In the beginning of all, the Creator aspired that all of His children came to know the truth and understood the essence of His Love, the reason of why He had multiplied Himself.

The only reason of the existence of all things is the Love of God, that in a moment was so great that It could not fit in Himself, which made Him multiply in Three, while still being One. And, while still being One, He multiplied Himself in many more.

The mystery of Love is that it multiplies and gives Itself, while still belonging to the same Source. The one who loves participates in the multiplication of God and in the essence of Creation; the one who truly loves, loves with the Love of the Father and gives It to everyone, making this Divine presence infinite and at the same time unique.

The time will come when the words will give place to the knowledge of the heart, because the Divine Word is vibration and not just series of letters that form ideas, concepts and try to fit in it something that is inexplicable and understandable at the same time.

In the beginning of the human school, the beings of Earth attracted, from previous experiences, the ray of the science of God because at that moment they needed the Divine knowledge in order to evolve as a race and as a consciousness. However, humanity has limited the divine science with the concrete walls of its mind, and much of what the Creator tried to reveal got stuck in the human impossibility of receiving the impulses of God.

It was in this way that the knowledge stopped on the limitation of the human mind, and that which was infinite and sublime got limited as much as humankind, which was stuck in its matter and far from its spirit.

In this way, children, the truth has never been revealed to you, because, even though you believed you had knowledge, you have always tried to place in the human understanding a knowledge and a truth that infinitely transcend this understanding.

The ones who could contemplate or glimpse a bit of this truth have remained in silence, because they knew it could not fit in the human concepts; as I told you, the Divine Word is vibration and not words.

It is for this reason that the history of the Universe, of the Cosmos, of Creation, is written on the Mirrors and not on sheets of paper.

To understand the truth that I bring to you, you must enter in the inner universe and read on the mirrors of the heart what I transmit to you.


Dear children of Mine,

After your spirits resurrected in Christ, it will not be able to exist between you and My Son any contrary wind that can overthrow this perfect union that you have made with Jesus.

However, My adversary, that is cunning and controller, subjects the hearts to the point of cornering them beyond their issues and problems, but the hearts that live in the Heart of the Lord will not be submitted by the cunning of evil.

Children, the love for your fellows cultivated in your beings sets you free from any situation and friction that My adversary creates among the minds that are not united to the Love of God.

On this day, recognize that the critical times have arrived and that, everything that is under the Spiritual Universe of your Celestial Father, will be purified and transmuted by the rays that His Heart spreads throughout the Cosmos.

Receive from My Spirit the most holy blessing, that which will make you invincible as long as you remember to profess the sacrament of the communion and the internal state of luminous prayer.

Dear children, the current time sets a before and an after.  From what you have been you will not be able recover anything, and from what you are not yet and cannot wait for results.

Your consciousness and your matter are in constant transmutation, led by the hands through the beginning of the permanent purification.

When the time of purification reaches each one, you will count on My Maternal Guidance, so that you may avoid mistaken and take the wrong path.  In this way, the law of purification will allow you, when it is lived in peace, that you may be able to find new staircases of consciousness and, in this way, ascend in trust to the Kingdom of God.

Do not fear, the internal resistance will be the first wall to be broken.  However, if your love is pacific and full, the whole structure will be dissolved, and I promise you that in this moment you will be freer than the birds in the sky.

The time is indicating an inner preparation because now the school of prayer that I teach you will allow you to transcend any difficulty, and when you are free from the human prisons, you will find the site of the sacred temple that lives forever in your hearts.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who blesses you under the essence of the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


If you cannot enter the deserts of Earth as the ancient Fathers did to heal their sins and to convert their profound human condition, enter, child, into the desert of your heart.

In these final times, the things of the world are like magnets that constantly draw your consciousness to the deepest abyss of darkness and perdition. But you, as a child of God, conscious of His presence within you, can choose not to follow the tendencies of the Earth and to enter the desert of your heart so that, alone and in solitude, you may find God.

