Sunday, February 4 of 2018

Monthly messages

Second Message

And the Breath of the Spirit of God will come to the Earth and illumine the souls of this world so that they may attain redemption and peace.

The strength of this Divine Spirit is unknown. It vivifies souls, fills hearts with Its Light and brings wisdom to all minds.

The Breath of the Spirit of God will come to the world at the most culminating moment of humanity, in which the religions will define their paths and in which all peoples of the Earth will live their great and last transition.

But the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will not abandon those who believe in It, because the Spirit of God, which will fill hearts and lives, will expel darkness, will defeat the forces of chaos, because the impetus of Its fortitude is unknown, even more so when It is in the hearts that invoke Its Power and Its Divinity.

Today I come to announce the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God because some hearts already feel It, and in order to fully live It they must enter the path of humility; thus, the Breath of the Spirit of God will not distance itself and will bring much wisdom to your consciousnesses.

This Divine Breath of the Spirit of God is the same that was in Mary, My Mother, and in My companions, the Apostles.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that allowed them to evangelize, convert the pagans and bring hope to hearts.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that built the Christianity in the essences, throughout the times and until today.

Today I come to give you the blessing because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will come, which will manifest its talents, its virtues and gifts, and these will make of the apostles of Christ true missionaries of peace and service.

It is the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that will prepare the coming of the New Christs and the awakening of the christic essences, which will know how to enter, in this final time, in deep communion with God, with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be the reason for your joy.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be the transformation of your consciousnesses and the redemption of your beings.

Because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will come with strength and the darkness will fear It because Its Light is powerful and invincible.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that conceived the Consciousness of the Firstborn Son in the Divine Source of Creation whence I descended, to come to the Earth, incarnate as a man and give testimony of the Word of Life; just as I do today, from My state of Ascension.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God guide you and do not fear, because the greater the battle, you must know, the greater will be the victory, the celestial victory.

Take refuge, companions, in the Sacred Spirit of God so that you may become invisible before the forces of chaos that submit millions of consciousnesses in the world.

Be sparks of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God and the Earth will be repopulated with new graces and mercies, even though humanity does not deserve them.

May communion in the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be a reason for your joy, because thus you will help your Master and Lord to unite souls, unite consciousnesses and all religions under the Sacred Spirit of God.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that created the Universe.

At the beginning of everything, it was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that for the first time emitted the Word, and the Word emitted the Vibration, and, from that, sound was born, which gave form and life to all things.

First many more Sources were created so that the new life of all humanities might be received by the Creator Fathers, the so-called Archangels.

In that time, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God brought a new consciousness, in which nothing existed, and the Essence of the Divine Son and of the Holy Spirit, in the Sacred Trinity, conceived the New Life in the whole Universe and in all dwellings that would receive the New Humanity.

In that time, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God attracted to this Material Universe a very special Grace, which was the Birth and the emergence of the Essence of the Mother of the World, of the Mother of God and your Mother.

God gave you an infinite and grand Mother, pure and immaculate, who humbled Herself to incarnate on this planet and conceive, in Her sacred Womb, the Son of God, the Firstborn, the only Begotten Son, the Omnipresent.

From these facts that were kept in the whole memory of the Universe, may the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God renew your consciousnesses, erase the past and elevate your spirits to the non-material Source of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God.

Today, My Merciful Heart brings you this Gift, inexplicable for the human mind, for all science, for any being of this planet.

It was this Sacred Spirit of God that decided that you would exist so that someday you might attain high degrees of love by means of the school of your Master and Lord in the essence of Love-Wisdom.

Humanity is lost, and the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, in the different Aspects of the Father, by means of His Sacred Names, will come again to the world to fill the greatest number of souls with His Sacred Presence, with His Infinite Love, with His Unfathomable Mercy.

The Spirit of God is not venerated or recognized.

Recover your filiation with the Father, and humanity will be redeemed.

When the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God comes, many things will already be happening, but do not fear or become desperate, because who believes in the Spirit of God will be saved and will have knowledge of where to be and what to do.

I wish your prayerful offering tomorrow were reinforced, your inner offering were even greater, as it was today, knowing how to respond to My call, knowing how to hear My Heart and communing with My Word.

I Am here because you want Me to be here, otherwise I would not be able to be.

For this reason, I come today with the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God to repopulate the Earth of new codes so that you may know that evil will end, that suffering will be dissipated and that healing will be achieved in the hearts.

As you live your tests, invoke the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God with the same sincerity and love that you have offered today to your Master and Lord, which has permitted to help the whole planet so that it does not suffer many more errors, nor many more transgressions to the very life that God conceived to you.

