition of the flocks is already coming. In love prepare My Path of return so that I may soon enter your houses.

Wait for Me because I will come in the silence of the night.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for interiorizing My words in the heart.

Christ Jesus, the Consoler. 



Friday, March 22 of 2013

Daily messages

My Dears:

To all of those who want to consecrate themselves, may they consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart because this act of humility that comes from the soul will be worth more than a thousand of formal consecrations.

The path of consecration is a path of transcendence and renunciation, of encounter with the Supreme Will to abandon the personal will, it is a path of humility in order to renounce the vanity that the world awakens to.

May no one despair for not being able to be formally consecrated because the greatest consecration is the life of prayer, the inner dialogue with God to find the balsam for the spirit. May those who already walk in consecration elevate their aspirations every day so that I may convert them into My Wills and, consequently, convert them into precious decisions for your lives.

Vigil through this path of consecration. And may your eyes raise themselves in order to recognize that only in the High, where My Eternal Father is, will you find the infinite path of union with God through the consecration of your hearts to Me. The soul that consecrates itself to My Heart finds in the emptiness of itself the new dwelling, the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful and kind.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Thursday, March 21 of 2013

Daily messages

My dear brothers and sisters:

May I in this time be able to awake in you the sublime humility of the heart so that your lives may liberate themselves from the identification with the things of the world and, in this way, you may walk in consecration to My Eternal and Sacred Heart.

Dears, may the path of competition and of the recognitions amongst men and women of this world be distant from My servers. May prayer be the only path that takes them towards the encounter with Me, with My Kingdom of Love. Because the love of My Heart and the love amongst My companions will allow them to defeat the great atavisms of consciousness, as are pride and vanity. May your hearts, before these attitudes of the world, strengthen themselves by the living the spirit of fraternity and redemption.

My Blessed Heart is open so that you may adore it as a temple of prayer and devotion, a temple of the Beloved God that will protect you from the attitudes of your own selves. For this go through the path of peace and may peace be the reason to gather in the Light all of My sheep.

I wait for the awakening of new flocks. So that it may happen and all may be partakers of My Mercy My servers will be as the living bridge of love and charity. In this way the greater number of souls will cross the threshold towards My Heart.

I wait for you always in patience and in love. Love each other compassionately, in this way the world will be a little more relieved.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, March 20 of 2013

Daily messages

My dear companions:

Today I take you all towards the depths of My Heart and through this emblem of union with Me I gather you around My Presence so that you may be able to comply with the commandments of My Father.

Dear friends: I know that many of you are about to cross the great threshold of the inner desert in order to thus live the transformation that the Father needs of your lives. He sends Me today for love to you, for love to the whole humanity. My Mercy is today the balsam awaited by your hearts, the one which by means of the Grace poured by Me, will give you strength to walk, love to be able to live and faith to believe in My Powerful Redeemer Word.

Today I am not only with you but also with your brothers and sisters who in this time of infinite mercy are united to My Sacerdotal Spirit.

My dears, I also see in you an intense inner depletion. I ask you to concentrate your faith in My Eternal Faith, your despair in My Comfort, your pain in My Compassion. I love you, I love you so much that I gave the life for you so that your generations would be able to be present in life in this time. Just abandon yourselves in My Arms because My Heart has already received the precious consecration of your souls.

Know, My companions, that the true soldier of Light is formed through the effort in serving and loving God above all things. I adore those who give all for their friends because they will convert themselves into eternal servers of My Kingdom.

While My Spirit circulates throughout the world, pouring Graces and Forgiveness, I ask you that you be brave every day and that you do not lower the banner of peace and redemption.

Dears, I am returning in Omnipresent Spirit in order to let you know the eternal life for your consciousnesses. I encounter in you a luminous path full of blessings.

What else do you want for your lives if from the Cross I completely gave you My Holy Mother?

My friends: entrench your faith in My Immaculate Heart because for you It will be the path of return to My Dwellings.

I thank you for lovingly receiving Me.

Under the Eternal Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My instructions in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of the world. 



Tuesday, March 19 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praised be the Most Holy Mary and Saint Joseph, Parents of the Sacred Family!

On this day of Glory, may the humble spirit of love of the blessed Most Chaste Saint Joseph resonate within you. In opening the spring of your hearts, may you receive the divine balm of the Grace of the Laborer of God.