Enter into dialogue with the Father every day and feel His divine proximity to your heart. Do not let the things of the world consume you and have you forget or put into second place that which is the real meaning of your existence.

Do not forget to contemplate, in your heart, the Universe as the Infinite, and to recognize your smallness once again. The heart that recognizes itself as small, and is grateful to God with its simplicity, opens the doors to Heaven, to the divine dimensions, to the higher reality, where truth is revealed.

Let your prayers become ever more profound and sincere. Cross the threshold between being a child and a companion of God to a living part of Him, renewing himself in His Creation, to return to the All with a greater Love.

May the Divine Purpose always be visible to the eyes of your heart so that you never miss opportunities to love, forgive, understand the neighbor and find God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter the precinct of your heart to understand that, in these times, the first law is love; love above all imperfections, defects, disagreements, prides and vanities.

The only tool that will be able to protect you from evil, child of Mine, is love; love to the neighbor, love to the Kingdoms of Nature, love to the Plan of God.

If you do not open your heart to learn loving things as they are – and thus, lead them to be transformed into what they truly must be –, you will submerge in the misunderstanding, in arrogance and in the permanent competition. You have before you two outstretched hands so that you choose a path to follow. There are no other options: one is the hand of God and the other, the hand of chaos.

Many have already chosen the hand of chaos and today they are found in the midst of a dark battle without rules; but you, child, have before you the conscious option of transcending the darkness of your interior through the triumph of love in your heart. That is why I call you to ask for forgiveness, to overcome your pride and to discover the grace of being humble and fulfill the designs of the Creator.

I ask you to reconcile yourself with the neighbor, in offer to the Middle East1, but also with your own heart, which in its immaturity and ignorance, has not learned how to love.

I ask you these things, Child of Mine, because you no longer have so much time to plant seeds in the flowerbed of your existence and of the human life as a whole. Soon the time will come in which you will only harvest what you have sown, and you will eat from the fruits of the trees that have grown in your garden.

When I tell you to ask for forgiveness and register what you have done, it is in order for you to deepen yourself into your exercise of humility and reveal to everyone your imperfections, so that thus, you give an example to humanity of how simple it is to take a step towards love.

Today I tell you, child, that I will not ask you only that. I will also ask you not to only make an act of forgiveness, if every day you live far away from fraternity. This act of forgiveness of yours must be permanent, constant and eternal, because the closer the Armageddon gets to the planet, the more you will have to forgive what happens in and outside of you.


Today, I only ask you to never lose the joy of your hearts. May you be capable of facing the planetary situation with maturity, but never with sadness.

If you lose the joy of your hearts, you may lose faith and hope of one day seeing the Plan of God fulfilled, of one day seeing a Redeemed Earth appear before your eyes.

When My Chaste Heart began this cycle of daily messages, I told everyone that I would lead you to a new humanity, and so it will be, because – despite all that happens in the world – there are a few who will respond to the celestial call until the end of their lives and leave the seeds of a redeemed life on the soil of this Earth.

Today I will ask you to be aware of the great need of the world and also to be like a light that illuminates and warms the cold hearts of men.

My dear companions, after having been in this world in days of much darkness and in times when the Earth was also approaching a great collapse, I come to encourage and instruct you, as I did with Jesus, so that you may find God and, in Him, the inexhaustible source of wisdom, the unbreakable strength to transit in days of darkness and the love that redeems all and forgives all.

I come to ask you to never give up, even when the Divine Messengers are no longer here. There will be days when you will not know what to do, or where to go, and in those moments, you must enter into the precincts of your hearts and search there for all that one day we gave you.

Our words could be only embodied in your hearts, but they are also on paper, to be an enduring guide to all human consciousness.

I want you to know that the days of greatest darkness will dictate the moment of greatest surrender, moment to live the highest degree of love, because from this love, which can emerge from your hearts, will depend the light that will return to shine in the world.