I invite you, companions, by means of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, to carry out an act of reconciliation with your beings and among your companions of path, as well as with your families so that the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, in these definitive times, may be present in your homes and at each moment, and at each new step.

Seek the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God for those who do not seek It, and I promise you that in a short while you will not know yourselves, because you will have been transformed through your sincere offering to My Glorified Heart.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God bless today those who will receive a Sacrament and have their feet washed, erasing the past, the error and the pain lived during the last years of their lives.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God renew you because this Sacred Spirit will be able to remain in your hearts when the Sacred Hearts withdraw and no longer come. You will remember this day and you will have to revive it so that you may not lose the inner strength to concretize the Work of God upon this planet.

While I bless the elements of the altar, may your act of reconciliation and offering to the Creator Father be elevated to the Universe, so that He may also bless you with the force of His Divine Spirit, which will make you invincible before the forces of evil.

Father of the Universe,
Sacred Creator Heart,
Who made Life emanate from Your Divine Essence,
Who emitted the Breath of Your Spirit to manifest the Creation
and to give life to Your creatures,
those would praise Your Sacred Name for all Eternity,
sanctify these elements,
sanctify Your children,
heal the wounds, repair the hearts,
so that they may feel the inner strength of Your Spirit,
and so that Your Spirit may be the reason for the renewal of your being on the spiritual path.

May Your Purpose be fulfilled
and may a New Humanity be gestated in Your creatures.

So be it.

I give the most simple everything I have, because in them is gestated My Trust.

More than two thousand years ago, I left you a testimony, a divine experience that also comes from the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, which manifested itself as one of Its greatest Gifts, through the Sacrament of Communion.

Today I tell you again, companions, just as I told My ones inside a humble house in Jerusalem, where your Lord and Master prepared for His great and last surrender.

Taking the bread in My Hand, I told the Almighty: “Father, accept the offering of Your Son, for the conversion of the sinners and the redemption of the impious”.

He blessed the bread and at this moment, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God spoke through My Mouth and I said to the Apostles, as to the spirit of the holy women: “Take and eat all of you of it, because this is My Body, which will be handed over on your behalf for the forgiving of sins.”

Likewise the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God blessed the Chalice and accepted the offering of His only Begotten Son and at this moment the Divine Word expressed to all those present in that time: “Take and drink all of you of it, because this is My Blood, Blood of the new and eternal Covenant which will be poured by Your Lord and by all the martyrs for the forgiving of sins and the salvation of the mortals.”

At this moment, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God saved humanity.

May the Lord bless these elements under the powerful Light of the Cross of Emmanuel, in the name of the Father, the Son and of Holy Spirit. Amen.

May those who have not confessed today yet, do it internally, at this moment, before your Master and Lord, who comes to give you the absolution of your sins, the reparation of your hearts with the light of the Source of Eternal Life.

While you listen to the melody, confess to My Sacred Heart and do it for all sinners, especially for those who do not accept the Name of the Lord and create wars on the planet, division between nations and indifference between hearts.

Today, I Am availing Myself of all of your prayers that were pronounced this day so that the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God may also reach those who listen behind this means of communication.

The Reappearance of the Christ is taking place, and just as in the Gethsemane I stepped with My Feet the bad serpent, today I step with My Feet what causes pain, indifference and fear in the hearts, and in this way, it will be dissipated.

I rise to Heaven hearing your songs that glorify even more My Sacred Heart so that It may pour Its Rays of Mercy, Grace and Redemption onto all planetary life.

I bless you, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for being with Me today in the humility of the heart, in the simplicity of prayer and in the love of your spirits.

Receive My Peace as a balm for your lives and may this non-material Peace expand wherever you go. Amen.



Saturday, February 3 of 2018

Monthly messages

First Message

My Voice is heard again in the deserts of this world and My Word echoes in the hearts that recognize the Glorified Aspect of the Lord.

I Am the last Prophet of these times.

Just as I Am the Principle, I Am also the End, and everything will pass through Me until the last living cell of this planet.

Because I come from an infinite mystery, from an infinite Creation, of a immaterial Source that the world cannot touch, because it only vibrates in spirit.

I come from this Grand Spirit, whence comes My Voice, which is the Word of Life, which brings to the world renewal and peace; which builds in souls a reconnection with God and with His Divine Spirit.

In this immaterial Source I was conceived in order to arrive in this Creation, in order to show myself to you and to be among you, sharing the Path of God, which is the only way that will unite all religions.

I Am here as the Lord of the Religions today, to synthesize the best, the most evolutionary, the good from each one of them.

