Tuesday, January 15 of 2013

Daily messages

My dears:

Follow My footprints, those which indicate the awaited return of the King and Savior.

Today I call you to remain perpetually in My Sacred and Blessed Heart. Children, I greatly wish to be in you for longer, but you must allow it so that I may accomplish My Will, the Will of the Creator God. Follow Me in absolute and complete trust because I have already waited for so long to call, in this time, My Apostles.

Now I want Apostles of love, Apostles of redemption, Apostles who live and give the example of a celestial charity, one which may help to dissolve the pain of many and to cure the heart of others. Dears, today you are in My Glory because you have first passed through My Mercy so that today My Sacerdotal Consciousness may be present in this house of peace and redemption.

Like Zacchaeus you have opened the door for Me to be able to share the Bread of Life and Love. Look no more at how much you have fallen in the past; just believe in My Savior Hope which will come as a cosmic and universal power from the universe.

My companions:

I wait for you to be empty of yourselves, absent of yourselves, so that in this time of great necessity your hearts may recognize just for an instant the essence of each brother and sister who will pass before you every day. I hope that you give me your lives so that My Mercy may reveal to you the Glory that is guarded with so much love in the Heavens.

I announce with joy and love the arising in this house of the Plaza of Mercy of Christ King and Savior, where pilgrims, servers, collaborators and followers of Mine will be able to find Me in a simple place which will be dedicated to the prayer of the Divine Mercy. This sacred place that today is consecrated by My Heart and is touched by My humble feet, will be, for My Father, the second door in the world for the coming of My powerful and unfathomable Mercy.

You, My dears, and to all those who collaborate with this simple Plaza of Prayer for the Divine Mercy, I will be highly thankful to you through the Gift of My Sacred Heart, for collaborating from the heart, with this savior project.

My friends, My followers, they will be in life the living action of this powerful source that will allow the assisting of all souls of the world, as of those most in need of the inner healing.

Under the Grace and the Mercy of God, let us celebrate and be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My divine plans in the heart!

Who blesses you in this day from the Heaven of My Father.

Christ Jesus, your Redeemer.