My followers, may this day of celestial and universal meeting with the Chaste Heart represent for you a new path of trust in the plans of the Father.

After the past century, the Most Sacred Hearts of the Holy Mary and of Saint Joseph have addressed the world and souls in a special way so that all of humanity may recognize the most important devotion to these wise Christic Hearts, so as to:

  • liberate the serious faults of the world,
  • experience the Most Sacred Hearts in spirit, as faithful mediators before God,
  • be able to save the world from irreversible consequences,
  • establish peace in the world for a longer time.

These Most Sacred Hearts have lovingly offered themselves to be the safe bridge of Light that carries souls to the encounter with the Master Jesus, as well as They have offered themselves to awaken a true devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

My dear ones, thus you will be able to understand with your hearts that the special celestial coming of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will awaken a deeper love for God in you, through the spiritual fatherhood that the beloved Saint Joseph radiates to the children of the Father.

And through the union of the Most Sacred Hearts of the Holy Mary and of Saint Joseph with the venerable and blessed Heart of Jesus, in this new time, humanity will be able to receive the Grace of repairing all the faults that have been generated during the past Twentieth Century.

The power of the love of the Sacred Family is a precious project of life that is in the plans of God and that will be gestated in the next humanity. For this reason, your attitude of love and surrender to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will determine the possibility that this holy spiritual father of souls be able to intercede for the world before the Thrones of the Father for a longer time.

Let the example of humility and devotion, as well as of virtue, along with the trust that Saint Joseph had in God, be the reasons for awakening in you that trust and love for the designs of the Father.

In this era, may March 19 of 2013 remain permanently held as a remembrance and blessing for all of you. Let the Holy Father of families accompany you and unite all the families of the world, so that in these times they may be in the eternal Heart of God.

Receive this Divine Grace as if you were being born again before the eyes of the Father so that, united with the infinite Love of the Three Sacred Hearts, you may confirm your surrender in assistance and service to humanity, above all to the God of Love.

Under the spirit of the Love of God, may you be blessed.

Bliss and Joy!

Hail beloved Heart of Saint Joseph!

In Peace,

Christ Jesus



Tuesday, March 19 of 2013

Daily messages

It is a step for the consciousness to recognize that it commits faults towards Me but My Heart will free you from all so that you may not feel guilty.

The path of transcendence of the self starts when you awaken for the life of the spirit because in this way, seeking this union with the Father everyday, the soul approximates itself to the earthly consciousness.

Now that the times change, My Heart observes the great faults in the world but, the surrender and the trust in My Spirit by all those who in consciousness recognize their mistakes, allows for the relief of My Heart, transforms these mistakes in love and restores, through prayer, the consequences of these faults.

My Love for you is infinite and each fault that is recognized by My disciple and is offered to Me means the victory of My Kingdom of Love in the heart of all of the beings. Do not fear to tell Me what it is that ties you to the material life. Confidently await for the aid of My Heart that will always be in the correct moment.

I gather you around My Heart so that you may remember that I will not judge you for whatever makes you stumble day by day in life. I Am the Liberator of the world and I Am the Shepherd of Love who wants to pour over you the infinite lights of His Heart so that in this way you may find light on the path.

If you are in darkness, light My Light calling for the strength of My Redeemer Love. I will always come to your aid so that with braveness you may follow the path of consecration and of transformation. I raise you from the ground so that you may walk again following the footprints of My steps. If My disciple transforms themselves, as a consequence, the world will be transformed and everything will be saved at the right time.

Under the Eternal Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Light in your hearts!

Christ Jesus, Your Consoler. 



Monday, March 18 of 2013

Daily messages

When the spirit of love, truth and devotion is present near to My Heart and are being radiated by My beloved companions, I will already be able to say that a part of the mission of love and redemption will be fulfilled, because it is through My Flocks that the Shepherd can realize the good works so that the heart of His children may achieve eternity.

As I Am among you every day I bring to you from My Kingdom the peace and the benediction that will give you the strength to continue walking among the tribulation and the continuous sin produced by the world.

My dears,

May My Heart be the shield that protects you from all that may want to separate you from My Father and from the path of sanctity, as also from the path of conversion.  Elevating your voices towards the High today, My Eternal Spirit listens to the greatness of the love and of the surrender of the children of God.

