Friday, March 28 of 2014

Weekly messages

If you are tired of carrying your own cross and if in some moment the worries of life are greater than your efforts, trust in My Divine Mercy.

If your will sometimes is greater than Mine and your opinions and ideas become mixed together, trust in My Divine Mercy.

If your love is as meager as your weaknesses and make your little heart to suffer, trust in My Divine Mercy.

If the steps that you take towards Me are sometimes converted into tardiness and endless delays, trust in My Divine Mercy.

I Am that Infinite and Pious Love that may help you and tirelessly encourage you to walk, to make you live and be reborn in the darkness, because whoever follows in My Footsteps will never lose the way.

Do as Zacharias who, among the multitude and without knowing Me, sought My merciful glance.  You must know that I never forget those who are prepared to live My Path.  I am everywhere, I Am the Breath of the Spirit of My Father that wanders around the dwelling places of the good ones.

Follow Me in trust.  I Am the Source that will quench your bitter thirst.  Open the door of your heart to Me every day and I will say to you what to do in the difficult hours.

Stay with Me because My Mantle will protect you from the intense cold of the night.

Stay with Me by My side because My warmth will burn as a Fire of Love in your heart.

Stay with Me because My Light will embrace the expansion and the course of your paths.

Stay with Me because My Eyes will illuminate the paths of your life.

Stay with Me so that I may embrace you strongly and make you feel that in sacrifice is found love and liberation.

Do not stop being with Me because I wish to accomplish My Project in your little life.

Stay with me in trust and only say yes to Me.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Eternal Heart!

Christ Jesus of Salvation



Friday, March 21 of 2014

Weekly messages

My Merciful Heart is present even in the smallest oversights because My Silent Heart accompanies the steps of the persevering ones and of those who are adepts to My Christic Energy. 

I wish that on this day My Heart be filled with bliss as the Sacred Project of communication of the Divine Message through a television network, organized and thought according to the plans of the Father, the Mercy Mary project, is already giving fruits so that the souls may be able to be nourished with the Divine Message in a correct and loving way.

Dear companions, as it has been already two years since the birth of the Portal of the Voice and Echo of the Most Holy Mary, today is reborn and reemerges the portal of the Voice and Echo of the Divine Messengers that will accompany and will support the new television projects that will be born with the help of all.

For this, for this important day of celebration and Glory, My Meek Heart lovingly summons all of the servers of the Plan, those who may know how to perform a television project that will help spiritually in the plan of planetary rescue.

It has already been said in the teachings of the past that the Spiritual Hierarchy would communicate itself with the greatest possible number of consciousnesses in order for them to be able wake up and to support the Savior Plan.  Now that the Plan of collaboration and of help is urgent for all, and that the initial project of Mercy Mary TV has already experienced some strong and enriching experiences of faith and of formation, the Christic Hierarchy summons again to serve all of those who have not yet made their decision so that they may be carriers of collaboration and of service to the Hierarchy.

It is time for this project of communication that, through the Divine Hierarchies, intends to redeem humanity, may be able to grow and to receive the help that it needs.  This sacred media, which at the beginning was not understood by many, has always intended and intends to bring peace, love and light into the homes of all the collaborators and of the non-collaborators.

Christ Jesus thanks all the group of work and all of those who in faith have helped to materialize this project and the Marian pilgrimages throughout the world because many treacherous doors have been closed, entire hells have been closed in big cities, the cosmic forgiveness has been achieved by many and Mercy has allowed the reconciliation of all of the beings with God.

In Peace we always are.  For the Plan of Love we work.  In Christ Jesus we walk.

Thanks to all of My sheep!

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for working with Me!

Christ Jesus



Friday, March 14 of 2014

Weekly messages

I wish day and night that you may live in the Eternal Love of My Heart, because My Project for you is perfect and un-transferable.  My Merciful Rays protect those who, in humility and transparency, may respond to My Call.

I want to remain for more time in your lives.  I profoundly long for living My Spiritual Life through your simple hearts.  The time to reveal the truth to the world is being approached and nothing will  remain without being known, because the greater universe will show to all its true face, hidden to the eyes of the incredulous, to those who denied My Father.

My Merciful Source comes from the spring of endless love that emerges from the Spiritual Heart of Abba, Your Father; from there proceeds all and from the Source of the Love of God you have been born to the material life.  Your spirits are fleeting sparks in the universe, but as human events overtake the life of many, many souls are lost from living in ignorance and in lack of faith.

My Heart that is meek, humble and kind, is willing to return to the world of chaos to establish eternal peace among humans and God.  I return first in Divine and Immaterial Spirit, so that soon My Apostles may awaken to the sign of the new time.

I seek those who want to be barefooted from life and those who are encouraged to give Me everything out of love, until it hurts in the bones; when they have come to this extreme of surrender I will comfort them.  Know that there are very few who will be emboldened to die to themselves and to be born to the life of the Spirit of My Father.

I encourage all the souls to the new and to the Christic.  I build My Inner Castle in the deserts of sand, I cause all things to reappear, I transform the essence, the life and the heart of those who, in honesty and trust, open to Me the door of the heart.  I accompany them always in My inner Silence, I listen to them, I calm them and I embrace all in My Sacred and Eternal Heart.

Under the Mercy that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Essence of My Heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Shepherd



Friday, March 7 of 2014

Weekly messages

Abandon the past, abandon the ground that your feet are stepping on and submerge now in the restorative ocean of My Divine Mercy.

Allow that in this very moment that I may resolve your life.  Surrender to Me in trust all of that which you still have not reached by your own effort.  I have the power and the truth that will permit you to know in which moment of life you find yourself.  I only need that you remember My presence day and night, and that you may be attentive so as to listen to My silent Voice in the heart of your brothers and sisters.

The time has already come for Me to return to Earth to demonstrate to humanity how much it has been mistaken by not complying with the Project of My Father.

But sometimes the souls are seen trapped in themselves; for this, I say to all of you that I have the secure key that will open the door of liberation in the right moment and in the correct hour.

Construct through your prayer the inseparable unity with My Heart; I need soldiers willing to transmute the evil that the world lives today.  I will not leave alone those who call Me; My Merciful Spirit will reveal to you the moment to act through the heart.

Today I bring to you the essence of silence, a silence that is lacking inside and outside the souls.  Be representatives of the universal silence so that peace, which is absent from the life of many, may return and reconstruct the home of many families.

The merciful prayer will bring you to discover the silence which I tell you about.  See the example of My Silence during the Passion, My Silence during the Last Supper and My Silence during the Resurrection.

The new apostles of Christ will awaken by the strength of silence and of inner prayer; these gifts will allow you to restore the Earth from its eternal suffering.

I contain you. I love you and I bless you.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the silence of My Heart!

Christ Jesus



Wednesday, March 5 of 2014

Weekly messages

If in truth you knew about the healing power of My Blood, many irreparable situations in the spirit of My Children would be healed by the Christic code of My Transfiguration.

On this day of Glory and infinite Honor in the Heavens, My Father has granted Me to give to you the Devotional to the Powerful Blood of Jesus.

The Blood that was poured by Me during the Passion transformed completely the evil that humanity was living, because My Sacred Blood poured during the Passion meant the total conversion of the great evils of humanity.

The power of My Most Precious Blood is concentrated in the spiritual light that exists among the Christic cells of My Glorified Body, cells that being human were transfigured into Redemption, Mercy and Compassion.

For this, each drop of Precious Blood that My Consciousness lost during the Passion, out of love for you, represented the perfect cellular interchange of the old code of humanity for the new code; in this way, all of the Powers and Celestial Rays of Adonai acted during the course of My Passion to redeem the cellular evil that humanity had generated.

My humble and simple Being was offered out of love to its brothers and sisters to receive as humanity and as consciousnesses, the Universal Genetic Code of God, that which was and is the manifestation of the Science of God in the life of all of humanity.

From this Universal Code of God comes the Christic love and this grants the opportunity of the awakening of Redemption.  For this, whoever invokes the power of My Blood will be able to know that they will be united to the important moment in which Jesus was converted in Christ after death and when the Water and the Merciful Blood flowed out from His side.

