Thursday, January 31 of 2013

Daily messages


May today you rest your beings in the Source of My Mercy, the one which will take away your thirst.

I am with you accompanying your steps because after each state and inner test comes the victory of being able to transcend yourself. My dears, in a cycle of purification, allow yourself to be  purified, so that in the encounter with the Father you may reaffirm your vows with the Plan of Love.

I contemplate you all of the days of prayer. I lead you in the same way that the sailor does who directs the boat towards Paradise. You are My followers, I Am your Shepherd.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer. 



Wednesday, January 30 of 2013

Daily messages


Dear servers:

Take care of My messengers because without mediating messengers it will not be possible to give My message, My instruction, and without instruction the awakening and the salvation will not happen.

Recognize in humility who you have at your side, love the task that God conceded to you, because if you do not love the task dears, the Plan will be incomplete.

These are already My last intercessions before the Universal Judgment, for this take care of the instruments that My Heart chose to give to all My Good News. See this beyond the material life, see

My words from the Spiritual Consciousness.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My lessons in the heart!

Christ Jesus of Nazareth.



Tuesday, January 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Brothers and sisters:

In the beginning of your lives God had drawn a plan of life for His creatures but throughout the ages the generations of My flocks have decided (instead) to walk through the paths of great learning.

Now My Sacred Heart returns to correct your lives as had been foreseen by the Lord God, My Father. Through your absolute trust in Me, My Consciousness will be able to redirect the flocks through the more peaceful that are coming.

My dears, I bring you today My Good News of the return so that you may be participants in the coming of the Kingdom of God for the second time. Your hearts must purify themselves in the same way that your consciousness, so that empty of all, the Holy Spirit may fulfill you of light and joy, to be living in the Kingdom of the Lord. What today I tell you is not a hypothesis, it is a crystalline reality that the consciousnesses must assume to form part of the next time.

Dears, My Heart wants to transmit to you hope and faith which you must live for the transformation and the consecration. My Spirit also returns to free the souls from the intense weight that many carry on their back but through My Divine Mercy I come to integrate the hearts to My Universal Rhythm of Love.

Dears, I expect from you neutrality and patience in order to not fear being purified by those laws that are of the Father and that come to the world from beyond the Earth. It is the moment to assume the coming times that will show you the profound changes that the consciousnesses will live.

For all this, your union with Me will be important because thus My Eternal Heart will be before you like the incandescent light that will guide you and will remove from you the inner fear. The first step is to trust completely in Me and in what the Father shows you day by day as a learning.

Thus, living the events with wisdom and united with Me, you will be able to untie the knots that impede the free walking of souls. Pray to find these knots because thus My Rays will burn them and you will be released in your path.

Under the Grace of God be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, January 28 of 2013

Daily messages

As the Shepherd of souls I throw over the world My nets to save My followers from sin and from error. For this My dears, today open your arms to receive My Heart of Love.

Under every circumstance I animate you to go ahead so that My plans on the Earth may be accomplished through your beings.  Dears, do not fear the attacks of the enemy because My Redeeming Spirit will not allow that your souls suffer. Today enter in reverence into the infinite ocean of My Mercy, calm your minds and harmonize the heart through the rays of My Love. I am training you for the coming times.

For this, My companions, the first rule is that you never forget that I love you and that in My Christic Love all may be resolved. I come back in Spirit to encourage you to be all of the days in Me, so that you may seek and call Me because thus I will respond to you above all things. If the souls affirmed themselves a little more in faith and in trust to God, the plans would draw themselves in the same way as a brush of a painter, all would be visible, clear and precise for each of My flocks, of My children.

I fulfill the promise of the first part of My Return by means of the announcement of My messages that intend to awaken the souls before the Final Judgment. For this I will wait that you come to Me, to My ocean of infinite and prodigious mercy so that inside of My Rays your hearts may allow themselves to be cured and to close the wounds.

I love you mercifully.

I guide you mercifully.

I wait for you always in silence and prayer.

Under the Divine Spirit of God, may your hearts be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My Mercy in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 



Sunday, January 27 of 2013

Daily messages

My friends:

To take your own cross and follow Me will be a spiritual challenge for many but those who reach it in the name of this humanity will be sanctified. 

For this, companions, My Redeeming Spirit returns to free My children from temptation, from desire and from the persecutions that the enemy projects over many consciousnesses. For this time of highest purification everything is kept under the keys of human control and ambition, but this will be released and will be visible to the eyes of those who never wanted to see the misery of the world.

As one time My Being carried and took the Cross of the world I today return to discharge the weight of the cross of My children so that in this way the souls may find the path of the Father that in this time they must wander.

My companions, I am calling you to assume the inner cross that the Father gives to you to transform your consciousness. I leave to you today the lesson of a persevering spirit, patient and compassionate that must find comfort in the path of tests and learning of the inner life.

Today I gather you around My Spirit to tell you that in love I observe your steps and delays. It is time to take a leap to live the transcendence of matter and thus reach the sublime light that you need for your constant walking towards God.

Before all these words of Mine will transform you because in My message you will find the keys and the rays that will unite you with the vast universe of the Creator. For this watch attentively to My words that will follow and thus allow that, as a Christian example, you may later say what you live in truth.

My Heart calls you to renovate your vows with Me all of the days and to learn in the peace of the heart. My Heart wants to take you as true disciples that in wrong and in right must continue on the path of the redemption of consciousness.

My dears, for this silently I am returning, to awaken in you love, reverence and gratitude for what you have received from God and from My own Redeeming Consciousness. To be able to enter in these three states of devotion I ask you for humility enough to recognize the interest that your hears offer me when, for example, comes the precious time to reunite and pray with Me.