God will never forsake you. If He distances Himself and you do not find Him outside of you, it is because the time has come to live the perfect union with Him in your inner self, time to discover the likeness between the Creator and the creature, time for yourselves to be part of God in this world.

My beloved companions in Christ, follow Our instructions without fear and with precision, because in this way you will never lose yourselves from the path and can guide others who have never found themselves in life.


Often the human eyes cannot contemplate the planetary reality and do not find a real reason for their own transformation or something that may impact them in a way that generates an immediate and complete change in the being. That is why, in these times, I come to the world to instruct you, in order that you can know sublime realities of existence that may lead you to a superior quest, to the surrender of life to a higher purpose, which is the Purpose of God. I come to try to open, in humankind, not the eyes of the body, but the eyes of the heart.

I do not come to bring to the minds, concrete facts and scientific teachings that prove the veracity of the existence of a life superior to life of this world. I come so that the heart feels, in the simplicity of My words, that God calls you to remember. And that your own consciousnesses, touched by the presence of the Divine Messengers, may find the lost path to your origin.

As Our Lord, Christ Jesus has told you, the Kingdoms of Nature suffer by the ignorance of humankind that seeks power and usufruct in everything. And this ignorance is the same that does not allow you to find the truth about the human heart.

By saying this, those who know how to listen, and who meditate on the words of the Messengers of God will understand that all of them conform the same thread of light, which is trying to lead humanity to a single awakening.

Listening to the words of Christ1, do not think that they are for the others, but rather try to know, in your lives, in what point you are failing the Kingdoms of Nature; how far you only seek to physically, emotionally and mentally usufruct from the Kingdoms; and from where you are consciously trying to collaborate with their evolution.

Your work group must be only one, united in the Purpose of God. While some are with Christ more directly, liberating and transmuting the roots of millenary evil, the others must be seeking these roots within their own consciousnesses in order to extirpate them with the power of the Mercy of Christ. Thus, all together, you will be able to lead humanity to transformation and to give all human consciousness the opportunity to live something superior, and to seek the life of spirit.

I love you and for this I teach you to understand and live the Will of God expressed in the words of His Messengers.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



In order to find the life of the spirit and fulfill the existence in the discovering of the truth, you must be simple of heart.

I know that for many it is not easy to detach themselves from the lucubration of the mind and from its endless source of ideas and suggestions. But that is why I ask you to exercise silence.

Humanity has transited through periods in which its largest expression was the strength, the body power. In those moments, the human development was based on the strongest.  Afterwards, you learned that the mind controls the strength and transcends it; you learned that with the mind, the body may not be physically strong, but – concentrated – it can move mountains and act even more than those who only have the body strength.

Christ came to the world in the age of the strength and delivered to humanity the possibility of taking a leap, because He already knew the power of the mind, and nevertheless, acted with the heart.

The Master knew that His examples would last in the centuries, because the ordinary humanity should still learn much in order to reach what He was teaching, that was to transcend the strength and the mind to reach the heart and find there the true potential of the human beings.

Today I tell you that in the vast Creation of God in the universe, there were many creatures that expressed the true essence of the body strength and completely developed the different functions of the body. Others entered the powers of the mind and with it developed many sciences and discovered their multiple functions. However, neither the strength nor science reached the celestial dimension, where the Creator inhabits.

What great secret is this, which, once unveiled, unites the creatures to their Creator? It is the development of the heart.

In contrast to all the paths to the discovery of the strength and of the mind, the heart is found in simplicity. To live the strength, you must be. To live the science, you must know. But to find the heart, you must not be, and not know even yourselves.

That is why this moment is so difficult for many, because for many beings of this world it is hard to believe in the path of simplicity; it is hard to forgive, to reconcile, to humble themselves and pray, as a path to such grand encounter with the Creator.

I tell you, dear companions, that you must be simple, meek and humble to find the Doors of Heaven.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.