Monday, March 11 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Not even the weakest of My servers will fall down because My Spirit will give them the strength which they need to comply with the commandments of the Lord.

For this, I tell you again: do not fear! But yes, assume the very important part that My Father has entrusted to you, the conversion of hearts to the sublime Heart of the Shepherd.

My dears, when I return I will not carry the cross of the world, but I will come in Glory to relieve the weight that today the world carries. I will come to remind you to whom you belong and to where you must go in the next cycle.

I will not come to announce the end of times, but I will come to announce a new time of Graces for humanity. I will come to resuscitate the ones who are dead in spirit and in life. I will come to elevate those who, in hope, sustained the torch of light and of redemption.

May no one decay before My Coming, but may you bear the universal fire that comes to purify the impurities of all of humanity. And this universal fire will be lighter if you pray, if you pray with the spiritual potency of the humble heart.

Dear friends of path:

May not even the last of My Sheep be lost and, if you vigil with Me, you will vigil with love for all of My Flocks, even though My Hand will not stop those who may want to do their own will. We are in the cycle of supreme obedience and in obeying you will be firm in the next steps.

My Light accompanies you. My warriors of Mercy, do not lower the arms! But raise them so that the nets of the Great Fisherman may be able to be thrown on Earth for the salvation of the ones who are lonely and forgotten.

My friends:

The time is marking a new encounter and for this your hearts must be prepared by prayer. Let us pray for the world. The Grace of My Father must descend, have awareness of what I tell you.

Under the power of the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.