My Paternal Heart contemplates all the realities, but know that day by day I Am your path, your truth and your life. I Am the Source that elevates you and takes you out from sin so that in unity and reconciliation you may walk towards Me. I Am here waking and getting closer to reveal to you the path to the true consecration of heart and of spirit.

Meditate on My words in group, gathered in My name and as souls in order to understand the path and the instruction that My Heart wants to show you day by day. Now I wait for your preparation to receive me in your little dwelling places.

Under the Mercy of God, let us be merciful and blessed.

Thank you for having consciousness of My words of love and for guarding them in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer. 



Saturday, January 26 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Find today eternal rest in My Redeeming Heart because as Master and Father of souls I only seek that you may meet with My Father through Me.

For this My Love sustains your lives and, even in the great difficulties, you must love profoundly the Will of My Father in order to learn how to extirpate self-will.  Self-will is the path which the souls choose to wander in this time, for this they distance themselves from the true Wish of God to be able to realize their own projects of life.

God must be in all, all of the days, so that as part of His Creation you may be guided through the path of holiness. The Lord sends Me to return to fulfill the promise made during the ancient time and now your consciousness must prepare the Inner House so that I may enter.

My dears, if I form part of your life you will be able to know the love of God and His Great Will. On the contrary, those who do not accept for their lives the Son of God – how will be their next destiny?

Dears, I walk at your side for such a long time revealing to My Friends the next steps that their hearts must give. I Am observing the walking of your feet because I aspire that you follow me through the only path and the only truth that is being always in the Lord.

Under the Love of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My designs in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Friday, January 25 of 2013

Daily messages

I will come from the Heavens to heal your hearts and finally remove from your essences any particle of evil.

Because the place where I come from is Bethlehem. Bethlehem was and will be the radiant star that will illuminate your lives just as My birth in the manger ignited with much love My Little Heart.

Dears, come to Me, lay your hands on My shoulders, lie down your heads on My chest because My Redeeming Love will free you and take you to meet the Father in all the things of life. I want you to talk to me, to tell me and say to me what you need because if you trust in Me you will know soon how to act in life, in all the days.

Children, I want you to await for My coming because first I prepare the hearts to receive Me and My Light removes deep consequences, withdraws and purifies them. Know that I Am who sustains your lives above all things because I know you very well since before you knew Me.

I wait for you every day. The Shepherd loves his sheep and the sheep must love the Great Shepherd of Love. I know that many are tired from what you experience internally but remember that I Am the Victorious Light that comes from the Celestial Father to enlighten your paths, your essences and your hearts. I just want that, in each moment of your day, you have me present, that you call me, that you cry out for Me, that you want to have Me as close as possible so that My Love may repair and forgive you.

I do not know worse evil than the lack of love to one another. This is the first lesson of My Return, My First Commandment, which today I renew for you as a premise for life. If you still do not know how to love, I will teach you but you must abandon yourselves to Me entirely so that I may move away from your hearts every inner situation.

My dears, believe in the next coming of My Kingdom. Those who will be participants of the encounter with Me must have the heart clean and purified so that My Eternity may enter into your dwelling places.  I am illuminating with My Light your paths; in each test, see the transformation of your little hearts.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living My commandments.

Christ Jesus.



Thursday, January 24 of 2013

Daily messages


Empty yourselves to be in Me, it is a long path that, however, you must travel through the faith and the trust in My Sacerdotal Heart.  

For this I come back day by day to you so that in surrender you may discover in the merciful prayer the great Source of My Love for the souls and for all humanity.  Today My paternal advice is extended to those who are consecrating themselves to My Spirit of Universal Love, thus the redemption reached once on the Cross of Calvary will irradiate itself as an intense light over the hearts that open themselves to receive It

I Am with each one of you; My Paternal Soul is especially with those essences that are beginning the path of return to My Sacred Heart.

Dears, in the same way as the Holy Apostles, you will live the transformation of matter and of spirit because if it happens, My Dwelling may reside and rest within your little inner temple. I only want from My ones all, all that you are and all that still you are not, I want you entire, willing, trusting in My Consciousness, open from heart and soul so that My rays may restore the past of your lives, free you from sin and lead you towards the Kingdom of My Lord. 

You have the opportunity My dears, to live in My Kingdom while you are present in life on the Earth. There is something precious that God guards for each of the essences created in the image and likeness of the Lord.

For this, in courage I want to see you, joyful in the transformation and in the changes that your consciousnesses are passing through. I just wait from you sincerity in the love for Me because in this way I will be able to pour My Graces over those who from serious faults deserve My Mercy.

Companions, the path to be travelled still has not begun; you are beginning the first crossing that tries to take you to the depths of My Heart. If you and your brothers and sisters are taken to My Heart of Love I will be able to tell you that you will be quenching the thirst that I live for many souls.  My thirst must in this time be calmed by your prayers as for your constant offer, so that the Christic plans may be accomplished in all of the hearts. 

I accompany, as My Holy Mother has said, each one of the steps that are manifested for this transition of the world. May the power of My Redeeming Love transform you and consecrate you to the Kingdom of My Father.

I am with your dwellings.

Under the Light of the Father be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the inner heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, January 23 of 2013

Daily messages

My friends and servers of My Heart:

Today I announce again My Love for you and for this I ask you to unite your hearts to Mine so that My Light may guide you. I am with you all the time in the same way that I am with many souls that need My Mercy to be able to reach faith in the heart.

I still have thirst for many souls, of souls that live in sin and that do not recognize the love of the Father God.  For this My Spirit is mediator for all before God in the same way that the Spirit of the Universal Mother is for all Her children.