Today I come to weave with My own Hands, through religions, the last necklace of Light which will unite each one of them in a single path where someday they will meet one another to realize, at last, that the only religion is the Love of God, the Love of the Source, which brings infinite wisdom, understanding and comprehension.

Just as I was in the past, so long ago, announcing the Word of Life and the Gospel in deserts, today the last Prophet of God returns to deserts to proclaim His Return, which will unite all that is separated in the consciousness of humankind of this world.

Just as religions will be united, also cultures will be united, which will proclaim the Kingdom of God and worship Its Magnificence, Its Resplendence and Infinity.

This moment is near, when all will be clear, when all will be revealed and there will no longer be differences, because the end of a time is approaching, and the most difficult transition is near. And those who do not seek the Religion of Love, which comes from God, will perish.

For this, before all happens, love without borders and without resistances.

Allow the Ray of My Heart, the Ray of Love-Wisdom, to permeate you and transform you into a model I so much await.

May religions open, spiritually and in essence, to receive the Lord of the Universe; to receive the One Who once proclaimed the Gospel in the Temples of Jerusalem and Who will now proclaim His Redeeming Word in all Temples of the Earth and in all religions of the world.

And thus, humanity will understand that the spirituality of religions was not thoroughly told and that was missing to all the link of Love for union with the great chain of Love-Wisdom.

I was born in Middle East more than two thousand years ago to unite the Far East and the West, in order that all religions that would be born and those which were already born, could meet at the end of the path, the only Path of God which is the path of Love, the one that unifies the essences, the Love that brings the truth and understanding above all things.

I Am not only the Lord of the East, but also the Lord of the West, the Lord of Religions; because religions of the world must be healed, be healed of their deepest wounds in order to be able to reconcile with God and thus enter in communion with Infinity.

The Father is only One.

But He is present in Three Persons: The Creator, the Firstborn Son and the Holy Spirit.

Three branches of Light that bring this Universe to the elevation of consciousness and unity with the inner universe of each being.

I come with this message because it is a message of preparation for what will come next, when the Lord of Religions visits the Far East and unites this part of humanity, as He unites this part of the planet, this place, with the Source.

May everyone be able to drink from this sacred knowledge. May everyone be able to receive these sacred impulses that are part of the revelation of the Book of God, where is written the last part of the history of humanity, the one that transits to a new time and a new dawn; which will raise a new consciousness, leaving behind the consciousness of the past, of indifference and of error.

Accompany the Lord of Religions in His Predication around the world, being ambassadors of peace and good workers of God in order that never lack the Graces, which the Lord makes sprout from His Infinite Source, in a tireless and inexhaustible way.

Today My Words are mysterious. Today My message is symbolic because all is still to be revealed and it only corresponds to you to understand a part; because you must know that you are within My Project, which you must protect from yourselves in order to not set apart from it, nor to set apart distant from the guidance of My Hand, of the Light of My Heart, of My silent Gaze.

The religions of the world will live their final stage, their definition and the times that are coming will call you in order that all be united in love and in unity; otherwise, it will not be possible to persist.

What is written will be fulfilled.

All is part of a new time and of a new experience, you only must have your faith strengthened in order that nothing surprises you.

Because unimaginable things will happen, and your voices must be united to the High, through prayer, in order that spiritual guidance never lacks to you; because in truth I tell you that the sheep still do not know how to walk through darkness in order to not lose the path of the Light.

That is why I Am the End just as I Am the Beginning.

And until what My Father has asked Me is not fulfilled, I will not rest, I will not cease to come to the world in order to prepare it to its awakening and its gran moment of redemption.

Meanwhile, follow My steps for those who no longer follow them.

Accompany Your Master, taking My Hand so that I can guide you, even though you do not understand anything and do not accept anything.

Humanity has decided to stray from their final destiny, that is why I come to put you back on the path, so that you may find the only Path of God, which will take you to Love and to the Truth.

May this Marathon be the union between all the christic essences of religions, which, whether or not they have Me present in their cults and ceremonies, they must be able to, through My Intercession and their prayers, reach the union to the Source and the Infinite in order that everyone can be redeemed someday.

Smile in this Marathon to relieve the suffering of the world.

There are many hearts which are desperate because they can neither listen to the Word of God, nor live it in these difficult times. But the door towards My Divine Mercy is still open; the Ocean of My Mercy is still being offered in order that souls be submerged in it and be washed by the healing Light of My Heart.

May the advent of the new be fulfilled and may the majority of the flocks of God, in the different religions of the world, be able to participate in the great moment of the arrival of their Redeemer.

And when this moments comes, I will no longer say another word, because the very facts will be the message, the very physical events on the planet will announce My Return.

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