May this impetus of consecration and surrender be a balm of peace for those who still are not able to surrender themselves to the magnificence of My Savior Kingdom.  That by encountering you every day in prayer, may My Soul be a part of your spirit so that in honor of My Sacerdotal Consciousness may be dissolved the disharmonies of the world.

Nothing is left behind at the moment of consecrating yourself to My Heart.  My Followers are those that, through the example of surrender will expel in My Sanctified Name the evils of the world.

May no one lose the hope of finding Me in the great tests of life.  Call Jesus because Jesus the Liberator and Redeemer of the people will be present to aid those who may proclaim their trust and faith in the Most High God.

My companions, the times demand that the children of My Father pass through the great celestial fire that will purify you little by little, the Divine Fire of the Holy Spirit that will place you on the level of the humility of the works of My Father.

Be responsible to My call, I will help you.

Under the Love of the Eternal Father, be blessed of soul and of heart.

I bless you all eternally.

Your Savior and Redeemer,

Christ Jesus



Sunday, March 17 of 2013

Daily messages

My Heart needs to have an important space in your lives, a place that is irreplaceable before the presence of My Merciful Face.

But as I come from My Father and I expect that My followers learn, I await that the they offer the space that I need to enter in the dwelling of each heart.

The time of My Coming is approaching and My servants will have to contend with the accelerated rhythm of the changes and with the time that they will have to dedicate to the presence of My Heart. A disciple without an instructor is like walking the paths without a compass.

That the true guide to your souls and your hearts may be the presence of the Sacred Heart, that knows you, loves you, knows well about each of Its Children.  Do not allow that the urgencies of the time, that disturb your harmony, take the time from you to be more in Me.

Be brave before the final changes foreseen for humanity; keep the memory of My Presence in you lives so that you will be able to have a firm heart to take the steps; a contemplative soul to adore Me; and a peaceful spirit to carry the immensity of My Peace.

I give you My Peace, and with My Peace I redeem you, and I love you deeply.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for taking My words to the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, March 16 of 2013

Daily messages

Watch out for those who say that they work in My name and for My name, because at the end of the times you will perceive that it has not been so.  I am present and omniscient in the hearts of My children, those who live Me and those that make an effort to love Me every day.

One day I said to you for you to give all that you had and that you follow Me; but today I say to you: share all that you possess and do not be afraid of that which occultly shines as a personal possession. 

The true brothers and sisters of the path and children of My Father share all that they have until they are left with nothing, because the true child of God is that one who trusts fully in the Providence of My Lord.

It happens in the same way with the union of the flocks, because for My Unfathomable Heart there are not two parts of a flock, but there is just one only and beloved flock.

For this I say to you, contemplate with the heart what it is that, which due to pride, separates you from the others; so that the ideas and the assumptions may not be intertwined as ropes that tie up the walking of each heart.  Be strong in love, because now it is being revealed to you that which for a long time you have not wanted to see in yourselves.

My dears, accept the new time, a time that will liberate you from the spiritual control of life and of things, because whoever lives for My Supreme God does not carry their own load on their shoulders nor do they place it on their brothers and sisters.  Whoever lives for My Beloved Lord carries on themselves the sacrifice for those who still do not sacrifice themselves nor love the law of the Lord.

Open your hands and leave behind all of that which produces in you, awakens and creates in you an image of personal possession, because otherwise you will believe that you are working for My God, and you will be working for yourselves.

Follow Me and do not look back, walk as one, forward, because from the abysses the love of My Heart will take charge, which will save you, and will give you the true life that you wait for so much. Read your actions through the signs of life, they will say to you which degree of love you are in.  Do not let the enemy reflect to you confused signs, because you will be before your illusion.

Trust in that which I ask you.

Under the Love of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, be fraternal and blessed.

Thank you for considering My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Friday, March 15 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear companions:

It rejoices Me to know that those who say that they love Me and adore Me are gathered under the love and the mercy of My Heart.

For them I gave life and for them I will return to give them the eternal life of the spirit. For them I present Myself because I know that, despite the atavisms, there still exists the true burning fire of devotion that lights up in love in each heart.

I seek those who are simple and pure of heart, I gather them so that they may take My Message to those who still do not call Me, do not live Me and do not adore Me. And at the end, when I return as the Holy Spirit in the Glory of My Father, I will not be the judge who will condemn you but I will be the Great Brother of Love who will liberate you from sin and who will transform you into precious essences for God.

