Friday, October 16 of 2020

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When you become quiet, you can look within and truly know what it is that happens.

This is not only a work of reflection and meditation, but also an incessant search for knowledge and reality.

At this moment, turning inwards is attuning with the inner worlds, it is to know how to discover the truth that is beyond that which is concrete, it is to find the life of the spirit and, in the spirit, enter through the doors to the cosmos.

To know what happens within you is very important because the universe will reveal to you that which it so much expects. The effort to do so is permanent, but the responses will come, time and again.

Why do I say this to you?

Because souls do not look within, but rather outside of themselves; many of the experiences they live on this Earth could be relieved and perhaps it would not be necessary to undergo certain tests.

Openness to the inner world is fundamental in these times because the conscious world has to come to the point of discovering the truth in order to understand it and then accept it.

The Christic path is based on the unceasing search for the reality within, not as something personal nor as something of a group; it is an intelligent, very inner activity, that allows a soul to know which moment it is in and what its next step will be.

To know what happens within you is to be aware of what you have to transform and correct, where your attention and your vigilance must be so that nothing surprises you.

The unceasing search for knowledge within will bring you many answers, and also clarity to know what will be the next step.

In the inner worlds lies the Hierarchy, there lies the main epicenter of all its activities and works.

Nothing external could be based or materialized if there did not exist an inner knowledge, a permanent search for the truth and for reality in order to know them.

God writes in the inner worlds through intuition, perceptions and feelings.

In this unceasing search for Truth, the mind only has to collaborate, and not interfere; because what there is in the inner worlds of souls is very precious, but also unknown.

It is there, in this search, in this aspiration, in this continuous work, where you will find the inner wisdom for this crucial moment of humanity, in which the external answers are not clear and deviate the souls from the path of the Purpose.

As the end of times approach, the human impulses that lead souls to make definitive life decisions without wisdom or discernment also increases. This brings, as a consequence, unnecessary learning experiences, unnecessary sufferings, experiences that are not predicted, just because, from the external point of view, the soul wants to live its own will.

To get rid of that of which one believes they have power, control, authority or sovereignty, is an eternal work that leads the consciousness, the soul itself, to find on its inner levels all that of which it must gradually divest. And in this unceasing search for inner knowledge it may have the keys it needs in order to solve its unconcluded experiences, but also the marks of suffering.

When souls turn inwards, not as something personal and individualistic, but as a means to find the truth that God keeps in each human heart, the world will begin to change; while this does not happen, the world will keep suffering, and this will increase.

In this school of the planet Earth, it is up to souls to take the greater part on the path of transmutation, purification and redemption. Because when the Laws are not fulfilled, there is no balance nor harmony. Purification places you, little by little, within the Law, from where you once moved away.

The Laws of the universe exist, not only to guide the manifestation of Creation, but also to orient the inner worlds, which in truth is where the experience of Christic life must be concretized, without theories or illusions about a true Christic life, based on the common good, fraternity, on love and on Mercy.

To think of these attributes in daily life allows assistance for the inner worlds of souls to be strengthened and, in spite of what may happen in the external world, in adversity or in darkness, souls will not perish.

But the fundamental platform of your lives must be the confidence in My Presence. In this confidence, I can deposit the principles, laws and attributes that you need, time and again, so that your lives may be sanctified, so that your missions may be fulfilled in these times.

The service for the universe is not personal, but universal. It is based on the fraternal union of many inner consciousnesses that, in the different planes of consciousness, collaborate and give impulse to My Plan.

It is in this way that a great network of Love, of Light and Mercy is manifested in the different planes of consciousness, from the immaterial life to the material life. And it is with this network of consciousness, of union to the purpose, that you must unite to in these times.

Thus, you will be able to step out of that which is superficial and indifferent. You will not be embraced by hatred, intolerance, anger, indignation, but rather from your inner worlds, just like many inner beings in the universe, you will be builders of the Plan of the Return of Christ.

Because the great inner construction of My Return is the most important one, it is there where all will take place and be carried out, it is from this state of consciousness that the New Humanity will be born.

A true, inner answer of wisdom comes through quietude and not apprehension, keep this in mind at the moment of making decisions.

The Light of the Universe can guide all forms and consciousnesses, the Light of the Universe will give you that which you strictly need, without wasting your Divine Principle.

If the search for the inner world stops, the planet will not be able to withstand. It is in the inner worlds where everything is understood and accepted, where everyone is equal as consciousnesses and spirits. Because it is there where all can recognize their origin in the Source and then return to the starting point, to the beginning, to the Matrix that created you in past times, when you were essences, when you were still a part of the Light of the Source and of Wisdom.

Your experiences in the inner worlds must recreate Creation so that there may be greater opportunities in the Plan of salvation of humanity and of the redemption of souls, in which the powerful Source of Mercy can mend, repair and heal all lives, all consciousnesses, although they do not deserve it.

My Consciousness Will return first to the inner worlds, where in the invisible and in the seemingly imperceptible things lies the truth of the realization of My Redeeming Work.

From there, I will give an impulse to the awakening of the New Christs, those who, in spite of their differences and forms of life, will be placed at the foot of the Sacred Purpose to fulfill the last Aspiration of God: to again see humanity in the beginning of its origin, and thus its heavy and traumatic history will dissolve as the Divine Law acts.

Know that in the external you will no longer find the answer or the guidance that you need. Know that in the external you will no longer find allies for your ideals or beliefs, for your criticism or value judgments.

The one who does not turn toward their inner world will not be able to endure the last stage of the end of times because, as times goes by, the fire of the universe will keep descending with increasing voltage and will remove the corrupt and malign particles from humanity, to liberate it forever.

In the inner worlds you will find balance, harmony and mainly peace, and you will be able to be My great collaborators, so that other souls may learn, through you, to endure the final times.

As the Central Sun expands its current of Light throughout the universe, its atomic-molecular, physical, electric and magnetic pressure will also expand, and everything that is part of life, as you are, will feel this movement.

The one who has not built their inner world, searched for it, recognized or revered it, will suffer the consequences of the movement of the universe.

So that a new cycle may come, the current cycle must be purified and rooted out in all planes of consciousness.

The solar energies are not offensive or transgressive, they are currents of the universe itself that regenerate life and correct that which has remained twisted and out of the Law.

There remains very little time to work with the inner worlds. This is the culminating moment, this is the time of awakening and not of complaining, it is the hour of inner maturity, it is the time to correspond and follow the Plan.

If someday you feel internally closed, work to internally open; you have the instrument of prayer and voice to open the doors of the universe and to receive the descent of help.

I only ask you not to feel as victims nor to make victims of yourselves; let each one, in My Name, assume their responsibilities and their errors, and correct them, because the door of My Mercy is still open to help you.

A true inner world is the one that, beyond its imperfections, seeks transparency; it is not false, it seeks the truth and tries to reflect it; it is not a liar, it seeks service to learn how to sacrifice; it is not a traitor, it seeks fidelity to learn to love God.

May the Lord protect you, may the Light of the Source give you an impulse to find in your inner worlds truth and knowledge, because you will need them, you have to learn to recognize reality beyond that which it seems to be, your perception must expand.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.