Friday, March 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear ones,

Praised be your hearts because you will be able to be in My Glory when you just follow My Saving Path.

Through My Holy Cross, I redeemed the world and I liberated from hell many essences that were condemned to eternal suffering. Today I no longer carry the heavy cross of your world, but I will return to give Eternal Life to that which seems to be dead in life. I will come to give My Spirit to that which seems to be empty.

With Me, in Me and together with Me, you will never lose the light that I provide to you from the Kingdom of My Father. Who lives in Me, I promise that they will not suffer, not even in the hour of the death, as your humble heart will find the eternal light that you have searched for so much.

For this, My dears, today do not only meditate upon what I gave for you. I ask you that you see My Sacrifice for the world as the victory of redemption over evil. Meditate upon My Passion as a Glory of the Spirit and of the Will of My Father so that, united as one flock, you may find the Doors of Paradise open.

I only ask you to serve Me, to love Me and to love the neighbor as I loved you, even in My last moments. Now My Love is strong, powerful and unfathomable for those who just renounce to themselves so that My Divine Spirit may be able to enter.

Dear ones, may this Holy Friday be honored and confirmed by all of you as the definite return of your lives to My Celestial Life, of your hearts to My Sacred Heart, of your missions to My Sacred Planetary Mission.

May no one lose the devotion of having Me by their side because, in truth, I tell you, that before I come in Spirit to your encounter during this day, I already knew each one of your consciousnesses.

With this be partakers of My Omnipresence in Heaven and on Earth.

Dear ones, I make you walk by My side, remembering My Passion, because today you will relieve the burden that the world places in My Poor Heart. Look at Me! See the resplendence of My Eyes, wise eyes of kindness that in love want to bring you the Light and to the Eternal Love of My Father.

May today emanate from you the consecration and confirmation of your souls to My Heart.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for responding to My precepts with the heart!

I thank you for listening to Me, My beloved sheep!

Christ Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer