Monday, April 6 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children of Mine,

After your spirits resurrected in Christ, it will not be able to exist between you and My Son any contrary wind that can overthrow this perfect union that you have made with Jesus.

However, My adversary, that is cunning and controller, subjects the hearts to the point of cornering them beyond their issues and problems, but the hearts that live in the Heart of the Lord will not be submitted by the cunning of evil.

Children, the love for your fellows cultivated in your beings sets you free from any situation and friction that My adversary creates among the minds that are not united to the Love of God.

On this day, recognize that the critical times have arrived and that, everything that is under the Spiritual Universe of your Celestial Father, will be purified and transmuted by the rays that His Heart spreads throughout the Cosmos.

Receive from My Spirit the most holy blessing, that which will make you invincible as long as you remember to profess the sacrament of the communion and the internal state of luminous prayer.

Dear children, the current time sets a before and an after.  From what you have been you will not be able recover anything, and from what you are not yet and cannot wait for results.

Your consciousness and your matter are in constant transmutation, led by the hands through the beginning of the permanent purification.

When the time of purification reaches each one, you will count on My Maternal Guidance, so that you may avoid mistaken and take the wrong path.  In this way, the law of purification will allow you, when it is lived in peace, that you may be able to find new staircases of consciousness and, in this way, ascend in trust to the Kingdom of God.

Do not fear, the internal resistance will be the first wall to be broken.  However, if your love is pacific and full, the whole structure will be dissolved, and I promise you that in this moment you will be freer than the birds in the sky.

The time is indicating an inner preparation because now the school of prayer that I teach you will allow you to transcend any difficulty, and when you are free from the human prisons, you will find the site of the sacred temple that lives forever in your hearts.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who blesses you under the essence of the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace