Friday, September 26 of 2014

Weekly Messages
Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Let My Blood circulate within your heart. The powers that I manifest and give you are unknown to you.

Let My Blood circulate through your veins, so that your codes of the past may be renewed by My codes of light and redemption. Let My Blood remove all your cells from their place.

Let My Blood purify your feelings and transmute your wounds, for I have the power to reverse all evils. If My Blood does not yet live within you, seek the reason why you do not have Me within you.

Let My Blood free every part of your being; and may your body, even while it is still impure, reach purity and consecration through Me, because what I offer you is not part of your will nor of your desire.

I come from a cell of Higher Life that illuminates even the smallest particles of those who seek Christification through the giving of self. Therefore, let My Water emerge from within you, so that every corner of your being may be bathed by My Water of Life and Liberation.

Let My Spirit dwell within you and cause that which is now old, to die. I have the authority to renew you and, at the same time, to embrace you with My warmth and My peace during the hard cold nights that will come.

Let Me act through you and, in a short time, you will not recognize yourself, for I will perform wonders in your life.

Leave your miseries and tears on the palm of My hands so that, in the name of My Father, I may convert your evils into blessings, your sorrows into liberations, your unhappiness into joy, your doubts into affirmation and truth.

Therefore, I wish My Spirit to have a dwelling within imperfect souls; I seek them and they hide from Me out of fear or distrust. If this happens to you today, it is because you do not know the power of My healing Love.

Let Me be in you, day and night, in your mistakes as well as in your virtues. I contemplate the world and keep it every day within My Heart, in spite of the wounds that many cause Me.

Let Me be unity and life, Mercy and consecration; if you only allow, in a short time, you will be My apostle.

Allow Me to be, allow Me to act, allow Me to live in you, just allow Me to be in you forever because the only way out is through Me.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and united.

Thank you for just allowing Me to be!

The Glorified Christ Jesus

Saturday, September 13 of 2014

Weekly Messages

If in truth you put Me in first place, every day, before anything else, your souls would find the mysteries and the secrets of My Sacred Passion in depth.

For you to see how important was My Offer before the Celestial Father was, I will reveal to you the Rosary of the Seven Agonies of Jesus, the seven states lived by My Heart and Soul during the sorrowful course of the Passion.

If you pray it with love and honor, along with the Devotional of the Five Sacred Wounds and the Devotional to the Powerful Blood, in this spiritual trilogy of prayer, devotion and contemplation, you will find prompt help for your difficulties and problems.

If at least every fifteen days you pray to Me the Rosary of the Seven Agonies with the Five Sacred Wounds and the Powerful Blood, I assure you that your life will change and this will have repercussions within your family and all brothers and sisters.

The Seven Agonies lived by Me represent the before and after in the purification of the sin of humanity and its perdition.  The Seven Agonies were one of the more than hundreds of offers and sacrifices that My Heart suffered during the Passion.

During My Seven Agonies many states of spiritual death, perdition and grave faults were transmuted.  By means of My Blood poured, the Seven Agonies were recognized and accepted by the Celestial Father as a sacrifice and reparation for the outrages of this world.

Each agony that was experienced and lived by Me was held within a most pure feeling of transmutation and transverberation by means of the Holy Spirit in Christ.  This means that the Seven Agonies were filled and alleviated by the gifts of the Holy Spirit during the Passion.  If it had not happened in this way I would not have been able to arrive to the Cross, to Death and to the Resurrection.

Thus you shall know that in My Seven Agonies are held codes of sacrifice and healing for the souls of this humanity.  In the Seven Agonies you will find the path to be able to offer your miseries, conditions and tests, and all will be repaired by means of the devotion that you will achieve through the veneration to My Seven Agonies.

The agonies represent a molecular change of a corrupt state into a sublime state.  This was My main task through the suffering in the Passion and on the Cross.

To those who may contemplate and pray the Rosary to My Seven Agonies at three in the afternoon after the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy I promise that, as a result of the merits that I have achieved, I will not judge them but I will liberate them from any disturbance or inner disorder.  For this to happen your faith must be stronger than your weaknesses and, in this hour of Mercy, I promise to be Your Savior and Intercessor for the difficult moments.

In profound devotion, surrender and faith you shall pray the Rosary to the Seven Agonies of Jesus.
You shall repeat with love:

Union bead
For the martyrdoms borne,
for the sorrows transmuted,
 for the victorious mercy achieved,
Redeeming Christ, liberate us from the ties.

First Agony
For the Agony of Jesus
in the Garden of Gethsemane,
   Adonai, strengthen our faith.

Second Agony
For the condemnation of Jesus

and the profound silence of the Lord,
Adonai, may Your Victory be fulfilled in our beings.

Third Agony
For the severe flagellation of Jesus
and for the Peace radiated from His Heart,
  Emmanuel, may our lives be peaceful.

Fourth Agony
For the sorrowful crowning of Jesus
and for the Love reflected from His Interior,
Emmanuel, make us meek and humble
to fulfill the mission.

Fifth Agony
For the weight of the Cross
that Christ carried on His back,
Emmanuel, alleviate us from any disturbance.

Sixth Agony
For the three falls of Jesus
and for the Redemption that His Heart emanated,
Abba, may we learn to love sacrifice.

Seventh Agony
For the Sacred Death of Jesus
and His profound Mercy that saved us,
Abba, make us strong and invincible
for the time of transition.

You will see that there are seven decades.  This is the first rosary that is more extensive and profound that My Heart hands to you for meditation and reflection upon the mysteries of My Passion.

May the Light of God accompany you always.

Your Lord of Love,

The Glorified Christ Jesus

Friday, September 12 of 2014

Weekly Messages
Weekly message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Light-Nucleus Sagrado Ceu, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While part of the world is in a never-ending war that unleashes the wrath and evil of humanity, My Divine Mercy approaches every day at three o'clock in the afternoon to restore and heal the vices of humanity.

My Divine Mercy is mainly poured into hearts that every day revive My Holy Passion. Thus, through them, all the gifts and merits achieved by My Sacred Heart are deposited as cells of light in simple and pure hearts.

In order to attain My forgiveness it will be enough to recognize oneself as a worthy child of God, and, despite the fact that sin is great and irreparable, I have the celestial authority to absolve you from all faults. Thus your lives will become crystalline and limpid when you seek to live My Mercy, beyond professing it and confirming it in your lives.

Heaven unites in harmony and prayer, every day, at three o'clock in the afternoon in order to help balance the spiritual and material disorder of this world. Therefore, only through My Unfathomable Mercy will the most hardened and sinful souls be able to find their lifeline, and the same will be true for those who serve Me but face the game of temptations of this world.

If in truth you decide to seek the spring of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, you will be able to lessen on the world the weight of its own law, and many souls will stop being condemned to the fire of hell, so as to be recognized as rescued souls.

In this last hour of the transition of the Earth, seek the straight path to My Divine Mercy because, in these times of greater confusion, you will be left only with holding on to My Path of redemption and salvation.

I give you all that I have, I give you the possibility to re-dimension your lives through the transmuting and purifying fire of My Divine Mercy.

The time indicates a quick and decisive decision. The time has come to place yourself at the feet of the Greater Source so that you can be washed, freed from stains and redirected toward the eternal Kingdom of God.

Today I especially pray for those who will incur a spiritual union with Me in the new times. This will determine the possibility of fulfilling My redemptive Project before My return to the world.

Pray for those who persevere on the path of transformation, but also pray for those who courageously abandoned Me, forgetting about Me. I place all of them in My Sacred Heart and I hope to see them, someday, in My Celestial Glory.

I determine, in this age, that you follow only one path.

Under the supreme Grace of God, be consecrated to My Heart.

The Glorified Christ Jesus

Saturday, September 6 of 2014

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

Good afternoon to everyone and thank you for accompanying us. We are in the final stretch of this Marathon of Divine Mercy, and yesterday, Our Lord told us that He had been able to do part of the task that He had entrusted to us, of carrying the essences of the unborn to the Kingdom of God.

And today, with this very intense task that took place here, which was heard in all the spaces of this place, Our Lord certainly did the other part of the task. So now, we are going to begin to pray and sing, preparing for His coming, and see what He has for us this afternoon.

We want to remind you that He asked us to pray with all our hearts because if we do it in this way, we will be united with His Heart. Yesterday He told us that from His Heart pity should be poured out for this world.

So if we are connected with Him, we will certainly receive a great blessing this afternoon. So let us apply all of our energy, all of our love on this final stretch.

Good work of prayer to everyone!

Today My Heart emits Its Voice of Peace to the world. I bring hope and joy to those that have lost it. I come to bring a great silence to this very noisy world, so that hearts may enter into My universal harmony.

I bring you the faith and the confirmation of My Presence. For this reason, I bring you the Light of the universe so that your eyes can open to the unknown and to that which is new.

Today I offer you My Heart as special gratitude due to the effort you have made to pray with Me these days.

Today Heaven opens to your souls and it pours out Its Graces and treasures upon simple hearts; seeds that will sprout in the future so the gifts may be available in this final Project that must be accomplished through you and humanity.

Feel the beat of My Heart and stay with Me in this very difficult hour, for the world needs a great deal of relief and much healing and consequently, much prayer.

I thank all My companions who commune with Me. The prizes will be given in the universe and you will be honored in the Kingdom of My Father. The doors are opening in this place so as to be able to bless everyone, mainly those that have closed their hearts to My Heart. My Light penetrates into what is deepest and darkest, it dispels the darkness and brings the light of healing for this humanity.

I gather you in the name of Love and of Truth. I bring you the consolation that you are in so much need of so that at the end of this time you may be renewed by the Spirit of God and you may prepare, as My warriors, for the moment of the great Return of Christ.

Many of you will see Me, but some will not recognize Me. Be consequent with Me every day of your life, and thus I will avail Myself of your virtues and skills to accomplish My Redemptive Work at the end of this cycle.

Give Me that which you have still not given Me. I need the warmth of your hearts so that you can perceive pure thought and feeling, the mysterious flame that transforms and redeems you.

I Am the Glorified Heart of Jesus. Blessed will be those that honor Me in this cycle. Glorified will be those that serve Me fully, for they will be performing works of service and charity, of surrender and sacrifice for those who still do not do them.

As I did in Rwanda, I come to avoid the Law of God applied to this world, for this world belongs to Me since the beginning.

I Am the emanation of the Great Spirit of the Creator. My sublime Laws can permeate and heal you, erase any pain from your cells so that you may live in My Mercy in this very difficult time.

Every day, at three in the afternoon, My source opens for all of humanity. My Heart deeply gives of Itself to those who may wish to receive it and transforms that which is un-transformable, redeem that which is irredeemable, heal that which is incurable. Thus, trust in My hour of Mercy.

I come in this time to this world, not only for you so as to awaken you, but for those who continue to sleep in their own illusions.

Woe to those who deny the Son of God! How will I be able to pour out My Graces upon them?

For this reason, I need all your instruments, your hearts, and your lives, so that My currents of redemption and healing can be poured out upon all of humanity.

This moment that you share with Me is unique and will not be repeated in this place. The need of the world is very great, the emergency in souls is even greater. There are many lacks, many needs to be resolved in this era.

So that all this may be covered and everyone receives that which is necessary, I need missionaries of My Mercy, missionaries of prayer and service that can transmit My Higher Law, the Law of the Father, which is the Law of Love. A Law that will lead you to unity and redemption.

Do not fear purifying yourselves in this time. Allow My angels to untie your knots. This moment is unique for all and many do not receive these Graces, for My Spirit, which is immaculate and pure, which comes from the Greater Source of God, comes from the highest to meet with you so that you can awaken and understand what is happening within you and to Me.

Have you ever asked yourselves about it, My companions?

Many of you already understand all these things. You have walked with Me for a long time in the great deserts and valleys; you have heard My preaching and My Words of Life. You are remnants of ancient peoples, the great peoples of the desert who heard God, from Moses to Abraham, you have always been with Me in spirit and life.

But the time has come, My dear companions, for you to assume the final task in this time. Each knows what they can give Me. I do not come searching for perfect nor preferred things. I need your miseries to be able to transform them.

Thus, I will rebuild all your essences and those of your brothers and sisters so that you may rise again in spirit and, renewed by My Light and Peace, you can find again the path you have lost.

In truth, I tell you, My friends, all those who have gone through the Marathons of Mercy have already returned to My merciful Heart. I give thanks to those who have persisted in accompanying Me during the two days; who have renounced such vain, material, and mundane things to meet with the power of My Heart.

My beloveds, you have been transformed by My Celestial Light and this brings consequences of transformation in all of humanity. The sorrows of this world are being alleviated and many hearts that suffer are finding consolation.

I want to have you recognize the Kingdom of God, which is approaching through My cosmic Presence.

This is My last Call, before the great and awaited return. Do not think about how I will return; just seek to be within Me every day. That will be enough for you to recognize Me at the great and awaited moment. Nothing will cause you to fear. Nothing will disturb you. Nothing will take away your faith and inner strength because this will have been a great consequence of your perfect transformation through My Heart.

Today I will bless you with the Water of Life, with the bread and the wine that represent My Body and My Blood, precious codes that transform you, day after day.

My Hands will wash your feet and I will also pour out blessings upon your heads, giving you the Baptism of My Heart so that you may be bathed by My Holy Spirit.

