A soul that believed in God, in His infinite Existence, could not understand the mysteries of a prayer, and it questioned the Lord, saying:  "Lord, I know that You exist and that You are the God of life and of eternity; but I know there are laws that move this life and that free will exists, which gives us the freedom to be in it. As it is this way, Lord, I do not understand the mystery of prayer and I cannot manage to believe that a Rosary or a simple dialogue with You could transform the laws of the Earth."

As the Lord felt the sincerity of its questions, He responded, saying:  "Little soul, in truth, what you really ignore is not the power of prayer, you ignore My Power and My Love for you. You ignore your ability to unite with Me and the authority that I give you when you pray in My Name, because you are a dear and beloved child. And just like a child who asks for things from their father and receive what they need from him, in this same way, I, Who can do all things, also give My children what they need.

However, the mystery of prayer is still very profound, because I do not expect you to ask Me for just what you need to remain in the world as souls of the world. What I expect is that you ask for that which makes of this world a part of My Kingdom. And when you yield to Me and open your hearts, I grant you forgiveness, I reveal the Love hidden within your essences, and I give you the authority to transform laws and life, as do the angels and the archangels by recreating My Creation.

It is not only the mystery of prayer that is unknown to you, little soul, but the mystery of your own life and the mystery of My Love are still unknown to you. For this reason, even though you do not understand, pray and surrender your lack of understanding at My Feet, at the foot of My Altar, for when I find an open heart in you, I will allow you to not only understand, but to know and experience all these things."

Through this dialogue with God, children, may your souls be inspired to pray and to cry out each day for the transformation of the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the Kingdom of God within you and discover that the Father, with all His Power and infinite Light, dwells within you.

Let Christ reveal Himself, always alive at the center of your heart, so that you may realize, child, that you do not need to die in order to be in God, but rather to discover the true life, the revelation that God is within you.

The Christs of the New Time are those who seek the Truth within their own hearts and find it; they are the ones who know the Kingdom of God dwells within them as well as within their neighbors, and that the key of love and of humility is enough to open the doors that keep It in their hearts.

The Christs of the New Time do not seek the revelation of the Kingdom beyond the stars, looking toward the sky. The Christs of the New Time revere the stars and their mysteries; however, they know themselves as mirrors of the infinite Cosmos; they know that that which they seek so much is within them.  

Thus, experience your search, child, from the inside out. Contemplate the Cosmos that exists within you; value the power of virtues and of love, and love to know that the Kingdom is within you. Be that living Kingdom to the world. Be a mirror that reveals to your neighbor that all that lives and breathes is part of God, dwelling of His Kingdom.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May My presence in this sacred place bring you peace.

Today I come in the name of the Heart of your Heavenly Father, bringing in My Spirit His Divine Love for this planet, for humanity, for all the life that lives on Earth.

Today I come in the name of Christ, His Son, the One who no longer deserves to say that He is My Son, because He is My Father.

Today I come to call each one of you, of My children, because God asked me to do so. Just as one day He gave me His Firstborn Son, today He gives me each one of you so I can instruct you, educate you and guide you to His Heart.

Many wonder who I am, who comes in the name of God, for so long in silence; today I come to tell humanity where the power I have comes from, to guide you to the Heart of the Father.

I am not the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the one who has walked this Path, knew this Truth and became part of this Life.

I am the one who knew how to listen to the Words of Christ and also His Silence; who knew how to understand the presence of God not only within Christ but within every human being.

I am the One who could transcend his own miseries to enter into the perfection of God; who knew how to trust in the Heart of the Creator and who did not doubt His greatness or His Plan.

Often, children, you can not recognize the presence of God in your own hearts because you are too caught up in your own miseries and do not trust yourselves; but today I tell you that it is not in you that you have to trust, but in God, because it is the greatness of Him that will manifest in your essences, it is His perfection that will live within each one of you.

He will manifest His Glory and reveal himself to the world through the New Christs.

When we speak to you of the new man, of the new humanity, of the Christs who must arise in these times, you look at yourself and you do not find it.

Today I come to tell you to look into your own heart and go beyond it; enter into your very essence, which makes you like God, and let Him express Himself.

He will be this New Christ within you.

He will be the new human that will live on Earth.

He will be the expression of His own Thought in this world.

As it was in His Son, it will be within each one, within each one of those who believe, that have faith in what I am telling you today.