For this in this time I call only those who answer Me and those who encourage themselves to go through My Fire of transfiguration. I want My Familiars empty as is nothing and full of the love of My Sacred Heart because, at least with the few that I count on, I must rebuild the world before My Loving Coming.

I only seek those who have failed Me, those who ignore Me, those who have not trusted in My Divine and Savior Project because I love them, I love them as a part of the perfect Creator Design, a place from where they were truly born to be love and manifested life.

Dears, I hope that you never get tired to seek Me nor to call Me because My Heart observes some fallen faces and some ashamed gazes that do not want to look at Me.

To them I say: come to Me and quench My thirst that the world awakens in My Being from not living the law of love!

Raise your faces and trust that all is in the Will of the Lord!

Come to Me and drink with Me from the chalice of salvation and redemption.

My dears:

I need you, I call you and I seek you, I await the infinite transcendence of My Servers. I will thank you for your honest compassion with Me and with your brothers and sisters.

Courage, because I always wait for you!

Under the Grace of God, be blessed in love and in truth.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Thursday, March 14 of 2013

Daily messages

May My Eternal Peace be amongst you, My beloved ones.

May the universal sun that lights up your lives, deeply illuminate and ignite again in yourselves the flame of devotion to My Sacred Heart.

My dears:

Come to Me and do not get tired to come. May your steps be taken with the full trust in My Heart. May you, united to My redeeming purpose, be able to transcend the abysses of life and the tests of the path because My Spirit that is Eternal, that comes from the Source of God the Father, will always fulfill you and will give you the strength to be able to follow me.

I fear for those who, from decay or carelessness, fail to contemplate the immensity of the Love that I have for them.

To those who have been able to walk through the fire of purification, I say: be brothers and sisters, be the bridge between the beginning and the end so that the ones who are hurt in spirit may be able to cross the portal towards My Heart. In this way I call you My Instruments so that they may lovingly watch each other.

The time clamors for great changes in consciousness. For this to happen remember to pray for the Holy Spirit so that His magnificent gifts may guide you. Be an example of good virtue, of humility and love; be like a torch of fire that illuminates the dark night of some hearts.

Walk in My Trust, thus you will not fear but you will see emerging the light on the horizon that My renovated Heart will bring for all. My children, be one and for this precious unity work in the name of My Celestial Love.

I bless you and I accompany you in silence because My Sheep not only must graze but now they must work as one only heart of love.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My instructions in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, March 13 of 2013

Daily messages

My heart feels and receives today the embrace of your love. Today My Heart prays, prays for the world and in silence contemplates the great moment for the souls. For this My Sacerdotal Priesthood congregates in prayer the believers and not believers because the Immaculate Heart prepares and gestates the inner temple in the hearts, hearts where the Sacred Heart intends to dwell.

My dears, in the second day of vigil in which you will receive the Virginal and Maternal presence of the Mother of the World, I ask you that from now on you cultivate in yourselves a meek heart, a trusting heart that will have engraved the powerful standard of My Heart to achieve the victory of the Kingdom of Heavens in the opaque kingdoms of the Earth.

Above all things and situations I ask you to contemplate the greatness that My Father has created through Nature and through the Kingdoms. Every space manifested by the All Powerful must be contemplated with love and devotion because Creation must also be the motive of your perpetual prayer of the heart.

If you contemplate Creation, this divine manifestation of My Father will also be saved again. Some of My New Disciples must also take the torch of peace and love so that all may awaken to the urgent moment that, as humanity, we are living.

It is indispensable to watch for all in vigil and in prayer, in this way My Heart will pleased  by listening to your voices and by contemplating the beauty of your souls.

My dears, may the reason for your life be the consecration of your hearts to My Sacred Heart and thus, as souls, you will open the door to those to whom it has a long time been definitively closed to the life of spirit.

But My unfathomable Mercy returns before My Presence to liberate from the fire of hell those who have fallen in the abysses of illusion, desires and modernity. The magnificent key of your protection will be the love that you may live through prayer.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My last words in the heart, preparing words.

Peace on Earth.

Christ Jesus. 



Tuesday, March 12 of 2013

Daily messages

May today your hearts rejoice in the same way each time that you receive Me in your inner temple, because as Instructor of souls and lives I recognize with clarity and wisdom the effort of My Servers.

My Servers are those who without fatigue give everything of themselves.

My Servers are those who always, with a smile of kindness, give themselves if the face of necessity.

My Servers are the praying ones and the charitable ones in the face of the situations of life.

My Heart contemplates the great effort of My Servers that, despite being few, will be those who will navigate in high seas with the Captain of the Sacred Heart.

My dears, find restoration and rest in My Heart, because I will always sooth you and encourage you to continue.  Whoever loves sacrifice will persist in the faith of the heart, because the soul finds strength in the service of giving oneself and of donating oneself.

I know that for many it is still difficult to consecrate themselves in totality to My Sacred Heart.  For this I count on few companions and in them I deposit the tasks of My Will, as if each one were a thousand.

The need of redemption is great for the world; and in this time, My Companions, encourage yourselves to follow My Promise that is not from this Earth, it comes from the Heaven to which all belong, from Paradise.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to My words of instruction!

Christ Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer.



Monday, March 11 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Not even the weakest of My servers will fall down because My Spirit will give them the strength which they need to comply with the commandments of the Lord.

For this, I tell you again: do not fear! But yes, assume the very important part that My Father has entrusted to you, the conversion of hearts to the sublime Heart of the Shepherd.

My dears, when I return I will not carry the cross of the world, but I will come in Glory to relieve the weight that today the world carries. I will come to remind you to whom you belong and to where you must go in the next cycle.

I will not come to announce the end of times, but I will come to announce a new time of Graces for humanity. I will come to resuscitate the ones who are dead in spirit and in life. I will come to elevate those who, in hope, sustained the torch of light and of redemption.

May no one decay before My Coming, but may you bear the universal fire that comes to purify the impurities of all of humanity. And this universal fire will be lighter if you pray, if you pray with the spiritual potency of the humble heart.

Dear friends of path:

May not even the last of My Sheep be lost and, if you vigil with Me, you will vigil with love for all of My Flocks, even though My Hand will not stop those who may want to do their own will. We are in the cycle of supreme obedience and in obeying you will be firm in the next steps.

My Light accompanies you. My warriors of Mercy, do not lower the arms! But raise them so that the nets of the Great Fisherman may be able to be thrown on Earth for the salvation of the ones who are lonely and forgotten.

My friends:

The time is marking a new encounter and for this your hearts must be prepared by prayer. Let us pray for the world. The Grace of My Father must descend, have awareness of what I tell you.

Under the power of the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Sunday, March 10 of 2013

Daily messages

My gaze does not cease to radiate Mercy, not even towards the heartless sinner.

For this, dears, may the faults not be the objective nor the limit of your existence. May your hearts be liberated from them through the love and the constancy that you have by living in My Sacred Heart.

If you clamor for Mercy, in the day of your spiritual and inner judgment before God I will not be a judge but I will be the merciful intercessor for all of your history. My eyes observe today the great and grave sins in the world, offences that hurt and flagellate My Heart. This is for the lack of prayer and for the lack of actions of mercy on the part of all beings.

If you fail Me, do not think of the punishment because God is the living existence of Love and Compassion and His Firstborn Son is the spring that will wash the wounds and that will purify the stains. If you fall, stand up and walk! Carry with braveness the cross that the universe entrusted to you.

Remember that you, through Me, will be redeemed and that the path of redemption starts by recognizing the imperfection of the earthly life. But My Soul observes the beauty that God created in your souls and for this I am with each one of My flocks, to remind you what God manifested to you as life and love.

If you let fall the veils of the consciousness do not be surprised by what you will see, but watch out that the path of your transformation may be guided by the powerful rhythm of prayer.

Remember that I love you and that My Love is greater than the extension of your faults. In My Paternal Love I liberate you and I purify you. In My Love I guard you and I conduct you because in My Love I consecrate you.

Carry the cross with joy, see the beautiful side of your purification and allow that My Heart accompany you within your dwellings. I encourage you to go ahead without delay, the moment justifies it.

Under the Grace and the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of souls. 



Saturday, March 9 of 2013

Daily messages

My dear Son, My dear Daughter:

When the spiritual heart hurts it means that an inner stain is being liberated. This happens when there is a deep conversion in a soul in redemption. But these stains cannot come up because of the constant misunderstandings that exist amongst My servers.

For this, before talking about the subjects related to the Plan of My Father, the souls must pray like brothers and sisters to isolate their consciousness from the interferences that come from the imprisoned parts that still do not want to liberate themselves.