My companions, renewed through this meeting with Me, enter into the Kingdom of My Father because He always awaits you in silence. He is always there to help you, listen to you, console you, and love you.

Believe in what I tell you because the time of the great change is coming and at that moment your hearts and souls must already be strengthened, because through Me, through My infinite Mercy, you will be immovable and will accomplish the part of the Project that I am giving you today. A Project that is unknown to your minds, but deeply known to your souls.

Through this Infinite Heaven that communes with you, I bless, forgive, renew and redeem you. I give you My holy Body and My precious Blood as codes of transfiguration for your lives.

I bless you and love you by the Power that God gave Me for this world. Go in peace and trusting in Me.

With your hands, hold up the torch of rehabilitation. Liberation is close for many. Joyful are those who trust before experiencing it because they will lack nothing.

Now I observe you in silence to elevate your miseries. My Love is strong and transforming, a Love that comprehends and understands your lives, no matter the degree of error; what matters is your trust in Me. In this way, you will not be separated from Me and will always be blessed.

Open your hearts to forgiveness. Free your essences from the stains that darken them. I bring you the renewing fountain, the beating strength of the Higher Universe, the Celestial and Divine Unity that quenches the thirst from all hearts. I bring you the power of reconciliation and infinite life for those who truly believe in the Redeemer.

I thank you for elevating the unborn into the Higher Kingdoms, where they will be able to be born again, in spirit, in the dwelling places of the Father.

The strength of Mercy will never separate you from Me, as long as you trust in what you do. When you pray from the heart and soul, Mercy will always help you and everything will be resolved in this definitive time.

I thank you for trying to be merciful in these times.

Move forward and with faith; My Heart accompanies you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of Our Lord, we will sing "Christs of the New Time" with a lot of devotion, to say farewell to His Higher Consciousness.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

We wait for you all in the Heart of the Divine Messengers. Remember to always pray, every day, so that His Plans may be concretized.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us!

Friday, September 5 of 2014

Weekly Messages

Dear brothers and sisters,

The path of Christification is long, takes a long time and is hard because in it are found the stones and thorns that must be transcended so that they may not hurt the inner world.

In all this path My Presence is compelling and silent.  I do not cease to observe your slow and fast, strong and feeble steps.  The important thing of this path is the transformation, which many have left behind because emerged fear and scare of finding in their lives the transfiguring power of My Heart and of My Consciousness.

I encourage you in these times to the holy patience, to live an unalterable state of peace that may not even move you from the place that you have built together with Me in the favorite union with My Merciful Heart. 

So that it all may be possible I invite you to remember the power of renounce and of surrender, keys that will allow you to find the doors to humility and to true love.

If you have ever felt that everything has been too hard and even difficult it is because I look for, by means of your difficulties, the opportunity of redemption and conversion.  I will never cease to lift you up from the ground in spite of the falls and the misunderstandings.  My spirit has the power of reconstructing the pieces that are separated from My great redeeming project.

On the path of transformation are found the great tests to be overcome, those that must be defeated by the strength of the inner and pacifier spirit.

Only by means of the gifts that I offer to you by means of the sacraments, as the communion and the confession, you will be able to renovate yourselves and renounce day by day because the rays that I pour are strong and unknown for all. 

I will never cease to contemplate you in the silence of My Peace and My Love.  The ties that bind you to the past were cut today by My Swords of light so that now, free from all, free in your paths, you may be able to reconsider the offer that I give you for this end of time.

My guardian Angels sustain the unsustainable of this world and they specially serve Me to help, in the moments of great crisis, the souls that have offered themselves to serve Me.

Know, My companions, the world is upside down of the true sense of the project and all that in this era is out of place and of space must be organized again by the action of My Redeeming Light that comes to help you and aid you.

Do not allow My Words to fade from your essences.

I give you the strength of the spiritual resurrection, as much in the joys as in the falls.

Everything is where it should be, it is time to follow the new footprints that I Am indicating to you.  It is time to reverse the unjust actions that evil commits in many hurt and lonely hearts.

Remember that through you I will be able to fulfill My Final Work.

Under the Love of God that shelters you and restores you always, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating under the light of My Sacred Heart.

Christ Jesus, your Intercessor


After the transmission of the Message, Christ Jesus offered the Sacrament of Communion and said:

I consecrate this Holy Communion to you as a sign of reparation and peace, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you for responding to me!