Today I come to take your thoughts, your understanding, to something a little broader.

You must understand the essence of human existence, the reason that brought you here to this sacred place. You did not come just to be instructed or to receive special grace. Instruction awakens you and reminds you of the true reason for human existence.

After knowing the truth, you must live it, strengthen your faith so that it may become wisdom, understanding and manifest in your lives and in your consciences the Gifts of the Spirit of God. The one whose breath has become Life must manifest itself in your cells and in your atoms, to be revealed.

If the Spirit of God did not dwell within you, you could not live, because He is life itself, but also humility itself, and will remain silent in the hearts of those who only hope to hear their own voice, who only believe in their own thoughts and feelings and do not surrender to God.


But in those who know how to silence, in those who place their own miseries at the Creator's Feet, surrendering their powers to God so that He may manifest within these children; the air that circulates in your body will manifest the divine breath, the blood that circulates in your body will finally manifest the genetics of that Blood of those who commune every day.


When they commune with Christ and do not believe in Him, His Blood also remains silent. But when you have faith that He enters into your cells and travels through your body, soul and consciousness, you gradually become participants of the genetics of the Son of God. And what has been lost, that which has been misrepresented, begins to resume its path to express the divine thought, to truly be what a human being is.

Many wonder if I am a part of God, and today I come to tell you that we are all parts of God. My Heart has returned to His to give you an example that not only the Firstborn Son can return to the Father. He came to show you the way to follow this path, to imitate His steps, to live His Love.

Today I come as Your Messenger, as part of Your Heart, because I offered myself to God so that, until the end of human existence, souls had an opportunity to find the way back.


Returning to the Father is not ceasing to exist. Unity is a state of consciousness that you can experience at every moment; you can continue to be human beings and yet express unity with God.

His Son came to show you this; at no time in His existence was the Heart of Christ separated from God.

Let the boundaries of human understanding be broken so that you can understand what you cannot explain; so that you may live what you cannot think, but which only manifests not as a thought or a science, but as a state of life.

Many of you have learned to move from mind to heart, and now you must put your heart into awareness so that spiritual life is not a feeling but a living, constant experience.


You are entering a new cycle, in which the new humanity must cease to be a teaching.

You will no longer pass by, studying about the new human and seeking in others his manifestation. He will not come from another world, He will not come from the stars, although the stars will manifest on Earth, the Universes will manifest here.

The life that inhabits the Cosmos will express itself upon the planet to participate in the expression of the new human, which will manifest within each one of you. It will not be the other way around; do not expect the new life to come from heaven, for it begins here, within you, in this place, and in all the islands of salvation, consecrated by God and prepared by Him to manifest the new life.

From the pure in heart the new human will be born, and it is his own example that will awaken the sleeping Christs; It is the very example of each one of you that will allow your brothers and sisters to awaken and thus expand the new humanity.

From the transformation of each being upon this earth are born the merits so that those who will come in the future, those who will be born here, find the way ready to no longer express the old human condition, but to participate in this new being, this new archetype of life, which expresses the  divine thought.

I am here to tell you all these things because this should be the priority of your lives. You are not here to work, study, take vacation or travel the world. You are here to express a divine principle, to express the resemblance to God, because all life in the Universe awaits you. All the stars that you see in the sky contemplate the Earth and silently wait, they wait for the Plan of God yo be fulfilled.

May this new being not only be in the Heart of the Archangels, in the consciousness of the Creator Fathers and in the occult of human beings.

Mysteriously, from this small planet, will set the example of life for all Creation, just as it has already happened through Christ.

Do not look at yourselves as I speak. Do not think about how far apart your lives are from the manifestation of what I tell you. Let the veils tear from your consciousness so that your way of thinking transforms, so your thinking is within the heart and your heart is in consciousness.

I'm talking to each one of you and every human being. As I speak, I draw to the world what you truly are, so that you may awaken.

May your essences scream for you to finally hear; that there is no longer silence within; may God not remain silent within you; may the breath of His Spirit not be hidden, but may it move your inner world, remove the old human.

God will speak to you again and again until you live what He tells you, and I commit myself to Him to repeat His Words until the institution of the new life.

And even though My Word may no longer speak through the visionaries, I will shout within your inner world and you will hear Me in your hearts.

Those who want to hear Me will be guided by Me unitl the end, because for this I am here. My evolution walks with yours.

