Sunday, March 10 of 2013

Daily messages

My gaze does not cease to radiate Mercy, not even towards the heartless sinner.

For this, dears, may the faults not be the objective nor the limit of your existence. May your hearts be liberated from them through the love and the constancy that you have by living in My Sacred Heart.

If you clamor for Mercy, in the day of your spiritual and inner judgment before God I will not be a judge but I will be the merciful intercessor for all of your history. My eyes observe today the great and grave sins in the world, offences that hurt and flagellate My Heart. This is for the lack of prayer and for the lack of actions of mercy on the part of all beings.

If you fail Me, do not think of the punishment because God is the living existence of Love and Compassion and His Firstborn Son is the spring that will wash the wounds and that will purify the stains. If you fall, stand up and walk! Carry with braveness the cross that the universe entrusted to you.

Remember that you, through Me, will be redeemed and that the path of redemption starts by recognizing the imperfection of the earthly life. But My Soul observes the beauty that God created in your souls and for this I am with each one of My flocks, to remind you what God manifested to you as life and love.

If you let fall the veils of the consciousness do not be surprised by what you will see, but watch out that the path of your transformation may be guided by the powerful rhythm of prayer.

Remember that I love you and that My Love is greater than the extension of your faults. In My Paternal Love I liberate you and I purify you. In My Love I guard you and I conduct you because in My Love I consecrate you.

Carry the cross with joy, see the beautiful side of your purification and allow that My Heart accompany you within your dwellings. I encourage you to go ahead without delay, the moment justifies it.

Under the Grace and the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of souls.