This devotional to the Powerful Blood of Jesus aspires to spiritually transform the evil and the pain, the suffering and the disease that each soul may be going through.  Because the power of My Blood, when it is devoutly invoked expels the intruding demons, the evil thoughts and exorcises from the body that which has been incorporated.

The power of My Blood redeemed the infernos during the three days that I spent there to resuscitate the deported and to rescue the condemned.  Imitate the example of My Blessed Mother Mary, who was the first prophetess and disciple that adored the power of My Most Holy Blood.

I come in this era to give opportunity and help to those who may open to Me the door of the heart.

I intend that My Soldiers may be one only mind and one only heart so that in this way they may be able to banish the beast that has succumbed the world.

If you are united to Me in the power of My Blood humanity will receive some more time of Piety and of Mercy.

Union bead
For the Power of the Sacred Blood of Jesus,
may all evil and pain of any origin be expelled.

First decade
For the Power of the Blood of Christ,
may our hearts and souls be healed.

Second decade
For the Power of the Blood of Christ,
may all the impure spirits be liberated.

Third decade
For the Power of the Blood of Christ,
may all the souls receive, now and always,
Healing and Mercy.

Fourth decade
For the Power of the Blood of Christ,
may the Celestial Universes sanctify our lives.

Fifth decade
For the Power of the Blood of Christ,
may the King of the Universe return to Earth
so that the Peace of God
may be present upon the whole planet.

Meditate on that which today I have given to you; these are secret keys of My Transfiguration.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for walking by My side!

Christ Jesus



Tuesday, March 4 of 2014

Weekly messages

Brothers and Sisters:

The spiritual life is similar to the flame of a candle; if it is not lit by the fire of merciful prayer and by the sincere dedication that you may render to My Heart, then any wind could extinguish it.

For this, for this eighth Marathon of Mercy, My Paternal Spirit calls Its flocks to reflection about your honest and sincere dedication to the Christic path.

Today I say all of this to you, not to reproach something you have done wrong, but because I need you to start feeling the ray of My Divine Justice, that ray that comes from the Father and that will try to correct all that is not-adjusted.

The final times demand a true definition for the Redeeming Plan of Christ, this will determine the development of the coming events on the planet.  While humanity is immersed in the ocean of its lamentations, the modernities  – in many of those who are Mine – have  managed by the work of the enemy, to substitute Me and change Me so that the souls do not remain with Me in the prayer of the heart.  The prayer of the heart is the true essence that will give you the strength for this age of definitions.

Before the Eternal Father makes His Final Judgment in all of the Earth, your hearts should be already prepared to receive My Infinite Mercy.  My Heart laments when it sees some of the sheep of the Great Shepherd being distracted and absorbed by other things that do not come from God nor My Sacred Heart.

But there are still some souls that keep the fire of devotion lit and it is these pious and merciful souls of Mine, those that relieve My Heart every day; in this way I pour My Mercy through their humble essences.

I wish for many of those who are Mine to perceive the difference between being near Me or of being far from Me.  Only the wise and intelligent of heart will be able to recognize the difference of living a true spiritual life.

Dears, today I say to you all this because seven marathons of intense and strong spiritual impulses have already passed, impulses that I have poured month after month in your lives; for this I ask you for an urgent and true reflection.  The Plan of the Most High needs to know with whom it can count on for this last phase in which the boat is sustained by such few servers.

The boat is your beautiful world and you know that you must live in this world, without belonging in the least bit to it, and this is related to the tempting modernities that hypnotize the spirit of My Companions.

But whoever is in Me will know how to differentiate the hour at which they must stop, to unite again to My Heart, in this way I will be able to help them to be disconnected from the atrocities of this world.

It is time to define yourselves.  It is time to have consciousness with respect to what you are facing.  That the modernities may be only a simple bridge for service, and not an uncontrolled attachment for the soul.  The spirit in this time must make an effort through prayer to be able to resurrect every day in God.

May this eighth Marathon be dedicated for the salvation of all the souls that have distanced themselves from My Father.

For Love and Mercy, I will be able to intercede for all.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for resurrecting every day through the strength of My Love!

Christ Jesus Merciful.

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