Dears, today I want you to be able to perceive and to feel the greatness of My Thirst for those who still deny me in life and in soul. From love for all of you I have met hell and I have gone to this place to redeem those who were distant from the love and from the unity with My Father. As Son of the Most Holy Trinity I have given Myself entirely for all, as in Life, as in Soul and Divinity, even before My sacrifice on the Cross.

I carried the weight of all of you on My back to thus relieve you from the great universal judgment that could have happened in that time of My presence upon the Earth. From love I prevented the law from condemning you, I resurrected from love of the Plan of God and to demonstrate that the magnificence of God is great and powerful as is His Love for all creatures.

I fell on the ground more than three times but the on first three falls My humble Heart liberated you from many evils that were intending to destroy the Plan of God. I relieved humanity during centuries and centuries and I continue sending to the world My Mercy.

Now the new time is coming to prepare the advent of My Spirit, Glorified and renovated by the celestial powers of the universe. Many perhaps will not recognize My new Face but all will feel that I Am the Server who returns to deliver love to all. In you I manifest My works of redemption and for you I manage to present to the Father the offers of love.

I leave here My presence so that you may always remember it because I want to teach you to unite Heaven and Earth in a unified reality of God. You must let yourselves be worked by My Fire so that the new wineskins, empty of themselves, receive the Light of My Sacred Spirit.

I am donating myself to all and I also teach you the importance of living charity to reach a holy transformation. I want to consecrate your souls to My Heart, I want to sanctify your spirits so that thus may be manifested, the power of the redeemer love upon the world. I am calling My flocks, I am congregating you after two thousand and thirteen years because it is the time of the rescue.  

Under the Mercy of God, be humble and blessed.

Thank you for guarding in simplicity My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Tuesday, January 22 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears.

There is in you the unique and sublime opportunity to open the door to Me so that My Love may irradiate in your hearts. My redeeming power in your consciousness may be bigger or smaller, depending on how much you become conscious of the permission that you give Me for My Glorified Heart to act in your little lives.

Despite the great risk that many souls live which denies the presence and the return of My Redeeming Spirit, My Consciousness of Sacerdotal Love accompanies the steps of millions of souls in this world. Remember My friends, that I Am a part of God that has offered itself in life for all of you, so that every consciousness of this world could find, in the darkness, the power and the presence of the Christic light of the Firstborn Son.

Today I come to this world, as you allow it, because the degrees that My Love reaches for you are infinite, for this I invite you to remember that My Saving and Redeeming Love is returning to give support and help to those who only say yes to Me.

My dears, you must pray so the divine plans may accomplish themselves in every circumstance. For this to happen My Glorified Heart comes to your encounter for one more time, preparing the germinating seeds so that they may be planted in a fertile and greater earth in the Great Kingdom of My Celestial Love.

The souls are defining themselves as it was written in the sacred books. For this the Consciousness of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is coming to be able to reorder the uncertain paths that many live. For this, first My Spirit removes impure feelings in the hearts of all My servers so that they, empty of all and surrendering themselves entirely to My Heart, may be prepared in consciousness to receive me.

Who is willing to discard their life for My return?

Who is willing to trust in the unpredictable?

Who will want to land in My Spirit, in My Heart despite of everything?

I am coming back as many perhaps did not expect. I knew before My Ascension that humanity should learn much, even having entrusted you with the presence of the Immaculate and Sublime Heart of the Queen of Universes.

Now I prepare you, removing with My Light all that must be purified but, for this, do not fear, count on Me always.

Under the Grace of God Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My announcements in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Monday, January 21 of 2013

Daily messages

I Love the souls that with fondness internally prepare My Second Celestial Coming and persist, even having failed the laws of the Lord. For this, dear children I come as the Savior, as the Shepherd of all flocks, that in this time allow themselves to be redeemed by the imperative strength of My Love.

I know that your intentions are good before My eyes and that day by day you fight without rest to reach the holiness and the humility in the heart. Before each test today I ask you My dears, to give them to Me so that, through My Hands I may mold your learning and thus I may take you quickly to My Eternal Light. 

I told you when I was among you that life on Earth deserves to live the redemption because as souls you come to this world to learn the great lessons that look easy to live but are for many, very hard to achieve.  They are the lessons of humility, love and forgiveness.

For this companions, My return is already happening. I am seeking humble hearts, simple and truthful, hearts that can live without theorizing My messages of redemption. Because from you can be born My Christic Flame, the one which will encourage you to transform yourselves into good sheep of My flock. I know that now you are under the transforming fire of the universe and today, the 21st day of January of 2013, it makes a month since the beginning of the purifying cycle.

Many children thought that Christ would allow everything to be lost or that the Holy Mother of the World would abandon the children that I entrusted to Her from the Cross. We are returning as Sacred and renovated Hearts, the ones that were universally prepared to announce the next truth to the world.

Who has ears that hear and who opens the heart that guards My precepts, the ones that announce the advent of the Good News for the whole humanity. I am arriving with My Holy Celestial Mother, firstly in the hearts that willing to live the Divine Plan of the Father, are open to follow My saving and redeemer Message. After, to the ones who do not wait for me.

I am with you in tests as in joy. I am with you in crying as in the good news. I am with you always, feeling you, seeking you, welcoming you in My Heart, giving you My kind help. Do not be afraid of yourselves; abandon yourselves entirely to Me because you will lack nothing.

Under the Powerful Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.



Sunday, January 20 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:
If today you are burned by My Fire, do no fear, it is because My Flame is christifying you in the depths of the heart. By each new step that your hearts takes towards My Kingdom, your lives will untie themselves from the past and will be able to arrive free and pure to My Kingdom of Love. If your heart hurts, it is a sign that My Heart transfigures you under the ray of My Mercy.