Today I will ask you that the priests consecrated by Christ will be those who bless this Eucharist, because upon them our Lord has placed His trust and the time has come for them to express their true mission.

You will continue to commune with Christ, in every new encounter with Me, but it will be the priests who will bless this Eucharist, who will call with their heart and their consciousness the Angel of the Presence, because He always listens to them.

It will be the priests who, from now on, will open the Heavens so that the elements will be converted and all the Graces that God has to offer you will be manifested in the Body and Blood of Christ.

In the same way, you will rely on transubstantiation; they will trust that the Blood of Christ is found in wine and that His Body is present in this bread and that within you, day by day, little by little, it will lead you to express the genetics of Christ so that, like Him, they may express the similarity with God and return to the Heart of the Father.

So be it.

In this way, we teach you to trust in the mediators we have brought you because, despite their human condition, a divine grace inhabits within them and, by the merits of their surrender, each day it will manifest a little more.

Whenever you trust in God more than in yourself, He will express Himself within you.

Surrender your human condition, your faults, your personalities and trust in He who created you perfect, to dwell within you.

There are no mistakes in Divine Creation; there are no mistakes in His Thought. Let His perfection be expressed. 

For this, I bless you, I place upon you My hands and the irradiation of My Chaste Heart so that, through My Example, your beings awaken and so that, in the near future, through your examples, others will awaken.

Feel the breath of the Spirit of God circulating in your bodies that permeates your consciousness. Let Him express Himself, let His Gifts manifest.

May the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit remain in your beings forever.

I thank you.

And now, I ask you, in reverence and while still in My presence, that the priests  come here to receive My blessing and thus consecrate these elements.



Learning to surrender the heart

Humanity, children, is still learning to surrender to the heart to God. Some surrender because they have no other path or other choices; others surrender because of all that they have already suffered; and few surrender for love because they were not defeated by their inertia nor by the suffering in life, but rather by the Love of God. This surrender is what the Lord asks for us to experience.

When Christ says: "Surrender to me", He is not talking about following his path because there is no other choice, because of fear or through insecurity; He is not talking about choosing His path because you have suffered enough that you do not want to look for anything else but peace. Christ is talking about understanding the real meaning of life; about knowing that you are on Earth for a higher purpose, which is the renewal of the Love of God.

It is knowing and having faith in this Love, which ousts all human authority from your life, that you will begin to truly and spiritually surrender to Christ.

Surrender is an inner decision that is born of the discovery of the Love of God and of the eagerness to live in that Love and for that love forever.

When a being is surrendered to the Love of God, they understand all things to be vehicles to reach him: the difficulties, the tests, the humiliations, the overcoming of resistance, the constant deepening of the surrender, everything becomes a vehicle to renew the Love of the Father because all of that partakes in His Plan and comes into the lives of His children and servers, to guide them to the greater purpose, the Divine Will.

Therefore children, in these times, surrender to God wholeheartedly and without fear, trusting in His Grace and in His immeasurable Love. Allow the Father to show you this Love before which everything becomes small, everything loses its value and its meaning. And surrender to it. You will thus discover that there is nothing more wonderful within the evolution of beings than that of being flooded and filled by God because you were created for that, you were created to love. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

This is the key that I give you today: if only all the beings on this planet offered one day of fasting, in truth I tell you that wars would cease, conflicts would disappear, diseases would be healed and there would not be any interior or exterior cause left unsolved.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain spiritual forces would be dismissed from their earthly powers and more than a thousand swords would be defeated.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain unexplainable situations would not be manifested and no one would lose their awakening and evolution.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain earthly forces would not act because they would not have a place nor way to proceed.

Imprisoned souls would be liberated, more sinners would be forgiven and the planet would be relieved of the serious outrages it receives every day.

If in truth a day of fasting was offered, the innocent souls that were aborted would be taken to limbo and, above all, the soldiers of Christ who became lost by their own will would not go to purgatory to pay for their debts.

Fasting is the second spiritual weapon against the enemy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

Today My wish is that you dare to enter the transforming power that generates self-giving within you when it is true and sincere.

In the transforming power of the giving of self, the great doors open up for the conversion of the soul and the redemption of aspects of the human being.

The transforming power of the giving of self, when it is experienced with love, does not allow for certain tests or doubts to invade the mind.

