Friday, March 22 of 2013

Daily messages

My Dears:

To all of those who want to consecrate themselves, may they consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart because this act of humility that comes from the soul will be worth more than a thousand of formal consecrations.

The path of consecration is a path of transcendence and renunciation, of encounter with the Supreme Will to abandon the personal will, it is a path of humility in order to renounce the vanity that the world awakens to.

May no one despair for not being able to be formally consecrated because the greatest consecration is the life of prayer, the inner dialogue with God to find the balsam for the spirit. May those who already walk in consecration elevate their aspirations every day so that I may convert them into My Wills and, consequently, convert them into precious decisions for your lives.

Vigil through this path of consecration. And may your eyes raise themselves in order to recognize that only in the High, where My Eternal Father is, will you find the infinite path of union with God through the consecration of your hearts to Me. The soul that consecrates itself to My Heart finds in the emptiness of itself the new dwelling, the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful and kind.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.