Step by step the hearts go converting and consecrating themselves just by opening the door of the heart. When there is disagreement or competition between My servers, because of ideas or logical reasons, My Heart observes and prays, prays in order for the moments of maturity to arise and in order for them to be maintained.

You must love the Plan of My Father as it manifests itself and in this no one will be free of making mistakes and of learning, in order to grow. Be careful of those who affirm having the truth about things! Because without realizing it they will be acting by their own will.

To live in the plans of My Father and under the plans of His Will, one must have an empty heart. If there is not an empty heart, the spirit, who will be able to give you the power to live in humility, will not be able to dwell. The works of My Father are works that resemble works of simplicity and love. If the instrument of the Creator lacks these principles the Greater Work will be incomplete.

For each soul to comply with the Will of My Father it must love the task of the neighbor because in this simple fact conflicts and competitions will be avoided.

To all those who serve Me, I tell you: acquire a spirit of simplicity so that you may walk in the law of the Lord, the unique law of Love, in this way My Heart will protect you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Mediator.



Friday, March 8 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Not even at the times of the battles will My Merciful Heart separate itself from you, from your little essences.

For this in joy, and in this day of the new reparation, I call you to the deep prayer that is born from the soul and that contemplates the compassion of God because, above all things, My Heart conducts you and gathers you in the name of Peace and of Light.

I accompany this end of time from up close. My eyes observe the gazes of the souls in desolation and lack of faith.

I ask you, My dear friends: go to all of them by means of the powerful impetus that the prayer made with the heart cultivates. Dears, My Soul will be part of your soul, My Blood will be part of your blood, My Water will be part of your water just by opening the doors to other children. I am with you and I vigil all of the flocks, even more those that recently awake to the true presence of My Heart.

Under the Merciful Love of the Father, be blessed missionaries of peace.

Thank you for venerating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



Thursday, March 7 of 2013

Daily messages

The one who quenches My thirst will be with Me in the Kingdom of Heavens.

The one who comforts and glorifies My Heart wounded by humanity will be called Blessed.

The one who considers Me the first one in their life will be a venerable sheep of My Holy Flock.

The one who deeply confesses to Me their sins and perturbations will be forgiven every day by Me .

The one who fully trusts in the love and in the immensity of My Sacred Heart will be called Son of God.

The one who works for love of the Good and pacifies conflicts will be a little shepherd of My Sacred Heart.

The one who loves Divine Justice without understanding it and that lives it as the Only Will of God will be called Server of God.

In those that live Me, feel Me and open to Me the door of the heart, My Heart will be able to have a dwelling and it will be able to guide them through the paths of peace and of good.

Do not fear for anything, but be true at the time of living the merciful law of God because in this way your souls will be transparent like the water and pure like a flower. Seek the truth of My Father above all of the things of life because in this way you will be able to understand His blessed mysteries of the Creation, the blessed mystery of His Magnificent Will.

Day by day I am with you, receiving from your souls all of the true impulses of your being. Be strong in prayer and brave in the love of the Whole. Be always peace makers by means of the Word of the Gospel, be humble before the unexpected events of life.

The key to transcend oneself is the venerable law of silence because in silence one learns to live and to be like God wants His children to be in this time.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to the call of My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior of humanity.



Wednesday, March 6 of 2013

Daily messages

May peace be in this house of My Father. May My Holy Spirit of Love reverberate forever in your poor hearts. May My Love nourish you and renovate you through your absolute trust in My Sacred Heart.

Today do not fear showing Me your faults because before My merciful Eyes your hearts are as crystalline as Heaven and as open as the flower. The world needs to confess every day because in each new confession the conversion of souls becomes possible.

For this do not fear to tell Me the truth because in this way you will allow, in the name of the ones who do not confess, that the lie that mislead souls and is are diffused by the enemy may dissolve itself and liberate itself through My Redeeming Fire.

My dears:

Today I remind you of this important sacrament for the heart and for reaching the sublime purity. The times accelerate themselves and many do not find the peace that they need to be able to show themselves as true and worthy children of God.

Be attentive to the signs of Heaven because now has come the moment in which all the universe will begin to talk. For this you must be prepared through  prayer and daily confession. Be encouraged to direct to Me the words that spring from your hearts because in  this way, in joy and mercy, I will hear you, I will be able to calm the force of thought, I will free you from preoccupations and you will be in My Holy Peace.