Thursday, September 4 of 2014

Weekly Messages

For the beginning of this important Marathon number 14, also numerically important, I ask you to be on these days transmitters and mediators of My Divine Mercy for all the unborn in the whole world.

It is a very grave failure to cause the loss of life, the opportunity of living of many souls that should arrive to this world in order to relieve it of its own suffering; to relieve it by means of the love and the light that all of these essences should bring from the celestial universe.

Pray with the heart, pray by means of the essence of the Christic Love, that which inexhaustibly springs from My Pious Heart.  In this way you will allow that I rescue all of those who once did not get to be born or to be in the arms of their mothers.

Pray so that the Justice of God may be light in the life of all who falsely proclaim the lack of life in My children, those who must arrive to this world in order to bring the peace of the Greater Universe.  I wish that My Powerful blood be poured upon people who out of ignorance commit these grave outrages that hurt the Creator Heart of the Father.

For this I have chosen the city of Belo Horizonte so that by means of the praying souls it may be the receiver in this time of the Source of My Divine Mercy for all of Brazil.

I want to change the mistakes that many commit by taking the life of the unborn.  It is the time and the moment to remediate the causes of evil and its consequences by means of the offer of finding and living the Divine Mercy.

This special Marathon is dedicated to all of the unborn that on this day cry in the limbo of sorrow and of the Calvary that, for a wrong action and for the lack of love, they have had to go through.

If the roots of these actions are not cut as they are supposed to be, torn out from the soil, greater consequences will weigh in the mind and in the heart of all who commit this outrage against the life that God has given to the creatures.

The Source of My Mercy has the power of remediating and healing all of these offenses.  May this Marathon be a moment for you to become truly aware of the time that you live as humanity and civilization. 

I hope that all of My good prayerful beings will penetrate into the depths of My Heart asking for Mercy and Forgiveness so that I may have the authority to intercede and reverse the evils that many men and women commit towards those who are not born today.

In this way by means of your prayers I will be able to raise the souls that today should be amongst you pouring the Love of God upon the world.  But as it is not possible, I come to give you a great opportunity of realizing a change in the consciousness and principally in the heart.

The lack of life is the absence of the true Love of God and those who participate in these actions towards the unborn will have the opportunity of receiving the last opportunity for of salvation.

While the world without realizing it, submerges itself in hell for the gravity of the unconscious decisions that it makes in favor of taking the life of My little ones, I ask you in times of emergency, to pray with the inner strength of the heart more than with your mouths.  I ask you to pray so that the sacred verb of prayer may be elevated towards the Universe and God the Father may listen, by means of My Offer, to your request of help and of redemption.

If humanity continues to take the life of others, as much for those who are unborn as for those who die unjustly or who are condemned to death, a great wave of justice could alter the illusory and modern good life that many live without seeking God, without seeking love, without seeking peace.  And from night to day many would awaken in the rubble of suffering and of their own fall by means of human injustice.  In order to avoid the Greater Law upon you I come to ask for the consecration of the whole world to My Most Sacred Heart.

I also come to ask for the creation of a fourth Branch of the Grace Mercy Order, an Order that belongs to Me in Heaven.  This fourth Branch which I am speaking a about to you is the Branch of the Worshippers of the Mystical and Eucharistic Body of Christ.  If many worshipped the Most Holy Sacrament many causes that would have immediate consequences would be avoided in the world and in humanity.

By the authority that God has granted Me as the Firstborn Son I wish that there exist this fourth Civil Branch of Worshippers of the Most Holy Sacrament and of the Divine Mercy.  They will be the ones who will spread the gifts that I achieved by means of the Passion and of the Resurrection because they will have vows of service, prayer and adoration in honor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the name of Redemption and Mercy for humanity.

The branch of worshippers will be arise especially in the Children of Mary and they will have as temples of worship the Marian Centers and the Nuclei of Service, as well as the churches and chapels.  Remember that I Am present in all of the Sanctuaries of the Earth.  It does not matter where it may be, My Heart is luminous for all and in every place. 

If this branch of worshippers could give in My name the fruits of adoration, of unity and fraternity, today I would be able to tell you that the world, to a great extent, would be safe from its own sorrows and actions.

After fourteen Marathons of the Divine Mercy the moment has come for confirming yourselves as My Soldiers and Apostles, those who will give testimony of conversion and of renovation to all of those who lose themselves.

I will thank all for this true answer.

I give thanks to the Sacred Sky Nucleus for sheltering Me with so much love and dedication, as many did in the humble house of My Ancient Jerusalem.

Peace and Good for all.

Your Master of Love,

Glorified Christ Jesus

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