The transforming power of the giving of self is what definitely cuts the ties with the past and the possible pain of a sick soul.

In the transforming power of the giving of self is to be found the way out of obstacles because that sincere giving of self is full of an unknown inner humility.

Walk every day upon the luminous pathway of this giving of self and you will succeed in getting out of yourselves and of many difficulties.

One of the great causes of psychological and social imbalances in the humanity of these times is the lack of sincere giving of self to others.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Marathon of Divine Mercy

I Am this Heart that lives for you and in you, when you allow Me to.

I Am this Heart that never fails and that renews all things, time after time, just as My God needs it, for this world and the Universe.

I am this unfathomable Heart that pours Graces on those who need them most and especially on those who have lost themselves on My Path of Redemption.

I Am this loving Heart that assembles you and unites you with the Father, through this meeting and in each daily prayer that is pronounced by your hearts.

Thus, I form the apostles in the deep silence of My Spirit and deliver My designs for each one, so that they can fulfill them as they are planned in the Universe.

Today, I come from a very distant place in this Universe, what you know as the Center of the Universe, which governs this galaxy on a spiritual and immaterial level.

I come to pronounce to the world My Government, which is the Government of God, which governs the worlds, the stars and the celestial spheres, on all planes.

I come with those who today live with me the power of God, the enlightened and resplendent beings who vivify God eternally and in praise.

With this principle, I congregate you all in My Most Sacred Heart and re-ignite in your lives the purpose you came to fulfill in this life and on this planet, something that is indelible in the Consciousness of God; because He thought from the first moment on each one of you, so that you would join Him, through the times and the experiences.

Evil does not know this, because it does not know love and is afraid of love. When love is present among you and among the consciousnesses, everything is invincible because God is there.

Just as I am here with you, in omnipresence and in spirit, so is My Father with you, through My Heart of Light. It is something that you can never forget, in spite of what may happen in your lives and in humanity.

When the great structures of humanity begin to move, no one can suffocate or be disturbed. It will be the moment when your strengths are very firm, so that I can continue pouring out My Graces on those who deserve it in fullness and in truth.

Thus, I Am this trusting Heart that gives Itself to you all the time, that does not look at your sins nor your debts, but rather your filiation with God, something essential that you can never lose, for anything.

When souls open the doors to evil, they commit to involution, and the lives of these souls gradually recede. Just like a bird flies in the heights of the mountains, the soul gradually falls into the abysses.

And so, together with My Mother and Saint Joseph, I come to aid those who must respond to the call and are lost. But you cannot be that for a long time, companions, because many armies will wake up in times of emergency they are already living. Open your eyes and see what happens in the world, day after day.

We feel that, for humanity, chaos is not enough, and it holds on to suffering through its decisions that influence the nations and the people and attract the furious action of the Law of Nature upon humanity.

While the world continues to sacrifice animals, the world will suffer. And those who plead from the heart for My Divine Mercy, as you did today, will avoid many things. But I will not be able to avoid, companions, what humanity must learn.

Make the decision to be My pillars of light on this planet, so that I may deposit My Codes and gather together the self-summoned in the Cenacle of My Heart.

It will be in this way, companions that I will gradually lead you into living Universal Judgement; I will show you how it is happening in this humanity, rapidly.

Inside and outside of beings the Universal Judgment is lived.

But you must not fear the Justice of God, because God is the living and eternal Love. It is the world and the actions of humanity that bring the Justice of God. God will never punish you. He will correct you so that you may be able to truly walk in the light.

Who decides in this last time to live in My Sacred Heart will not perish. But to live in My Heart requires a commitment and a faithfulness to God. An act of consecration that you can live with Me, in different ways. But this consecration cannot be fractured, it cannot be broken for anything. It will be this consecration that will protect you, and you will be united with Me when I am no longer here with you, companions.

Day after day, the world makes decisions that are contrary to the Laws of God and this attracts the unpayable debt that humanity generates. I need you to place your consciousness on the consciousness of the planet, which is the house that God chose for you since the beginning of the Earth, since the origin of the Genesis project.

Humanity has always deviated from the Path of God throughout time. For this reason, the divine intercession of My Mother has been incalculable. Her goodness and love for Her children has made Her persist, in spite of the suffering generated in the Sacred Hearts and the caring Heart of God.

