Wednesday, November 4 of 2015

Daily Messages

In order to find the life of the spirit and fulfill the existence in the discovering of the truth, you must be simple of heart.

I know that for many it is not easy to detach themselves from the lucubration of the mind and from its endless source of ideas and suggestions. But that is why I ask you to exercise silence.

Humanity has transited through periods in which its largest expression was the strength, the body power. In those moments, the human development was based on the strongest.  Afterwards, you learned that the mind controls the strength and transcends it; you learned that with the mind, the body may not be physically strong, but – concentrated – it can move mountains and act even more than those who only have the body strength.

Christ came to the world in the age of the strength and delivered to humanity the possibility of taking a leap, because He already knew the power of the mind, and nevertheless, acted with the heart.

The Master knew that His examples would last in the centuries, because the ordinary humanity should still learn much in order to reach what He was teaching, that was to transcend the strength and the mind to reach the heart and find there the true potential of the human beings.

Today I tell you that in the vast Creation of God in the universe, there were many creatures that expressed the true essence of the body strength and completely developed the different functions of the body. Others entered the powers of the mind and with it developed many sciences and discovered their multiple functions. However, neither the strength nor science reached the celestial dimension, where the Creator inhabits.

What great secret is this, which, once unveiled, unites the creatures to their Creator? It is the development of the heart.

In contrast to all the paths to the discovery of the strength and of the mind, the heart is found in simplicity. To live the strength, you must be. To live the science, you must know. But to find the heart, you must not be, and not know even yourselves.

That is why this moment is so difficult for many, because for many beings of this world it is hard to believe in the path of simplicity; it is hard to forgive, to reconcile, to humble themselves and pray, as a path to such grand encounter with the Creator.

I tell you, dear companions, that you must be simple, meek and humble to find the Doors of Heaven.

I love you and I leave you, in My simple words, the transcendence of all strength and of all science, so that you will find the precinct of the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, humble and simple servant of God