Now it does not matter how much you offend me because My Love for you is so big that it can transform all. Carry in your consciousness the loving sign of My Coming and day by day prepare My inner Dwelling Place so that My Redeemer Light may settle itself in all of you.

My companions, as I have told you, My Source of Love, unknown by many, is the Water of Life that transmutes you and purifies you. To arrive to this blessed Source of renovation you must give me permission so that My Divine Law may renew and transform you.  Still many escape from the power of My Redeemer Love by believing in the good life that the world can offer them.

Now My Shepherd Spirit gathers the flocks, gathers the hearts in the inner planes, convoking them to the time of purification and to the time of the transcendence of oneself because in your sincere and truthful transformation you will be able to open the doors to those who still do not listen to My Redeemer Voice.

My Dears, I will not leave you alone and in the moments of burning tension My Heart will animate you to go forward with courage. In Heaven is guarded precious celestial treasures that will fulfill those souls that persist in full trust in Me.

Meanwhile do not only follow the marks of My Footprints but also drink from My Source of wonders and blessings because My Heart surrendered itself for Love to you and for the Redemption of all of humanity.

I am by your side, walking silently to encourage you to recognize the power of My Love and of My Faith.

Under the Grace of God the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Heart in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, January 19 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

If you live every day in My Eternal Reconciliation, among your hearts you will recognize My Sacred Heart of Love. If you aspire to be in My Spirit you will know where to walk because My Light will guide you even through paths distant from Me.

My companions today I show you that all of you can live in My Glorious Pity and Redemption because as Soul and as Heart I recognize your limitations and aspirations. For this do not lower your arms, allow that with your arms open My Heart may irradiate to your essences in order to be able to purify you and form you as the new and awaited Christs of the new time.  

The new Christs are the ones who most fail me but who in the end recognize me. The new Christs are the ones who serve me, even without transcending their limitations. The new Christs are the ones who least transform themselves but at the moment of the encounter with Me, My Heart invades them.

The new Christs are the ones who still are not prepared, they are the ones who are the most immature because those who serve me the most, those who surrender themselves the most, those who empty themselves the most and are more humble and forgetful of themselves, these are My servers, the ones who will prepare the earth so that the new harvest may arrive, the new presence of the Christs.

I ask you nothing else than to be faithful to My Cause and to My Will because this will allow you to consecrate your hearts to My Eternal Essence. If you still are in your own inner desert, walk! Walk towards Me! Even in the dusk because My Mercy will guide each of your steps.

I hope that you will surrender yourselves completely to My Heart. I await this moment to be able to love you and strengthen you in the mission that My Father entrusted you. The desert of life empties the consciousness and allows, in the reflection, to strengthen the love in the essence. Remember that you are My Christic essences; you are My disciples of the new age of redemption.

Under the Love of God be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Heart in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.


At the end of the message Christ started to say to us: “Go in Peace, go in Peace” and it was at this moment that He dictated to us the following prayer:

Go in My Peace

Go in My Peace, that the Lord strengthens you.

Go in My Peace, that the Shepherd leads you.

Go in My Peace, that the Lord accompanies you.

Go in My Peace, that My Heart safeguards you.

Go in My Peace, that My Mercy forgives you.

Go in My Peace, that the Lord takes care of your faith.

Go in My Peace, because the Lord loves you and knows you.

Go in My Peace, because you will be in the Peace of God
and you will be the fruit of Peace for your brothers and sisters.

Remember to be in My Peace,
because My Divinity will guide you for eternity.

Go in My Peace, My companions!





Friday, January 18 of 2013

Daily messages

Submerse yourself in My Love because in My Love you will find security for life and all the paths will always lead you to Me.

A parable of Jesus:

There were once two brothers who were appreciated by their Father.  As the Father used to travel for jobs that were the support of the whole family, the two brothers were committed to taking care of the goods, which the Father had entrusted them to guard and protect.

One day one of the brothers, the older, stopped watching the precious treasure upon seeing that his younger brother was distracted and inattentive. The younger brother stopped watching with attention what the Father had entrusted to him. When this youngest brother stopped taking care of the goods, because he was occupied with other things, his other brother, the older, complained to him with dislike about what had happened without knowing well what in truth was going on.

The younger brother had allowed a large crop, a family possession, to be completely lost, to get dry from lack of water from the spring of his Father. Before this great fact the older brother, who was a little more mature and who depreciated the younger brother, had judged him without knowing the whole truth. In consequence of this he lost the true love for his brother.

The oldest brother was not only wiser than his younger brother but his Father had also left in charge of him other lands. These lands were destroyed by an intensive rain.

When their Father returned to his home he found what was happening. The oldest brother told his Father what had happened to the lands that he had entrusted them of and that, the carelessness on his part had been to watch his younger brother.

The Father before his two sons responds: it does not matter how much you have lost of my goods, what matters to your father is that you do not judge, but that you love each other above all things as what I entrusted you before my departure gave you the opportunity which would show you that any of my sons could make a mistake, but what you could not forget is the love that I had taught you so that you could live in Peace.

My dears, what is the spiritual philosophy of this parable?

It is that God loves you as you are, even with imperfections. God expects from you an absolute unity and humility, which will allow you to recognize that one day you may be apprentices of life and on another day you may be instructors of life. There must never lack love in your hearts, if there isn’t any love forgiveness becomes superficial and unity becomes weak. Strengthen your faith in that it is possible to transform everything because now has come the moment for you to recognize My Heart in every brother and sister. 

In the Peace of My Heart, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My parables in the inner heart!

Christ Jesus.



Thursday, January 17 of 2013

Daily messages


My dears:

I waited to gather you in My Name, so that in your essences may be revealed the power of My Unity and of My Reconciliation. Rejoice because today you are blessed by My Holy Spirit of Redemption. 

