Monday, July 15 of 2013

Daily messages

On the 5th and 6th days of August of 2013, special days of Mercy, My Face will be present to accompany all of the pilgrims through this path and spiritual exercise of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy.

This exercise, which will be able to be realized by all of those who may feel like helping on the redeeming plans of My Heart, will have deep reasons of help for all of the planetary consciousness of humanity, which means that My Celestial Mercies will be able to be poured even on the most inveterate sinners and in this way a great wave of conversion will happen in all of those who may be attuned with My Ocean of Graces.

In this way, during the 5th and 6th days of August My Consciousness will bring within Itself the Redeeming Powers of the Celestial Father, and that soul that may be willing to be liberated from itself will manage to do so if it follows the steps and the requirements for the praying marathon.

As I have requested you to realize this marathon of prayer, I will also ask that this same exercise be realized in other places of the world together with My Visionaries, those that I have chosen with the aim that more souls get to know the love and the power of My Mercy.

To facilitate the organization and the preparation of this special encounter with Me, that which precedes the important Annual Gathering of Prayer in the Marian Center of Aurora, to all who may feel like participating in it I ask that they enroll themselves in this marathon through the Portal Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother.

All of those who may unite themselves to the days of deep Mercy will be able to receive the spiritual help that they need in order to take the steps that My Father expects that they to offer in this time. To the pilgrims I will give a special attention when they arrive in the Marian Center of Aurora to share in the two days of continuous prayer.

I will thank all of those who may answer to this important spiritual impulse for this time, in which may reign Peace and Mercy.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.