Many prefer to live in constant sin and forget that they form part of the project of Love of God. Now I am asking that you may open yourselves deeply every day and that you may allow that My Light purifies you and may find a healthy dwelling to raise My temple of prayer.

I want to live, as My Holy Mother, in the heart of all of the families. The enemy wants to dominate them and to make them fight between themselves. For this open the door to Me! Because My Merciful Love will protect you and will guide you through the paths of peace. May peace reign among people.

Under the Eternal Light of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for reverencing My words with love!

Christ Jesus.



Tuesday, March 5 of 2013

Daily messages

My Shepherd Priesthood accompanies those followers of Mine, such as the sacerdotes who are consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that they may acquire the gift of the wise and divine word of God. Through their spiritual exercises in the Holy and Sacred Communion, they elevate to Heaven thousands of souls, souls that hope to reach the eternal light.

Through the Sacred Communion many faults are liberated and the hearts of people find, in each new ceremony, the Firstborn Son resplendent in Glory. Each inner act of Communion realized by the kind souls of sacerdotes open the doors of the Heavens so that Grace and Reconciliation may be present.

For this divine gift of forgiveness you and all of the followers of Christ must keep watch because in this time of intense changes the lonely souls and the souls empty of the love of God will find the perfect refuge that they so much search for.

Love the Ministers that profess their faith by means of their sublime encounter with the Communion, see My Presence manifested in them and collect from their teachings the gift for your lives. For this you must be in another state to be able to recognize My Beloved Shepherds, those who will succeed through your prayer of the heart.

Pray for My Ministers because they, through Me, will conduct the awakening of the new flocks of the Great Shepherd.

Under the Glory of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, be merciful and guardians of the word of life of the Gospel.

Thank you for uniting your hearts to My purpose of redemption and salvation!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, March 4 of 2013

Daily messages

Each house that opens the door to Me is the heart of a soul that is saved before the eyes of God.

Each gesture of prayer and love towards My Merciful Heart allows the freeing from sin of the souls that are prisoners of illusion.

I count every day on a few servers. The harvest of the Father is immense but the workers are still very few because many fear the power of the Redeeming and Liberator Love. All of the days I call My Flocks so that they may answer to the solicitudes of Heaven, humanity needs it and the world also because all must reach the redemption of life and of the heart.

I sustain all in My Arms to take them to the eternal encounter with My Celestial Father because His Divine Creator Heart must be relieved by the love and the good of the kind souls.

My dears:

Time changes and the consciousness of many of My Children also changes quickly. Many are the external influences that condition the awakening of the hearts to the true spiritual Christian life.

For this is the moment to share what each one has guarded in their heart and to victoriously unite yourselves in prayer. If many of My Flocks had already opened the doors of their homes to the call of the Master, other possibilities would exist for My Soldiers and Servers.

But time changes, all is gestated through harsh human thought and there is lacking the love and the truth. This affects the heart of many families consecrated to the faith of the Lord.

Before these circumstances of the end of times My Heart intercedes in the same way as the Sacred Purity of My Holy Mother, to protect millions of essences that are conducted through uncertain paths.  If you receive Me in the Supper of Communion every day, My Body and My Blood will be able to be present as Light and Wisdom in your hearts.

But many forget to talk for a moment with Me, to confess themselves to at least receive My Absolution. Thus you will know how it is that My Heart feels the causes that are generated every day by humanity. 

The times that are called normality have already ended because the universe to which all belong, without excluding anyone, is in definitions and new cycles, what we call the new time for the world.

Now, with the heart in the High and the gaze in the eyes of the Father, offer each prayer in reparation of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and for Mercy for humanity.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for relieving My Heart in each new prayer!

Christ Jesus. 



Sunday, March 3 of 2013

Daily messages

May come to Me the brave ones and those who have fallen.

May come to Me the followers and those who are persecuted.

May come to Me the lonely and poor of heart ones.

May all come to Me those who are in Heaven and on Earth, those who are in the south or in the north, those who are in the orient or in the occident.

May all of humanity awake or asleep come towards Me, may you not fear me because I know you all very well. May no one fear calling me or invoking me because My spirit is Omnipresent and Omniscient.

May you in the storm or in the sun, may you in the rain or in the desert, call me, because I Am the one who Is and more I will be in My Servers when you just open the pure dwelling place of the heart.

I Am the one who frees you from sin and I Am the one who lifts you up when have fallen.