My companions:

Carry in your hearts the banner of My Absolute Peace, Peace which will illuminate you and allow you to find the consolation that you so much seek. In My Unfathomable Source of Mercy will be revealed your true task because as Shepherd of Love I am returning to gather all My Flocks so that they may remember the commitment with My Sacred Heart.

I come to search for those hearts that have still not decided to follow My Path. My Light comes to awaken in them the gift of wisdom of the Holy Spirit of the Father so that soon you may recognize what it is that God wants for each of you.

The celestial universes today respond to this encounter in a special way because My Feet are leaving an inner footprint which will never be erased from your memories. This is the footprint of My Love for you.

Now raise up your eyes towards My eyes and just say to Me:

Prayer and spiritual petition to Jesus Christ

I trust in You, in Your Heart,
in Your Instruction, in Your Will.

help me to be strong and invincible
before the traps of the enemy.

teach me to walk in faith
and in absolute trust in Your Redemptive Purpose.

I surrender to Your Blessed Savior Heart
so that, under Your Celestial Grace,
my soul and all souls that still do not
define themselves for Your only and true path
may together find consolation for our spirits,
fervor to live in Your devotion,
forgiveness to dissolve the past
and Divine Mercy to walk valiantly
towards the advent of
Your Glorious Kingdom of Love and Peace.

Hail, King!
Inexhaustible source of Graces and Pity!
Deliver me completely into the arms
of Your Supreme Creator Father.


If you recite this spiritual petition every day you will be relieved of any disturbance and you will find the Grace of My Eternal Savior Light. Trust for one more time in My Heart.

Under the Light of the Father be blessed for all eternity.

I wait for you in prayer,

Christ Jesus.

To download this prayer, click here



Wednesday, January 16 of 2013

Daily messages


A new path opens itself with the return of My Glory to the Earth. For this today I call you to prepare your hearts and consciousnesses for the advent of something greater and celestial.

Dears, in silence and in prayer I accompany you, I am near your lives when your hearts call Me to share with Me the life of your souls.

Adore Me. Love Me. Glorify Me because I love you and I glorify you beyond your faults and uncertainties. Among My friends there only reigns peace and unity. If there is no peace and unity among My flocks love will not be able to exist and in the lack of love, will not exist the redemption of your lives by Me.

Dears, each path that drives comes to Me is cyclic, it begins again. For this I Am the Path that you look for to get to the Father. I Am the Truth that will be revealed to you when your beings are prepared and I Am the Life that takes you out from the death in which you live by indifferences, temptations and desires.

I Am this Bread of Life that resuscitates you and I Am the Source that quenches your thirst and heals you from all pain. For this My friends, you must trust in Me to find the source of the wonders and blessings because now you are My friends, those that must let Me enter in so that My Sacred Heart may work in each essence of My Father.

Where do you expect to go, but to the House of My Father? There are infinite dwellings there which wait for good souls and full servers that will serve My Great and Unique Lord.

My dears, everything has already been given to you, even the sacrifice of the Son of God on the Cross. I came to the world for you and I will come back to the world for each one of My followers. Just prepare your house for when I come back through the celestial door of My Father.

Under the Divine Spirit of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My sacerdotal words in the heart!

Peace and Good.

Christ Jesus.



Tuesday, January 15 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Follow My footprints, those which indicate the awaited return of the King and Savior.

Today I call you to remain perpetually in My Sacred and Blessed Heart. Children, I greatly wish to be in you for longer, but you must allow it so that I may accomplish My Will, the Will of the Creator God. Follow Me in absolute and complete trust because I have already waited for so long to call, in this time, My Apostles.

Now I want Apostles of love, Apostles of redemption, Apostles who live and give the example of a celestial charity, one which may help to dissolve the pain of many and to cure the heart of others. Dears, today you are in My Glory because you have first passed through My Mercy so that today My Sacerdotal Consciousness may be present in this house of peace and redemption.

Like Zacchaeus you have opened the door for Me to be able to share the Bread of Life and Love. Look no more at how much you have fallen in the past; just believe in My Savior Hope which will come as a cosmic and universal power from the universe.

My companions:

I wait for you to be empty of yourselves, absent of yourselves, so that in this time of great necessity your hearts may recognize just for an instant the essence of each brother and sister who will pass before you every day. I hope that you give me your lives so that My Mercy may reveal to you the Glory that is guarded with so much love in the Heavens.

I announce with joy and love the arising in this house of the Plaza of Mercy of Christ King and Savior, where pilgrims, servers, collaborators and followers of Mine will be able to find Me in a simple place which will be dedicated to the prayer of the Divine Mercy. This sacred place that today is consecrated by My Heart and is touched by My humble feet, will be, for My Father, the second door in the world for the coming of My powerful and unfathomable Mercy.

You, My dears, and to all those who collaborate with this simple Plaza of Prayer for the Divine Mercy, I will be highly thankful to you through the Gift of My Sacred Heart, for collaborating from the heart, with this savior project.

My friends, My followers, they will be in life the living action of this powerful source that will allow the assisting of all souls of the world, as of those most in need of the inner healing.

Under the Grace and the Mercy of God, let us celebrate and be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My divine plans in the heart!

Who blesses you in this day from the Heaven of My Father.

Christ Jesus, your Redeemer. 



Monday, January 14 of 2013

Daily messages

My dear:

Today I want that your soul does not cry any longer, that your little heart rejoice itself by receiving Me in the Eucharist. Open your arms so that I may enter in your heart and to live fully in your essence, so that in this way, My Holy Heart of Love may nourish your emptiness and illuminate the obscure spaces that your life cannot achieve yet.