The world does not pay attention to the wounds it causes the Universe, and above all, the Material Universe; to the planet, to the continents, and to the seas; to animal, plant, and mineral life. How could you be present, companions, on this planet if the Younger Kingdoms did not exist, giving you balance and life in order to evolve?

If in other worlds of this Universe life exists, how could the Kingdoms not be here? They are essential for you, so that you may learn to feel God, and to vivify Him through the Creation expressed on this planet.

The transgressions are still very serious, and the equilibrium of this humanity is out of balance.

While I can, companions, I will come to call those who do not hear Me yet and you will have this commitment to Me, of having Me be known to the lost souls in the abysses of the surface of the Earth.

My Mother will protect you in this task.

I do not need you to attract multitudes, but rather true hearts that will want to live Me.

And today I again present My Sacred Heart, so you may see how much love it holds for each one of you and for those who do not hear Me.

My Chest explodes because of not being able to pour out so much love; the love that heals, that cures and vivifies the hearts in God.

At least, companions, daily contemplate a Ray of My Heart, and in this way, you will please Me for those who deny Me.

Denial is not only in the souls that are in this world, but sometimes also in those that are consecrated and who do not believe in what I tell you; but what I am writing here will be fulfilled.

In this lost place in the world, of Uruguay, the sign of My Presence will remain, obvious to all.

When the years go by, you will remember and know everything that I did here, with you. Because in the years that will come and will get here, things will be more difficult in the world, and you must remember My Words like treasures of light, like keys that open the doors to the Heavens, so that you may aid the souls that will fall even further into sin and into temptation.

Today I come to implore the world to have pity and to not forget God, because He is very offended and His tears are already great rivers in the Universe.

Emmanuel implores His children to awaken, become aware and prompt. His Project is in play through the decisions of humankind, of the nations and the continents.

The people of God cannot be lost in the desert, as happened in the past; they must find the promised Land that lives in My Sacred Heart.

Remember, companions, that I Am the Truth and the Truth I bring you so that you may not be deceived in this time.

Remember that I Am the way that never closes and that opens the doors so that all may enter, even when you forget Me many times , without realizing it, and move away from Me.

Remember, companions, that I Am the Life, the Energy and the Principle that motivates you to a renewal and union with the whole Universe, that receives you in its Mercy.

If you, for a moment, from the Universe, could see this planet, you would cry; not because of what you see, but because of the ignorance of the world and because of the blindness of many hearts that do not accept living the Love of God, that do not seek It, and that reject It.

Today, companions, I do not come to evangelize, but rather to transmit the feeling of God, from the depths of His Heart, from the Consciousness of Emmanuel, the Father that listens to you and loves you.

If those whom I have summoned to serve Me in this time do not unite, how will My Project be accomplished? Set aside your ideas and feelings, your divisions and misunderstandings, one with another.

Love, just as I love you all the time.

Do not reject what I tell you and live it with determination and courage, so I can send the angels to help you, in the invisible silence of your holy presence.

I come to place in each one an incalculable treasure, of which you must give an account in the end time, companions. Because for Me to be here, among you, and to have called you, many things had to happen in the Universe.

Give to the Plan what the Plan needs, and cease to hold back things.

Everything that you have is of God and of the Universe.

To the Universe you will return naked, without any possession, nor any property.

In the end, who is awake will understand what I say and what I have repeated for 2000 years.

The last offer I have for the world is My Sacred Heart, but not all have yet entered It, in trust and without fear.

I will not ask you for impossible things; I know your weaknesses and your falls, because I have been at your side, walking on the edge of the abysses so that you not fall.

You do not know evil. You do not play with evil nor become involved with it.

Your union is in the Love of God and in the brotherhood that the Universe offers every day, so that the suns may shine in this last cycle.

And through My Words, I place you on My Chest so that you may feel the constant beating of My Heart, that beats for each one of you.

It was this Heart that suffered for you in the Passion and on the Cross.

It was this human heart of Jesus that came to know the human condition and the ignorance of the world, the denial, the rejection, and the omission of hearts.

But the Love of God was so great in Me, companions, that I was able to overcome everything, because I trusted in the Love of My Father and I did not hold on to the tests He set for Me.

A true Christ of the new time surrenders to the Universe in trust and believes, living their faith.

Be Christs of My Heart and do not fear being so.