I Am the joy and the future for your lives, I Am the balsam that cures the heart.

I Am the water that washes the wounds and I Am the salt that spices and gives flavor to the lives of souls.

Come to Me because without time nor schedule I always wait for you, contemplate you, adore you, love you, forgive you, free you from every suffering or affliction. Let me, just for once, be everything for you because nothing you will lose, but you will recognize My Power and My Merciful Ministry.

Come to Me those who have courage to look at My Eyes, come to My Law. The faithful followers I already have with Me in My Kingdom but those who for such a long time I have been waiting for, I call ardently to My Encounter.

Come those who still have not come towards Me. My Eyes vigil you, My Love impregnates you, My Light involves you, My Mantle protects you and My Steps guide you.

I call the soldiers of Christ of the New Time and one more time I tell you: carry your cross and, for love, follow me towards the awaited encounter with the Lord of the Universe. If you did like this each time that you fall down or become sad, remember that you would be doing it for the all  of humanity in need.

Under the Love of the All Powerful, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words of instruction!

Christ Jesus. 



Saturday, March 2 of 2013

Daily messages

Only through the call of the Holy Spirit can the soul advance. In this way it will not fall back and it will be able to recognize that, through each fault committed and not transcended, it will be able heal itself every day a little more.  

On the path of the sanctification of the spirit and of the divinization of matter whatever seems to corrode us must be expelled and whatever encourages the sacred must stay in the consciousness. 

Nothing is separated on the path of transformation. First we must recognize that we are nothing so that afterwards we may be able to form part of the Whole. Path after path travelled one encounters many obstacles and the soul must be the master that may conduct life, sensations, feelings and thoughts.

If the consciousness manages to merge itself with the rhythm of the soul, other realities and possibilities will present themselves at the door of life. Deep changes will happen when the consciousness recognizes that in making mistakes one transcends and in experimenting one consecrates oneself.

I am speaking to you about entering in another law. I speak to you about the absolute consecration of spirit and of matter and this is what will be difficult for those to reach who have offered themselves to this path of Christic life.

But the Heart of the Great Master is the Mediator between the earthly tests and the spirit, the Heart of the Master is the Comforter and the Reconciler between the life and the spirit of each being. 

For this it will be important to consider that in the Holy Spirit new doors will be able to be opened because the gifts of the Father will be transmitted to the heart of the creatures.

It is through the Holy Spirit of God that the transcendence of the impossible turns possible. You must allow that your dwelling place be touched by the unknown Light of the Father, Light of wisdom, everlasting Light that comes from Peace. While you walk in this material life your spirit will find the abysses proper to matter, the ones that you must transcend.

However, we must not close the eyes in order to escape, but we must open them to find the spirit that has its dwelling place in the depths of your soul, that which will save you in the difficult moments. You can count on the infinite compassion of My Heart.

Courage to the Christians, hope to those who have said yes to consecration in the end of times.

Under the Glory and the Forgiveness of God, be blessed.

Thank you for opening yourself to the encounter with the Holy Spirit of God!

Christ Jesus. 



Friday, March 1 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

I adore those who repent with the heart for all that they have done. Joyful are those because they will be as transparent as the sincerity that must spring from the heart.

Courage and bravery are necessary for this time because whoever meets themselves will know what it is that must be purified in the heart. But if one holds on to My mantle nothing in them will tremble and they will know how to proceed correctly on the path of transformation.

For this to happen must arise the power of My Mercy that will balance the world from the consequences of sin and will make possible for it to live in the salvation of the heart in order to reach eternity. You must keep vigil first for yourselves so that you may perceive what it is that still has not been purified and which signifies that a stone is embedded in the path of redemption.

Vigil with Me, unite yourselves to Me so that in these times may be revealed the most occult mysteries of the consciousness, those which need forgiveness, healing and mercy. Do not fear losing control of life nor fear to be empty of yourselves because this will be the beginning for the souls that may live the state of consecration to the divine plans of the Father.

Run towards Me and free your weaknesses, abandon yourselves entirely in My arms and let Me be in you, that which I have been attempting since the emerging of your lives. Be brave and with courage free yourselves from the ties.

The first step is to live in My Will to afterwards get to know the consecration of life to God.

Under the Mercy of the Father, trust in My call.

Thank you for consecrating life to the Creator Father!

Christ Jesus.

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