If you trust that every test, definition or step is under the gaze of My Eyes and accompanied by the infinite feeling of My Love, you will be, from now on able to walk towards Me without leaving Me behind even for a second, because the Love of the Master only wants to make you grow up from the heart and from the unique experience of your life.

Stay in My Heart for a second and you will experience the Glory of God in the Heavens, your anxieties and afflictions will calm down and you will be able to recognize that with the true love everything is possible because the true love is not won nor defeated, not even by the cunning of the enemy.

My dears, you must recognize Me in this time inside of each heart and in the unique and divine life that the Eucharist provides you. Today do not lower the arms, open up them so that My Redeemer and Transfiguring Spirit may enter for all eternity.

You I know well; I know what you are since your birth and for what God has made you to manifest in life and in soul. Remember that you are all for My Father and that My Father waits for the best from you, the good and pure, because in this way you will help Him to accomplish His Will on Earth.

Walk today with Me, at My side, because My Light will show you the next direction. Today only remain for more time in My Heart of Love.

Under the Power of the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Sunday, January 13 of 2013

Daily messages

Children of My Sacred Heart.

Do not lose the strength of the inner heart for any reason.

You My partners, raise your voices towards the Highest because God will listen to your proclamation of love. In this way you will be spiritually rehabilitated by My Redeemer Love and your lives will become blessed and sacred before the Throne of God.

My Lord of the Universe asks Me to encourage, guide, welcome, love and sustain all of you inside My Sacred and Blessed Heart; but if you as souls open the door of your existence I, under the Power of the Father and the Holy Spirit, will be able to free you from any evil that may deceive and disturb you.

As the traps of the enemy become uncontrollable for the souls from Heaven comes the power of the ray of Mercy to rescue and support each heart that lives on Earth. To open the door of your inner temple means to untie the knots that control consciousnesses’ own life and that feed the slowness that prevents you of walking freely towards My Light.

I teach you to love above all things, to walk in spite of the great abysses that are at your side and I encourage you, above all to trust in the power of My Savior and Redeemer Love. For this My dears, do not fear anything; the Judgment is near, it will happen from Heavens towards the Earth and you must exercise the Compassionate Love that I have taught you.

Live my commandments expressed through the parables. Everything renews itself and now My new parable is the Grace of these messages that My Heart is giving to you and pouring as Light.

My dears, go forward! Even if you do not see Me, do not feel Me or do not hear Me, I Am at your side, walking silently and in vigil for the movements of your inner. Do not fear to be purified by My Fire nor to fear facing the truth of your lives. Know that I Am here, returning firstly in Spirit to help you before any situation and to extend My hand that will take you to the new paradise
Under the Grace of God be blessed from the heart.

Thank you for keeping My commandments in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Saturday, January 12 of 2013

Daily messages

I especially adore My daughters who by loving Me day by day glorify My flagellated Heart; I call all of them My Spouses, spiritual spouses of Jesus, the Spouse who loves the souls of all daughters who adore and honor My Sacred Heart.

I call My Sons My beloved servers, who walk towards Me to find Me in prayer as well as in the Eucharist.

My dears, today I leave you a lesson of love and an inner task: that you may recognize Me and find Me in all the souls, because the pain of a daughter or a son is My pain manifested in different ways so that the soldiers may cure and heal the scourge that My Heart still lives.

My Love for your hearts is infinite and great, My Kindly Love shows you My Face in all the Faces of My children, thus those who serve Me without tiring and without delay may help me to assist and to alleviate, and in this way will be repaired the Universe, which is full of offenses that come from the blind humanity, the one which does not want to see Me nor want to hear Me.

You My companions must first learn to free yourselves from your own selves so that My Love may find a great space where It can work and irradiate My Mercy to the hearts which are without God, which are without the great Redeemer Love. In your hands is the power of prayer and prayer will give to you the power to be in vigil with the heart, the power of guarding through the vigilant prayer all souls which that day by day are escaping from My hands.

I want to intercede before God for all. For this My servers must be innumerable and abnegate so that they may always see My requests by means of each being. I Am revealing to you how to also reach Me through those who are the most sick and in need.

My dears, there is still a lack of love in many creatures and now all My disciples have the responsibility to alleviate the great evil that lives in the world.  From Me is born the Source of Mercy and in you may be born My Redeemer Love.

In the Grace of God, be blessed

Thank you for guarding My lessons in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.



Friday, January 11 of 2013

Daily messages

Partners of My Path:

I know that sometimes you fall to My right and to My left, for this  today in the name of the unfathomable and infinite mercy,  I come to your meeting because My Heart, wounded by the thorns of humanity, searches for relief in the dwellings which are still not pure, because My Divine Love comes to consecrate them, searches for relief in the empty dwellings, because My Love comes to take loneliness away, searches to relieve in the dwellings that are in pain, because My Love comes to fill each soul with healing.

Come towards Me and trust! I know very well your difficulties and your talents, those which you have to give Me. Open the door so that My Sacred Mercy may free your past and your heart. Let Me find a space for Myself inside of your being.

What else more do you want, My Son and Daughter;  only that I may stay close to your inner life?

I know which desert your are now walking in and for where you are going.  Unite yourself to My caravan which is going towards the destiny of redemption.  Trust in the great Pilgrim who walks around the world looking for where to land and rest.  The great moment for the awaited encounter with Me is close and all the servants must be prepared from the heart.

Stay in Me so that I can stay in you. Just wait in patience and in vigilance for the great encounter.  I Am with you to encourage you to live in My Meriful Hope.  I know that you have fear to look at Me and even to find Me before your little life;  now wait, only wait for Me because I Am arriving to each being.

Quiet yourself and be serene in My Heart, I want to birth you into the eternal life, to the encounter with My Redeemer Love.  I forgive your falls, but I contemplate your love for Me; today I stay inside of you in prayer.

