Wednesday, May 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

May your hearts not become cold tonight, because My Love has come to warm you in the divine fire of love and brotherhood.

At last, I finally return to My home, the place to which God sent Me to open the doors for the liberation of the world in a place unknown and distant for many souls.

I am here, in Glory, before you, My friends and servants of My Father. I am here for the ones who have been consequent with Me and continue to be so despite the time and the purification. I am with the ones who are with Me in spite of what happens, in this place or in the world, inside or outside of yourselves, in your spirits or in your bodies. I am with you.

I come to give you My Alliance and My divine Love. I come to give you the hope that lives in My Heart in spite of what happens in the world each day. In the end, everything will be consummated after I am no longer here among you to address the words from Heaven, which are the Words of My Father.

I also come for those who are not here with Me today and who should be, because I entrusted a legacy, a purpose and a mission to them, which is indelible at this moment and, above all, in the consciousness of the Universe. Therefore, I thank those who are here with Me today, for the spirit of perseverance and faith, a spirit that allows you to face the battles and challenges, in this last cycle.

Little by little, Aurora begins to arise in the hearts that shine today in the firmament, and this is impossible to put out because it is the Aurora of love,  the Love that comes from God and that, from the Universe, was deposited within this place, a long time ago. Nobody should ever forget this, companions, because it is Aurora that will accompany you in the last days of this world and in the Final Judgment.

Today I come to deliver the signal to you again, the confirmation that this Kingdom exists in the consciousness of those who believe in it, because Aurora sparkles like a shooting star in the invisible worlds and in the consciousness that opens to receive it, and thus awakens to healing.

There are soldiers of Aurora who are not here, and who should be so as to respond to My call, because to those who have been here for a long time, I have already given much to do, and in faith they have carried out My plans.

I wish you would understand the importance of this Kingdom, because this Kingdom is the one that brought us here, since the first day when My Holy Mother alighted and placed Her feet on this place, and built the bases for this work, first in the hearts that were receptive to Her call, and then in the whole of humanity, just as you have seen in these latest times.

Aurora does not need quantity, but rather firm hearts that can endure its currents that flow in this Universe to liberate humanity. For this reason, I have also given you Archangel Michael, who has been contemplated in gratitude by the hearts that arrived here to receive the intercession of the Creator Father.

There are hearts that should be here to receive healing, and are not. I would like to know, companions, what you are waiting for to liberate your lives from the chains of evil that bind them to the past. I know that the presence of Archangel Michael being here to accompany you is not well understood. It is the Creator Father, it is God present here among you to help these people who are falling apart through not activating their faith or their devotion. On the day of Final Judgment, everything will be understood, and many will see, in the last hour, all they received and yet were not able to recognize.

Aurora is constant and persistent, and activates its fire in the hearts of the world, activates its light in those who adopt it as part of their lives. Today I come with this preamble to prepare your hearts during this month in which the doors will reopen so that consciousnesses can enter into the Kingdom of Aurora. The Brotherhood of Heaven hopes you can take this step, not only those who are here, but also those who are in the world and who seek this healing and redeeming light.

Who prays with Me will be able to value the treasures they have received, and nothing will have been in vain.

I came here to restore what has been destroyed in the consciousness of these people, in those who are not here today and in whom I have trusted, but who have not been able to follow Me as I wished from the beginning. But do not worry, because My Father takes care of everyone, as well as of those who are constant with His Law and His Purpose despite what may happen.

I would like you, in this Marathon, to live in retreat in order to mature spiritually so that, in silence and prayer, you can take another step towards Me; because My Work is still infinite and I must build within hearts new projects that may be carried out upon this planet and in humanity. Because of this, today I place everyone at My Feet so that you may be at the Feet of God, contemplating the Mercy of the Father during a moment of great injustice in humanity

Truly I say, you do not know the Justice of God. I make His Love known to you, which is invincible and eternal. It is in the Love of God where you must enter into, every day, and unite with Him, so that He may fulfill what He has thought of for you and for those in whom He has not yet been able to fulfill His Project; pray so that you receive the Grace and deserve to live it so that, through My Heart, I may intercede for all and especially for those who have not responded to Me.

From Rwanda, from the place where I last was, I make a bridge of light to here, to finish My redeeming Work before the world lives its inevitable judgment in these times.

I come to prepare you for the hardest moment of the Apocalypse. I come to bring you the awareness of the truth so that your hearts do not sleep while I am present, because each second with Me must be unforgettable, each word received must be valued so that it can yield its fruits in you and, in this way, I can go back to the Heavens to prepare for the great moment of the return.

While your hearts grow in love, I will be freer to assist the world that needs it so much; remember that I chose you to carry out, in this forgotten place of the world, My final Work for the whole Southern Cone, and from the Southern Cone to the whole world.

I am already delivering the last signs to you; it is for this reason that I gather you month by month to pray to My merciful Heart and to repent for yourselves and the world, for those who do not repent before God due to their pride, their evil, and their vanity.

I hope you will be with Me in the most difficult times and that you remember I was here to contemplate you in My Love and My Goodness. All that you do, do it for Me; thus, companions, you will no longer be yourselves, but rather I will be in you, working in light and in brotherhood.

On this night of vigil for humanity, that is still very asleep, I again pour out My Codes of Light upon My workers of the Plan.

While I am here, the Universe is with you. I will pray to My Father for you and your brothers and sisters, so that My Plans may be fulfilled in the greatest number of hearts as possible.

Stay calm while I am present so that you do not miss the opportunity of receiving Me in your hearts; stillness makes the guardian.

Adonai, My Father,

       construct in Your children the unbreakable fortress,
       elevate to Your Throne the last soldiers
       who still must awaken to Your Plan.
       Restore all that has been damaged
       and erase with Your Light all darkness
       so that the true spirit may emerge,
       the true being in each human heart.

       do not tire of contemplating those who persist
       and those who walk by My side, holding My Hand
       along the path of redemption and of sacrifice.

       alleviate the cross of those who cannot bear their purification.
       Open the doors of the Heavens so that Your angels
       may descend in glory and adorn, with the treasures of the Universe,
       each one of Your children who will honor You
       eternally, until the new human race.

       do not forget those who have not been consequent with Me,
       hold them in Your eternal Heart
       so that they may grow in Your Goodness and Love.

Give strength, Lord,
       to those who are fallen so that they may stand up,
       give spiritual help to those who fail due to their own debts.
       Live in all of Your children as You live in Me
       so that we may praise You
       forever and ever,


I thank you and, in My Truth, I love you beyond your lives and consciousnesses.

Remember, companions, that with My Light you receive a sacrament while I am present; this is the greatest blessing of Heaven, for the one who wants to receive it.

Go in peace and give peace to those who need it,

The Glorified Christ Jesus