The persecution has not ended and the world must be purified; but in the end of times, when you are with Me, you will know Me face to face, just as you knew Me once in the Holy Land, which is what brought you here to serve Me.

Be fishers of My Project and cast the nets in prayer, so that souls may be saved and be removed from the abysses of their consciousness and enter into the great ship of My Heart, to live peace.

Through Me and My Heart, My Father speaks to you and on this sacred ground places His trust in those who were self-summoned to fulfill His Will.

If I come from Heaven, it is also Heaven that embraces you and uplifts you, in consciousness and love, to the Heart of the Father.

The seals of the Apocalypse have opened and we pray so that in the world everything be lighter and souls may find God and My Sacred Heart.

Most Holy Heart of Christ,
convert our hearts into sacred flames
of Your Divine Mercy
so that Your Face may be founded in the great human heart.
May the coming descent of Your celestial Glory
redeem all consciousnesses,
in honor and glory to the Celestial Father.
Amen (x3)

So that the fourteen celestial choirs that I have assembled here may pour out their graces, I ask you to listen to the bell tower fourteen times, in union and praise for each one of the fourteen choirs; in representation of the Archangel Michael, the Archangel Gabriel, and the Archangel Raphael. We listen from the Universe.

At this moment, make your offering to God, the Most High, in the silence of your hearts and in union with the fourteen choirs.

My God, I believe in You...

My wish is that this prayer of the Angel of Peace be repeated at the end of the Mystery for the Nations, seven times, so that the Angel of Peace is also able to intercede for the angels of each nation and of each people.

Remember to respond to the call of Mary, because your Mother also needs you to carry out the great Work of God, in these times.

The fourteen celestial choirs that I have brought here today, to Aurora, for each one of the hearts that participates in this meeting, are the choirs that eternally sing to God, since before you existed as essences.

Think then, companions, for an instant, how the singing, the voice, and the sacred  word is perpetual in these angelic consciousnesses, over eons of time.

They are who build the Universes with the voice and who form the melodies and harmonies for all the galaxies.

They are who attract the currents of God to the Universes and feed the spirit of the consciousness through the Love of the Father, of Emmanuel.

In union with them, companions, and with the Sacred Heart of your King, let us sing the Kodoish melody to bring the Grace of God to this planet, in those who open to receive it, in this last hour.


And now, companions, I give you the balm of My Love and of My Compassion for the world, for all the souls consistent with My Merciful Heart and with My Redeeming Work.

In union with the fourteen celestial choirs and with My Divine Spirit of Love and of Truth, let us pray:

Abbun debashmaia...

(Our Father in Aramaic)

And today I will be able to leave here with the joy that you truly prayed to My Merciful Heart, imploring for this people and for all of this region of South America, so that the Sacred Hearts of Mary, of Saint Joseph, and of Jesus may triumph and be victorious.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And now sing to the Archangel Raphael, who is the aurora that rises in the hearts that awaken.

Go in peace.


On the 5th and 6th days of August of 2013, special days of Mercy, My Face will be present to accompany all of the pilgrims through this path and spiritual exercise of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy.

This exercise, which will be able to be realized by all who may feel to help in the redeeming plans of My Heart, will have deep reasons for helping the entire planetary consciousness of humanity, which means that My Celestial Mercies will be able to be poured even on the most inveterate sinners and in this way a great wave of conversion will happen in all of those who may be attuned with My Ocean of Graces.

In this way, during the 5th and 6th days of August My Consciousness will bring within Itself the Redeeming Powers of the Celestial Father, and that soul that may be willing to be liberated from itself will manage to do so if it follows the steps and the requirements for the praying marathon.

As I have requested you to realize this marathon of prayer, I also ask that this same exercise be carried out in other places of the world together with My Visionaries, those that I have chosen with the aim that more souls get to know the love and the power of My Mercy.

To facilitate the organization and the preparation of this special encounter with Me, that which precedes the important Annual Gathering of Prayer at the Marian Center of Aurora, to all who may feel like participating in it I ask that they enroll themselves in this marathon through the Portal Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother.

All who may unite themselves to the days of deep Mercy will be able to receive the spiritual help that they need in order to take the steps that My Father expects of them in this time. To the pilgrims I will give a special attention when they arrive at the Marian Center of Aurora to share in the two days of continuous prayer.

I will thank all of those who may answer to this important spiritual impulse for this time, in which may reign Peace and Mercy.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more