In the Grace of God, be blessed each one of you with the others.

Thank you for guarding My signs in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.

At the end of the message of Christ, I see arise again from the Heart of Christ a blue source of light that He pours upon us, it was the Source of His Grace and He transmits to us the following prayer:


Prayer to ask for the Grace of the Merciful Jesus

 For the Source of Grace,
that springs as a fount
from the Heart of Jesus,
Lord, have mercy on all of us.


To download this prayer, click here



Thursday, January 10 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

My second coming will make evident the miseries of My children and I in Glory will collect each one of them, to transfigure them in My Redeemer Love. Because in this way My Glorified Heart will be able to approach to those who, out of fear of error, distanced themselves from My great Compassionate Love, which I have for all souls of the world.

Even the soul with the most inveterate faults is loved by Me because behind each life there is the essence of God, a vital part of the purpose of the Highest. For this My dear friends, trust Me, so that together with Me you may go through the inner shipwreck, the one which many children of My Heart are living.

For those who suffer the most, you must always pray.

For those who obscure themselves the most by their actions, you must pray and vigil.

For all souls, you must be united to Me in spirit and love, so that I may be able to lead them to the life of all of My servers who will help Me to take care of all flocks.

For the ones who are the most awakened, My Heart will ask them for more because they have confirmed to My Heart the surrender and the consecration to the Will of the Lord.

Before the Master of Love comes among the clouds, the servants of Christ must mature the consciousness and the heart, before the great moment. For this you have Me present in the silence radiant in the Eucharist, open and available in the confession, wakeful and guarding in prayer.

I want you to imitate Me. I want that you live Me in a truthful way so in the moments of greater test and definition My Heart may be able to show you the exit, the path to paradise and to redemption. I hear you every day and I know through the Love of My Father how much you suffer and how much you have grown up by having full trust in My Sacred Heart.

The Worker wants to build temples of mud, temples of humility, in simple hearts.

Under the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



Wednesday, January 9 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

If you call Me with love and truth, I will come to help the ones who from the Earth, call for My Merciful presence. Thus I will free you from all evil and temptation and at the moments of tests I will strengthen you as the oak and I will give you a strong spirit like the iron.

For this you must know that if you think of Me, if you feel Me or call Me, here I will be, because I accomplish the Will of My Father for this world and you can live the Will of My Lord through Me.

There is still time to find Me in each moment of life and in each place, because as you know, My Being is hidden inside the heart of each soul.

Look at Me in the eyes, because in this way I will be able to guide you and to indicate to you the next step. Each moment that you are living now is unique and valued, but it also is a time to order and to correct the inner temple. For this you have Me.  I Am beside the ones who call Me and open the door to Me.

I want from My sheep the best they can give because the moment is approaching in which the King will come to ask His servants for the talents that I have left for them and the talents that they have been able to achieve. You are in My Path to redeem yourselves. You are in My Path in order to be able to see the reality of the consciousness.

Only a peaceful and gentle love can mold the old wineskin and leave it as new in order to allow the Highest Lord to serve from it. I want to pour the new wine, because the peasant has already harvested the fruit of the vine for preparing the supper of the Good News. You are invited to prepare My Return and to have in mind that I only want to be Love in your lives, redemption in your consciousness and mercy in matter.

Remember that you can come back to Me, I will wait for you.

In the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping in your hearts My precepts of redemption.

Christ Jesus.



Tuesday, January 8 of 2013

Daily messages

Trust My dears because My fount is that which renews life and gives to it eternity that is still unfathomable.

Today I come to confide in you the mystery of My Love for you, for all souls, and this mystery is called the adoration of each human heart. I am with you since before you knew me in life, because My Spirit of Love and Redemption sprouts directly from the wise heart of God and He gave to all the most precious: His First Born.

For this My companions, when you are with Me you are with the Father and if you are with the Father you will be in the Fount of His Prodigiousness and Graces, those that He still intends to pour upon the hearts that accept My saving message.

I return to prepare My flocks, but first comes My Blessed Mother to bring you in Her arms, to the Temple of My Sacred Heart, there where My Consciousness may contemplate the love and the effort of all souls that day by day intend to live in the Will of My Lord.

If you follow My Path in obedience I will show to you the keys of sacrifice and of sanctity, because My Father waits for new saints, that in humility and in the emptiness of themselves may unite themselves to My redeeming service for the world and for all souls. I am again with their souls to animate them and to walk in My presence because My Heart waits for you to adore Him as in the Eucharistic body so that in this way My signs of salvation may be as the guiding stars for souls. I will sustain those that join to Me in love and compassion.

In the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding in your hearts My precepts of love!

Christ Jesus



Monday, January 7 of 2013

Daily messages

My Dears: empty yourself of all and follow Me.

Allow Me to take you as a new wineskin, so that I may pour into your heart My new codes of peace.

Let Me get into your dwelling place because from the Celestial Universe of God I wait for you to call Me and say: “Come Master, stay in me”. I Am everything for you only when you allow Me.

I want to teach you before My return to repair the Heart of Our God of Love from on High. For this, drink every day of prayer and wakefulness in order to be awake with Me before any inner change.

Open the door for Me to enter definitively in your life, in your tasks, in your sleep, in you wakening, in your whole day.

I want to accompany you, if you allow Me, to teach you through each test to trust My Inconceivable and Infinite Mercy. I just wait from Heaven for your yes, so that My Infinite Love may start working in your essence, in your little heart. If the souls knew the power of My Love they would know much more about the Universal Love of God and all that the Creator has to give to each being.

Now remember that I am in each brother and sister, very hidden, as I Am in the Eucharist. For this, focus on trying to find Me in each healthy gesture of love, fraternity, prayer and charity. I carry you all in My arms because My Celestial Mother is handing Me to each son and daughter of this world to lead you to the path of Good and Peace.

Each soul has a mission before God, each child accomplishes a part of the Plan of Love, but each task must be honored and respected in order to allow the Plan on the Earth to be accomplished. I Am the Great Worker of souls, you are My companions.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My commandments in your hearts!

Christ Jesus



Sunday, January 6 of 2013

Daily messages

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Today, after having prayed for a long time, I see open beside the praying altar a door of light that had the image of Heaven; from this door Our Lord appeared as on the day of yesterday, but today His Face was closer and more resplendent.

When Christ Jesus appeared I see that He placed His Left hand over His chest and I see arise from inside of His Being a Pinkish Heart of much light. When the Heart of Christ lit up itself, there appeared around the Heart twelve golden stars that brightened themselves in unison. In this moment Jesus says: “Look, this is My Glorified Heart”.

Then, He starts to transmit to us:

My dears:

I promise those who trust My Mercy that they will not perish, that they will see Me in Heaven in My Face of Glory and that they will stay with Me, serving for the sake of all human souls.

Allow that My rays enter your beings in order to let My Fount be visible for those who are blind and do not see Me, even when I have been so many times in their lives with love and redemption.

Be One with Me because I promise to save you in My second coming. However you must live the tests of life as an absolute confirmation to My pathway of redemption.

In silence I accompany you. In silence I listen to you. In silence I observe and guard the steps of each sheep towards Light.

Do not let the world involve you; pray for the world to be invaded by the Fountain of Mercy and Redemption.

I come back for all. I expect all. I wait for all.

Take the steps towards Me so that I will be able to sustain you in this world. Live the paradise of My Heart in your hearts. I Am your beloved shepherd of Love.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for holding in your hearts My last redemptive call.

Christ Jesus

A bit later He tells us:

“I want you to paint the image of My Merciful face of the second coming as you saw it, for it to be venerated by those who getting to know Me once more may find Me as the true refuge and relief for the life.

I promise for those who carry this Glorified Face of My second coming to safeguard you just as God guarded My Being during the scourge of Calvary and at the end. Whoever venerates Me, it will not be like the nails received by Me on the Cross, rather it will be like the roses in the Throne Altar of My Lord, the Almighty God.

And He add:

Diffuse Mercy.

Live the Peace of the Redeeming New Age.”

And then appeared once more the image of Christ’s Glorified Face, with the Heart surrounded by twelve stars and at the bottom of the Christ image appeared in writing:

“Diffuse Mercy.

Live the Peace of the Redeeming New Age”.



Saturday, January 5 of 2013

Daily messages

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón: During the Prayer, before finishing the Orandium of the Passion and the Transfiguration of Jesus, He was already present.

He appeared with a group of twelve angels. Each one of them had in their hands a chalice that was offered to all of us. The angels wore luminous white tunics, forming a half Moon behind the Master. They had short and golden hair.

We say that He appeared because we felt the presence of Christ, but at this moment we could not see Him. After, when we sang the last part of the Redeemer Christ and of the canticle Christ Returns, He made Himself visible. He appeared in the same way that the Divine Mother appears. He descended from Above as a light, and when He got closer to us He manifested Himself and we could see Him clearly.

While he appeared, He drew the sign of the cross with His right hand as a blessing, and said:

Praised be the Lord!

He wore a white tunic, His hair was falling down over the shoulders, as in the image of the Merciful Christ. He wore a golden mantle and He was barefoot. In His face was etched a beautiful and soft smile, and His eyes, of a bright celestial color, shined. His arms were outstretched to the side of His body, a little bit open, with the palms facing us, and from them it was emanating light.

From His heart, two rays that were of a turquoise crystal color came out. Behind Him there were many open heavens and he was over the clouds. He said that He was showing us the face of His Return. Then He remained for a long time in silence, observing us, contemplating us. It seemed like our essences were transparent before His eyes. He let us understand that He could read all our feelings at the same time, that all was in evidence before Him.

At this moment we didn´t know how the task He had asked us to do was going to be done. He was present and we only were observing Him, we didn´t know what He was going to say until He started to talk and to transmit the message.

My dears:

I waited ardently to share this moment with you, especially with your hearts. After almost two thousand and thirteen years, now in Mercy and Forgiveness, I come in the name of the Supreme Will of God to guide your hearts from closer.

But this, My second and waited return, has not started yet.

I come today in Spirit and in Essence to fulfill, with My Light, your little hearts. To the ones who still do not listen to Me, may you hear Me because I am coming. To the ones who do not see Me, may you see me because My Peace is getting closer. To the ones who ignore Me and flagellate My Sacred Heart, may you feel Me, because I come to this part of the world to bring you My Peace and My Glory, My Help and My Counsel.

I have already been amongst you once and now I return, I return to My flocks to remind you that now it is the moment for the Eternal Communion with Me, with My Soul, with My Heart, with my Divine Dwelling.

I Am the poor one, I Am the Dying one, I Am the one who suffers in every place of this world.

Come to Me so that I shall enlighten you! Come to Me because I have thirst!

Be blessed in the Glory of the Spirit of the Lord.

Thank you for receiving in your hearts My last redeemer call!

Christ Jesus

When He finished the message we asked Him what He wanted most from us on this day.

He said:

Today I Am giving you permission: that some of your brothers and sisters, whenever you heart indicates, take part in the encounter with Me at three PM every day.

At this moment we must pray to wait for Him. He said that we should not forget to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet because He will be carefully listening to this prayer. At the end before He left, we asked Him something else. Will the Master appear in someplace else where we may go? He answered:

Wherever you go, wherever you may be, I shall guide you.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more